APP: Chapter 23

Xie Chi was awakened by Zhou Tong’s scream and was a bit confused. He found that he was in the corridor but didn’t think it was strange. He just said, “Brother, we will go meet her.”

Xie Xinglan thought of his masterpiece and there was a bit of joy in his voice. “Okay.”

At this time, In Zhu Man’s room.

[I’m lost. My brother just got up and you showed me this??]

[Furry and cute.]

[Zhou Tong won’t be finished, right?]

[No, he has a live-saving buff. I’ve seen it.]

[It supposedly has side effects? I think it was like that the last time he used it.]

The tingling sensation of the fur on his back made Zhou Tong pale. He had been fooled! Zhu Man wasn’t a human! Zhou Tong shouldn’t have come here alone! He was too aggressive! Lu Wen lived next door! As long as he called out, that person would come and save him!

Zhou Tong wanted to call for help but he couldn’t make a sound. It was because the sharp claws had pierced his sweaty skin. In this dying moment, Zhou Tong could no longer care about the huge loss and opened up a buff.

All the blood in his body started to burn and his skin was hot, like he had been rolling in boiling water. His mental and physical strength shot up in just a few seconds, allowing Zhu Man to break free of Zhu Man’s control and shake off the hand on his back.

Zhu Man obviously hadn’t expected the prey in her grasp to run away. She angrily rushed forward in an attempt to drag Zhou Tong back.

Her claws scratched Zhou Tong’s back and he screamed. He endured the pain of his skin being torn open and broke through the window. He fell from the second floor of the inn to the courtyard of the inn, accidentally burning into the copper-cornered golden coffin.


[I said it is impossible for him to die so easily.]

[It is such a disgrace. I’m no longer a fan.]

Zhu Man had stepped on the edge of the window and was ready to chase after Zhou Tong when the low voice of a man was heard from outside the door. “Zhu Man, are you there? Can I come in?”

Zhu Man’s action paused and a bit of cunning flashed in her eyes. One person had run away and she couldn’t catch up. Meanwhile, there was another person who had come here to die.

[He’s here to die.]

[He heard Zhou Tong screaming yet he didn’t run away. His brain is broken.]

Zhu Man looked down at the copper-cornered gold coffin in the yard and there was great sorrow and joy on her face. After this evening, she would no longer have to lurk in this group of stinky Taoists. Once Yu Lang woke up, she would…

Xie Xinglan outside was impatient and he directly raised his foot to break the door. There was no one in the room. Xie Xinglan looked around and was just about to walk to the broken window when arms suddenly stretched out from behind him and hugged him tightly.

Xie Xinglan’s face became so gloomy that it was frightening. Xie Xinglan had no body and was currently using Xiao Chi’s body. This meant this Zhu Man was holding his Xiao Chi.

[This old trick again.]

[Zhou Tong was so sloppy yet this brother is mostly cold.]

[Why is he so fierce? There is a beauty behind him.]

Xie Xinglan removed Zhu Man’s hands and declared coldly, “Get lost.”

it was as if Zhu Man’s hands were extremely dirty. Zhu Man looked stunned. She never imagined that this man had no desire for her at all. She was competitive so she smiled in a more beautiful and bewitching manner. “Look into my eyes.”

Once she wanted to play, the opposite person would be controlled by her and couldn’t move at all. Xie Xinglan seemed to be smiling yet not smiling as he met her slightly red eyes. He stared at the other person for two seconds and settled into place.

Zhu Man thought she was successful and rushed forward, only for the man to suddenly kick her and pull out an eight trigrams map from the wide cuffs of his robe.

The light of the mirror shone on her face and the true appearance of ‘Zhu Man’ was revealed. Growing from her white neck wasn’t a human head at all. Instead, it was a fox head covered with red fur!

The fox’s face was half rotted and sunken. It seemed she had been smashed and white brain matter was still stuck on her face.

[Fu*k, a fox! Is the actress dead?]

[Disgusting ahhhhh.]

[Why is she pretending to be a human? It must have something to do with the main plot line.]

“Why?” The fox’s eyes flashed with resentment. She obviously hadn’t expected that her charms would fail. In the end, she was calculated by a human and showed her true face.

This time, the one speaking was Xie Chi. He shrugged with an innocent expression, “Sorry, I’m gay.”

The fox spirit, “……”


[I said that he and Lu Wen are real.]

