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APP: Chapter 3

“Brother Xie, I’m really panicked…” Yan Jing was originally holding Xie Chi’s arm and now he grabbed Xie Chi’s hand like an octopus.

The moment Xie Xinglan came out, he saw Yan Jing’s advancing hand and thought about how Xiao Chi had been held by someone. He frowned and moved Yan Jing’s hand away with no expression.

“Brother Xie…?” Yan Jing asked in a low voice. He wondered why Xie Chi was suddenly so ruthless and subconsciously wanted to grab his arm.

Xie Xinglan’s voice was full of ice. “You can speak but don’t touch me.” Xiao Chi.

A huge sense of alienation and an innate condescending feeling came. Yan Jing was inexplicably frightened and felt like a severely reprimanded schoolboy. He stood obediently by the wall and lowered his head, inwardly whispering, ‘This person has several faces.’

He was very gentle at the first encounter but showed no mercy after unmasking. Now… he was cold.

Over on the other side, Zhou Wen laughed at the thin black man and placed his hand into the jar. A bold and fearless performance was easier to increase the number of fans. Of course, newcomers didn’t know this and Zhou Wen was secretly proud.

The next second, the calm disguise on his face was shattered as he howled. He quickly withdrew his hand and gripped his wrist in an attempt to relieve the great pain. Zhou Wen’s face was ugly after losing his dignity in front of newcomers and he viciously growled out, “I will wait for you outside. All of you, hurry up!”

The veteran actor Zhou Wen’s pride was deflated and everyone’s face became white and stiffer. They looked at each other and no one came forward. Xie Xinglan was too lazy to dawdle and stepped forward, placing his hand inside.

After a few seconds, he frowned slightly. They were unable to see what was in the jar and Xie Xinglan didn’t rush to withdraw his hand. He just waited for a while.

The group was surprised as ‘Xie Chi’ withdrew his hand, something resting on his beautiful, slender hand. The ghost in the jar finally showed its true appearance. It was only the size of a strawberry, with a spider-like body but with a black metallic shell. Above the spider was… a baby’s head the size of a fingernail. Xie Xinglan was close enough to see the sparse hair on the baby’s head.

The people’s breathing paused.

The female boss was startled., “Little darling, how did you get out? Go back!”

Then she gently picked up the spider on the back of Xie Xinglan’s hand and put it back lightly. The group got a chill down their spine.

The female boss spoke to herself. “Alas, how come it isn’t as beautiful as before? It is black but previously, it was coloured.”

Xie Xinglan saw the real appearance of the ghost as he wanted and was about to leave. At the door, he heard the words of the female boss and paused slightly before going out like nothing had happened.

Xie Xinglan found the bathroom on the first floor and washed the black blood on his fingertip. The blood had clotted and after confirming there was no pain, he spoke in his heart. “Xiao Chi, you can come out now.”

The silent man in front of the sink raised his head. The eyes in the mirror were gentle and clear again.

“Thank you, Brother.”’

Xie Chi’s voice was slightly audible in the bathroom. Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan could communicate unhindered in their minds but Xie Xinglan usually actively fell asleep in order to not affect Xie Chi’s thinking. As long as Xie Chi called him, he would wake up.

Xie Xinglan described the spider to Xie Chi. Xie Chi knew more about these things than him. Xie Chi asked, “An all-black shell?”


“Brother, are you sure there were no brightly coloured stripes on it?”

Xie Xinglan replied, “No, I even feel it is weak and it moves slowly. The toxicity also disappeared very quickly.”

Xie Xinglan added, “The female boss said her spider was originally coloured.”

Xie Chi was silent for a long time. Xie Chi had been learning about various metaphysics because he wanted Xie Xinglan to get a body so he knew about this creature called a Gu.

Generally, the refining of a Gu required the selection of several poisonous creatures with strong toxicity, such as venomous snakes and centipede. They were placed in a closed container and guided to fight. The last surviving one would become the creature and it was extremely toxic.

All the ones Xie Chi had seen over the years had bright colours on their bodies due to the accumulation of several different types of poisons. For example, red legs or frog green-like skin. The brighter the colour of the creature, the more poisonous it was.

