APP: Chapter 29 Part 2

The doorman called people to carry the coffin inside. Xie Chi deliberately dawdled and fell to the end of the line. He grabbed a servant and pointed to the copper cornered gold coffin to ask, “Who is in this coffin?”

The servant originally looked down on these scruffy Taoist priests. Then he saw Xie Chi’s gentle and clean eyes and immediately changed his attitude. He spoke warmly.

“I heard it is the father of the young master’s wife who died early. The young master’s wife was abducted as a child and suffered a lot. She didn’t live a good life until she was bought by our young master. She has been looking for her relatives all these years and found her father two years ago. She thought it was a reunion with her family but unfortunately, it was a separation between Heaven and earth. Now she is planning to move her father’s grave. The Mian Mountains might be a treasure land of feng shui but it is too far away from Huai Ao to relive the young lady’s homesickness. Our young master’s wife is extremely filial.”

Lu Wen muttered, “If it is her father then the age fits.”

The zombie died more than 20 years ago and was around 20 years old when he died. Mrs Zhao was estimated to be around 20 so the difference was right.

Yan Jing rubbed his hair and stated, “Brother Xie, the fox spirit and zombie are a couple. The fox spirit and zombie also had a little fox spirit son. If the zombie is Mrs Zhao’s father then…”

Yan Jing was surprised. “Is this a story of the zombie cheating with the fox spirit and abandoning his daughter, Mrs Zhao? Then is Mrs Zhao actually a fox spirit? What a mess…”

Xie Chi didn’t say anything. He waited for the servant to be called away before touching Yan Jing’s head. “You so easily believe other people’s words.”

Yan Jing stared. “What do you mean?”

Lu Wen also looked puzzled.

Xie Chi placed one hand against his cheek and spoke lightly. “The title of this movie is Zombie Lovers. If the fox spirit was the mistress then would it be described as ‘love’? This is a question mark. Zombie movies are more traditional and generally don’t sing praises for the mistresses. As for your second hypothesis, I will use the eight trigrams mirror when I see her to check if she is a spirit or a human. I’m 90% sure she isn’t a spirit.”

Xie Chi smiled. “I think that this zombie has nothing to do with the Zhao family.”

Yan Jing and Lu Wen had incredulous expressions.


Xie Chi smiled. “Mrs Zhao has been separated from her family since childhood. The subtext is that no one knows who her parents are, right? She wants to know who she is and is looking for relatives. Then what if she isn’t looking for relatives but… a corpse?”

Xie Chi continued. “On the surface, she is looking for living people but what she really wants is a corpse with signs of changing into a zombie. In the name of searching for relatives, she looked for a suitable corpse.”

Yan Jing was stunned.

“Let’s first assume that the zombie is really Mrs Zhao’s father. Then there is a problem. The servant said that Mrs Zhao found her father’s coffin two years ago. With her compassionate heart, would she have the patience to let her father be buried for a full two years in the distant Mian Mountains before making up her mind to move the grave? This is a bit contradictory.”

“Why wait two years?” Xie Chi’s smile widened. “I have a reasonable explanation—planting trees.”

Yan Jing’s eyes widened.

Xie Chi stated, Taoist Lian Xi said he came to the Mian Mountains two or three years ago and didn’t see the forest damaging feng shui. Suddenly, it was there. Who planted it and why?”

At the end, his voice changed slightly and was filled with some intrigue.

Yan Jing followed Xie Chi’s thoughts and his scalp became numb. Was this ghost forest planted by Mrs Zhao?”

Lu Wen’s expression was also heavy.

Xie Chi continued, “Let’s change our method of thinking. If the zombie isn’t her father and has nothing to do with the Zhao family then it makes sense.”

“Suppose that Mrs Zhao wants a powerful corpse with signs of changing into a suitable one. I feel that it will be hard to find a more suitable corpse than the one right now. This corpse has excellent feng shui that combines three peaks and three energies. He was buried in the Mian Mountains where spirit power gathers and father and child were in the same coffin. It could be said that everything gathered together in the right place. not to mention Mrs Zhao destroying the feng shui.”

“She has been standing still for two years, waiting for the corpse with signs of transformation to absorb the huge amount of yin and change completely into a zombie.”

“In the end, what she wants is a powerful zombie.”

“Fu*k!” Yan Jing couldn’t help roaring. “I recognize you as my father!”

Lu Wen’s face was dark.

Xie Chi tried to tighten the corners of his mouth. “Is this logic correct?”

