APP: Chapter 30

[Fu*k she put her dead husband in the bedroom. How much does she love him?]

[This is crazy. Don’t you feel that it is scary? On this hot day, she is still touching the face. It is estimated that it is rotting under the wax.]

[Don’t mention it. I can smell it even across the screen.]

[IS she going to borrow the zombie body to place the soul?]

[Wow, then if she is successful, she will sleep with a zombie husband. It is disgusting. Just thinking about it is causing my scalp to tingle.]

[Wait! Your focus is wrong! This movie is called Zombie Lovers and it is a wordplay. In the past, it was the fox and the zombie. In the present, it is Mrs Zhao and the zombie. If Mrs Zhao’s plan is successful then in the future, the zombie will have her lover’s soul and she is the zombie’s lover. If Mrs Zhao’s plan fails, the fox is the zombie’s lover. This makes sense. In any case, no matter what point in the plot, the zombie has a lover.]

[Is this a double main plot line…? It feels a bit like it but why do I remember that a double main plot line can have two endings? Ah, I can’t remember. There are two double plot line movies. The last time I watched one was 30 or 40 years ago.]

[Fu*k, it can be like this? Is this a private piece? However, I don’t see the producer’s name on the flyer.]


The doorman led them to a red painted building.

There were 11 floors and it was shaped like a tower. The waves of each floor were upturned and there was a row of red lanterns hanging from them that were rich, elegant and festive. There was a plaque at the door that had ‘Ladies’ Building’ written in big letters.

Lu Wen frowned. “This place doesn’t look like it is for sleeping…”

Yan Jing couldn’t see and asked curiously, “What does it look like?”

Lu Wen blushed and looked at Xie Chi for some reason. “It is a bit like… a brothel.”

Xie Chi glanced at him and smiled before asking in a ridiculing tone, “How is a brothel not a place for sleeping?”

Lu Wen blushed again.

Yan Jing was frightened and held himself tightly. “I am the only virgin left. I am a rare species. Don’t think about going after me!”

Xie Chi and Lu Wen were both stiff and silent, letting Yan Jing be the ‘only’ virgin.

The group entered and a man in a long robe greeted them. The man was in his 50s or 60s. He was very thin and very short, similar to Yan Jing. He had a slight hunchback and his small eyes made him look smart.

The man chuckled. “Mrs Zhao gave me orders early in the morning. I am looking forward to it and you’ve finally come. Please, come in. I’ll introduce my building to you.”

“I’m Zhang Linu, the Li from Liyi (benefit/interest) and the Nu from Nucai (slave). What does it mean? My master is one who pays money. I will take good care of them. Mrs Zhao has already paid for it. You just need to rest here for one night so you can go on the road.”

Xie Chi’s face changed slightly.

This person didn’t say ‘rest here for one night and then go on the road tomorrow morning’. Rather, he said ‘rest here for one night so you can go on the road.’ The words ‘tomorrow morning’ weren’t included and this added an extra layer of meaning. Then staying here for one night was to send them… to Heaven?

Think about it. The motive was completely sufficient if Mrs  Zhao was using Zhang Linu’s hand to kill them. They helped her transport the coffin and it was likely they knew some of her secrets that would damage her. Mrs Zhao would be uneasy as long as they lived. Dead people would keep the secret forever.

Therefore, Mrs Zhao had a motive to kill them. She insisted on settling them here which seemed a bit deliberate.

Xie Chi’s expression became heavy. Xie Chi didn’t treat every tree or bush as an enemy soldier. He didn’t speculate that everyone had malicious intentions but he had reservations about any untested speculation.

Zhang Linu might’ve said it by accident or did it intentionally. Xie Chi considered that there were two possibilities. He also couldn’t go back. The app ordered them to rest in the Ladies’ Building tonight and he could only take it one step at a time. The doorman finished the errand, said goodbye to everyone and left.

Lu Wen and Yan Jing heard Xie Chi’s points and they became more serious and vigilant in an instant.

Zhang Linu closed the door and then locked it from the inside. Then he looked at them and smiled. “I know what you’re thinking. This building isn’t a brothel. Calling it a brothel is simply putting a stain on it.”

The always rigid Taoist Xuan Cheng sighed with relief. It wasn’t a brothel. He might be a Taoist priest, not a monk, but he was old and it was shameful to come to such a place with so many disciples.

Zhang Linu added, “Of course, it has the same qualities as a brothel in that it can bring you a great experience.”

Yan Jing rolled his eyes and whispered, “So it is a brothel. This lousy old man can talk a lot…’

Zhang Linu was smiling a moment ago but now his face was gloomy and sullen as he shouted, “I said it isn’t a brothel! Don’t defile my building!”