The female boss said that this Gu was originally coloured and it must’ve been extremely toxic. Now it had become an ordinary black and its toxicity was greatly weakened. Something must’ve happened in the middle. It seemed like the female boss didn’t know either.

Xie Chi stared at the painless wound on his index finger. The Gu all had different effects depending on the method of refining. He felt this was by no means a simple bite and there must be a follow-up.

The app suddenly vibrated and sent a message.

[It has been determined that the conditions have been met. Congratulations on triggering the only side plotline of Spirit in Red Clothes – Baby Head Gu.]

Xie Chi was stunned for a moment.

[Notice Tip 1: Every horror movie has a main plotline thread and there might be one or more side plotlines. There are conditions to trigger these side plotlines and after being triggered, additional point rewards will be given for the completion of the branch line.]

[Novice Tip 2: The side plotline exploration is also counted in the actor’s personal plot exploration. The degree of exploration of the plot is the most important indicator of the actor’s overall performance after the shooting.]

[Side Plotline Baby Head Gu: Actor Xie Chi will be rewarded with 50 points if he discovers the secrets of the Baby Head Gu’s decline.]

At this time, the ‘audience’ watching outside the horror movie:

[The newcomer actually triggered the side plotline!!]

[Is this luck? What does a newcomer know?]

[This luck is too much, right???]

[So what if he triggered it? A side plotline isn’t so easy to explore and he might not necessarily survive the main plotline.]

[I have a hunch that if he really can explore it, the quality of this movie will be upgraded. Hey, I spent 100 coins to see the worst quality movie. As a result, it might be upgraded. I really profited, ah.]

[How brave is he? Letting a spider crawl on you, do you dare? I like him! So handsome! Garbage Zhou Wen!]

[I will follow him.]

[Do you think this side plotline will drop props?]


In the horror movie, Xie Chi opened his personal information window to take a look and accidentally found that he now had nine fans. Xie Chi put away his phone and went out. Then he happened to see Zhou Wen at the door of the bathroom.

Zhou Wen stared at Xie Chi, his eyes flickering slightly. He had been anxious to go to the toilet just now. As a result, he just came in when he encountered Xie Chi’s mobile phone vibrating. Zhou Wen thought that the app had issued the next instructions and specifically checked his own app. As a result, the main plotline was still stuck at the ‘signing contract.’

Therefore, there was only one possibility for why Xie Chi’s mobile phone vibrated at this time. Xie Chi had triggered the side plotline. This unknown newcomer actually triggered the side plotline!

There were jealousy and greed in Zhou Wen’s eyes. He hadn’t expected a side plotline in this rough quality movie. The reward points for the side plotline wasn’t as good as the main plotline but the probability of dropping props was much higher. Props that dropped in horror movies could be taken away for later horror movies so the preciousness could be imagined. These newcomers didn’t know it but he knew it too well.

Zhou Wen had no props to date, which made him feel inferior and he didn’t dare go to more advanced horror movies. The branch plotline could be triggered by multiple people as long as the trigger conditions were all met.

Zhou Wen tried hard to recall what happened from the beginning of the horror movie to know but he couldn’t figure out where the side plotline came out. Could it have happened after he left the office?

Zhou Wen regretted it. Now it seemed impossible for him to trigger it himself.

However, this branch plotline could be shared and even passed on to others. It just happened that he had those types of thoughts about this newcomer. Zhou Wen thought of this and his eyes gradually darkened. He reached out to stop Xie Chi.

“Is there something?” Xie Chi frowned slightly. The desire to act well prevailed so he didn’t show disgust and indifference to Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen didn’t like to beat around the bush. “Will you follow me?”


Zhou Wen held out his hand.

Xie Chi stared at the hand and instantly understood. He suddenly smiled softly, “What are the benefits?”

Zhou Wen hadn’t expected him to say this and immediately smiled. “I’ll help you become the second male lead in the comprehensive evaluation if you will be ‘with’ me and share the branch plotline you got with me.”

The word ‘with’ was very ambiguous.

Zhou Wen felt this was more profitable than buying and selling Xie Chi. Xie Chi was just a newcomer. Even if he was slightly smart, he had no experience and was weak. Wasn’t it necessary to find someone to protect him in the horror movie? Zhou Wen had experienced several horror movies and was a fitness instructor. He was Xie Chi’s best choice.

