APP: Chapter 27

[Zhou Tong disgusts me.]

[He bit my Xiuming! Die for me!]

[In this type of situation, he also pulled Yue Xiuming into the water.]

[Xie Chi’s tooth powder might be gone.]

[I have to whisper. Didn’t this little brother abduct two zombies…?]

[Yes! Clearly saving Xuan Cheng only needs one zombie tooth powder. The extra one…]

[Didn’t he know that Zhou Tong was bitten? Then did he prepare it for Zhou Tong? Is he so kind?]

[No? This man is very dark.]

[To be more prepared isn’t bad. Obviously, he could grab two at a time without any effort? Why want just one? Isn’t thinking 10 steps ahead the basic quality of a big man?]


On Xie Chi’s side, Lu Wen finished grinding down the teeth. On the ground in front of the zombie was a layer of teeth powder. Lu Wen squatted down, gathered the teeth powder in his hand, divided it into two equal parts and poured it into the small jade bottle prepared in the morning.

The yellow teeth powder was inevitably mixed with soil, grass and ants.

Lu Wen turned around and said helplessly, “I tried my best.”

This was the trouble with zombie movies. A good horror atmosphere was always destroyed by spoofs and silliness. Thinking of Xuan Cheng swallowing this type of teeth powder…

Xie Chi glanced at it and smiled. “Dirt cellulose, grass vitamins, ants with high proteins, there is a nutritional balance.”

Lu Wen, “……”

Yan Jing laughed loudly.

On the way back, Yan Jing couldn’t help asking, “Brother, why did you catch two zombies? We only need one.”

“More is better than less.” Xie Chi spoke casually. Then he remembered his brother saying ‘it is only big, not small’ and his face became slightly hot. He coughed twice to hide it.


The three of them rushed back to the inn. They were about to enter when the employee came up to them. “You don’t have to rush to save the Taoist priest. The other two have already returned and are now rushing to the backyard to save the Taoist priest. Why don’t you rest first? Shall I pour you some tea?”

Yan Jing was surprised. “Didn’t they go to the two stars area? How did they come back earlier than us? They are taking the teeth powder to Xuan Cheng in the backyard? Then Brother Xie, you’re not first?”

Lu Wen was also puzzled.

Xie Chi thought about it for a few seconds. “No, they can’t be faster than us. They failed the mission.”

Yan Jing didn’t have time to gloat before he froze. “Why did they rush to find the Taoist priest if they failed?”

Xie Chi smiled with a bit of intrigue. “It is to guard the task.”

Zhou Tong’s mission failed and he couldn’t save his life with the teeth powder. Then the reason he hurried back was naturally to grab the teeth powder in Xie Chi’s hand.

Lu Wen frowned. “What do you mean?”

Xie Chi didn’t speak. He just looked up at Zhou Tong and Yue Xiuming who had appeared at an unknown time.

Zhou Tong’s robe was worn a bit strangely. His sleeve seemed to be pulled down over and over again to cover his hands. His face was a sickly blue colour and his skin was a bit wrinkled. The dense folds of his skin could be seen clearly.

Yue Xiuming was behind Zhou Tong, his face slightly white and his eyes shining. Xie Chi looked at his expression and then his eyes fell on Yue Xiuming’s neck. Yue Xiuming originally wore a shirt under this robe. Now his collar was deliberately propped up to cover his neck.

Xie Chi froze for a few seconds, glanced at Zhou Tong and slightly smiled. Was this person bitten by Zhou Tong?

In front of him, Zhou Tong issued a few hoarse, ugly cries. “Hand over the teeth powder.”

He reached out to Xie Chi, his fingernails long and blue-green.

Lu Wen’s expression changed and he pulled Xie Chi back. “Zombie!”

The two cannon fodders were frightened.

Xie Chi was thoughtful. He had exposed his level and Zhou Tong couldn’t beat him. Yet Zhou Tong was still ready to fight hard, whether it was with props or some type of weapon…

Xie Chi thought about it. He didn’t know Zhou Tong but the actual information he knew was that Zhou Tong had been bitten.


Hostage? Did Zhou Tong want to hold him back so Yue Xiuming could grab a person to threaten him with?

Xie Chi glimpsed Yue Xiuming quietly moving back and couldn’t help wondering helplessly, ‘So clumsy?’

Yan Jing was ready to listen to XIe Chi beating up these two people. Then he heard Xie Chi saying seemingly seriously, “I will discuss it with my friends.”

Zhou Tong was stunned. Xie Chi said he would think about it?

Lu Wen and Yan Jing were also surprised but Xie Chi’s behaviour had always been unpredictable. They weren’t surprised and were willing to trustingly stand by to wait for Xie Chi’s next move.

Xie Chi pulled Lu Wen and Yan Jing to the side and coughed twice. He smiled a bit strangely. Then he spoke in a very low voice. “One of you will be captured by Yue Xiuming in a moment. Remember to use your acting skills and pretend to be a bit afraid.”