Yan Jing covered his hair and nodded like a chick. “The truth is too scary!”

Xie Chi couldn’t hold back and smiled. “Don’t be nervous. Everything I said before was my bullshit.”

Yan Jing and Lu Wen, “……”

[Hahahaha is it the truth? No, it’s my bullshit.]

[Haha I was just thinking that they haven’t even entered the door yet. They are really giant in words and a dwarf in action.]

[The above person is wrong. Don’t you think this guess is a bit flawless? The big man is denying it because he is playing with the blind man.]

[I actually think the logic is pretty strict.]

[Then shall we bet if the big guy guessed correctly? There might be a surprise.]

[Is this the second half of the movie? I feel that the truth is very close.]

The cannon fodder came to call them and the three people hurriedly entered the house.

Xie Chi was absent-minded as he chatted with Xie Xinglan in his mind.

“Brother, Mrs Zhao is really good and hypocritical. It is easy to pierce through.”

“Huh?” Xie Xinglan’s voice was lazy.

Xie Chi laughed before stating seriously, “After all, no one can compare to me when it comes to hypocrisy.”

Xie Xinglan coughed. “…Little liar.”

Xiao Chi was proficient in deception and it was self-taught. He could cheat people, ghosts and zombies. As long as he could communicate with them, any species could be deceived and used by him.

Xie Chi spoke cleverly. “Everything I said to you is true.”

Xie Xinglan was obviously pleased and his laughter was low and please. “really? Everything?”

“Yes, everything.” Xie Chi was a bit eager to express his meaning, as if he was being tortured.

Xie Xinglan laughed loudly. “Then answer me. Do you like me?”

Xie Chi’s face was stiff. “……”

Xie Xinglan jokingly urged, “Remember to tell the truth.”

Xie Chi looked away. “…No.”

Xie Xinglan smiled. Xie Chi could shamelessly say p*rnographic things but once serious feelings were mentioned, he was too shy to say it.

“Brother Xie, we’re here.” Yan Jing saw that he was distracted and whispered to remind him.

Xie Chi’s mind returned. The doorman led them to the place where the coffin should be placed. Then he pulled out a money bag from his sleeve and handed it to Taoist Xuan Cheng. “You’ve worked hard and your journey was long. Take this.”

Taoist Xuan Cheng was shocked and panicked. “This is too much! I can’t take it. You’re too kind…”

He was about to open the money bag to return the excess but the doorman pushed it back. “The young master’s wife said that this is what you should have. She was afraid you wouldn’t accept it so she gave more money. If you don’t accept then it will trouble her.”

Taoist Xuan Cheng had to accept. “The young master’s wife is truly a compassionate soul.”

The doorman told them, “It’s getting late. The young master’s wife said that you traveled day and night and must be tired. You should stay for one night and set off in the morning. However, she is too busy to take care of you and she is afraid that you’ll be slighted by others. She specifically arranged a comfortable place outside the house for you to stay, so that the owner can serve you. I will take you there straight away.”

Taoist Xuan Cheng replied, “The young master’s wife is so considerate. I’m ashamed.”

The doorman was going to make everyone leave when Xie Chi suddenly opened his mouth. “Now that we’ve arrived here, shouldn’t we offer sacrifices to the young master? Isn’t this polite?”

Taoist Xuan Cheng hit his head. “Yes! I was too confused. I even forgot about the matter of sacrificing gifts. Thank you for reminding me!”

Taoist Xuan Cheng’s expression became somewhat awkward. “Shall I lead my disciples to sacrifice gifts?”

The group looked at the doorman.

The doorman avoided their eyes and smiled. “There is no need for you to bother. The young master’s wife already said that etiquette doesn’t matter in the middle of the night. It is important for you to get a good rest. She will remember your consideration.”

Taoist Xuan Cheng felt uneasy but he didn’t force it anymore. After all, it was Mrs Zhao saying this and he wouldn’t be giving her face if he was persistent.

Xie Chi stared at the doorman and raised his eyebrows slightly? Not allowing them to see him? Was Mrs Zhao unable to be seen or was it something else?


Xie Chi was thinking about how to see Madam Zhou when everyone’s phones rang.

[The plot progress has updated. All actors, follow the doorman to the Ladies’ House to rest. This plot must be carried out.]

Xie Chi was helpless. Since the app had spoken, he could only set aside his plan for a while.