Yan Jing was frightened and immediately hid behind Xie Chi. Xie Chi frowned slightly. Zhang Linu’s reaction was too big. He seemed to have a near paranoid love for this building.

The two cannon fodder were pale.

Zhang Linu smiled in a flattering manner again, as if it wasn’t him who just changed his face. “This Ladies’ Building is also known as the Goddess Building. My building has 11 floors. Except for the first floor, the other 10 floors are inhabited by goddesses with a different appearance, temperament and hobby. Anyone who can enter their eyes and spend a spring night together with them.”

Xie Chi’s expression stiffened.

Yan Jing cursed. “A spring night with them. Does this mean one to many? So open?”

Xie Chi was silent.

Taoist Xuan Cheng had a red face. “No no, I’ll wait…”

Zhang Linu grabbed his arm. “Don’t rush to refuse. It is late. Besides, these goddesses have a high vision and don’t come out easily. Taoist priest, you’re so old. This is also Mrs Zhao’s kindness. If there is something inappropriate then I’ll take care of it. After all, your disciples are still in their prime…”

Taoist Xuan Cheng understood what Zhang Linu wanted to imply. He was old and rigid. The women wouldn’t look at him and he didn’t need to worry. He sighed with relief in his heart. He didn’t want to dismiss Mrs Zhao’s goodwill so he nodded with difficulty.

The next second, Xie Chi received the vague ‘I will reluctantly allow you to enjoy the benefits’ expression that Taoist Xuan Cheng sent to his disciples.

Xie Chi, “……” Thank you but I don’t want this benefit.

Yan Jing opened his mouth. “Brother, are you handsome? They certainly won’t look at me but if you’re handsome, you are in danger.”

Xie Chi was expressionless. “Average.”

Yan Jing sighed with relief. “Then it shouldn’t be a problem.”

[Hahahaha fooling the blind all day long.]

[It is a bit magical. Hehe, I like it.]

Zhang Linu walked to the stairs while gesturing to the group with a smile. “Since you understand everything, please follow me upstairs. We are going to meet the first lady.”

Zhang Lino asked them to go up first. As Xie Chi passed him, Xie Chi’s eyes fell on Zhang Linu’s hands and his eyes narrowed slightly.

At this age, Zhang Linu had a lot of wrinkles and his skin was sagging, hanging loosely around his cheeks and neck. Only his hands were well-maintained. The skin was delicate and white while his fingers were long and flexible. The nails shone with a luster. It wouldn’t be surprising if these hands were on a young man in his 20s or 30s but it was strange when combined with Zhang Linu’s face.

Something flashed in Xie Chi’s heart. He took a few steps towards Zhang Linu and smiled. “Your hands are really…”

Zhang Linu saw that Xie Chi’s face was amazed and he raised his eyebrows in a seemingly prideful manner. He started the topic himself. “I spend a lot of money to maintain these hands. I wash them with milk early in the morning and at night. I also never hurt my hands. I use a herbal compress three to five times every day…”

Xie Chi seemed interested and spoke a few words before looking embarrassed. “Excuse my boldness. Why do you care for your hands so much? Your face… I don’t mean anything. I’m just too curious. The effect of your hand maintenance is simply amazing…”

Zhang Linu was flattered. “Of course I have to maintain these hands. I rely on them—”

He seemed to realize that he said too much and his expression suddenly changed. His eyes flashed fiercely before he smiled. “Look at me talking so much and ignoring the others. Let’s hurry up. We shouldn’t keep waiting.”

Xie Chi nodded and turned to go upstairs. Once his back was to Zhang Luni, he slightly smiled. What did this person rely on?

At the bottom of the stairs, Zhang Linu stared up at this man’s back with a dark expression. He seemed to be smiling but his turbid eyes contained no temperature at all, as if he was watching a dead man.

[So scary. Do you think the big guy noticed it?]

[What are you afraid of? When it comes to changing expressions, can Zhang Linu be better than this big guy?]

[Hahahaha, the previous person has a point. Suddenly, it isn’t so terrible.]

[I’m looking forward to seeing the big guys embracing others later.]

The six actors went to the second floor.

The male cannon fodder was a bit relaxed. He looked around and exclaimed with surprise, “Where are the ladies?”

He clearly saw nothing.

Zhang Linu smiled mysteriously and led everyone to a painting. The corridor was dark and the painting couldn’t really be seen. Zhang Linu picked up an oil lamp from the side table to illuminate the painting.

His face was a bit creepy under the light of the yellow kerosene lamp.

