APP: Chapter 31

Xie Chi carefully analyzed it. “You don’t let me look and I don’t let you look either. However, someone must look. So the best way is that we look together and they will cancel each other out…”

Xie Xinglan’s deep voice was full of disbelief. “Xiao Chi, are you an intelligent… little fool?”

Xie Chi was stunned. It seemed he heard things a bit wrong. Did Xie Xinglan originally want to say something like… intellectually disabled?

Xie Xinglan laughed angrily. “Talking with logic this time? Does this mean that if I cheat, you will also cheat to return it so there isn’t a loss? Are you stupid?”

“No no, I didn’t mean it.” Xie Chi thought about it and blushed with embarrassment. “Brother, I was wrong. Don’t be angry.”

Xie Chi coaxed this person while thinking secretly, ‘I’m in my early 20s and there is no embarrassment to see a girl. If Xie Xinglan wasn’t here then I could play with them calmly. As expected, this is the disadvantage of doing an instance with my boyfriend. I have to act pure.’

Xie Xinglan grunted and his voice was slightly slow. “Go in and close your eyes.”

He added after a pause, “No peeping is allowed.”

Xie Chi’s careful thoughts were punctured and he went in with a guilty conscience. Control of his body was handed to Xie Xinglan.

The moment Xie Xinglan came out of the water, there was the sound of ‘plopping’ from the bank. His vision was clear and he saw the heads of five ladies floating in the water. They were like fish as they approached him. Under the clear liquid, there was the faint shadow of white flowers.

Xie Xinglan’s expression was horrified. He clutched the simple peach wood sword and his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

[Hahahaha this big man is actually so scared. I’m going to die laughing.]

[Hahaha, look at how the other sides are enjoying it. Why is it this foolish style here?]

Xie Xinglan gripped one edge of the white jade pool and climbed back onto the shore. He looked at the five in the water and declared coldly, “Stay there below me.”

The women paused as they were going to climb up.

Xie Chi stated, “There are five….um, that… how many ladies are there?”

Xie Xinglan’s voice was full of ice. “Five.” He hadn’t expected Xie Chi to be so attractive that he recruited half of them alone.

Xie Chi coughed twice before speaking quietly, “If Zhang Linu’s purpose is to kill us and shut our mouths, my guess is that everyone including Taoist Xuan Cheng has entered the illusion. At present, the women with me shouldn’t be an illusion.”

Xie Chi was a bit embarrassed. “Maybe so many ladies picked me that it became this type of scene. I don’t know what the situation is in the other illusions at the moment. These ladies might not necessarily be human.”

Xie Chi still remembered the strange sensation of the painting.

Xie Xinglan thought about something and frowned. “There are 10 ladies and half of them are here. Apart from you, the total of the actors and Taoist Xuan Cheng is six people. Five ladies to six people…”

Xie Chi used his wits. “Perhaps a lady wants to enjoy double pleasure? Look here, these ladies are willing to enjoy only one-fifth of pleasure because of my face. Of course, my one-fifth might be much better than others one time.”

“Xiao, Chi!” Xie Xinglan was so angry that he shouted through gritted teeth. After a few seconds, he lowered his voice and spoke viciously, “Do you feel something lacking because you haven’t been fu*ked?”

Such vulgar words suddenly emerged from his boyfriend’s mouth and Xie Chi was stunned for a few seconds. He felt his heart thump violently. He was so embarrassed that he stuttered a bit. “B-Brother, I’m wrong, I’m really wrong. I won’t talk nonsense. Really, I promise.”

Xie Chi, whose mouth ran away from him on a daily basis, seemed to be surprised by his real tone and picked the virtue of silence.

[Why does he look like that? There is the feeling of… being sick.]

[Why is he standing on the shore in a daze during such a wonderful moment?]

[We don’t understand the world of a bigshot.]

Xie Xinglan’s face became slightly gentler.

A woman in the pool suddenly grasped Xie Xinglan’s ankle. She held a bottle of crystal clear alcohol and asked respectfully, “Young Master, have you forgotten Peony?”

Xie Xinglan wanted to kick away the hand when he heard Peony say shyly, “You touched this servant’s chest.”

Xie Chi’s expression was blank for a few seconds before he suddenly reacted, his entire face looking like he smelled something stinky. “Xie Chi!”