It was just that this Ladies’ Building…

Lu Wen took the opportunity to ask the doorman, “Why is it called the Ladies’ Building?”

The doorman’s expression was mysterious. “It is a good place. You’ll know when you get there. If I talk about it first then you’ll have less fun. My young master’s wife carefully prepared it and it won’t disappoint you.”

The group followed the doorman out of the house and headed to the Ladies’ Building.

Xie Chi looked back at the quiet Zhao home.


At the same time, the bedroom of the young master’s wife.

Candlelight flicked, decorating the rich interior and showing a man lying on a mahogany lounge chair.

The man’s head was turned inwards, his eyes closed and his face didn’t look real. His cheeks were sunken, his cheekbones were high, his skin colour was yellow and he was extremely skinny. The brocade robe hanging from his skinny body was funny and hideous.

Compared to the ugly and thin man, the woman sitting opposite him was white and gentle. She wore a beautiful light blue dress and was graceful and slim.

She had obviously lost a lot of weight but she was still a beauty. It was just that her eyes were full of an animal-like madness and were terrifyingly bright.

“Husband, tomorrow is the seventh day after your day. This shell will be completely useless tomorrow. You will accompany me in this way on the… last night.” The woman was choked up as she held the man’s hand.

The man’s hand was cold. It was coated with a thick layer of wax and was smooth and greasy to the touch.

It was so hot but this wax was used to protect against corrosion.

The woman sorted out the man’s slightly messy hair and straightened his clothes before smiling with satisfaction. “Tomorrow is the seventh day after your death and your soul will come back to me. Seven days, you have left me for seven days. I’ve been with you every day since I married you. Seven days is too hard.”

“In fact, as long as it is your soul, there is no difference to me if it is a human shell or a zombie shell. The person I love has nothing to do with the body. It is just that I’m used to this appearance. I will have to adapt to other appearances and I’m somewhat reluctant.”

The woman touched the man’s sparse eyebrows and her nose was sour. “Look, you were content when you died and there are no signs of changing into a zombie. You are too kind and don’t want to harm others. However, God is unfair. Why can those bad guys live for centuries while you… you have to endure the torture of tuberculosis?”

Resentment flashed in the woman’s eyes as she wiped away her tears and tried to smile. “Don’t cry, don’t cry. I’m afraid you’ll feel hurt if I crew. I know that you had it very hard before. You coughed up blood behind my back every day. I knew, I just didn’t say it. You hated being sick. Just wait, wait a few days. Then you won’t have to stay in this body.”

“I chose that body for you for two years. I can’t find a stronger and more suitable one than him. You won’t have to be tortured by illness anymore. You can stay with me forever. Even…”

The woman’s face turned red. “You can do things that you couldn’t do before.”

“When you were alive, you always said that I had to remarry after you died. At that time, I smiled and agreed. In any case, you would be dead and can’t control me. I don’t want to remarry. In life or death, I will accompany you.”

The woman snuggled quietly in the man’s arms but once she couldn’t feel the familiar beating of the man’s heart, her eyes gradually became empty. “You always said that you weren’t worthy of me but my bad life was saved by you. You gave me glory and wealth. You taught me to read, brushed my hair and plucked the moon and the stars to spoil me. No one in this world is better to me than you. I won’t go anywhere. I’ll be next to you.”

Tears filled the woman’s eyes and she closed them painfully. “You used to say that I was kind. I originally thought so. Then I realized after I fell in love with you. How can I bear to let you die? How can I bear to let you suffer this pain and go to the end? The deeper the love, the more ruthless the heart. I only have room for you without leaving any room for others.”

“You will forgive me, right?”

The woman’s expression gradually became a bit sinister. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t forgive me. As long as you live, I will succeed, I will…”

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2 years ago

Ok I kinda feel bad for the wife

2 years ago

I almost feel bad for her, but then I realized she probably has something so do with the missing children ( ¬_¬)

2 years ago

So the fox lady and the wife are two different people? I originally thought they’d be the same person but this is interesting too. Love is such a strong emotion, it can lead people to do such crazy things…damn imagine chilling in the afterlife just to get grabbed by the hem of your shirt and be tossed into a body of a rotting zombie sheesh… (; ̄◇ ̄)

Also why do I feel like the Ladies’ Building is a yk…a brothel..

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2 years ago

Ohnoo they both have sad tragic love stories 😭😭😭😭 what is this torture, I can endure anything, only sad tragic love stories, AND THEY GAVE US 2 😭 I’m passing away