APP: Chapter 21 Part 1

Xie Chi couldn’t hold back and laughed in Xie Xinglan’s mind.

Xie Xinglan remembered how he cheated the other with much difficulty to be called ‘Husband’ and immediately remedied it. “Xiao Chi, let’s catch another fowl. You can have as many as you want.”

Xie Chi wasn’t fooled. “No, just this pheasant. I was referring to this one.”

The main thing that Daoist Xuan Cheng wanted was fowl blood. Now the fowl was dead and the blood would coagulate after a while. Lu Wen wanted to seize this time to pick up the pheasant and go back. He turned his head and found that Xie Chi beside him had a dark expression and sinister eyes, like Xie Chi wanted to kill him.

Then he smiled tenderly the next second. Lu Wen hadn’t expected that a person’s face could change so fast. He thought he had misread it and wasn’t sure. “I caught the pheasant. Why does it seem like you aren’t…”

Xie Xinglan interrupted, his voice icy. “I’m very happy.”

Even the always dull Lu Wen heard a hint of gritted teeth. He couldn’t help looking at Xie Chi again but he only saw Xie Chi smiling gently. “Brother Lu, you did a good job.”

His smile was very restrained but the corners of his mouth couldn’t help lifting up. It was as if he had encountered something particularly interesting that was inconvenient for others to know. He was just secretly having fun.

[This man’s face changes so quickly.]

[It is a really seamless switch. I was shocked.]

He smiled and his eyebrows curved. His eyes were clear and he seemed to be able to see everything. He was a person with no secret intentions and was full of sincerity. His mood was very infectious. It held a strong appeal to Lu Wen. Lu Wen was rarely praised directly due to his face. He had never seen anyone smile at him without any prejudice. For a moment, he was a bit uncomfortable. He quietly went to the pheasant carcass on the grass.

Xie Chi and Yan Jing also walked toward the dead pheasant.

Lu Wen was originally walking in front. Then he hesitated and slowed down so he was walking with Xie Chi. “Is there anything you’re particularly happy about?”

Xie Chi thought of his brother and his eyes were smiling. “No, Brother Lu. You really did a wonderful job.”

The tone of the word ‘really’ was especially heavy, with a bit of teasing.

“I just killed a pheasant.” Lu Wen looked away again. Xie Chi couldn’t see that the half of the face without fish scales was slightly red.

Lu Wen mentioned the pheasant and turned to look at Xie Chi. “You…”

He saw Yan Jing beside Xie Chi and secretly changed his words. He seemed to inadvertently say, “If you… want, you can call me at any time. I will absolutely protect the two of you.”

Yan Jing secretly stared. Lu Wen wanted to protect Brother Xie? Could Lu Wen even beat Brother Xie?

Of course, he also learned to be clever and didn’t say anything. After all, Lu Wen was being kind.

[Wow, this force top is stating clearly that he will protect them. The weight of the words are very heavy.]

[Seeing how Lu Wen has suddenly taken the initiative, I think it is a bit cute. After all, he was a lonely hedgehog previously.]

[Lu Wen’s five senses seem to be strong because of his lineage, right? He is hard to beat and his blood is thick. I remember in a higher quality movie, he fought zombies until dawn and the zombies spontaneously combusted in the daylight hahaha.]

[It seems you don’t have to be strong. You just need to please the thigh you’re holding.]

[Lu Wen’s peach wood sword seems to be a prop that burst out from the upper quality movie?]


Xie Chi secretly raised his eyebrows. His brother dared to bargain with him and now he didn’t even need to call out ‘Brother’ or ‘Boyfriend.’

The upper lip slightly touched the lower lip. The two syllables that Xie Chi originally wanted to hear rolled silently around Xie Chi’s lips. Xie Chi’s eyes became hot and he didn’t want to think about it anymore.

The trio was about to head back when they suddenly heard a manta on the path at the edge of the forest

“Heavenly spirit, earth spirit, walking dead spirit, walking dead essence!” After the mantra was over, there was a crisp ringing sound. Xie Chi’s group of three could hear the sound of something jumping on the path through the forest.

Xie Chi and Lu Wen glanced at each other and spoke in unison, “Driving the corpse.”

Once an ordinary corpse became a low-level zombie, a Taoist priest would accept the family’s commission to go to the family home. Then they would drive the zombies to the specialized place where the corpses were placed.

“Oh!” The old Taoist priest driving the corpses seemed to have encountered something. The sound of zombies jumping and the ringing bells suddenly stopped.

Lu Wen frowned. “Should we go and see?”

Xie Chi nodded and the trio sped through the forest to reach the path.

At the end of the overgrown trail, an old priest with grey hair had fallen to the ground, the paper money in his hands scattered on the ground. The lotus lamp that was originally held in his hand to lead the zombies forward was turned aside. Seven or eight zombies in Qing Dynasty clothing had imitated him and were also sitting on the ground, holding their waist. The scene was very funny.

“Ouch, it hurts. Oh, my waist. No, don’t learn from me…”

When driving the zombies, the Taoist would place a spell on the zombies’ forehead to calm them. Then the Taoist priest would use the lotus lamp to lead the forward. The sound of the bell would cause the zombie to do the same actions as the Taoist. If the Taoist moved forward, they moved forward. If the Taoist avoided roadblocks, they avoided roadblocks. In this way, the Taoist priest could drive the zombie to the specialized place.

“No, the fire is going out!” The old priest glanced at the lotus lamp and exclaimed. He hurriedly pulled out a matchbox from his robes. “Ah, I’m finished. My matches have run out!”

The lotus lamp led the way but the fire was almost extinguished.

