APP: Chapter 25 Part 1

[The acceptance of this task is voluntary. 50 points will be rewarded to the first person to complete it, 30 points for the second, 10 points for the third and so on. 50 points will be deducted from those who don’t complete it. After accepting, the app will provide three locations within 50 kilometres where zombies can be found. The task is valid for one day and one night.]

[It is important to note that the task zombie can’t be selected as a target.]

The Zombie Manual wrote that after being bitten by a zombie,  as long as the corpse poison wasn’t heavy, the body just had to be soaked in glutinous rice water, the glutinous rice applied to the wound and the blood circulation increased through exercise and generally, people could recover from the corpse person. If the corpse poison was relatively heavy then these actions could only alleviate the speed of becoming a zombie, not cure it. At this time, zombie tooth powder or blood was needed.

Zombie tooth powder was powder made from zombie teeth.

The people who heard the task had automatically glanced toward the copper-cornered gold coffin in the yard, obviously thinking about using this zombie’s teeth. Yet the app had made special note of it and they stopped having this idea. They glanced around at everyone in an alert manner and no one accepted the task first.

Yan Jing opened his mouth, “Brother Xie, will you accept—”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Lu Wen saw Xie Chi swipe the screen to accept the task. It seemed he didn’t even need to think about it.

Lu Wen felt a bit annoyed that he didn’t have time to persuade Xie Chi. “This task takes a long time and there are few rewards. It isn’t completed yet and the information provided before accepting isn’t enough. In fact, we should’ve waited for others to take a look at the specific situation before considering…”

Xie Chi smiled. “I am lacking points and don’t want to let go of any points.”

Then he lowered his head and brushed off the dust on his body.

Lu Wen found it a bit difficult to move his gaze away from Xie Chi. “What if it is very troublesome? Maybe staying here can increase the degree of plot exploration. After all, the coffin is here…”

“I generally don’t give myself a way back.” Xie Chi tidied himself up and spoke casually. “This way, I won’t waste time thinking about whether it is worth it or not. It can always be done if I make up my mind. It is annoying to think too much about it.”

Xie Chi rarely showed impatience but this time he frowned.

Xie Chi grew up doing everything he wanted to do. He never doubted that he would one day have his brother.

Yan Jing was deeply touched by this. Brother Xie was indeed like this from beginning to end. He never considered if it was difficult or not. It was only worth considering if it was possible or not. After all, he bought many things using his pure persuasive power and easily entered the high-end community of the female boss. He didn’t know the situation yet he dared to stay behind to challenge the side plot line…

It was easy to follow Brother Xie in a… blindly confident manner. Yan Jing couldn’t help sighing quietly. After all, Brother Xie seemed to be omnipotent. No matter how excellent a person, they would be eclipsed by him. Before Yan Jing entered the horror movie, he thought it would be easy to be regarded as a treasure. After all, he had the yin yang eyes. It was only when he got to know Xie Chi that he realized it was unnecessary for Xie Chi to have a partner. Xie Chi could accomplish almost everything by himself. He just pulled Yan Jing along, probably to repay the good faith.

This… a confident and narcissistic person took care of other people’s feelings without showing off and making people feel inferior. Yan Jing suddenly felt a bit emotional. He didn’t know if he could realize his own wish but he never doubted that Xie Chi’s desire would be outrageously expensive.

Meanwhile, Lu Wen was at a loss for a moment. Xie Chi seemed to be different from what Lu Wen had thought.

“Yan Jing?” Xie Chi’s soft call made Yan Jing awaken from his thoughts.

After accepting the task, Xie Chi immediately received the zombie coordinates sent by the app. He glanced at it and smiled. “It turned out to be a strange task.”

Lu Wen leaned over to look at Xie Chi’s mobile phone screen. It was a top view of the Mian Mountains. The overall shape of the Mian Mountains was very long, like a person sleeping on the side. Xie Chi zoomed in on the map several times and the entire Mian Mountains could be seen.

They were now halfway up the side of the Mian Mountains. The greed dots on the map were easy to identify. In addition, there were three red dots on the map.

The nearest red dot to them was at the foot of the main peak with a three-star symbol at the bottom. The furthest red dot was at the bottom of the map and was almost outside the map. Under this red dot was a one-star symbol. There was also a two-star symbol not far away.

This was specifically marked on the map. The stars represented the degree of danger. The more stars there were, the more dangerous the area.

Lu Wen hadn’t accepted the task when he saw Xie Chi open the red dot with three stars.