[Ahahahahahaha he is gay.]

Xie Chi smiled. “Look into my eyes.”

The fox was so surprised that she couldn’t help doing what he said.

Xie Chi took advantage of this to grab her left hand and lifted it up to reveal the wound that was still unhealed. Blood was still flowing from his wrist and it took only a few seconds for his hand to be covered with blood.

Zhu Man’s hand had shaken because she cut her wrist and was injured.

Xie Chi froze for two seconds. Then he realized something and his expression suddenly changed. “Blood!”

[What blood?]

[Why did Zhu Man cut her wrist? I can’t understand the plot.]

[Fu*k, the blood! I have an unclear guess… human blood for chicken blood.]

[What the fu*k!!!]

Xie Chi quickly glanced at the copper-cornered coffin in the courtyard and inwardly urged, “Brother, you come online!”

Xie Xinglan had just responded when there was a bang and the door was kicked open. Lu Wen had heard the movements and came. Then he glimpsed the fox head and rushed to Xie Chi. “Xie Chi, you run!”

Xie Xinglan, “……”

Lu Wen immediately attacked with the sword and was tangled together with the fox. He wasn’t winning but he also wasn’t losing.

Xie Chi inwardly explained, “Brother, there is a problem with the coffin and the ink lines. It is human blood.”

Xie Xinglan immediately understood. In any case, this place had Lu Wen and there wouldn’t be a problem. The fox spirit grabbed at Lu Wen’s back. Xie Xinglan threw the peach wooden sword he held to help Lu Wen block it. Then he jumped out of the broken window on the second floor.

[What the fu*k?? This is the second floor!!]

[Zhou Tong was half-killed by the fall…]

Lu Wen was consternated to see the other person jump down. He was distracted and was caught by the fox spirit.

There was a lot of movement in this place and Yue Xiuming and the others nearby came quickly. Yue Xueming pulled out a talisman, bit his finger and swiftly drew on it. Then he stuck the talisman on the body of the fox spirit while she was fighting Lu Wen.

The talisman flashed with a red light and the fox spirit escaped from Zhu Man’s body like she was dealt a heavy blow. She disappeared in the blink of an eye while Zhu Man fell to the ground, her life or death unknown.

[I remember that Yue Xiuming’s talismans seem to be a one-time consumable?]

[The effect is okay.]

Lu Wen crouched down to check Zhu Man’s breath and shook his head at the group. Zhu Man was killed before they knew it. Without the fox possessing her, she was just a corpse. Fright flashed in the eyes of several people who were also cannon fodder. They were humble like ants and might not have a better fate than Zhu Man.

On the other side, Xie Xinglan jumped from the second floor and ran toward the coffin. Before he arrived, he heard Zhou Tong scream for an unknown reason. Zhou Tong had seen Xie Chi’s performance and knew this person could fight. His eyes flicked slightly and he immediately ran to Xie Chi like something was chasing behind him.

Xie Xinglan’s eyes narrowed. The coffin hadn’t moved and was still lying in the courtyard but…

Xie Xinglan looked down at the eight trigrams map. The lotus petals had retracted. Taoist Lian Xi had said that if there were unsuppressed zombies within range, the lotus petals would shrink behind the mirror. So either the eight trigrams map was broken or…

Xie Chi opened his mouth. “Brother, stay away from the coffin.”

At this time, everyone on the second floor had come down to the courtyard. Xie Xinglan quietly took two steps back and glanced at Lu Wen. Lu Wen didn’t know what was going on but did the same.

Taoist Xuan Cheng hurried over. “What’s going on?”

Lu Wen concisely told him. Taoist Xuan Cheng was frightened and ordered everyone to open the coffin. Then Xie Xinglan grabbed him. “Don’t go.”

Taoist Xuan Cheng’s expression sank. “Get out of my way.”

Xie Xinglan frowned. Then Taoist Xuan Cheng took out a bunch of corpse ropes from his sleeve and tied Xie Xinglan’s hand. Xie Xinglan was too lazy to do anything.

Taoist Xuan Cheng rushed past and carefully examined the ink lines on the coffin. He confirmed there were no broken places and was completely relieved. “Fortunately, the zombie hasn’t come out of the coffin—”

He hadn’t finished speaking when the heavy coffin lid behind him suddenly burst open and a hand aimed for his neck.