Lu Wen and Yan Jing glanced at each other and nodded cleverly. Xie Chi was right with everything he said.

Yan Jing secretly lamented that Lu Wen had somehow been transferred to Brother Xie’s obedient brother.

Xie Chi went to Zhou Tong again and said lightly, “We’ve discussed it and we won’t hand it over.”

Zhou Tong’s eyes flashed with resentment. “I will make you hand it over.”

Under normal circumstances, he couldn’t go against Xie Chi. However, he was half-invulnerable while transforming to a zombie and there was also the buff bonus. There was absolutely no problem in tying Xie Chi up.

Xie Chi was strong but he was only a newcomer with one movie. He didn’t know how strong some items were.

As long as he tied Xie Chi up, Yue Xiuming could act…

In the light of the electric flint, Zhou Tong’s zombie hand was always grabbing at Xie Chi. Xie Chi quickly dodged, took the peach wood sword thrown by Lu Wen and greeted him casually. They exchanged a few blows.

Zhou Tong was now half human and half zombie. The peach wood sword that was useful against zombies had become his nemesis. Every time the sword fell, he howled with pain and retreated. Zhou Tong originally thought he could endure in a fight for a while but once he actually faced Xie Chi, he knew how terrifying this person was.

There was a thick fear in his eyes. If he had any other choice then he would never want to be Xie Chi’s enemy.

[I lost to the big guy’s abuse of food.]

[Daring to offer himself up.]

[Don’t forget that Zhou Tong has the buff.]

After being stabbed again, Zhou Tong finally stopped hesitating and used the buff.

It was the second use of the buff in a short period of time. The moment the buff was activated, Zhou Tong’s face became as pale as paper and his cheeks visible shriveled. The hand that was originally well-proportioned became dry and wrinkled in the blink of an eye. It was like all the blood was drained from his body.

At the same time, Zhou Tong’s momentum rose and his eyes flashed like a cruel venomous snake.

Then Yue Xiuming quietly moved towards Yan Jing.

[Wtf how long will it take Zhou Tong to recuperate from this?]

[He was forced to do this? This is the biggest buff, right??]

[Yue Xiuming is…]

Xie Xinglan glanced at Zhou Tong who became stronger and laughed. “It is a bit interesting.”

Xie Chi had just told him that Zhou Tong might have a prop so it wasn’t surprising to see this.

Buff? Did it improve his overall physical fitness in the short term? Zhou Tong’s strength was greatly increased and he could finally withstand Xie Xinglan’s offensive.

Xie Xinglan wanted to face him. His boyfriend was watching. Previously, he accompanied Zhou Tong to play but now Xie Xinglan would make quick decisions and beat his opponent in a beautiful manner.

He wanted to do this but Xie Chi told him, “Brother, you accompany him to slowly play until his prop fails.”


Zhou Tong was about to be stabbed with the sword and his heart thumped violently. The next second, the sword suddenly twisted and the sharp point went under his armpit.

Xie Xinglan seemed to sigh with regret and attacked again. Even though he deliberately went easy on Zhou Tong, this person was still losing ground. He was just about to lose when Yue Xiuming suddenly shouted, “Stop for me!”

Xie Xinglan looked sideways and saw Yue Xiuming standing behind Yan Jing, grasping Yan Jing’s back with both hands. Xie Chi was satisfied that Yue Xiuming had chosen Yan Jing.

“Brother! Help me!” Yan Jing’s face was white.

“Xie Chi! Give me the teeth powder!” Yue Xiuming’s expression was grim as he shouted.

Lu Wen was angry. “You are despicable! Let him go!”

Xie Xinglan withdrew his sword. Zhou Tong hadn’t expected the progress to be so smooth. He was so excited that his eyes were full of tears. He could get the teeth powder and immediately detoxify the zombie poison.

He was feeling weak and the side effects had started to appear. Zhou Tong took the attitude of a winner and negotiated with Xie Chi.  “I think 30 points for a teammate isn’t a loss, right?”

Xie Chi was silent and seemed to weigh it carefully.

Yue Xiuming couldn’t wait and his eyes flashed anxiously. “What are you still hesitating about? Isn’t he worth 30 points?”

Xie Chi suddenly glanced at him. “Weren’t you bitten by Zhou Tong? Don’t you hate him?”

Zhou Tong felt incredulous. Xie Chi actually knew! How did he know?

Hatred flashed in Yue Xiuming’s eyes but he also knew that he and Zhou Tong were on the same boat now. The most urgent thing was to acquire teeth powder. He urged anxiously, “Don’t talk so much. Give me the powder or I’ll strangle him!”

Yan Jing coughed as he was squeezed and he secretly thought about how Brother Xie was a swindler.

“Don’t do it.” Xie Chi smiled helplessly. “I understand your anxiety but the thing you want is teeth powder. It doesn’t conflict with me after I hand over the powder.”

Yue Xiuming was surprised and the strength of his hand suddenly loosened.