A simple story text unfolded: A group of mountain people originally lived here. Due to the careless treatment of corpses by some families, the corpses turned into zombies and ran out. All the mountain people here were bitten overnight and turned into zombies in a day or two. Since it is located in a remote place, the Taoist priests who heard about it are still on the way. The situation here can’t be contained and is still deteriorating.

Risk level: Three stars. Advantages: Close distance (it is expected that normal people will take 6 hours to walk there), many targets.

The one-star dot showed this: There is a zombie here. A careless Taoist accidentally lost it when driving the corpses and hasn’t had time to retrieve it.

Risk level: One star. Disadvantages: Long distance (it is expected that normal people will take 10.5 hours to walk there), the zombie is hard to find.

The two star dot combined the advantages and disadvantages of the one star and three star dots. The degree of danger was ordinary but it was time-consuming. It was a very stable choice.

Yan Jing listened to Lu Wen’s words and frowned. “Isn’t 10.5 hours too exaggerated? We are only given a day and a night. It will take 21 hours to go back and forth and we still need to find the zombie. Three hours isn’t enough. There is also a reward for completing it first so if you go to this place, it is basically a waste.”

His thoughts were very complicated. “However, this really is safe. There is only one zombie and based on the description, it must be a low-level zombie that is especially easy to subdue.”

Lu Wen disagreed. “That is a normal person’s brisk walk. If Brother Xie and I run there and back then it won’t take that long. The estimated time to find the zombie is eight hours and this is quite abundant.”

[Zombie Lovers has this type of innovative actors’ action mode! It is the first time I saw this type of strange task. It feels a bit like an online game.]

[Which one would you choose?]

[The one star. It is safe and although you might be behind in the rankings but points will be earned.]

[No, what if they can’t find the zombie? The little brother’s eight trigrams can only determine if there are zombies nearby, it can’t locate them. The two stars one is safer.]

[Lu Wen and the little brother might have high strength but there are too many zombies in the zombie village. It is difficult to beat them. In case there is an accident…]

[I want to see the little brother fight. He is too handsome. I’m casting a vote for the zombie village.]

As they were discussing this, Xie Chi silently pushed up his glasses, deep in thought.

A few seconds later, he clicked on the app again. This time, instead of checking the information, he opened the mall.

The mall had many things. There were all sorts of props but because they were generally low level, actors usually didn’t waste points buying things in the mall unless there were special circumstances.

Xie Chi glanced at the Satan’s Eye that Zhou Wen had been preparing to use on him previously.

Looking at it, Satan’s Eye could only be used for novice movies. In fact, the positive effect of this thing was almost equal to nothing. Basically, it was harmful to others. This meant it was considered a low level prop and appeared in the app mall.

The functional props in the mall were generally very limited and the applicability was small. It was very tasteless. The truly high level functional props with useful applications would only drop in horror movies.

It was like Lu Wen’s exquisite peach wood sword that could be used in all horror movies. This was why after finishing the last zombie movie, Lu Wen entered the next zombie movie. He had such a prop and his life was generally guaranteed in zombie movies.

In addition, the audience generally had a preference when watching movies. An actor who shot the same type of movie was more likely to attract fans who liked this type of movie, making it easier to win the trust of the audience.

After Xie Chi joined Zombie Lovers, his fans rose particularly slowly. There was a small explosion but it still wasn’t optimistic. One reason was that he changed from a ghost movie to a zombie movie. His original fans might not pay attention to his zombie movie while the audience who liked zombie movies had no idea about him.

Even if the audience had a good opinion of an actor, most of them would choose to wait and see first. It was due to a lack of trust and understanding.

There were generally two reasons for why an audience member would follow an actor. One was to follow his personal journey and watch movies of the same type. For example, Zhou Wen liked to do p*rnographic things and those who liked p*rnography would follow him. The other reason was the personal charm of the actor.

Therefore, an actor who wanted to win the attention of fans using the latter method had a much lower starting point than people like Lu Wen, Yue Xiuming and Zhou Tong.

At present, Xie Chi wasn’t eager to consider this. Xie Chi took a ‘try it out’ attitude as he entered what he wanted in the search bar of the mall. The app took a few seconds to load and the item he wanted jumped out. In addition, the price was very good. It was basically equal to giving it away.

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2 years ago

I kind of want to try and implement Xie Chi’s philosophy more in life. When you want something, don’t consider whether its difficult or not only if its possible. And just jump in. Thanks for the chapter!

1 year ago

This novel has such a high rating, I wanted to see what the whole fuss was about…. oh, now I get, I can’t stop reading. It’s so hard to put this down!