APP: Chapter 26

Lu Wen’s face twitched severely the moment he understood and his mood was complex. Was the IQ gap reflected in the brain circuits?

Xie Chi walked along the village road while dealing with two silly and naive low level zombies. He gestured to indicate that Lu Wen should wait for him at the entrance of the village. Lu Wen obeyed without hesitation. He held his breath, hid his body and ran back to the entrance of the village.

Yan Jing had been waiting anxiously at the entrance of the village. He heard Lu Wen’s familiar footsteps and stood up in surprise. He was just about to ask about Xie Chi when he heard chaotic footsteps coming from the village and he pale. “The zombies are following him. Brother Xie, he…”

Lu Wen rushed over to cover his mouth and explained in a deep voice, “It’s okay. They’re just following and not attacking Brother Xie.”

Yan Jing was stunned. The zombies weren’t attacking Brother Xie?

Lu Wen thought for a moment before saying, “Yan Jing, this place might be a bit chaotic later and we can’t care about you. You go back using the original path first and Brother Xie and I will come after you later.”

“Okay.” Yan Jing was confused about the situation but he trusted Xie Chi. He waved to Lu Wen and went down the slope first.

Lu Wen stood under the crooked tree at the entrance of the village and walked Xie Chi calmly ‘talk’ to two zombies. There were also 30 or 40 zombies following behind Xie Chi. They seemed a bit suspicious of this foreigner and wanted to stalk him.

The village entrance was in front of him. Xie Chi raised his eyebrows slightly and was about to relax when the zombies behind him suddenly whined and became manic. Xie Chi translated it.

“Strange¥…%him! %&有%@人气%¥@……”

Xie Chi had a bad feeling and looked at Lu Wen who was on standby outside.

“Brother!” Xie Chi thought.

Xie Xinglan went online. He turned back to the female zombie, pulled her onto his shoulders and sprinted using his long legs. Lu Wen ran in, learning from Xie Xinglan’s behaviour as he carried another zombie to run away.

The change happened too quickly and all the zombies in the rear froze in place. After a few seconds, they finally realized they had been deceived. They cried out angrily and chased. Xie Xinglan was calm even when doing this type of thing. He was even smiling helplessly.

Lu Wen was soon left behind by him. In addition, Lu Wen’s zombie wasn’t completely bound so it struggled, making him very flustered.

Xie Xinglan pulled a long way from the zombie group and stopped to glance at Lu Wen with a bit of teasing. “You aren’t very good.”

“…..”  Lu Wen bowed his head in shame.

Xie Chi wondered why his brother was so happy to strike at Lu Wen.

Within ten minutes, the zombies were completely shaken off by Xie Xinglan and Lu Wen.

[I’m hahahaha the whole way

[The brain circuit is strange while abducting zombies hahaha.]

[I thought he was going to fight. I was naive.]

[I’m distressed for the zombies. I trusted you so much yet you’re just after my teeth.]

[This operation is a bit familiar. Was he a deceiver in his novice movie? My friend seems to have a good impression of him.]

[He is a newcomer??]

[Really?? Why is he here?]



After the three people met, Xie Xinglan and Lu Wen lowered the zombies. Xie Xinglan patted the dust off his shoulders, took out a cigarette and lit it. He took a puff before telling Lu Wen, “Go and grind the teeth.”

Lu Wen looked up at him.

Xie Xinglan was expressionless. “Do you want me to do it? You have a sword so you should grind it. I have no tools.”

Carrying the zombie was enough. He naturally couldn’t let his Xiao Chi do this type of tiring work.

Lu Wen was distressed for a few seconds. Then he thought carefully about how he hadn’t done that much before and he should be obedient with this work. Thus, he took out the advanced peach wood sword and squatted down to grind the yellow and stinking teeth of two zombies.

In the midst of the sound of grinding teeth, Yan Jing went to Xie Xinglan and asked curiously, “Brother, Brother Lu said that you learned the zombie language?”

Learning the zombie language in three hours?

Xie Chi replied lightly, “Of course not. I just learned a bit of it and became familiar with it.”

“Which part?”

Xie Chi smiled and answered, “Hello, I’m a dead person from outside. My friend is still at the door. Can you come with me and show him around…?”

“Then I remembered a few words in case they found that I had problems. Such as, ‘This zombie seems pretty popular’ and ‘It is serious.’”

The low level zombies had very low IQ and were similar to two or three year old children. Xie Chi had calculated this before cheating them and only spent 1 point to buy the zombie language manual and zombie makeup.

In the app mall, props were more expensive while information products were very cheap. The Zombie Manual was sold as part of the horror movie so it was more expensive. It was similar to a price increase for tourist attractions.

Xie Chi was fighting for time. This was the fastest and most labor-saving option. He would be able to go back early and not only would he get the reward for finishing the task first, but he could also continue to explore the plot at the inn.

Yan Jing was surprised and spoke honestly, “I thought you were going to fight.”