“Be careful!” The people opposite him exclaimed, their faces white.

A zombie had jumped out of the coffin. His gray, hard face was dark under the moonlight and a bit of human cunning flashed in his turbid eyes. He had been acting just now!

The blue-green nails pierced Taoist Xuan Cheng’s skin. Xuan Cheng was human and responded quickly. He hugged the zombie behind him, pushing up hard. He was trying to make the zombie fall down but he obviously underestimated the weight of the zombie. This just made it easier for the zombie to pierce his shoulder blade with the nails.

Taoist Xuan Cheng screamed and the zombie tried to bite at his neck. Xie Xinglan wasn’t sure if the death of an NPC would have any effect on the plot. He was about to act when Lu Wen pushed him back vigorously. Xie Xinglan was shocked and couldn’t dodge. He stumbled before regaining his balance and frowned. “What are you doing?”

This person was always ruining his plans.

Lu Wen had already rushed forward and shouted behind him, “Don’t try to be brave. You’re not needed here. Stay there and I’ll protect you!”

Due to the time constraints, his tone was very rigid and tough. It was a tone like he was caring for the old and the sick.

Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan, “……”

Xie Xinglan wondered, “Should I still be online?”

Xie Chi thought about it. “Wait for Xuan Cheng first.” After all, Lu Wen really knew how to die. Xie Chi was afraid that his brother would beat Lu Wen to death.

[This brother just jumped from the second floor. He is okay.]

[I have a bad guess.]

[It is the same as seen earlier.]

Thanks to Lu Wen and a few others joining in, Xuan Cheng soon escaped from the grasp of the zombie. He flew awkwardly and was supported by Xie Chi.

The other people were still fighting fiercely with the zombie. Xie Chi quickly inspected Taoist Xuan Cheng’s wound and his expression changed slightly. Taoist Xuan Cheng had three hours in the shoulder blade and neck near the collarbone. This was obviously caused by the zombie’s three fingers.

However, there was no bleeding around the wound and it showed a strange pink colour. Xie Chi pressed it and it was extremely hard.

The Zombie Manual said that after being bitten by a zombie or wounded by its fingers, the wound would become pink and extremely hard. This was being poisoned by a corpse. If it wasn’t contained, the person would become a zombie in a short time.

The zombie’s stiffness, as the name implied, meant stiffness. Taoist Xuan Cheng’s wound was stiff now. Xie Chi pressed against it so hard yet there was no pain at all. The blood around the wound had completely coagulated.

Taoist Xuan Cheng shouted with a pale face, “Don’t mind me! Catch the zombie first!”

Ordinary corpse poison wasn’t a problem as long as the wound was covered with glutinous rice and soaked in glutinous rice water for a few days while the person constantly kept moving to circulate the blood. However, this zombie was extraordinary. Taoist Xuan Cheng knew he was most likely going to die and had no time to care about himself. He stood out and threw the corpse ropes to several disciples.

The corpse ropes could restrict the movements of zombies. Lu Wen and Yue Xiuming each took one end of the corpse rope. They glanced at each other before taking a step back to straighten the corpse rope. The zombie was about to jump to Lu Wen only to be bounced back by the corpse rope. Yet he only paused for a second or two before rushing toward Lu Wen again.

Xuan Cheng was sweating with anxiety. “This is bad!”

This zombie was too powerful. The corpse rope that ordinary zombies were afraid of could only limit this zombie for a second or two. Yue Xiuming took out a talisman again and drew a symbol on it. He leapt and stuck it to the head of the zombie and the zombie really didn’t move.

He smiled proudly at everyone. “It’s okay—”

The next second, the talisman on the zombie’s head shattered and the zombie once again aimed for Yue Xiuming. A talisman could only control the zombie for a few seconds.

Yue Xiuming was ashen-faced.

“Hold your brother!” The zombie couldn’t be suppressed for the moment and Taoist Xuan Cheng could only try to keep his disciples alive.

Xie Chi covered his mouth and nose while rummaging for glutinous rice with one hand. He grabbed a handful of it and glanced at Taoist Xuan Cheng, signaling for him to bear with it and to not breathe. Then he covered Taoist Xuan Cheng’s wound with the glutinous rice.

Taoist Xuan Cheng felt so much pain that he almost fainted. The white and round glutinous rice became scorched and black in the blink of an eye while smoke rose from the Taoist priest’s wound. Only glutinous rice was effective against wounds caused by zombies.