Zhou Tong was afraid that Yue Xiuming would be fooled by Xie Chi and do harm to himself. Zhou Tong exclaimed urgently, “Don’t believe him! He’s lying to you! He cares about Yan Jing’s life! It’s impossible not to be in conflict!”

“No.” Xie Chi stood in place, not trying to get closer to Yue Xiuming. He soothed Yue Xiuming with his eyes as he spoke softly, “I’ll tell you something. It still isn’t too late for you to kill Yan Jing.”

Yue Xiuming looked more alert. He didn’t believe Xie Chi’s words. The calmer Xie Chi was, the more nervous Yue Xiuming became. He was a bit uncertain about Xie Chi’s meaning.

Xie Chi chuckled. “Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous. You want the zombie teeth powder, right? You’ve just been bitten and there should be at least 10 hours before you completely turn into a zombie.”

Yue Xiuming, who had been in a state of manic desperation after being bitten, suddenly woke up.

Xie Chi spoke seriously., “For Plan A, you can go to the nearest three star zombie village to find teeth powder. According to your speed, you can go back and forth in five or six hours and it will be completely within the time limit.”

Yue Xiuming released Yan JIng even more as he realized he had been led astray by Zhou Tong. Zhou Tong would become a zombie in a few hours but he still had a lot of time.

This time, Zhou Tong was the one whose eyes were anxious. “Don’t listen to his nonsense! There are so many zombies in the three star village! You won’t be able to get the teeth powder! It would be a good result if you aren’t killed by hordes of zombies! There is ready-made powder here for you. Why do you have to go all that way?”

Yue Xiuming’s expression sank again and he gripped Yan Jing tighter.

Xie Chi sighed. “If Plan A isn’t possible then let’s talk about Plan B.”

Yue Xiuming’s mind became even clearer.

“Plan B.” Xie Chi smiled as he took out two identical white bottles from his robe and showed it to Yue Xiuming. “I happened to catch two zombies and have two teeth powders. One will be given to Xuan Cheng and there is one more left. Only one person can be saved. Should I save Zhou Tong or should I save you? I think you understand what I’m implying, right?”

Zhou Tong was frozen for a moment.

If there was one more powder then all his preconditions would no longer exist. Yue Xiuming would definitely choose the powder.

Yue Xiuming’s hands trembled violently as he stared at the two white bottles in Xie Chi’s hands. His face was full of desire and struggle and it seemed like he would let go in the next second.

“No, it must be fake!” Zhou Tong yelled. “How can he have prepared a second one so coincidentally? If it is a fake then we will be fooled!”

Zhou Tong was attempting a last useless struggle. In fact, as long as Xie Chi proved that the teeth powder was real, everyone knew what Yue Xiuming would choose. Zhou Tong’s eyes were gradually becoming desperate when he heard Xie Chi say lightly, “In fact, the second teeth powder bottle is indeed fake.”

Everyone was shocked. Xie Chi had gained the advantage in the negotiations only to destroy the Great Wall.

Yue Xiuming, who had stretched out a foot, retracted it angrily. “Use the real one to exchange for Yan Jing’s life!”

Xie Chi glanced at Yue Xiuming and smiled softly. “Since the second one is false, how can you prove the first one is real? Maybe I failed in my task and didn’t get one? Maybe it contains ordinary medicine. you don’t know, right?”

Based on his tone, no one could tell if he was telling the truth or lies.

Yue Xiuming was scared by this hypothesis. Right, they had never thought that Xie Chi would fail the mission. What if he failed? What if Xie Chi also encountered something like them, causing him to give up the mission and return?

If there actually weren’t any teeth powder…

Zhou Tong also lost all hope by this thought.

Xie Chi put one hand in his pocket in a lazy manner. “That’s why I recommend you choose Plan C.”

Yue Xiuming became shocked once again.

Xie Chi smiled softly. “My teeth powder might be fake but the teeth in Zhou Tong’s mouth must be real.”

Yue Xiuming’s eyes became brighter. Zhou Tong fell into an ice cellar and shook like a sieve! Before he could stop it, he heard Xie Chi making it clear to Yue Xiuming.

“I know your scruples. You can’t beat him. However, his current buff effect is over and it probably won’t recover for a short time. You should know this better than me so I won’t talk too much. You can tie him with the zombie binding rope. Once he completely turns into a zombie, grind his teeth into powder. I think he will turn into a zombie soon. It must be much earlier than you. You have time. This is the simplest and most convenient method. You don’t have to go to the zombie village to fight or guess if my teeth powder is real or not.”

Zhou Tong struggled to escape but his movement speed was like an 80 year old man.

Xie Chi shorted out the collar and cuffs that had become messy from the melee and looked at Yue Xiuming with a smile. “You should hate him, right? After all, he bit you and forced you into the water. Now the opportunity is in front of you.”

“You are thinking that an actor can’t kill an actor, right? Don’t be afraid. Once he turns into a zombie, he isn’t an actor anymore. Then you can kill him for revenge.”

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