APP: Chapter 22

Lu Wen’s expression was blank for a few seconds before he hurriedly stepped to the step. “Of course you can!”

Xie Xinglan was invited inside. Lu Wen followed behind, so nervous that his palms were sweating. He subconsciously grabbed his pants and quickly scanned the room. He felt that he was clean and tidy and felt relieved.

Tonight’s Xie Chi was a bit different. Lu Wen couldn’t tell where he was different. It was just that the casual indifference and harsh tone made his heart beat even faster.

[So tempting. If this was a woman, I would turn yellow. Knocking on the door of a big guy in the middle of the night while not dressed properly.]

[Whispering bb. A man and man isn’t bad. It is already 0202.]

[Brother Lu, this person is a bit uncomfortable. Just holding him will be fine~]

[I don’t think he wants Lu Wen to protect him. It is really looking for him to do something.]

[You’re so boring, Contemptuous.]

Lu Wen stated, “You water first. I’ll sit down for you.”

Xie Xinglan stared at him blankly. “What?”

Lu Wen quickly realized that he was speaking incoherently and blushed. “I said, you sit down and I’ll pour some water for you…”

He immediately turned around and pretended to pour water. He seemed afraid that ‘Xie Chi’ would see his embarrassment.

Xie Xinglan’s mouth twitched slightly. He picked a clean place, wiped it down with a cloth and sat down.

Lu Wen turned with the glass of water and saw Xie Chi sitting with crossed legs. His eyes were lowered, his face indifferent and calm and his posture was elegant with a bit of laziness.

Xie Xinglan glanced at him lightly and Lu Wen immediately lowered his head. He moved over silently, handed the water to ‘Xie Chi’ and sat opposite him in an uncomfortable manner. Then he hesitantly asked, “Are you feeling better?”

Xie Chi had previously said that he was uncomfortable.

Xie Xinglan replied with a perfunctory hum while alarm bells rang in his heart. Lu Wen’s treatment of his Xiao Chi turned out to be like this. Xie Xinglan didn’t forget that he was here to clearly test this person. Although the signs were obvious, Xie Xinglan didn’t want to wrong a good man. He had to listen to Lu Wen’s own confession but he didn’t want to be too straightforward, in case it was difficult after Xiao Chi woke up.

He hadn’t heard Xiao Chi call him husband yet. If he angered Xiao Chi, it would be impossible.

Thus, Xie Xinglan thought about it before glancing at Lu Wen and asking, “What do you think about Xiao… about me?”

He almost said Xiao Chi.

This seemed a bit narcissistic. Lu Wen was stunned as he looked down at the seams of his trousers like they contained treasures. “A very nice person who is sincere to others, doesn’t play tricks, has a good temper, is helpful, very smart and looks good…”

Lu Wen hadn’t finished when there was a happy chuckle above his head. “I think you are particularly right. Is there anything else? Say it.”

Lu Wen looked up, his expression dull. “……”

[Why is this trend different from what I thought?]

[Hahaha, I’m going to laugh to death. What is with this sudden narcissism?]

Although most of Lu Wen’s words weren’t true, Xie Xinglan liked listening to people praise his Xiao Chi. He was unprecedentedly happy and couldn’t help wanting to keep listening.

Lu Wen couldn’t talk anymore and his face turned red. Tonight’s Xie Chi was really tempting, making him feel a bit helpless. He wanted to find a place to hide and only come back when he could do well.

A bit of disappointment appeared in Xie Xinglan’s eyes but he didn’t insist anymore. He returned to his expressionless face and asked, “Then do you like me… this type of person?”

Lu Wen looked up, his face incredulous. What did Xie Chi mean? Was he asking if Lu Wen liked him?

Lu Wen couldn’t calm down for a moment and panic flashed in his eyes. Xie Chi’s eyes were too deep to understand and he lowered his head again, avoiding Xie Chi’s gaze. It took him a long time to make up his mind. Then he finally said “En” very softly, his face surprisingly hot.

They had only known each other for a short time but he admitted it for no reason.

[Why do I feel that Lu Wen, this rough guy, is actually a little girl? God, I’m hallucinating.]

