APP: Chapter 28

The moment Xie Chi finished talking, Yue Xiuming completely let go and stared at Zhou Tong. He finally had a way to vent the long-suppressed resentment. Yue Xiuming shot an evil smile at Zhou Tong.

Xie Chi slowly walked back to Yan Jing and Lu Wen.

He was a bit thirsty after talking for so long. He poured some water from the jug on the table and took a sip. He watched Zhou Tong being strangled with the corpse rope by Yue Xiuming and there was no disturbance in his eyes. There were many scum people but he didn’t care about them. Xie Chi didn’t have much interest in punishing evil and promoting good. If someone blocked his way then he was happy to kill them.

Due to the buff overload, Zhou Tong was too weak to withstand the corpse rope. In the small inn, his screams rang out in an endlessly creepy manner. Yue Xiuming soon tied him up. Zhou Tong lost a lot of weight and became skinny. Yue Xiuming pulled one end of the rope and lifted Zhou Tong like a crab, walking toward the backyard. Zhou Tong’s hands and feet were tied. He struggled desperately but it was just in vain.

Upon reaching the door, Yue Xiuming paused and looked at the opposite Xie Chi with a complicated expression. He clearly knew that Xie Chi was stirring up trouble but he couldn’t refuse. No matter how many times it happened, this was his only choice.

Xie Chi put all the possibilities in front of him but he made his own choice. Xie Chi didn’t even bother covering up his purpose. He stated his interests, played with people’s hearts and gently placed the knife in Yue Xiuming’s hand. There were three choices on the surface but there was actually only one answer. The knife would eventually cut off Zhou Tong’s head.

A deep fear flashed in Yue Xiuming’s dark eyes. He looked at Xie Chi in an embarrassed manner. “That… I’m sorry. I had no choice. In any case… thank you.”

Xie Chi lightly expressed his understanding. Yue Xiuming walked toward the backyard without looking back.

[I’m flustered.]

[The prideful Yue Xiuming is apologizing.]

[Zhou Tong likes to use people. He deserves it. I’m happy.]

[This is too dark. Borrowing a knife to kill a person. It’s so dirty. I don’t know if I like this person or not.]

[Kneel down and follow. This big guy is 666.]

[I won’t call him little brother anymore. From now on, he is my male god.]

[I suddenly remembered that Zhou Tong and Yue Xiuming were chatting when they first entered the horror movie. It seems that Xie Chi was brought in by Zhou Tong. Someone said that he was a newcomer. Zhou Tong is so disgusting as an agent…]

[Wtf it’s scary! Does Xie Chi want to change his agent?!!!]


The matter was settled and Xie Chi reached out to poke Lu Wen beside him. “Go and finish the task.”

Lu Wen didn’t follow and Xie Chi looked back with surprise. He saw Lu Wen’s embarrassed expression and knew what this person was thinking. He took a few steps and smiled. “Relax, I’m still your ‘sincere and kind’ teammate.”

There was a bit of ridicule in his tone.

Lu Wen smiled bitterly. “I won’t label people casually again.”

He couldn’t stand the slap to his face.

Lu Wen was a traditional person who believed in good and evil. He could help other actors but he wouldn’t sympathize with the wicked. He wasn’t in favour of Xie Chi’s indifference to others but in this place, Xie Chi wouldn’t take the initiative to harm people. Xie Chi was worthy of being followed.

He had already experienced Xie Chi’s life-saving actions. He basically just had to follow Xie Chi’s orders and he could be as comfortable as a salted fish. Lu Wen was ashamed of being a salted fish when he had all his limbs intact.

The three of them went upstairs to find Taoist Xuan Cheng. Xie Chi was the first to hand in the task and successfully obtained 50 points.

Lu Wen was feeding Xuan Cheng the teeth powder while Yan Jing came over and asked Xie Chi curiously, “Brother, did you know Yue Xiuming was bitten by Zhou Tong early in the morning? Is that why you prepared extra teeth powder?”