According to Xie Chi’s temper, Taoist Xuan Cheng didn’t listen to his words and deserved it. If Xuan Cheng wasn’t a NPC, Xie Chi would be happy to let him die.

Zhou Tong, who was hiding behind everyone, covered his mouth and nose with one hand while also covering the wound on his right arm. This was a place with torn clothes and a pink wound with three holes.

[Fu*k! Zhou Tong was caught by the zombie when he fell.]

[Why didn’t he say it? What does he mean to do?]

Zhou Tong quietly pulled down his clothes, feeling extremely anxious. Just now, he fell beside the coffin. A zombie hand suddenly came out of the coffin lid and grabbed his arm. Fortunately, he responded quickly or he would’ve been pulled into the coffin.

He had filmed zombie movies and knew a lot about zombies. Half of his arm had started to stiffen, which was a sign of corpse poison. In a day or two at most, he would completely become a zombie unless he found zombie blood or zombie tooth powder to detoxify himself.

Ordinary zombie poison was easy to get rid of but this zombie was too powerful. It had to be detoxified with zombie blood or zombie tooth powder.

Zhou Tong couldn’t let this wound be discovered by others. His relationship with people had always been bad. If they knew he had been poisoned and might become a zombie at any time, they would abandon him.

Zhou Tong secretly clenched his hand and admonished himself to calm down. He wasn’t dead and there was a turning point. Taoist Xuan Cheng had also been affected by the zombie poison. As long as they could control this zombie, they would definitely have to find a way to save Xuan Cheng. At that time, he might have a chance to live.

[This teammate is disgusting. Regardless of life and death, he only cares about himself.]

[Zhou Tong is always like this. Is this the first time you’ve seen him filming?]

[What would you say if it was changed to you? Try to empathize.]

The group held their breath. The zombie couldn’t feel them and lost his target in an instant. He sniffed from east to west. He obviously possessed extraordinary wisdom. He knew that people were around him but he couldn’t see them. Thus, he didn’t leave and just slowly walked around.

He expected that this group of people could only hold their breath for a while. Once that time passed…

A short minute passed and Yue Xiuming found it harder to hold his breath. His eyes flashed in a dark manner. Lu Wen was different from him. Lu Wen had his bloodline blessing and could hold his breath twice as long as ordinary people. This wasn’t possible for Yue Xiuming.

The zombie turned around again, the face close to Yue Xiuming’s nose. The turbid eyes and sharp fans were close at hand and Yue Xiuming was so scared his heart almost stopped. His face was red and his forehead cold, but the zombie didn’t mean to leave.

Alarm bells rang in Yue Xiuming’s head. The zombie was so close and in a few seconds, he would be forced to breathe. Then the zombie would find him and bite his neck.

Yue Xiuming turned his head and glanced at the strange actor who was also struggling to hold his breath and was on the verge of collapse. He felt sorry but he raised his foot and kicked this actor hard.

The actor was attacked and the hand covering his mouth and nose was loosened. He overreacted and exclaimed in pain. The zombie now had a goal and left Yue Xiuming’s position, rushing toward the actor falling to the ground and biting his fragile neck.

The actor fell to the ground with a heart-wrenching scream. All the people present saw Yue Xiuming’s actions and stared at him with resentment. If it wasn’t for the zombie, Lu Wen wanted to kill Yue Xiuming.

Everyone took advantage of this moment to take a breath. Yue Xiuming felt the criticism of everyone and laughed. “If I didn’t do this, would you be able to breathe? You would do the same.”

The other two cannon fodders moved to Lu Wen’s side, staying away from Yue Xiuming. Holding their breaths wasn’t a long-term solution. Everyone had cold sweat on their foreheads and their legs were trembling nervously.

After Xie Chi finished taking care of Taoist Xuan Cheng, Xie Xinglan stood up lazily. He walked to Lu Wen and reached out a hand. “Lend me your peach wood sword to play with.”

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I guess I know why Zhou Tong and Yue Xiuming hang out together, they are both just awful. Thanks for the chapter!

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Yoshi K
1 year ago

Xie Xinglan and Xie Chi’s secondary mission here is just trying to show Lu Wen that just because they’re an artist doesn’t mean they can’t do any physical effort. Lu Wen, let XXL show off for his husband

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Nope. You will die my man

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