[Lu Wen is so good, I’m lost. This gentle little brother has suddenly changed tonight.]

Xie Xinglan asked again, “Then do you like ambitious people who will do anything to achieve their goal?”

Lu Wen truthfully shook his head. He liked clean and sincere people.

Xie Xinglan felt comfortable immediately., Even if Lu Wen liked Xiao Chi, he only liked the Xiao Chi in his imagination. The real Xiao Chi had an extremely low similarity to the person Lu Wen described. Lu Wen liked the pretend side of Xiao Chi. Only Xie Xinglan himself had seen all of Xiao Chi and loved every side of Xiao Chi.

Xie Xinglan secretly felt that he was incomparable after comparing himself to Lu Wen. He felt that he didn’t need to spend any more time on Lu Wen. He hooked his finger toward Lu Wen and raised an eyebrow. “Come here, I’ll tell you a secret.”

Lu Wen stared at the flexible slender finger and he subconsciously stepped forward.

“I’m not Xie Chi.”

Lu Wen’s eyes widened and his body became stiff. The voice of ‘Xie Chi’ that entered his ears suddenly changed. This voice was low and pleasant, with a bit of casualness. “I am his sub personality.”

Xie Xinglan’s lips slightly curved before he pulled back.

Lu Wen sat back in a daze. The blow was obviously a bit huge and he was unable to recover from his shock.

[What did he say? I really want to know it!]

[I think he is better than Lu Wen. This person is so weak.]

Xie Xinglan had wanted to suggest that he happened to be the type of person Lu Wen hated but Lu Wen had retreated. Lu Wen was stunned for a moment before accepting that Xie Chi had multiple personalities. Then he suddenly came over and whispered with a blush, “Are you afraid that I will neglect you because I like him? Do you think I will deprive you of your freedom of choice? Are you embarrassed to be stuck in the middle?”

Xie Xinglan’s expression was blank for a few seconds.

Lu Wen seemed determined. His face was red as he spoke in a lower voice, “It doesn’t matter if you have a double personality. I will try to accept you and like you because I like him.”

Xie Xinglan’s face was disbelieving. “……” Was this person crazy?

Lu Wen blushed like a persimmon and continued, “I’ve never been in love with a double personality… no, I’ve never been in love. However, if you don’t dislike me then we can try it. I will do my best to take into consideration the feelings of both of you—”

“……” Xie Xinglan felt suffocated. He took a few breaths before stopping. His fists clenched and loosened repeatedly until he barely resisted the impulse to beat Lu Wen violently. He couldn’t be impulsive for Xiao Chi.

“Really.” Lu Wen spoke with unprecedented seriousness. “I will fully respect you—”

Xie Xinglan coldly spat out, “I advise you to shut up.”

“Ah?” Lu Wen’s expression was dazed. He didn’t realize the danger at all.

[What are they talking about? Ahhhh, I really want to know ahh.]

[This part belongs to the private section and has nothing to do with the plot. The movie has no right to expose it.]

The blue vein on Xie Xinglan’s forehead bulged. His eyes were bright and deep as he suddenly leaned over and grabbed Lu Wen by the collar. Lu Wen’s buttons sprang open.

[Fu*k, what the hell is this?!]

[Lu Wen is really a good wife. Being dragged like a chicken…]

[Good alpha. I will follow this little brother.]

Lu Wen was completely ignored and subconsciously moved back in his chair. The man close to him had sharp eyebrows and there was some unknown meaning in his smile as he attached himself to Lu Wen’s ear and slowly stated, “I am Xie Chi’s… boyfriend.”

There was a loud bang in Lu Wen’s head as he completely turned into a wooden statue. Without waiting for Lu Wen’s reaction, Xie Xinglan had already let go. He stood there with his eyebrows lowered, calmly tidying his slightly disordered cuffs.

“Do you still want… the joy of having many partners?” Xie Xinglan glanced at him, lips curved in a teasing manner.

Lu Wen inexplicably understood and his face was on fire. It was redder than the guide lanterns hanging outside the inn. He actually revealed in front of Xie Chi’s boyfriend that he liked Xie Chi and didn’t mind falling in love with the two of them. Lu Wen wanted to die.

