APP: Chapter 25 Part 2

Xie Chi smiled with satisfaction and exited the mall. “I am going to the zombie village. Will you go?”

As he spoke, he put on the Taoist robe, tied the belt around his waist and pinned a small bag of glutinous rice to it. He seemed to be in a hurry to go but he was still calm.

Lu Wen was surprised. He hadn’t expected this person to decide so quickly. Lu Wen asked, “Don’t you want to consider the two stars? There are too many zombies in the zombie village and it is unrealistic to take blood from the zombies. We can’t get the blood without a special prop. It is feasible to grind the zombie teeth but this is also troublesome. When grinding the teeth, it is easy to be attacked by other zombies…”

Lu Wen wasn’t hindering Xie Chi, just expressing his concern. He had seen Xie Chi’s ability but the zombie village wasn’t to be underestimated. Xie Chi’s life would be absolutely safe but it was hard not to be caught by so many zombies. In this case, it was a bit troublesome and not worth the loss.

Xie Chi smiled. “It’s fine.”

His expression was completely calm.

Lu Wen pondered on it for a few seconds. “I’ll go with you.”

“Okay.” Xie Chi turned to look at Yan Jing. “What about you?”

Yan Jing shook his head. “I won’t go. I will just give you trouble if I do this task. I’ll take care of Taoist Xuan Cheng here.”

Lu Wen and Xie Chi nodded.

[Deciding to go to the zombie village so easily? He is awesome but does he need to go so far for an extra 10 or 20 points? There are many zombies over there…]

[I can see the little brother fight! This is what I’m interested in.]

[He just seemed to open the mall? Did anyone see what he was looking at?]


Just as Lu Wen and Xie Chi were leaving the inn, they saw Zhou Tong coming down the stairs from the second floor of the inn.

Xie Chi glanced slightly at Zhou Tong and his eyes lit up. Zhou Tong had changed his clothes. During the critical moment of exploring the plot, Zhou Tong actually went upstairs to change his clothes?

Feeling Xie Chi’s inquiring eyes, Zhou Tong felt a bit guilty. He avoided Xie Chi’s gaze, ignored Xie Chi and headed downstairs to find Yue Xiuming in the backyard. A possibility flashed through Xie Chi’s head and his hands in the long sleeves slightly clenched. He paused in front of the door.

Lu Wen looked back and wondered, “What’s the matter?”

Xie Chi’s expression was slightly heavy. “Brother Lu, can I trouble you to go to the backyard and call Yan Jing. Have him come with us to find the zombie tooth powder.”

“Didn’t Yan Jing say he didn’t want to go?” Lu Wen was puzzled.

Xie Chi instantly changed his face and smiled. “Just go and call him. I have to trouble Brother Lu.”

Lu Wen stopped asking questions and went to the backyard to find Yan Jing.

Behind him, Xie Chi’s face became gloomy again.

Since the ink marker had been ineffective from beginning to end, was it possible that the zombie had awakened before Taoist Xuan Cheng was injured? Perhaps the first person he bit or scratched wasn’t Taoist Xuan Cheng but… Zhou Tong?

Xie Chi recalled the scene where he saw Zhou Tong in the yard. Zhou Tong had been panicking and seemed to be hiding something. Then he secretly sneaked away and changed his clothes…

The lives of other actors had nothing to do with Xie Chi. Xie Chi wouldn’t pay for other people’s dreams but Yan Jing had expressed his kindness to Xie Chi from the beginning. It was better to be safe than sorry. In this case, the risk of Yan Jing staying here was much greater and it was safest to take him with them.

[He didn’t realize anything, did he?]

[Did you see him change his expression? He feels like a deep sea. At first, I thought he was just a good-tempered person.]

[This is too sharp. I’m feeling a bit numb. He could guess just from this small sign?]

[He doesn’t seem prepared to take care of others… it isn’t as good as he seems on the surface.]

[I… I will follow him.]

In the yard, Zhou Tong and Yue Xiuming decided to go to the two-star red dot together. At the same time, Zhou Tong stared at the nearby Yan Jing with excitement in his eyes.

Xie Chi and Lu Wen had left Yan Jing here. He and Yue Xiuming had the best chance of finding the zombie tooth powder. If they failed, he could force Xie Chi and Lu Wen to hand it over by using Yan Jing.

Taoist Xuan Cheng obviously wasn’t a key NPC and his death didn’t matter. After all, the task of finding the tooth powder was optional. If Taoist Xuan Cheng was really important then this task should be mandatory.

Therefore, Xie Chi and Lu Wen handing him the tooth powder would only cost them 30 points. 30 points for a life, this should be a very cost-effective transaction. He would definitely be able to detoxify himself and live. There were two choices before him and it was clearly foolproof.

Zhou Tong was thinking this when he saw Lu Wen suddenly run in. Lu Wen whispered a few words to Yan Jing and then… Yan Jing stood up blankly and left with Lu Wen!

Zhou Tong instantly looked serious and his hands clenched tightly. Now he could only put all his hopes on the two star area. Apart from Xie Chi’s group of three and Zhou Tong’s group of two, the remaining two cannon fodder didn’t accept the task. They chose to take care of the injured Taoist Xuan Cheng in the inn.

On the way to the zombie village, Yan Jing asked hesitantly, “Brother Xie, why did you…”

Xie Chi speed-walked while replying succinctly, “Zhou Tong has probably been infected by the corpse poison.”

His tone was plain but his words were like thunder, blasting Yan Jing’s ears.

[He really knows!]

[He is really scary.]

[I don’t understand how he knows…]

Lu Wen also couldn’t believe it. “How do you know?”

