APP: Chapter 24 Part 1

Lu Wen was stunned. Xie Chi was asking him for the sword…? What did he want to do with the sword? Something flashed through Lu Wen’s mind but he couldn’t catch it.

Xie Xinglan’s eyes were a bit playful and his index finger moved inward, urging Lu Wen to hurry.

“Give it to me.”

Lu Wen hadn’t expected this person to dare to speak and was so terrified that his heart almost stopped. He quickly glanced at the zombie not far away and exclaimed anxiously, “I’ll give it to you. Don’t talk!”

After speaking, he held his breath again and tucked the sword into Xie Chi’s hand without hesitation. Although the other people were busy holding their breaths, there was still a lot of jealousy in their eyes. This was the only item here that could damage the zombie and Lu Wen gave it to Xie Chi so easily.

[Is it still seeking death by talking at this time?]

[Why does he want a sword? Self-defense? This is too selfish.]

[One person dared to borrow it and one person dared to give it. Lu Wen has lost his mind.]

[Do you think… there is another possibility? This brother just jumped from the second floor.]

[Previously, I saw that he was too mild and he wasn’t to my taste. Now looking at him, I inexplicably feel he is full of aggressiveness.]

Xie Chi was a bit worried as he inwardly asked, “Is it okay when changing weapons?”

He wasn’t clear about his boyfriend’s specific force value. After all, in the world he previously lived in, there was little need to use force. As a child, Xie Xinglan used a knife to save him and last time he fought the female boss with a knife. This time, it had changed to an ancient sword.

Xie Xinglan held the sword with both hands and smiled. “No problem.”

Xie Chi was instantly reassured. His brother might be narcissistic but he never promised anything uncertain. If he said there was no problem then there absolutely wouldn’t be a problem.

Xie Xinglan had breathed just now and the zombie sensed it. He left the dead actor and jumped to Xie Xinglan’s side. The ‘bang bang bang’ struck the hearts of everyone.

Xie Xinglan originally intended to attract the zombie and he smiled with satisfaction now that his goal was achieved. His desire to defeat a powerful opponent was ignited in his eyes as he raised his sword.

“Xie Chi!” Lu Wen’s eyes were huge as he saw the tall and dark zombie rush toward the thin Xie Chi.

In the midst of the electric light and the flint, Lu Wen didn’t have time to think about why Xie Chi dared to go. Due to Lu Wen’s own bloodline, he was very resistant to a beating. He wanted to rush to save Xie Chi but Xie Xinglan stared at him impassively.

Xie Xinglan ordered with a frown, “Stay back.”

Then he met the zombie, leaving Lu Wen stunned in place, unable to believe his ears. Xie Chi told him to stay back.

[What is this situation?]

[I was also nervous but then he told Lu Wen to stay back ahahahaha. Didn’t Lu Wen say this to him before?]

[Lu Wen: I also experienced this today.]

[I’m laughing to death at Lu Wen’s expression.]

[Does he think he can beat the zombie?]

[I think it is possible that he is a big guy hiding himself. After all, he has never acted.]

[Let’s watch it!!!]

Lu Wen seemed to realize something and his expression was unprecedentedly stiff. He looked up slowly and mechanically. The weak man he always wanted to protect wasn’t at a disadvantage during the short battle with the zombie. He even caught the zombie by surprise, causing the zombie to retreat while screaming in anger.

Although the Qing Dynasty’s peach wood sword was being used, Xie Chi’s movements weren’t sluggish at all. Lu Wen had practiced with the sword for so long after receiving it and he still wasn’t very efficient. Meanwhile, Xie Chi was doing tricks with it.

There was a loud bang in Lu Wen’s head. Xie Chi, this person could fight better than him. This knowledge made Lu Wen’s eyes widen and his ears buzz.

He suddenly remembered that Xie Chi had been denying that he was very weak. It was Lu Wen who had this preconceived idea and wanted to help him with everything. Carrying the coffin, fighting the fox and then the zombie… it seemed that Xie Chi had always been planning to act himself but it was Lu Wen who inserted himself, making Xie Chi have no choice but to acquiesce.

Lu Wen also repeatedly said he would protect Xie Chi…

Lu Wen remembered the sentences he previously said and his face flushed a bit. He wanted to find a crack in the ground to enter. After a few breaths, he was as red as a cooked lobster and was vaguely steaming.

The person he wanted to protect finally protected him…

It was too embarrassing. This couple was very good and didn’t need his help. He so easily persuaded himself tonight that it was okay to fall in love with two personalities. Then within a minute, he had to accept that the host personality and sub personality were a pair.

Lu Wen was so old yet he hadn’t seen someone with a double personality, let alone the two personalities falling in love in one body. He had to digest this slowly only to receive another cruel truth.

…Xie Chi was so powerful. Lu Wen was the weak one.

Not only was Xie Chi smarter than him, but the strength he was proud of also wasn’t worth mentioning in front of Xie Chi. Xie Chi hadn’t pointed it out clearly but Lu Wen was embarrassed.

Previously, Lu Wen felt that he was a match for Xie Chi. One was smart and one was strong. Now thinking about it, he wanted to be an ostrich. (TL Note: Bury his head in the ground).

No one was worthy of Xie Chi. Thus, it was normal for the two personalities to fall in love.

[Hahahaha, I seem to know what Lu Wen is thinking.]

[Lu Wen: Doubting life.]

[The flag can’t stand up.]

[’I will protect you’ hahahaha. I want to ask if you’re embarrassed or not.]

[The little brother is really human and gave Lu Wen face. He even cooperated with the show. His temper must be really good.]

[I was a bit stung by his gaze that said ‘I will take care of the enemy. It’s done’. I felt very safe.]