Xie Xinglan raised his eyebrows slightly as he leaned against the door, lazily speaking. “You know it so I won’t say it. Just act like I’ve never been here.”

Fists were always used to deal with the enemy. In the case of look, Xie Xinglan thought it was enough for Lu Wen to know he had been thinking of another person’s boyfriend. Lu Wen was an interesting person.

[What the hell did they say? There is a secret and I feel so uncomfortable.]

[Wu wu wu, I want to know.]

Lu Wen finally calmed down after a few seconds and stared at ‘Xie Chi’ with a complicated expression.

‘Xie Chi’ let him keep his dignity and stopped him from sinking deeper and deeper in time. It wasn’t difficult for him to quietly take back the hot thoughts that had just emerged. Xie Chi didn’t know about it but Lu Wen had been thinking one-sidedly. Now Lu Wen took it back and could still be teammates.

“I’m going.” Xie Xinglan nodded slightly and went outside, raising his eyebrows triumphantly and smiling.

Then Xie Xinglan remembered Xie Chi’s advice and walked toward the door of Zhu Man’s room. He was just about to knock on the door when a scream from Zhou Tong was heard.


10 minutes ago.

Zhou Tong knocked on the door of Zhu Man’s room and waited for Zhu Man to open the door for him. He still remembered Zhu Man’s strange appearance in the day. Thus, while no one was paying attention at night, he wanted to secretly test her. Perhaps he could get some plot progress and be ahead of the others.

The rise in fans following him had always climbed as slowly as an ant. Perhaps it was because he had no style or memorable points. This meant Zhou Tong didn’t care about his fans and focused more on exploring the plot. The fan growth might be important in the final comprehensive evaluation but it was worse than the importance of exploring the plot.

He was hoping to explore more of the plot so he could be better than the others in the comprehensive evaluation. After all, the first place prize was 500 points while the second place prize was 300 points. This was a big gap of 200 points.

His biggest rival Lu Wen had a fan growth that was half as fast as Zhou Tong but Lu Wen’s strength was better. Of course, Zhou Tong had some special means of preserving his life and wasn’t necessarily worse.

As for Xie Chi, Zhou Tong wasn’t in a hurry to start. After all, the core was still a horror movie and suppressing Xie Chi was just an extra thing. Besides, Xie Chi was currently with Lu Wen and Zhou Tong had no energy to clean up him for the moment.

These thoughts were flashing in his mind when Zhu Man’s voice came from the room. “Is it Brother Zhou? Come on in.”

This voice was so charming that Zhou Tong was stunned. This female cannon fodder might have an ordinary appearance but her voice could really hook people.

Zhou Tong’s heart was slightly itchy as he pushed open the door. He hadn’t expected Zhu Man to be taking a bath in the wooden tub with her back to him.

Zhou Tong had never been a man with great self-control, let alone when Zhu Man’s entire back was to him. Zhu Man’s face was sallow but her body was unexpectedly white and soft.

She was obviously in the bath but told him to come in. The meaning was obvious and Zhou Tong was a normal man.

Zhou Tong received a certain hint and his mouth was a bit dry, but he still remembered his purpose in coming here. He was going to sit by the side for a while and wait until Zhu Man finished bathing to test her. In the white mist, Zhu Man turned around, her plain and uncommon face giving off a special charm. Her apricot eyes were full of spring and they were rippling, making people want to move uncontrollably.

Zhu Man smiled slightly, shy and timid with a hint of something immoral. Then she extended a plump, white arm to Zhou Tong. “Brother Zhou, come here.”

Zhou Tong secretly warned himself that he should be vigilant. There was something wrong with Zhu Man previously. The next second, he jumped forward and hugged her.

Zhu Man smiled with satisfaction, her jade-like hands resting on Zhou Tong’s back. They moved lightly over his back, bringing a terrible itch.

Zhou Tong felt something wrong but he couldn’t move at all. He couldn’t help being overwhelmed and even went to kiss Zhu Man against his will.

Just then, Zhu Man’s hand on his back became a sharp claw covered with grey-red fur!


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Smitten kitten
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Daring to Dream
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