APP: Chapter 21 Part 2

After half an hour, Xie Chi received a prompt about his app points increasing. It should be that Yan Jing and Lu Wen successfully brought the pheasant to Taoist Xuan Cheng.

At this point, the trail had come to an end. Lian Xi clutched his waist and spoke in a satisfied manner. “Little brother, hand the lotus lamp to me. I can handle the rest. You should hurry back. Your teacher must be very worried about you.”

Xie Chi obediently handed the lotus lamp back to Taoist Lian Xi. He was just about to say goodbye to Taoist Lian Xi when his phone screen suddenly lit up.

[Actor Xie Chi drove the zombies for Taoist Lian Xi and NPC Taoist Lian Xi’s good feelings has increased by 50. The total amount of good feelings is detected and a small plot is triggered.]

Small plot?

Xie Chi was stunned for a moment.

Taoist Lian Xi didn’t hurry to go. Instead, he turned and grabbed a parcel hanging from the neck of a zombie. He threw the parcel on the ground, squatted on one foot and rummaged through the parcel. “Little brother, I like you very much. I think your clothes are poor and your peach wood sword is inferior. How can I let this be? I’ll give you a treasured object!”

Taoist Lian Xi laughed and threw an eight trigrams map to Xie Chi like it was scrap metal.

The phone rang the moment Xie Chi took it.

[Actor Xie Chi has received a refined eight trigrams piece. Note: This prop is an exclusive prop for the horror movie Zombie Lovers. It can only be used within the movie and can’t be taken out of the movie.]

[Do you want to bind to this item? Note: After binding, the prop can’t be snatched.]

Xie Chi raised his eyebrows. At this time, he suddenly understood. From the moment he was randomly named to catch the pheasant to receiving this eight trigrams map, it had actually been his luck buff playing a role in secret.

Xie Chi clicked ‘OK’ and bound with the refined eight trigrams.

The exquisite eight trigrams map in his hand was an octagonal rhombus. The corners were an earthy yellow and it absorbed heat, meaning it should be made of a brass material. There was a circular mirror in the centre with a lotus petal shape. It made the entire thing look like a lotus flower.

Taoist Lian Xi thoughtfully explained, “This mirror can reflect the true appearance of evil spirits and ghosts, but it will also provoke them. You should use it carefully. The lotus mirror can also sense zombies. This eight trigrams map has been carefully made by me. If there are zombies within a certain range, the lotus petals will automatically shrink behind the mirror. It is never wrong. If you see this sign then you must be careful.”

Xie Chi accepted it well and nodded at Taoist Lian Xi. “Thank you, Uncle.”

[My god? I just said he didn’t have a prop and then it came!]

[This is comparable to Lu Wen’s refined peach wood sword, right?]

[That’s not true. Lu Wen’s one is permanent while this is a disposable prop.]

[Let me tell you a horror story… haven’t you found that the camera has always been on this side?]

“Go back quickly and remember my instructions. Tell my apprentice brother to be careful.” Taoist Lian Xi looked dignified. “If something goes wrong during the transportation of the coffin then it is a matter of human life. You should also be careful when going back. This mountain is a treasure land of feng shui and there are many things born out of yin. There are powerful evil spirits, not to mention the monsters. Just yesterday, I met a female ghost who seduces people.”

Xie Chi said that he understood. He was about to leave when his robe was dragged by Taoist Lian Xi. Xie Chi wondered, “Do you have any other instructions?”

At this time, there were fewer trees to block the moonlight. In the bright moonlight, Taoist Lian Xi saw Xie Chi’s face clearly. He stared at Xie Chi’s face carefully and his expression was a bit strange, like he saw something particularly rare.

“What’s wrong?” Xie Chi was confused.

Taoist Lian Xi came closer and smiled. “You are one whole, two—”

Xie Chi’s expression suddenly changed and he quickly covered Lian Xi’s mouth, voice low. “Don’t.”

[Two what?]

[I didn’t hear it clearly.]

Taoist Lian Xi removed the hand and laughed. “I won’t say it anymore. I was just asking for fun. You are a person with very weak fate with your family members. When you were young, you were mostly miserable. You are intelligent and wise, ruthless but passionate. Your fate was very ordinary and could even be regarded as poor. Then ‘he’ changed your fate completely. ‘He’ was born in desperation and since then, you have been bright.”

Xie Chi was surprised. Then once he recovered, he chuckled. “Uncle, I don’t believe in fate.”

Taoist Lian Xi disagreed. “Some things are set by heaven and people can’t change it.”

Xie Chi smiled and didn’t speak.

Pet1.0 didn’t get diseases so a mental illness… of course, it was also a disease. This meant the birth of his brother was going against fate.

He could say that he had never been ill or he had been ill for 12 years. This was a betrayal of his genes and his victory.

Thus, Xie Chi never believed in fate. Of course, he didn’t deny that a large part of Taoist Lian Xi’s words were true. His brother was really born out of nowhere and Xie Chi had seen the light since then.

Taoist Lian Xi’s face had a difficult expression. “If I say something else, I’m afraid you will be sad. Do you want to hear…”

“Uncle, you say it.” Xie Chi didn’t believe in this and was very calm.

Taoist Lian Xi rubbed his hands together and sighed. “You have to be mentally prepared. I’m not necessarily accurate. Don’t take it to heart. Maybe I’m just seeing things shallowly…”

Taoist Lian Xi delayed for so long that Xie Chi was a bit puzzled. “Please tell me.”