“No.” Xie Chi looked down and washed his robe carefully. “It isn’t so complicated. There are always many changes. Zhou Tong might’ve succeeded in finding the teeth powder or he might’ve failed the task. Yue Xiuming might’ve been bitten or he might’ve escaped Zhou Tong. He might’ve killed Zhou Tong in the struggle. All of these things are possible. There is no need to think about so many things. It might not be possible to guess. You just need to make more preparations.”

Yan Jing pretended to understand.

Then he remembered something. His eyes changed slightly and he suddenly asked Xie Chi, “Brother, can you give me the spare teeth powder you have?”

Xie Chi turned to him with slight surprise. “What do you want to do with it?”

Yan Jing laughed. “Brother, you are so smart and you can probably guess. In any case, Zhou Tong can’t be saved.”

Xie Chi was surprised for a few seconds before chuckling and taking out another small bottle of teeth powder. “Go and have fun.”

“I will!” Yan Jing touched the small jade bottle and grinned. “Brother, I’ll definitely get revenge for you. Leave it to me.”

Xie Chi spoke helplessly, “Go.”


At this time, in the backyard.

Due to the buff overload, Zhou Tong was so weak that he lay on the ground dying. He still struggled like a fish but his eyes were gradually filling with despair.

Yue Xiuming squatted down in front of him, watching his body change to a zombie like a patient farmer watching his seedling mature and then happily harvesting it.

The hair pattern on the face that was unique to zombies appeared bit by bit. Zhou Tong’s nails were also constantly growing, long and sharp. His fangs exuded a cold light. The more he transformed, the tighter the corpse rope around his body became and the more severe the pain he felt.

“I beg you!” Zhou Tong’s bloody tears fell down.

Yue Xiuming was holding his peach wood sword and spoke fiercely, “Why didn’t you think about this day when you bit me?”

He felt an unprecedented pleasure in his heart. Since he was born, Yue Xiuming had never suffered such a loss. Zhou Tong harmed him and Zhou Tong should be damned!

Zhou Tong’s face was teary. “I know that I was wrong! Really! I beg you! Doesn’t Xie Chi have two bottles of teeth powder? These two bottles must be real. He only needs one bottle to save Xuan Cheng. That other bottle can be used to save me. I don’t want to die! I’m really sorry. I went crazy at that time. You can understand it from my perspective! You can’t blame me completely. If you want to blame me, blame me for being unlucky. I was caught by zombies and then encountered a ravine while looking for the teeth powder. I had no other way out! I didn’t want to!”

Yue Xiuming sneered. “Who wants to listen to your nonsense? You just said that the teeth powder was fake and now you say it is real. What does it matter to me if it is real or fake? I only need your teeth! Your teeth must be real!”

“I’m really sorry! Please don’t kill me!” His only chance of survival was Yue Xiuming. Zhou Tong endured the severe pain and spoke quickly in a humble and apologetic manner. Zhou Tong’s eyes changed and he started to appeal to emotions. “I really didn’t do it for myself. In the end, I bit you and hurt you. I have to pay with my life and I should be damned. I deserve this end. I deserve it.”

Yue Xiuming glanced at him with surprise before responding in a mocking tone, “You can also speak the human language. Since you know this, don’t talk nonsense. You are damned.”

Zhou Tong smiled bitterly, tears in his eyes. “I am damned but I have a reason to live. I beg you. I was too busy with social activities so my wife took my children back to her mother’s house and they were killed by a car. I felt such regret that I came here. Can’t you understand my mood? I heard that you accidentally killed your mother so you came here to make up for it. I also want to make up for it. We are the same people…”

Zhou Tong knew what happened to Yue Xiuming. Yue Xiuming rebelled a few years ago and argued with his mother. As a result, the two people got into a fight and Yue Xiuming’s mother ran into a sharp object and died.

She died in an accident and Yue Xiuming became wiser.