Xie Chi organized his lower coat and spoke casually, “Of course not. That is a barbarian’s behaviour. A cultured person shouldn’t do this—”

Xie Chi hadn’t finished when Xie Xinglan suddenly asked in his mind, “Barbarian?”

His tone was lazy but there was a hidden danger.

Xie Chi realized that he had hit his brother and coughed softly before continuing calmly. “Of course, the above refers to general situations. In front of ‘absolute’ combat power, resourcefulness is useless.”

The word ‘absolute’ had a particularly heavy emphasis.

Xie Xinglan laughed with satisfaction. It was obviously very useful.

Xie Chi wasn’t giving exaggerated praise. There were many things he couldn’t do with his head and then his brother would come out to beat everything up.


The atmosphere here was more harmonious while on the other side, Yue Xiuming’s face was gloomy and scary when he saw the deep ravine in front of him. He and Zhou Tong stood on one side of the mountain. The mobile phone showed their destination but there was a ravine around seven or eight metres wide in the middle.

Yue Xiuming took two steps forward and looked down. The water at the bottom of the ravine was swift and filled with stones.

He shouted loudly while wanting to drop his phone, “We were tricked by the app!”

The map of the Mian Mountains on the app was very simple. It basically had only the outline, the scale and coordinates of the destination. For example, the deep ravine wasn’t marked on the map at all. There was only a straight line distance but actually crossing it was impossible. The ravine was too wide and deep that falling would cause death. Unless they detoured around it.

Yue Xiuming turned around and found that Zhou Tong’s face was pale. The hand holding the phone was shaking like a sieve and his entire body was sweaty.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yue Xiuming asked impatiently. “Isn’t it just 30 points? It might be a loss but you don’t have to be so distressed, do you?”

He felt that Zhou Tong had been nervous the whole way. He patiently talked to Zhou Tong several times but Zhou Tong was absent-minded. Yue Xiuming had to shout loudly. Then Zhou Tong had smiled awkwardly and asked him what he was thinking in a perfunctory manner.

Just based on this, Zhou Tong had been acting strangely. Then three hours ago, he started to tremble. Yue Xiuming had asked him what was wrong and Zhou Tong said it was cold at night. However, the horror movie was set in the summer and Yue Xiuming was hot.

Zhou Tong was not only trembling but also biting his lips. He rubbed his upper lip against his lower lip. Yue Xiuming asked what was wrong and Zhou Tong said he had a blister on his lower lip. This made Yue Xiuming speechless. This man was reliable at ordinary times but why wasn’t his brain good now?

In addition, around an hour ago, Zhou Tong started to scratch himself. He scratched all over his body and his left hand scratched his right hand. Yue Xiuming had asked him what was wrong and Zhou Tong said there were many mosquitoes in the mountain and he was bitten all over. Yue Xiuming said there weren’t any mosquitoes biting himself and Zhou Tong just gave him a look before saying that his blood type was different. His blood type was particularly attractive to mosquitoes.

Yue Xiuming felt that something wasn’t right and grabbed Zhou Tong’s hand to take a look. Zhou Tong had no mosquito bites but he said he was probably allergic to some plants on the mountain. In any case, he scratched all along the way and both of Zhou Tong’s hands were red.

[Really terrifying. Zhou Tong is like the grandmother wolf tricking Little Red Riding Hood. Grandma, why do you have such a big mouth? Because I want to eat you in one bite!]

[The person above me is really fun.]

[Yue Xiuming is short-sighted and arrogant.]

[Zhou Tong is biting his lips because his long fans are itchy. He is scratching his hands because his nails are itchy. Yue Xiuming is staying with a half-human, half-corpse. My scalp is numb.]

Zhou Tong ignored the more contemptuous eyes and forced himself to calm down. He thought about the possibility of detouring and changing places.

A few seconds later, his face was as white as paper and his eyes were full of despair and fear. He collapsed to the ground weakly, gasping for breath.

Going around at his fastest speed would still take more than 10 hours. If he wanted to change to another place, the one star one was impossible. It was too far away. The three star one was previously possible but now he was here. It was the complete opposite of the three star location. It would take at least eight or nine hours to run over.

It seemed to be enough time but due to the loss of essential blood, he was too weak to resist the spread of the corpse poison. The speed was amazingly fast and he couldn’t endure for eight or nine hours.

In five or six hours, he would be completely turned into a zombie.

Zhou Tong closed his eyes with despair. Now he understood why the app only gave them 24 hours to save Taoist Xuan Cheng. It was because 24 hours was the time it would take Taoist Xuan Cheng to completely turn into a zombie.

The strong Taoist priest under the constant soaking of glutinous rice water and various herbs could only withstand for 24 hours, let alone Zhou Tong who was weak and unable to get effective treatment. He had no time. His fangs were slowly growing out.

These facts caused Zhou Tong to completely collapse.

