APP: Chapter 24 Part 2

The fox that Xie Chi was talking about was currently hiding in the crevice beneath the latrine in the yard, secretly peeping at what was happening outside.

She saw the zombie being restrained and anxiously clawed as the ground covered with leaves over and over again. She stared at Xie Chi with hatred and grief.

During the past 20 years, she wanted to release Yu Lang. She tried to steal the coffin but she was an evil spirit with low spiritual power. Once the coffin was buried, she had no way to get close. Mian Mountain was barren and wild and ordinary people never set foot on it late at night. The only ones who went there were all Taoists. She didn’t have the chance to confuse others to help her open the coffin.

She waited for a full 20 years and planned for 20 years. Yet the only chance she had been waiting for was easily destroyed by this man. He also hurt Yu Lang’s eyes.

At present, there were too many of them and they were too strong. Going there would just mean going to death. However, she didn’t know how long she would have to wait for her next opportunity. She even suspected that there wouldn’t be another opportunity.

She had been mixed in with this group of stinky priests for the past two days and heard the reasons why they dug up Yu Lang’s corpse. However, Yu Lang was an orphan. Where did this relative come from?

Helping relatives move the grave? Nonsense. Then why did the so-called employer want to dig up Yu Lang’s body?

The fox was anxious and tears quietly fell from her yellow beast eyes. Did the employer want to burn Yu Lang to prevent future troubles? She had been waiting 20 years just to see such an outcome?

There was killing intent in her eyes but the fox spirit heard Xie Chi’s footsteps and subconsciously hid herself deeper with a shudder. She was afraid that she would be found and killed. This man holding the peach wood sword had great lethality.

She looked back at Yu Lang who was suppressed by everyone and felt choked up. Finally, she made up her mind and left the courtyard using the gap under the latrine, rushing into the mountains.

She couldn’t be impulsive. Yu Lang was suppressed by that person and she would just die if she came out. She had to live. There was still a chance if she was alive. She could wait for many years as long as God gave her a chance.

[Wow, in this close-up, the fox spirit cried. What is going on?]

[She just stared at the zombie for a long time. Does she have anything to do with the zombie? I inexplicably feel that there are deep feelings.]

[I don’t think fox spirits have feelings.]

Xie Xinglan didn’t find the fox mentioned by Xiao Chi but he remembered another thing. He glanced at the courtyard and suddenly said, “Xiao Chi, Zhou Tong is gone.”

“How can that be?”

This was a major plot point and Zhou Tong would never escape to give up such an important plot exploration.

Xie Chi hesitated for a few seconds before his voice became a bit deeper. “I understand.”

Zhou Tong behaved abnormally so there must be something he didn’t know. He needed to pay more attention to Zhou Tong.

Once the new ink marker was made, everyone worked together to tie the zombie to the coffin using the corpse rope and Lu Wen helped draw the ink lines.

Xie Xinglan leaned forward and stared at the coffin thoughtfully. Then after a while, he frowned. “Xiao Chi, I think this zombie isn’t right…”

Xie Chi rarely encountered Xie Xinglan’s desire to analyze the situation and was a bit curious. “What’s wrong with this zombie?”

Xie Xinglan coughed twice. “He’s a bit weak.”

“……” Xie Chi thought in his heart that the king of the night had come out again.

Xie Xinglan realized the meaning of Xie Chi’s silence and knew this person was reflecting on his black history. He immediately emphasized, “Xiao Chi, I’m serious.”

Xie Chi was surprised for a few seconds before something flashed in his mind. His thinking was too limited.

If he was watching a normal horror movie, generally the audience would be teased with small fights. It was only at the end of the movie that there would be a big trick to kill the audience with surprise. Now his brother easily subdued the obvious horror movie’s boss zombie. This was really too unreasonable.

If the zombie ran out again at the end of the movie and his brother subdued it again, it was over. After all, if the zombie was subdued the first time then it would definitely be subdued the second time. If this was the end, it was unworthy of being a pros outweigh the cons movie. It was a typical premature ejaculation.

