APP: Chapter 21 Part 3

Lu Wen was instructed by Taoist Xuan Cheng to wash the bowl previously filled with ink. He subconsciously searched for the thin figure in the crowd. After seeing it, he hesitated for a few seconds before walking over with the bowl.

Lu Wen asked Xie Chi about what happened before. Xie Chi smiled and gave a brief explanation before sharing the clues he knew with Lu Wen.

Lu Wen’s eyes were startled and they involuntarily lit up. “You explored so much.”

“It was good luck.” Xie Chi accepted it and didn’t want to say anything else.

Lu Wen glanced at him. In the night, the man’s white face could be seen. It was a gentle and handsome face. The jawline was clear and beautiful and there was no sharpness. Instead, it was like polished jade, modest and approachable.

Lu Wen had shot several horror movies and met too many actors who did whatever they wanted. He never thought that someone could be as open and sincere as Xie Chi. Xie Chi was special and kind. Xie Chi was also unexpectedly clever and Lu Wen happened to be able to protect him. Lu Wen thought so and smiled slightly. Only Xie Chi wouldn’t feel disgusted by his face.

“Brother Lu?” Yan Jing called out after seeing that he was in a daze and Xie Chi also glanced over curiously.

Lu Wen regained his mind and turned his face away in an uncomfortable manner. He raised the bowl in his hand to show the two people. “I’ll go and find a water source to wash it.”

Yan Jing was short and standing beside Lu Wen, his nose happened to be close to the bowl. He subconsciously smelled it and his sparse eyebrows suddenly twisted. Curiously, it didn’t smell strongly of pheasant blood. There was just a faint salty smell.

Yan Jing followed his grandfather and watched his grandfather make the ink marker many times. The smell of ink was very irritating. In contrast, the smell of blood in this bowl was a bit weak but there wasn’t a big difference. Ordinary people couldn’t smell it. Yan Jing just didn’t like it because his sense of smell was too strong. He thought that the scene of pheasant blood was weak and didn’t take it seriously.

Once Lu Wen came back from washing the bowl, the group of people formally started on the road. There were a total of nine disciples and two people were responsible for lifting the corners of the coffin in turn. One extra person was responsible for the gap while Taoist Xuan Cheng took the lead.

Xie Chi was assigned to be with Zhou Tong. Zhou Tong lifted it first and Xie Chi noticed that Zhou Tong was always peeping at the actress walking in front of them.The actress’ name was Zhu Man and she was the one whose hand shook while receiving the dry food.

It was Xie Chi’s turn to lift the coffin. Xie Chi was about to change with Zhou Tong while Xie Xinglan took the initiative to say, “Xiao Chi, I’ll do it for you and then you call me.”

The tone was a bit seductive. Xie Chi thought about it and knew that this person still remembered the missed opportunity to be called Husband. This time, his boyfriend seemed to have learned to act first. He would probably lift the coffin first before making Xie Chi call out to him.

Xie Chi smiled and was just about to cooperate when he looked up and was surprised to find that Lu Wen had lifted the corner of the coffin for him.

Xie Chi, “…” He was also hard.

“Brother Lu, you don’t have to do this. You just finished a shift. Hurry and go to rest.” In his mind, his brother had completely stopped talking. He seemed to be containing himself. Xie Chi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he tried to persuade Lu Wen.

Lu Wen shook his head in disapproval and there was no room to change his mind in his voice. “You can’t carry it on your shoulders or with your hands. Save your strength and go rest. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

Xie Chi laughed dumbly. “Brother Lu, I’m really not that weak. It is absolutely no problem to carry the coffin. You really don’t have to treat me like this. We just got to know each other and—”

Lu Wen spoke seriously, “You don’t have to be embarrassed about being supported. You and I come from the same world and it is nothing to take care of you.”

Xie Chi, “……” Why had Lu Wen misunderstood him so much?

[Wow Lu Wen hurts too much. His teammates hurt him too much. If he has a girlfriend then he would spoil her.]

[Haven’t you found that he is only attentive to this little brother. He has another teammate who is blind but this person is left to the side.]

[It is a world that only looks at the face!]

[I have decided to make an exception and follow Lu Wen.]

Lu Wen had a strong point and could always justify himself. Xie Chi was forced to follow him. “That… thank you, Brother Lu.”

“It is nothing.”

Zhou Tong looked at the two people with slightly strange eyes.

Xie Chi followed behind the team. He was silent for a moment as he tried to control his mouth. “Brother, are you…”

The word ‘jealous’ hadn’t been spoken when it was firmly denied by Xie Xinglan. “No.”

Xie Chi made an ‘oh’ sound. The night emperor wanted to keep his face.