A pros outweigh the cons quality horror movie wasn’t like a novice movie where he would only get 100 points deducted for violating the rules. It was a higher-grade horror movie where violation meant… direct obliteration. Therefore, he couldn’t even go back and grind the teeth of the task zombie. If the app said he couldn’t grind the teeth of the task zombie then he couldn’t do it.

“What are you doing?” Yue Xiuming was irritated when he saw Zhou Tong slumped on the ground like a dead man. He was so anxious that he directly kicked Zhou Tong.

Zhou Tong currently didn’t have the energy to care so he let Yue Xiuming abuse him.

“If I had known you were like this then I would’ve gone with Xie Chi!” Yue Xiuming spat out with regret. Zhou Tong and Xie Chi didn’t seem to get along very well while he had no relationship with Xie Chi and Lu Wen. He should’ve joined Xie Chi directly and then he wouldn’t have to suffer like this. Xie Chi and Lu Wen were far more reliable than Zhou Tong.

He was scolding but Zhou Tong suddenly stood up, his gloomy face glowing strangely. The light was back in it.

“What are you doing?” Yue Xiuming felt offended and wanted to push him away. However, Zhou Tong’s strength was so scary and caused a pain in Yue Xiuming’s shoulder.

“What did you just say?” Zhou Tong stared at him, sounding like a devil from hell.

Yue Xiuming was scared and blankly replied, “I just said… I should’ve gone with Xie Chi and the others…”

Zhou Tong suddenly released him and laughed until tears came out. He grasped Yue Xiuming’s hand and said, “Thank you! Thank you!”

Yes, Xie Chi! Xie Chi was so capable that he must’ve got the tooth powder. He would definitely be rushing back to the inn now. If Zhou Tong calculated the time correctly, if he moved faster then he could return to the inn just before Xie Chi. He could still be rescued! He could ask Xie Chi for the tooth powder!

Zhou Tong was ecstatic before he remembered how he offended Xie Chi. Based on Xie Chi’s temperament, he would definitely let Zhou Tong die. Then he could only grab it. He couldn’t beat Xie Chi but he could win… with a surprise attack. Such as… let Yue Xiuming be his helper to sneak attack them.

His target wasn’t Xie Chi. As long as he could grab Yan Jing or Lu Wen as a hostage, Xie Chi would give him the tooth powder. After all, it was only worth a few dozen points.

Zhou Tong thought so and suddenly rushed at Yue Xiuming with a smile. There was a snake-like malic hidden in the smile that was chilling.

“You, did you just scold me?” Zhou Tong spoke slowly.

Yue Xiuming froze for a moment before becoming furious. “So what? Do you want to fight?”

He wasn’t afraid of Zhou Tong at all. Zhou Tong pretended to have strength and dared to talk back to him?

Zhou Tong pounced. He completely ignored Yue Xiuming’s kick and buried his head in Yue Xiuming’s neck. The fangs that had just grown out pierced the delicate skin.

Yue Xiuming felt the fangs and his blood instantly solidified as his body became cold. Zhou Tong wasn’t… human anymore. He was… half-human, half-zombie.

Under the moonlight, Zhou Tong’s fingernails turned slightly black with a hint of blue-green.

Yue Xiuming heard Zhou Tong’s voice filled with malice, “If you don’t want to turn into a zombie, go back with me and grab the tooth powder.”

The best way to get a person to stand in the same boat as him and be loyal to him was naturally for them to have the same interests and goals as him. It was life or death.

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2 years ago

Wow, Zhou Tong is really a horrible person

loquentes ineptias
loquentes ineptias
2 years ago
Reply to  Moon

Yes, all he showed from the beginning is how horrible and disgusting he is. A bird of a feather with that pervert in the first movie. And this Yue XiuMing is such an idiot, does he have no cautiousness or is it negative IQ? There was at least twice more honts than shown by the Wolf in Red Riding Hood and he still didn’t realize anything? In an ancient-apocalypse movie ?

2 years ago

I feel kind of bad for Yue Xiuming, he’s not great but he’s not as bad as Zhou Tong. Now he’s stuck with him.

2 years ago

Hum I just remembered they kidna- grabbed two zombies, isn’t one enough? Maybe XC is planning something. I feel a tad bit sorry for YXM, he’s not that bad in my perspective, if XC really is planning something then I hope YXM will be the one to survive, he has a bit of potential.

1 year ago

bro it’s impossible, he cannot be rescued anymore. if i can remember correctly, it was mentioned that when the poison had already almost spread out in the body, the zombie teeth could only slow the process. why do i feel like xie chi is planning something…. and the other actor w zhou tong could still be save

1 year ago

Oh yes, I bet he will just offering it to you on a silver plate too

2 months ago

How did Yan Jing walk back by himself? Isn’t he blind? Did he use his Yin Yang eyes to see the road back? It can’t be that he felt around because he has no walking stick and it’s a slope…It can’t be that he memorized the road back either because not only is not that clever (sorry bb) but its also virtually impossible since he was carried around by Lu Wen and was just for the lack of a better word..floating the whole way…it’s kind of a questionable plot hole but ok