[Hahahahaha I’m particularly curious about the complex mood of the big guy who was threatened to be protected by a rooster.]

Zhou Tong was also full of shock. Previously, he had only seen Xie Chi hitting Zhou Wen. He knew that this person was strong but it wasn’t the same as the present strength Xie Chi was showing.

In front of him was a zombie or… zombie transformed from a father and child coffin.

Yue Xiuming’s face was filled with disbelief. He suddenly turned his head to look at Lu Wen, who had red ears. In the last ordinary zombie movie, Lu Wen had been lucky. He might’ve been good at fighting but he was supported by his bloodline. In addition, the boss zombie wasn’t killed by the peach wood sword but it spontaneously ignited in the sun. Now…

The zombie in front of him was clearly… stronger than the previous one. It was a bit like a dream and he couldn’t look away. This person wasn’t a newcomer or a cannon fodder.

On the other side, Xie Chi quickly gave a reminder. “Brother, don’t stab the heart.”

The tip of Xie Xinglan’s sword slightly paused. Then he flexibly avoided the zombie’s attack and turned to stab at the zombie’s limbs.

They were subject to the plot and their task was to subdue the zombie, not kill the zombie. They couldn’t even figure out if the peach wood sword could kill the zombie in front of them. They had to send the zombie to their employer’s house in Huai Ao and this zombie couldn’t be destroyed.

Once the zombie was gone, the filming would fail and they couldn’t afford the cost. The zombie had gained the supreme yin energy and the damage of the peach wood sword was just like a tickle for him. However, the zombie was stabbed frequently and went crazy. The sword was long and he couldn’t even touch this human’s clothes.

Xie Xinglan had no time to be distracted as Xie Chi told him, “Glutinous rice.”

Xie Xinglan understood and withdrew a few steps. He slashed open the bag and grabbed a handful of glutinous rice. During this pause, the zombie had already rushed over. Xie Xinglan escaped by rolling on the ground. The zombie was about to jump up but Xie Xinglan took advantage of the opportunity to leap up from the ground, long legs striking the zombie.

“Brother, hand!” Xie Chi exclaimed urgently.

The hand of the zombie was stabbing at his back. Xie Xinglan didn’t panic and stabbed the sword backward. The zombie hand retreated and during this pause, Xie Xinglan smiled a bit badly. He released the sword to hold the zombie’s neck. Then he threw the glutinous rice into the zombie’s eyes.

The zombie instantly twitched, whining and howling. The glutinous rice instantly turned black and smoke rose from the zombie’s sunken eyes. Everything happened in just a few moments.

[What the fu*k!!!]

[So handsome ahhhhhhh. He is an A.]

[Hahahaha. Have you ever seen a cannon fodder rescuing everyone? So exciting.]

[Is the level of a small invisible person so high now? I’m looking away but it’s really strange. I have seen many movies.]

[This definitely isn’t a newcomer. I suspect that some big person changed his face to abuse this place. It makes sense.]

[I agree. I’m curious about his identity. No wonder why he explored so much of the plot line. I’ve seen the signs. Praise me.]

[The cast was solved.]

The stunned group finally woke up. Lu Wen and Yue Xiuming picked up the corpse rope on the ground to help bind the zombie.

There was a lot of fear in Zhou Tong’s eyes. He never thought Xie Chi was so strong. There was a reason Xie Chi received 230 points. In any case, the urgent task now was to remove his corpse poison. He couldn’t control Xie Chi anyway. He couldn’t let the others discover he was injured.

Zhou Tong found it hard to stand up with the support of the wall. His entire face was pale due to injuries and blood loss. His eyes flashed slightly before he quietly left the courtyard to return to his room. He had to change his clothes and cover the wound.

An actress who was no help was crying anxiously. “What is the ink marker useless? What should we do? We still have to transport the zombie…”

She thought the coffin would be foolproof after it was covered with ink lines but it was useless. The zombie had escaped. Then how could they transport the zombie to their employer’s house? Even if it was restrained now, it was only temporary and the zombie would surely recover…

The actress’ legs softened when she thought about it.

Xie Xinglan couldn’t remove his hands and shouted at Yan Jing, “Fowl blood!”

Yan Jing froze for a few seconds before realizing. There was something wrong with the fowl blood! It wasn’t his illusion! The fowl blood was obviously fishy but what he smelled that day was salty. It was mostly… human blood.

Yan Jing got goosebumps the moment he understood. It didn’t matter if the blood was mixed in or directly replaced. The important thing was that it wasn’t pure chicken blood and the ink lines were completely invalid.

Unexpectedly, there was such a mistake with the blood. Yan Jing was ashamed. He hadn’t been alert when Zhu Man said she would help get the fowl blood and just handed it to her.

Yan Jing made up for his mistakes. He immediately supported Taoist Xuan Cheng while shouting at the others to kill a live chicken in order for Taoist Xuan Cheng to remake the ink marker and stop the zombie.

[It was really human blood for chicken blood!]

[Why does the fox spirit need to replace the chicken blood?]

The zombies’ eyes were temporarily hurt and it couldn’t see the crowd, meaning the danger was diminished. It was restrained by Lu Wen and Yue Xiuming, who generously stuck several talismans on the zombie despite the pain he felt. The talismans were a one-time consumable and were props he gained from his last movie. The total number was more than 10 and now there were fewer talismans.

Xie Xinglan stood up when Xie Chi suddenly told him, “Brother, look around for a red fox.”


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Wait is the glutinous rice cooked or raw? I was imagining it cooked since Xie Chi used it to patch a wound. I guess it doesn’t matter, thanks for the chapter!