Taoist Lian Xi hesitated for a long time before finally saying, “You, after this, you have no chance of having children…”

Xie Chi was stunned for two seconds before laughing happily.

He had thought it was something big. Heirs were a matter of great importance and was related to dignity. It was impossible for no man to not care about this. Taoist Lian Xi was afraid Xie Chi would fall into depression and comforted him, “This doesn’t mean you won’t be a parent. You can raise them!”

Xie Chi’s smile was quite intriguing. “Uncle, this sentence about having no children is the most correct sentence that you’ve said and the one I want to believe in the most.”

Taoist Lian Xi was confused. “What do you mean?”

Xie Chi smiled. He wasn’t ready to explain so he just nodded at Taoist Lian Xi. “Uncle, I’m going back.”

“Hey? What’s wrong with this guy? Don’t whet my curiosity!” Taoist Lian Xi called out from behind him.

Xie Chi’s lips were slightly curved up and he turned away without looking back. Having no children naturally meant that he and his brother only had each other for their lifetime.

[I just listened to a bunch of things. What about my brain?]

[A person has come and the future is bright? Are you kidding me? Perhaps this movie will be cold. I feel that the old man is a phony.]

Xie Chi was hurrying out of the woods when Xie Xinglan suddenly spoke. “Xiao Chi, don’t listen to the old man’s nonsense.”

“Huh?” Xie Chi was stunned. “I think he is right.”

Xie Xinglan refuted it. “How can there be no children?”

Xie Chi’s clear eyes were a bit dazed.

Xie Xinglan gave a low laugh. “I have tens of billions of children. They will see you every day in the future and you won’t be alone.”

Xie Chi froze for a few seconds. His calm face became hot and he scolded this person as a ‘rogue’ while he sped up his pace.

In his mind, Xie Xinglan laughed a few times.

Xie Xinglan signed almost inaudibly. Xie Xinglan wanted to see his Xiao Chi blush. Fortunately, he might not be able to see it for the time being but no one else had a chance either. His Xiao Chi would only be embarrassed in front of him.


Due to the corpse driving process being sped up by 0.5 times, Taoist Xuan Cheng was making the ink marker when Xie Chi returned to the big group.

Taoist Xuan Cheng took a small bowl of fowl blood handed to him by the actress. Then he grabbed some glutinous rice from the small cloth bag and put it in the fire. He threw the burnt black glutinous rice into the bowl and then ink, mixing them well.

Taoist Xuan Cheng’s eight trigrams map was different from Xie Chi’s. Xuan Cheng’s one had grooves on both sides. He introduced the ink mixed with fowl blood and glutinous rice into the grooves. He wanted for the black ink to completely fill the eight sides before pouring it out into the ink marker prepared earlier.

In this way, it was done.

Lu Wen and Yue Xiuming were assigned to draw lines on the coffin at equal distances with the ink marker. After a while, the coffin looked like it was covered by a fishing net.

Taoist Xuan Cheng was completely relieved. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and told everyone, “This must be fine as long as we pay attention to the weather at all times and prevent sudden rain from washing away the ink lines.

Xie Chi came to Taoist Xuan Cheng and told him Taoist Lian Xi’s words. Taoist Xuan Cheng looked at the woods across the hill and nodded solemnly.

Yan Jing came to Xie Chi’s side and whispered, “Brother, I thought that during the drawing process, the zombie would suddenly wake up. As a result, it was completed smoothly? The ink marker really works. As long as the ink lines on the coffin are maintained, the zombie can’t come out of the zombie no matter how strong. Is that it??”

Yan Jing felt a bit incredulous. The zombie was so easily blocked by them?

Xie Chi was silent.

Yan Jing added, “Or is it like Taoist Xuan Cheng said? It will rain suddenly, the ink will melt and the zombie will come out…”

Xie Chi spoke calmly. “Wait and see. The main plotline has to be carried out and there will naturally be a unique way.”

Taoist Xuan Cheng ordered, “Rest for an hour. The employer didn’t give us much time and we have to travel day and night to return the coffin as scheduled.”

The group rested and Taoist Xuan Cheng told a few people to distribute dry food. Xie Chi was speaking with Yan Jing when he heard a sound. It was the sound of someone dropping dry food to the ground.

“I’m sorry, I was walking without holding it steady. Can you give me another one?”

Xie Chi glanced over.

The one who spoke was the actress who helped give Taoist Xuan Cheng the fowl blood. She was in her 20s with flat facial features. However, her eyebrows gave her a bit of uniqueness and people couldn’t help looking twice.

The actress found that everyone was looking at her and she bowed her head in an embarrassed manner, subconsciously pulling at the cuffs of her robe. Taoist Xuan Cheng was very tolerant of female disciples and handed over another piece of dry food.

Xie Chi glanced at the actress and frowned slightly. When the actress took the dry food, her left hand trembled uncontrollably. She noticed that Xie Chi was looking and quickly glanced at him before casually dropping her left hand. Instead, she grabbed the dry food with her right hand and started to eat it silently.

Everything happened in a very short time and not many people noticed. Zhou Tong happened to be standing on the actress’ left side and it was the most obvious to him. Something flashed in his eyes. This woman had a problem.

Xie Chi acted like he didn’t see it. He went to Yan Jing’s side and barely chewed on the unpalatable dry food.

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Xie Xinglan gave a low laugh. “I have tens of billions of children. They will see you every day in the future and you won’t be alone.”

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