Xie Chi heard the words ‘side plotline’ and his eyes were completely cold. He raised his eyes again and seemed to be seriously weighing the conditions proposed by Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen was secretly smug. Suddenly, Xie Chi’s mobile phone gave a ‘ding.’ It was a tone that Xie Chi had never heard before. Zhou Wen explained generously, “Your agent has sent you a message. Look at it, I’m not in a hurry.”

Xie Chi opened his phone and glanced at it.

[Agent Zhou Tong: Xie Chi, listen to me. Immediately agree to his conditions and give up the side plotline. You are a newcomer and can’t afford to offend him. He can help you come out alive.]

Xie Chi inwardly sneered, his eyes completely cold. The agent, who had been silent since entering the horror movie, gave him orders at such a good time.

Zhou Wen obviously saw the contents of the message and there was a pride that couldn’t be concealed on his face.

“How is it?” Zhou Wen asked.

Xie Chi raised his head with just the right amount of hesitation. “Do you have to be the male lead?”

Zhou Wen was a bit impatient. “This is my fourth horror movie. Who else can match me? You better be smart or else…”

“Four horror movies yet you are still taking part in the novice movie and also bullying newcomers…”

Zhou Wen froze for a second, thinking that something was wrong with his ears. Xie Chi’s voice suddenly changed, becoming lazy and self-assured. “Then you are really a waste.”

Zhou Wen felt a chill as he met a pair of cold, dark eyes.

Xie Xinglan sneered.


Outside the horror movie:

[Was I mistaken. This newcomer beat up Zhou Wen, right? What the fu*k?]

[Isn’t Zhou Wen a fitness instructor? Why does he feel so weak??]

[The newcomer’s agent has sent a message yet he dares to offend his agent. Is he crazy? Zhou Tong hates disobedient newcomers the most. He is finished!]

[These actions are too handsome! Is this the same weak little brother?]

[It is so good to see Zhou Wen look unhappy. Too cool ahhh. I am following this person.]

[You aren’t allowed to kill actors in a horror movie. This newcomer is in big trouble. Zhou Wen will definitely retaliate against him.]

[He even turned around and washed his hands.]

[He wrote ‘stupid fuc*k’ and then blacklisted his agent!!]

[Zhou Tong must’ve exploded. Hahahahahaha. I can’t stop laughing. I am following him.]


By the time Xie Chi regained control of his body, Zhou Wen’s blood was washed away. Xie Chi turned around and looked at Zhou Wen lying on the ground blankly. He didn’t even bother to make an expression as he walked away without looking back.

Xie Chi opened the app and found that he had blacklisted Zhou Tong. He opened the chat box and the last message was:

Xie Chi: Stupid fu*k.

Xie Chi’s mouth slightly curved as he pulled the agent out of the blacklist.

[Ah, I’m so disappointed. I said he wouldn’t have the courage to blacklist his agent. It was presumably a heat of the moment thing and now he is awake.]

[I’m not following him anymore.]

After adding the agent back, Zhou Tong’s abusive messages filled the screen. Xie Chi didn’t even read them. He just typed ‘stupid fu*k’ in the chat box and then blacklisted Zhou Tong again.

The one before was his brother’s ‘stupid fu*k’. This was Xie Chi’s ‘stupid fu*k.’

The two ‘stupid fu*ks’ were neat and correct.


The ‘audience’ outside the horror movie blew up.


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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful XD

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Puurrrrr tell ‘em! You aren’t weak hun! You came to get what you wanted and you’re gonna do just that! 💜💜💜 I love an MC that can stand up for themselves

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LMFAOOOO im likin them so much

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Wow🤣…Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan are my favourite combo couple now! You go boys!

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Ahhh please call me a stupid f”ck too 🙏

Blushing Silly
Blushing Silly
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‘Join Me’ this stupid guy is the same as Zhou Tong that stupid f*ck, in just three chapters, the gentle shou and lazy gong have already met such cannon fodders.
Zhou Wen this pig, he dares to say that he is naturally the Male Lead? this reader applauds his courage

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