This grey memory surfaced and Yue Xiuming’s eyes flashed with the gloom of his heart. “I understand you? How can I live? He might have two bottles of teeth powder but he must’ve fed one to Taoist Yue Xiuming now. There is one left but there are two people. If you don’t become a zombie, I can’t get your zombie teeth. Then I can only rely on his teeth powder to detoxify. You won’t be able to get the teeth powder and will definitely die. Isn’t it just one or two hours more at most? Is this useful?”

The tone was still blunt but the content had softened.

Hope flashed in Zhou Tong’s eyes. “No, there is another way. You can let me go first. I have recovered a bit of my strength and can use the buff again. This time it was completely unexpected. Xie Chi won’t think that you would let me go. I will hide and catch him by surprise, grabbing his teeth powder. One bottle of teeth powder can detoxify all the poison. We can share it first. One person can take half the powder and delay the time it takes to change into a zombie. Then we will go to the task site with low risk to obtain the teeth powder. I have filmed zombie movies before. Half of the teeth powder can delay becoming a zombie for a long time. We will be able to do it.”

Yue Xiuming looked at him like he was crazy. “Are you brain-damaged? Why should I do so much? It is just making trouble.”

Zhou Tong added, “Yue Xiuming, don’t forget that you have offended Xie Chi. Now you can consider yourself alone in this movie. Do you think you will have a chance to pass a pros outweigh the cons quality movie alone? In addition, Xie Chi is like a viper. Who knows if he will harm you? However, if you save me, I’ll be your teammate. What type of hatred can’t be dispelled? Only our goal is the same.”

“In addition, even if I fail, you won’t lose. You can still catch me and continue to grind my teeth. In any case, you have no risks. Just trouble…”

“They are in a group and you are alone. You really aren’t going to think about yourself?” Zhou Tong kept going.

Yue Xiuming hesitated. Zhou Tong’s words made sense. He really offended Xie Chi and Xie Chi’s mind was too deep. It was difficult to guarantee that Xie Chi wouldn’t act against him afterwards…

Zhou Tong was delighted when he saw the hesitation. He was about to work harder when he saw Yan Jing appear in the yard. Yan Jing was holding a porcelain bowl as he saw down on the threshold of the backyard, seemingly muttering to himself, “There is fowl blood in this hand.”

Then he touched the small jade bottle with teeth powder. He smiled and carefully opened it. “This bottle is teeth powder.”

Zhou Tong’s eyes suddenly widened. He knew what Yan Jing was going to do!

“No!!” Zhou Tong shouted with huge eyes. The next second, Yan Jing smirked and poured all the teeth powder into the fowl blood. Teeth powder contaminated with the fowl blood feared by zombies was completely useless.

Yan Jing patted the dust off his butt and slowly stood up. “It’s gone. Enjoy the pleasure of grinding teeth.”

The thoughts in Yue Xiuming’s head instantly disappeared and his cold eyes fell on Zhou Tong’s face. Zhou Tong was completely desperate.

Yan Jing wandered around twice before walking to Zhou Tong again. “Do you know why Brother Xie prepared two bottles of teeth powder?”

Zhou Tong’s face was grey and his entire body was like a dead person. Only the violent shaking of his chest proved that he was alive. He slowly and mechanically turned his neck to look at Yan Jing, his eyes dark and gloomy.

Yan Jing snorted. “Brother Xie knew you were bitten early on. He didn’t have any enmity with you so he thought about preparing extra powder to help you detoxify. This way, he can rebuild his relationship with you. After all, he still has to work with you and it is troublesome to change agents. Unfortunately, some people didn’t know what to do and ruined his heart for nothing. If you die, Brother Xie can still change agents. It is the same thing. Thank you.”

Yan Jing looked sorry but it was all nonsense. Brother Xie didn’t want to save this disgusting agent. Yan Jing just wanted him to die full of anger and regret.

Zhou Tong let out a heart-wrenching cry.

Yan Jing went back triumphantly.


Zhou Tong completely turned into a zombie, Yue Xiuming grinded down his teeth, detoxified himself and killed Zhou Tong without any suspense.

Yue Xiuming was someone who didn’t care if he let innocent cannon fodder die for him. He naturally didn’t blink at all when killing an enemy who harmed him. After that, he didn’t feel relieved at all and came to Xie Chi.