Even the rough quality horror movie ‘Spirit in Red Clothes’ had the intense plot at the end. Although it wasn’t very new and copied the section of the heroine going down the well to find the body in ‘Midnight Bell’, there was still a climax so it could be passed.

If Zombie Lovers was a movie where the zombie ran out for some reason, was subdued by them, ran out again and was subdued again, the audience definitely wouldn’t buy it. It would be too boring and lengthy while lacking change.

Thus, things weren’t that simple. There was the escaped fox spirit, the employer they still hadn’t met, the mysterious person who planted the trees there to change the feng shui of the movie. They were the biggest variables in this horror movie. Which one was most important for the plot? In this regard, there was currently insufficient information and he couldn’t know. Still, he could predict the trend of the horror movie to a certain extent using conventional ideas.

This zombie had the setting of a father and son in the same coffin and gathering yin energy. This wasn’t useless information. It took so long to render the setting that there must be another mystery. Once he looked at it from the perspective of a movie production, he could really determine many things that couldn’t be obtained from the perspective of a participant.

Xie Xinglan suddenly laughed. “Of course, it might be that I’m too strong.”

Xie Chi heard this sentence and thought that he had returned to the beginning. When Xie Xinglan first appeared, he was cool and narcissistic enough to make people laugh. He also liked to talk dirty and had a crazy evil charm. The personality he set up was very… fantastical.

After so many years, it slowly converged and he learned to be gentle. Although he was still the same to the bones, he seldom spoke.

These words suddenly came out and Xie Chi felt a bit nostalgic.

Xie Xinglan smiled. “So, I am strong. Xiao Chi, shouldn’t you call me Husband?”

His voice was slightly hoarse and contained something irresistible.

“……” So shameless. He had been waiting for this.

Xie Chi tried it. Unfortunately, the familiar word rolled around in his mouth and slipped back down. He couldn’t say it. Red appeared on Xie Chi’s fair face and he was expressionless as he replied, “No.”

Xie Xinglan actually knew his Xiao Chi. They were too familiar with each other. They might’ve only been in a relationship for three years but they had been with each other for 12 years. Xiao Chi had called him Brother for so many years. Even if they got together later, that special name still made him feel a bit ashamed and it was a taboo. It felt like they changed too much in such a short time.

However, Xie Xinglan still wanted to hear it. He wasn’t satisfied by Xiao Chi only calling him Brother. He had easily coaxed the child who had been thinking about him for so long. This meant he wasn’t satisfied being called Brother like in the past.

Xie Xinglan lit a cigarette and took a breath. He thought that if he had a body, he would kiss and hug this person. However, they were not engaged in Plato and Xiao Chi was particularly disobedient. (Plato should refer to love without s*x)

Lu Wen successfully completed the ink lines and the crisis was completely lifted.

Xie Xinglan was about to coax Xie Chi with a few words when he saw Yan Jing and Lu Wen coming over. “Xiao Chi, I’ll change with you.”

Lu Wen saw the man leaning lazily against the wall. The next second, he stood up and smiled in a refreshing manner.

This was Xie Chi, not his boyfriend. Lu Wen saw this and was secretly relieved. Xie Chi was gentle, sincere and kind, Facing him was better than facing his boyfriend. So it was his boyfriend who had high strength. He stood in front of Xie Chi’s boyfriend and said he wanted to protect Xie Chi…

Too embarrassing.

Fortunately, Xie Chi didn’t know that his boyfriend had come to find Lu Wen.

Xie Chi tried to put the previous conversation behind him. He glanced at Lu Wen’s slightly red face and secretly grinned before saying with a smile, “Brother Lu, thank you for lending me your sword.”

He didn’t mention anything about ‘protection.’

Lu Wen was secretly grateful. His face became redder and he looked away for a while. He only took the sword back from Xie Chi after a long time and he couldn’t help looking at Xie Chi.

Lu Wen could always let things go. Previously, he dared to decisively admit his liking and now he completely retracted his inappropriate thoughts. He was just curious about how the main personality and sub personality could be in love. Was it pure Plato?