The painting became clear and bright. It was of a lady standing among peony flowers. The flowers were bright and dazzling, the colour red like blood and it felt a bit ominous for some reason. The lady’s clothes were half-faded. Her body was plump and her face was shaped like a goose eye. She gave off an intense desire for flesh.

Zhang Linu declared proudly, “This is the most popular Peony Goddess so I placed her on the second floor. Peony is the most stable and easy to talk to. She isn’t willful and is the easiest to come out.”

Zhang Linu continued, “Let’s go and take a look at the other goddesses first.”

Everyone followed. Xie Chi was one step behind and reached out to touch the painting. Then his pupils suddenly shrank. This wasn’t the texture of paper at all. Rather… there was an oily, soft and greasy feeling.

Zhang Linu suddenly appeared nearby and screamed nervously, “What are you doing?”

Xie Chi withdrew his hand with a panicked look. “Sorry, I was attracted by her and involuntarily wanted to touch her.”

Zhang Linu instantly smiled. “It is good if you like her.”

Xie Chi followed. He felt that this Zhang Linu was very easy to coax. As long as he praised Linu’s favourite things, this person would immediately change his face and smile, which wasn’t a fake smile. He seemed to have some type of crazy paranoia.

Once they left, the painting of Peony seemed to move. The almond-shaped eyes stared at Xie Chi’s back emotionally.

[The eyes moved by themselves!!]

[Did she take a fancy to this big guy? Ah, it’s a bit scary.]

[Isn’t the big guy gay?]

Everyone kept going up.

The third floor was Apricot. She had thin shoulders and her next was extended to show its length. Her skin was white and she showed an elegant appearance. However, her beautiful face showed slight signs of sickness.

Peach on the fourth floor was delicate and young.

On the fifth floor, Chrysanthemum was aloof and elegant.


15 minutes later, they had visited all the floors and went back to the second floor again.

Zhang Linu grinned. “The goddesses are embarrassed and told me the results quietly. Now please close your eyes. I will take you to find them.”

The moment Zhang Linu finished speaking, the phones of the actors rang.

[The plot progress has been updated. Please close your eyes and go to the goddesses.]

The cannon fodder looked panicked while Yue Xiuming’s expression was very ugly. He clearly realized that something was wrong but he couldn’t tell what it was.

Xie Chi urged Lu Wen and Yan Jing to close their eyes as directly. Then he opened his eyes again and they widened.

Was this… an illusion?

This was a forest but there wasn’t soil at his feet. Instead, it was paved with warm jade. The forest obviously wasn’t a wild forest. Each tree grew abundantly and the branches were neat. They bore bright fruit and also had red ribbons wrapped around them.

Cooked meat hung down, exuding a sweet aroma.

Xie Chi suddenly heard the sound of water. It was the slight splash of water being scooped up.

[Zhang Linu deceived them! Everyone, including Taoist Xuan Cheng, went in.]

[Ah, he wants to… kill them to shut their mouths? I just realized.]

[Wait. Did you find that they are in different illusions?]

A burst of joyful laughter came from the forest. Xie Chi didn’t have time to respond when a huge invisible thrust pushed him into a huge pool.

He fell into the water and it splashed.

Xie Chi burst out of the pool and suddenly saw a few beautiful women wearing fewer clothes standing beside the pool. They only had their key parts covered and Xie Chi was stunned for two seconds.

[Love at first sight?]

[He is staring.]

[Sure enough, this is a man.]

Xie Chi decisively plunged into the pool.

[Hahaha, what type of reaction is this? Big man, you are a man! Do you want to be so innocent?]

[Why do I think he is scared that he’ll be r*ped?]

[Hahaha, I’m laughing to death.]

[He has one, two, three, four, five goddesses here.]

“Brother, look for me?” Xie Chi hurriedly asked underwater.

Xie Xinglan couldn’t help saying, “I will look. You aren’t allowed to see. You can only see me.”

His tone was low and he seemed very unhappy.

“No! Then you’re not allowed to look!” Xie Chi’s face was hot as he suddenly regretted it. He refused.

Xie Xinglan gritted his teeth. “There is no discussion. Be obedient and go in.”

Xie Chi hesitated for a few seconds. “Or… look together?”

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2 years ago

LMAO I thought he was diving because of some strategy, but it was to keep even his eyes only for his partner XD

10 months ago
Reply to  ctomes

So cute

1 year ago

“I am the only virgin left. I am a rare species. Don’t think about going after me!”

I would never thought about someone would protect it hard. I guess he wish to become a wizard.

10 months ago
Reply to  Golex9000k

Hua cheng did for 800 years. And chu wanning.