Xie Chi explained. “Brother, he just has good intentions. He probably sees that I look weak and we came from the same place so he wants to take care of me. He said so himself and he really is good to me. He is trustworthy as a teammate.”

“Although I don’t need any help.” Xie Chi chuckled softly, a bit of coldness in his eyes.

Xie Chi whispered, “Brother, you will have many opportunities to show off the strength of a boyfriend. Some things… only you can do.”

He still had to coax his boyfriend.

Xie Xinglan hadn’t wanted to miss this chance. His Xiao Chi was too clever and there were too few opportunities for Xie Xinglan to act. Now they were robbed by the hateful Lu Wen and it was unforgivable.

Xie Xinglan didn’t want to say much. He knew what was going on with Xiao Chi. This person’s mind was faster than anyone else and no one could take advantage of him. He was just emotionally dull. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have thought about it for so long but still not understand. Xie Xinglan felt there was no need to talk to Xiao Chi about this thing. He would handle it directly.

Rival? Xie Xinglan murmured. There were thousands of people who liked Xiao Chi but none of them could be called rivals. He would have to spy first to prevent mistakes. After all, Xie Xinglan had also seen how Lu Wen treated Xie Chi.

Lu Wen always felt that his back was a bit cold.

In the passage of time, one day and one night passed quickly and everyone was still safe. The next night, everyone finally arrived at a passing inn on the hillside of the Mian Mountains. The inn was very simple. From the outside, a strong wind blew the thatched roof and timber frame, causing the inn to shake constantly. Still, it was better than nothing.

There were many lumps and small burials on the ground near the inn. This thing was specifically made by the inn for ghosts passing by to borrow, so as to prevent ghosts from running inside the inn and disturbing the guests.

Taoist Xuan Cheng spoke to the group, “We have travelled for one day and one night. We will rest here tonight before setting off again tomorrow.”

Everyone put down the coffin. The inn staff member glanced at the copper-cornered golden coffin that was specifically used to hold zombies and didn’t show any expression of panic. Obviously, this type of thing wasn’t strange. He greeted them with a smile, “Please come in.”

The employee saw the ink lines on the coffin and was even more relieved. He gestured for people to carry the coffin into the yard and then went to prepare hot water for the guests.

The app didn’t treat them too badly. Taoist Xuan Cheng booked 10 separate small rooms with a bed and a table.

After not sleeping for one day and one night, Xie Chi took a bath. It was hard to hide his tiredness but he was thinking about the unusual actress Zhu Man and he wanted to spy on her. Xie Chi yawned and lifted his eyelids. He was about to push open the door to go out when Xie Xinglan told him, “Xiao Chi, change with me. You go to sleep.”

He was gentle and tempting as always.

Xie Chi was surprised. “Okay.” Then he told Xie Xinglan about Zhu Man’s abnormality.

After Xie Xinglan went online, he pulled at the collar in an expressionless manner to disperse the residual heat on his body from taking a bath. He placed a hand into his pocket and went outside. He passed by the room where Zhu Man lived and walked straight to Lu Wen’s door.

“Who is it?” Lu Wen was still awake and alert. He heard the movements outside the door and quietly held the peach wood sword.

Xie Xinglan was silent for a moment as he found Xie Chi’s tone. He coughed twice before saying, “I’m a bit uncomfortable.”

Lu Wen heard it was Xie Chi and immediately got out of bed. He took a few steps to the door and was about to open it when he found he was still barefoot. He immediately returned to the bed and hurriedly put on his shoes and tidied his clothes before opening the door.

“What’s the matter? If it is important—” Lu Wen’s words stopped as his eyes fell quietly on Xie Chi’s open clothes. Under the orange lights of the inn, his skin colour was warm, showing the beautiful collarbone that shone with an attractive luster.

Xie Chi’s black hair was dripping with water, making his eyes clearer and deeper. He had a light fragrance after bathing that was refreshing. His face was also slightly red due to the previous heat. His lips were tightly pressed together and his expression was blank, making him a bit cold and rigid.

Lu Wen hurriedly looked away. A strange redness rose on the cold and handsome half of his face and his Adam’s apple moved involuntarily.

Xie Xinglan saw the gaze and looked down at himself, realizing what Lu Wen was thinking. The blue vein on his forehead pulsed and he quickly adjusted his shirt. Xie Xinglan looked up blankly. “Can I come in?”

He paused. His tone was too stiff so he added, “Is it okay?”

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2 years ago

Oh shiz, Xinglan pls don’t do anything to extreme with your little boyfriend’s body!

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Oh dear, I quite like Lu Wen, I hope he doesn’t get himself into trouble by trying to fight for Xie Chi ε~(´・`) why must you be so captivating, our dear Xiao Chi? Thank you for the chapter~

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Smitten kitten
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