“Brother Lu?” Xie Chi’s doubting call made him awaken from his thoughts.

Lu Wen quickly changed the topic. “Did you find anything?”

Xie Chi organized his thoughts and asked, “Brother Lu, do you remember the fox spirit?”

Lu Wen and Yan Jing nodded.

Xie Chi continued, “The horror movie’s title ‘Zombie Lovers’ can be explained as a zombie lover or the zombie is someone’s lover. The fox spirit is likely to be the male zombie’s lover. This is because there were a father and child in the coffin and the small body in the coffin has grey-red fur. The small body should be the child of the fox spirit and the zombie. The small body is half human and half evil spirit, so it didn’t become a zombie in the mutual transformation of the father and child coffin. It is because strictly speaking, it isn’t completely human. This can justify why it didn’t change into a zombie.”

“A human and fox spirit fell in love? They also had a child?” Yan Jing was amazed.

“There are always zombies, ghosts and monsters in zombie movies. It is because the background of the horror movie is the end of the Qing Dynasty. In the stories and legends, it isn’t uncommon for a human and a fox to fall in love. The lover of the fox spirit died of injustice and turned into a zombie in the coffin. This also explains why the fox spirit hid among us, replacing the fowl blood and destroying the ink marker. It is to reunite with him.”

Lu Wen looked puzzled by Xie Chi’s words. “Injustice?”

Xie Chi nodded. “The eight trigrams showed that the entire skull of the fox spirit was smashed, brain matter flowed and her facial features were crooked. She must’ve encountered great abuse. As for the male zombie, do you remember the Zombie Manual?”

Yan Jing immediately understood what he meant. “The birth of a zombie! If a person is angry or depressed before death, they are more likely to become zombies after death. Thus, people who become zombies were likely to be wronged or unsuccessful before death. Based on the fox spirit’s appearance and the little fox child dead in the coffin…”

Yan Jing paused before continuing. “My brain can make up many things. This family of three really died tragically.”

[That’s it!!]

[The logic is so clear. I’m more certain this is a big guy who underwent a face change!]

[Don’t you find that he is a bit different from just now?]

[The contrast is a bit large. I sense it.]

The moment Xie Chi finished talking, the phone screen lit up.

[The big plot point is over and the plot progress has been updated. You’ve gained 13% plot exploration during this crisis.]

Xie Chi calculated it. Adding the previous progress, he had discovered 21% of the main plot line.

Lu Wen and Yan Jing’s mobile phones also lit up.

After reading it, Lu Wen stated bluntly, “I gained 7%.]

Yan Jing hurriedly extended his mobile phone. “Help me look!”

Lu Wen told him, “You have 4%.”

Xie Chi nodded to show that he knew.

The degree of plot exploration in a horror movie could be overlapped. If the same plot point was explored by several people at the same time, all of them would get some percentage of plot exploration but they were rewarded according to the depth of exploration.

[The ranking is out. This little brother is first! Omg, 21%. He can explore so fast, shouldn’t I follow him?]

[Apart from the cannon fodder, Zhou Tong is at the bottom. This is too low. What’s going on?]

[Zhou Tong is supposed to be in charge of plot exploration. How does he plan to live?]

The group was busy when the app rang again.

[The plot progress has been updated. A mission has been opened: Find zombie tooth powder or zombie blood for Taoist Xuan Cheng to detoxify his body.]

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part 1 won’t show. it just goes to part 2 =( Thank you for all your hard work!

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it’s still showing the same issue. it remains part 2

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2 years ago

This family story sounds very tragic, both father and child killed and the mother wounded to that extent (。•́︿•̀。)
I wonder what the relation to this family the client is, maybe their murderer ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ)

1 year ago

Maybe by Plato you meant to say platonic? Sorry, I didn’t mean it as a criticism. I’m actually super happy you chose to translate this… is awesome!

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“a typical premature ejaculation.” What a weird way to put it.. ಠಿ⁠_⁠ಠಿ