There were still hidden worries in his heart but he had no choice. This was the only path for him.


[A never imagined series.]

[Hahaha this blind man.]

[Zhou Tong was really unlucky. He first encountered the fox spirit, fell out of the window and hit the coffin and was caught by the zombie. Then he encountered a ravine while doing the task. Unfortunately, he had a feud with the big man who had the teeth powder…]

[Maybe this is karma?]

[Don’t forget that in a zombie movie, the thing that is most talked about is good and evil. You must’ve watched less zombie movies.All the zombie movies I’ve seen in recent years have been like this. Good people are happy all their lives while bad people are trapped by their own shackles. I’m telling you that many horror movies will change the luck of the actors according to their personality. Zhou Tong must’ve secretly had his luck value lowered a lot.]

[Wtf, it can still be like this? Seeing science!]

[Zhou Tong has only made two zombie movies and didn’t understand these things. If he really understood then he wouldn’t choose a zombie movie. A dark and vicious actor basically doesn’t have a good fate unless they are strong.]

[Don’t you see that Lu Wen and the little blind man are just fine. Nothing happened along the way and there is a big person protecting them. I don’t know about the personality of that blind man but Lu Wen is a recognized good man.]

[Fu*k, Yue Xiuming isn’t a good person and has worse luck! First, the zombie almost kissed his face and then he was bitten by Zhou Tong. Was his luck also lowered…?]

[There is no reward for the correct answer.]

[What about the big man, what do you say about him?]

[emmmmmm he… he is good and evil. There are no rules behind his method of doing things and we can’t understand it. I dare not say it. It is reasonable to say that his heart is dark but look, he is personally protecting two good people. He borrowed a knife to kill people but he also helped save Yue Xiuming. I have a headache and can’t tell clearly. We can’t understand the world of big gods. Leave it to the staff to understand it.]

[Still, I don’t think it is low. In fact, it might actually be too high. There was that eight trigrams piece. Taoist Lian Xi gave it to the big guy. Then there was the task to find the teeth powder. They didn’t encounter a ravine like Zhou Tong and Yue Xiuming. Of course, perhaps it is the light of Lu Wen and the blind man? Haha. Then it is really useful to say that a zombie movie protects good people! They make people seem lucky. Let’s talk about  Yue Xiuming. If he had a good relationship with Lu Wen and went to the zombie movie with Xie Chi, how could so many things happen?]

[If you say so, I also feel that good people are more suitable for powerful movies. Lu Wen seems to be born for zombie movies. He is able to fight and has an upright personality. Bad guys are suitable for psychological horror, indifferent horror and ghost-killing horror. At least they aren’t bad compared to the subject matter. In those movies, a good person usually dies early. This big brother seems both righteous and evil. It seems he can shoot any type of movie?]

[Isn’t Shen Yi the all-rounder movie emperor? All types of horror movies have basically been filmed by him. This big guy is too strong. I’m expecting him to be the next powerful all-rounder. It is because it is easier to specialize in a certain type than to be an all-rounder. Of course, it depends on whether he wants to do it or not. After all, his personal reputation hasn’t been established yet. As an all-rounder, he often changes themes and it is too hard to secure fans.]

[Speaking for so long, the luck value looks very useful. Do you think there are any props that can increase the luck value?]

[I heard that a novice movie produced one? The poor guy thought it was trash. He laughed at it and I didn’t bother arguing with him. It isn’t unreasonable since they’re poor.]

[A newcomer’s luck is so good?]

[Isn’t the probability of a newcomer connecting with the side plotline basically 0? Isn’t it normal to drop an item that increases the luck value compared to this probability?]

[I’m finished. I want to get to know this newcomer.]

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Also does dying in a film take you back to the real world permanently? I thought they’d just get kicked out of the film.

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
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Reply to  ctomes

I think it counts as losing so you get taken back to the real world so you can die. Unless it’s just a point deduction but judging by that Zhou asshole I’m p sure you die

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Yoshi K
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