Xie Chi’s tone was panicked. “Brother, I didn’t touch her—”

Wrong! Xie Chi suddenly realized something. He had touched Peony’s painting! It was human skin. That was Peony’s skin! Xie Chi instantly wilted and spoke bitterly, “Brother, I didn’t know. I was wrong.”

He molested a woman without his knowledge. He wasn’t pure.

Xie Xinglan’s face instantly became black and scary. “Which chest?”

He would cut it off.

Xie Chi didn’t have any brains and replied in a wronged manner. “My right hand.”

Xie Xinglan’s face stiffened. He didn’t laugh or scold this person. “….Listen clearly and then answer.”

Xie Chi froze for a few seconds before realizing that Xie Xinglan didn’t want to punish him. He was as quiet as a chicken before whispering, “…Left breast.”

Peony squeezed her breasts. Her eyes were like silk and her voice was sweet. “Young Master, isn’t Peony beautiful? If you like Peony then how about praising Peony? Isn’t Peony’s chest the largest here?”

Xie Xinglan glanced at her goose egg-shaped face and sneered. “Your face plate is quite large.”

Peony’s expression was stagnant for a few seconds and the smile on her face suddenly disappeared. The almond-shaped eyes that had been full of love became dark and hollow. Her eyes turned slightly and her white face met Xie Xinglan’s eyes. Her voice wasn’t charming or moving. Her expression was ferocious. “You said I’m not good-looking!”

Peony’s waist arched and she rushed up from the water.

Xie Xinglan had long been prepared and quickly withdrew. Peony pounced on empty air. Her limbs touched the ground and her neck twisted in a strange arc to stare at Xie Xinglan. Her wet hair hung down in front of her face, her eyes gloomy.

[I’m really scared.]

[It changed too quickly.]

The other four women no longer smiled. They moved to the shore in the blink of an eye, their actions so fast that it only left white afterimages. Xie Xinglan clenched the peach wood sword. Their movement speed was so fast that within a short time, they had surrounded Xie Xinglan.

Peony stood upright. “You said I don’t look good! I’m so good-looking that I had to die! I wanted to give you some happiness before your death. Now… give me death!”

Her face was full of madness and paranoia as she spoke. Something flashed in Xie Chi’s brain. The same madness and paranoia, the same reaction when she heard she didn’t look good—this was the same as Zhang Linu.

“Brother, drag it out for a bit!” He had to figure out how to break this game as soon as possible.


The next second, the ladies attacked together. They were going to tear Xie Xinglan apart but Xie Xinglan made a high jump, making them miss and collide with each other. In this brief moment of stagnation, Xie Xinglan fell behind Peach and was about to stab Peach when Peach’s head… rotated 180 degrees and her face faced Xie Xinglan.

Peach let out a prideful giggle. “Don’t even think about it!”

She quickly grabbed at Xie Xinglan. Xie Xinglan’s eyes narrowed and his six senses exploded. He saw the gaps in Peach’s movements and retreated at full speed, making Peach grab at empty space.

Peach obviously underestimated the strength of this human. A bit of admiration flashed on her face as she suddenly raised her hand and called for her sisters to stop. She said with a smile, “Young Master, I advise you to stop the useless struggles. Let me tell you, I won’t die. I will live forever and magic tools aren’t useful, let alone your waste copper and iron. Your physical strength is so good. The things I boast about will definitely let you feel ecstasy. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the yellow spring with me once?”

[I think it is good to pretend to agree to delay the time.]

[Being molested by a beautiful woman isn’t a loss!]

Xie Xinglan chuckled. “A bunch of odds and ends, are you worthy?”

If he killed one and she lived then he would keep killing until it was over.

The five smiling people were instantly enraged and they all attacked Xie Xinglan. They fluttered like ghosts and their movements were as fast as lightning. However, in Xie Xinglan’s eyes, they were full of flaws. Xie Xinglan took advantage of a gap to roll and dodge. Then he threw Peony to the ground, grasped her neck with one hand and twisted it hard. The expected neck fracture didn’t appear and Xie Xinglan’s pupils shrank.

There were no joints. Peony’s neck turned 180 degrees and she smiled at Xie Xinglan. “Young Master, you still have time to regret it…”

Xie Xinglan laughed. His long fingers hooked around the peach wood sword and he thrust it into Peony’s heart.

Peony didn’t dodge and just smiled in an intriguing manner. The sword pierced her body but no blood flowed out. The heart wasn’t there. It was empty. These women didn’t seem to have any human flaws.