“Don’t ask.” Xie Chi was in a bad mood and no longer smiled. “The explanation is unclear and it is just a guess.”

Lu Wen nodded in understanding while feeling that Xie Chi wasn’t quite the same as before.

Yan Jing froze for a while. He realized why Xie Chi asked Lu Wen to call him and had red eyes. He secretly thought that he was useless. He couldn’t do anything for Xie Chi and had to bother Brother Xie to protect him. How could he be a big help to someone like Brother Xie?

Yan Jing walked slowly so Lu Wen simply carried him like a chicken. The three people used nearly three hours before arriving near the zombie village.

It was three or four in the morning and dawn would arrive in an hour or two. If they didn’t get the zombie tooth powder before dawn, they would have to wait another day for the next night where zombies would appear. Thus, time was tight.

Along the way, Xie Chi was looking at his mobile phone, lips moving. Finally, he raised his head and told Yan Jing, “Accept the task.”

Yan Jing wondered, “How do I get the tooth powder?”

Xie Chi laughed lightly. “Just pick it up.”

Yan Jing obediently accepted the task.

Xie Chi looked at Lu Wen again. “Brother Lu, I’ll go in. You and Yan Jing wait for me here.”

Lu Wen’s eyes widened as he wondered if there was something wrong with his ears.

[??? He is going in alone???]

[Does he want to beat Lu Wen so much???

[What is this situation? I have the same expression as Lu Wen. Is he so arrogant?]

Xie Chi continued giving orders to Lu Wen. “Brother Lu, later you will see me come out. Then immediately run away with a zombie on your shoulder. Don’t look back, understood?”

Lu Wen had a dumbfounded face again. He could understand Xie Chi running. Maybe Xie Chi had obtained tooth powder and was being chased by a group of zombies. But what did it mean to run away with a zombie?

[??? How can I not understand??]

[Did he misspeak out of nervousness? Is he trying to say to run away on their own?]

[The previous explanation is too far-fetched.]

Lu Wen suggested, “Shall I lend you the sword?”

Xie Chi looked at the peach wood sword and shook his head, smiling a bit strangely. “No need.”

Lu Wen was stunned again. Xie Chi had rejected his sword.

[??? He doesn’t even want a weapon???]

[I don’t know why but my heart is thumping.]

Lu Wen was very reliable. Xie Chi finished giving orders and confidently entered the village.


Lu Wen and Yan Jing waited anxiously for Xie Chi.

Lu Wen finally couldn’t sit still and stood up. “I’m going to look for him.”

The hands handing the sword were shaking with tension.

Yan Jing hurriedly nodded. “I’ll wait for you here.”

Lu Wen carried the sword while ready to kill but he found that the zombie village was silent. Lu Wen walked around the village in a daze and finally heard a few zombies. He was instantly alert and ready to fight as he moved over there. He leaned against a thatched house, looking sideways before his heart suddenly stopped.

Xie Chi was surrounded by a group of zombies!

Lu Wen held his breath and was about to rush out to help when he received a secret look from Xie Chi. Xie Chi was clearly telling him not to breathe or come over.

Lu Wen became a bit sober. Only then did he realize that Xie Chi wasn’t wearing a robe. He was… wearing the exact same clothes as the zombies and his face was slightly white. Xie Chi’s lips moved as if he was speaking. Lu Wen became nervous because he thought the zombies would attack. He gripped his sword, ready to help Xie Chi at any time.

Xie Chi spoke but it was a bunch of things that Lu Wen couldn’t understand. It obviously wasn’t Chinese. Still, it was a bit familiar…

The zombies didn’t attack and instead issued a few calls similar to Xie Chi. Lu Wen felt like he was hit by thunder as he completely froze in place, his eyes almost popping out.

Xie Chi was talking to the zombies!

No wonder why he was looking at the phone the entire way here. He must’ve bought the zombie language manual. However, it was so difficult to learn and there were only three hours…

In a short period of time, countless terrible thoughts flashed in Lu Wen’s mind and his heart was beating wildly. He was afraid Xie Chi would say the wrong things and then the zombies would attack him.

Lu Wen’s fear didn’t happen. Three minutes later, two zombies listened for a long time before happily following behind Xie Chi, walking outside the village. Some doubts flashed in the eyes of the zombies that stayed behind.

Xie Chi winked at Lu Wen.

Lu Wen finally knew why Xie Chi asked him to grab the zombie and run away. Xie Chi wanted him to steal the two stupid zombies who headed outside the village and grind their teeth before the other zombies found out.

The author has something to say:

Once a person becomes a zombie, they will automatically master the zombie language. They are capable of making special voices and communicating with each other.

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2 years ago

He just casually zombie-napped them with the power of words 😯

2 years ago

I was almost annoyed with Lu Wen for not trusting Xie Chi and potentially ruining the plan, but then I realized he just met the guy and Xie Chi should at least explain his plan XD. Glad it worked. If these guys stick around, their teamwork should improve.
Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

I kind of feel sorry for the two dumb zombies😂

2 years ago

I felt the same as @ctomes, I felt annoyed bc Lu Wen was once again doing things on his own accord (I missed a few scenes from XXL bc he kept intervening so I’m still holding a grudge don’t mind me, I don’t dislike LW though he’s pretty cute) it wasn’t the last straw but when I thought about how the plan could get foiled bc of LW not following what XC said and how I might miss the epic scene XC prepared, I really did think, “LW if you really do mess this up the next thing you’ll go into is a coffin”

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sometimes I find myself wondering if I’m reading horror or comedy HAHAHAHAHA. I find myself cackling once in awhile. 😂

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Somehow I could just imagine the two chibi zombies following the terrifying Xie Chi out innocently..