Peach smiled behind him. “Young Master, I have said that we can’t die. We are immortal and will live forever. Humans are just ants. The goddess pities her lover and wants to have a spring night with him. Some people don’t believe it but this is the Goddess Building after all. I have never seen someone so stubborn but we appreciate it very much. Think about it…”

Peony wanted to appreciate this human’s despair and collapse but she only received his profane contempt. The ladies’ faces were completely cold and they would be merciless this time. They thought that killing Xie Xinglan wouldn’t be a waste of power but three minutes later, Xie Xinglan was still alive.

Xie Xinglan wiped the blood from his lips and slowly stood up. His entire body was as sharp as a blade. His hands were covered with blood stains but his eyes were still raging.

[Wtf. What will that bigshot do? How to beat them?]

[What will this man do?]

[It is a person fighting with ghosts and it is also 1 vs 5. On the other sides, there are several deaths in a 1vs 1 while here, a 1 vs 5 is still alive. I want to cry.]

[The ladies would’ve been killed by the big man long ago. The problem is that they don’t die and will return to the battle.]

[Isn’t this just destroying someone as a group? Who would’ve thought that the bigshot was handsome enough to recruit five lades? If it was 1 vs 1 then he would definitely live.]


Xie Xinglan was silent. He had just come forward again when Xie Chi spoke abruptly, “Brother, two fingers to the left of Peony’s left rib.”

In the previous confrontation, Xie Chi clearly saw that part of Peony suddenly protrude and then her limbs started to move. Xie Chi paused for a moment before solving the mystery. “Puppets, they are puppets! That’s why they have no joints and won’t die. There is a thread around the left chest!”

Xie Xinglan smiled coldly and evilly with a blood-stained face.

Peony attacked again but she found the human didn’t dodge. She pierced the man’s shoulder blade while this man’s peach wood sword broke her left chest. Peony sneered. “I said that a goddess is immortal…”

Her expression immediately froze and she looked down incredulously. She saw Xie Xinglan using the tip of his sword to pick up a bloody string. The string was embedded in Peony’s body and had flesh and tissue attached to it.

Peony was full of consternation and panic but then she smiled again. “You really surprised me.”

“However, you only found one. So what?” The string was held and Peony couldn’t move, but her smile was strangely confident as if she was ridiculing Xie Xinglan’s ignorance. “My sisters’ strings are all in different positions. You can find mine but you can’t find theirs. Can you find them one by one and kill them one by one? Hahaha…”

The other four seemed to care about their sister and didn’t dare go forward out of fear that Xie Xinglan would cut the line and completely destroy Peony.

Xie Xinglan covered his bleeding shoulder and sneered as he spat out coldly. “You are really stupid.”

They never imagined that this person would speak so badly.

Peony was instantly irritated and wanted to kill him. “Come quickly! Don’t worry about me! Kill him! I want him to be buried by me!”

Xie Xinglan’s slender fingers brushed against the string around the tip of the sword but he didn’t cut it. His fingers grabbed the string and quickly pulled it. The long wire that was originally hidden by an illusion was exposed under the touch of his fingertips. One end of the string led to Peony’s left chest and the other led to…

The other four women were completely made because Peony was bound and their offensive was unavoidable. Xie Xinglan’s physical strength was overdrawn and it seemed that he would be torn to pieces in the next moment. However, he sneered as he suddenly raised his hand and threw the peach wood sword to the other end of the string.

Peach and Chrysanthemum’s hands were just about to pierce Xie Xinglan’s back when there was a heart-rending scream from 10 metres away. This scream broke the tympanic membrane and made people feel creeped out.

There was a soft sound as a white slender hand was cut off and fell to the ground. The fingertips were still moving flexibly as bright red blood flowed continuously from the wrist. It was a familiar hand with a string tied around each finger.

The moment the hand was cut off, the four women didn’t move and they all fell down together.

Xie Xinglan smiled.

He could only find the string around Peony’s body but he could follow this string to the other end to find the one controlling it. The other four strings wrapped around the hand belonged to the other four women. The hand that controlled the women were broken and the immortal women would naturally die.

He didn’t even need to look for the strings of the other four women. He couldn’t kill a woman but he could cut off… Zhang Linu’s hand. This was the method that Xiao Chi found to clear the game.

“This is why you’re really stupid.”

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