Once the lotus lamp went out, the zombies would no longer follow the Taoist priest, jumping forward in accordance with the guidance of the Taoist priest. Instead, they would scatter randomly and jump wherever they wanted to jump. If this was the case, gathering the zombies together again would be very troublesome.

Xie Chi felt that this old Taoist priest appearing was too coincidental. It was a bit deliberate and seemed to be the arrangement of the horror movie. After thinking about it for a few seconds, he walked over with a smile.

The old Taoist heard someone approaching and looked up from where he was sitting on the ground in a wary manner. He saw the Taoist worn by the approaching person and yelled energetically, “Don’t steal my corpses! I Can do it!”

A peer couldn’t compete for jobs.

Xie Chi, “……”

Xie Chi squatted down, pulled out the lighter from his pocket and lit the lotus lamp. The old Taoist immediately laughed and became kind. “Little brother, your thing is a bit powerful. Can you lend it to me?”

Xie Chi froze for a moment as he thought about it. This thing wasn’t valuable so he directly gave it to the old man.

[The good feelings of NPC Taoist Lian Xi +10.]

Xie Chi was a bit surprised. The good feelings of NPCs could be increased? Then his previous guess was correct.

Yan Jing and Lu Wen also followed him. The controlled low-level zombies weren’t too dangerous so all three people were more relaxed.

The old Taoist knew they weren’t here to grab his job and immediately grinned. He saw Lu Wen’s body was strong and wanted to call him to drive the corpses for him. Yet all of a sudden, the words that came from his mouth were directed to the weak-looking young man closest to him. “Little brother, you drive the corpses for me.”

The old Taoist scratched his head after speaking. He clearly wanted to find the man with fish scales on his face. How did he change people?

Xie Chi also frowned slightly. Why was he picked? Before Xie Chi could respond, the app was already ringing.

[The personal plot progress has been updated. Actor Xie Chi drives the corpse for NPC Taoist Lian Xi and the movement time of the corpses will increase by 0.5 times.]

There was no mention of rewards for completion of point deductions for failure. Obviously, it was up to the actor to choose whether to help or not.

Xie Chi seemed to sense something and replied, “Okay.”

Lu Wen raised the pheasant in his hand and told Xie Chi, “Then Yan Jing and I will go back first. After all, the fowl blood will coagulate.”

Xie Chi nodded. He helped Lian Xi up, held the lotus lamp and started to drive the corpses for him. Fortunately, the horror movie requirements weren’t so harsh. He didn’t have to jump to drive the corpses. He just needed to walk forward and the corpses would automatically jump behind him.

Taoist Lian Xi sprinkled paper money as he moved forward. His mouth was a bit restless and he kept speaking, “Little brother, those two people just now were your apprentice brothers? Why do they need the pheasant?”

Xie Chi replied, “My master was hired to move a coffin for someone. As a result, the coffin was unearthed and the body inside had become a zombie. Therefore, my master asked me to kill the pheasant and take the blood…”

Taoist Lian Xi immediately understood. “Then who is your teacher?”

“Taoist Xuan Cheng.”

Lian Xi hit his thigh and smiled. “Xuan Cheng is my younger apprentice brother! Then you have to call me Uncle! If I wasn’t in a hurry to drive these corpses to the specialized place under the mountain, I would follow you to meet him.”

Xie Chi also hadn’t expected there to be such a relationship.

Taoist Lian Xi immediately opened a conversation topic. “The Mian Mountains is a place where spiritual power is gathered. It is a feng shui treasure tomb. The ground is full of buried coffins. Where is the coffin you are going to transport?”

Xie Chi explained simply and a difficult to read expression immediately crossed Taoist Lian Xi’s face. He confirmed it again. “You are talking about the pit at the foot of the mountain beyond the forest?”

Xie Chi realized that something was wrong. “Uncle Xi, you said that the Mian Mountains are full of coffins. How do you know about the pit?”

Taoist Lian Xi’s relaxed expression had completely disappeared as he explained, “I drove the corpses past there. Don’t think of it as a treasure land of feng shui. In fact, there are hidden mysteries. If you stand in the pit and look up, could you see three connected peaks? One peak is higher than the other peaks?”

Xie Chi didn’t understand feng shui but he recalled that this was indeed the case. “Yes.”

“This is called the three mountains case. Burying coffins in front of the three mountains case can ensure the protection of the family in the future. There will be good ministers or wealthy businessmen. The three mountains would be good but if you look east…” Taoist Lian Xi extended his finger to the forest in the east.

“The sun rises from the east and the sunlight is sloping. This is good but a dense forest was built here, completely blocking the sun. This is the point. The problem is big! Now the land in front of the three mountains has become…”

Taoist Lian Xi paused for a moment, his expression heavy. “It has become a land of four yin, a place of ruin!”

Xie Chi’s expression sank.

Taoist Lian Xi couldn’t help clapping his palms anxiously together. “In the three mountains case I mentioned earlier, the vital energy of a general and the wealth of a businessman will converge on the buried coffin to become… yin energy!”

“The zombies unearthed there…” Taoist Lian Xi shrank back and couldn’t continue.

“Hey, how could my brother take such a task? He isn’t proficient in feng shui so it is no wonder why he can’t see it.” Taoist Lian Xi grabbed Xie Chi’s hand and asked earnestly, “I’m busy with the task of driving the corpses. Little brother, once you go back later, you must remind my brother to be careful during the transportation. There must be no omissions. Once the zombie comes out of the coffin, he will die! If it hurts the common people then he must die to atone for his sins!”

Combined with Yan Jing, this was the second time Xie Chi was reminded about how evil the zombie was.

Xie Chi suddenly realized something and his face darkened. He tentatively wondered, “Why did the forest happen to grow there to block the sunlight?”

Taoist Lian Xi gave a long sigh. “I don’t know! It wasn’t here when I drove corpses a few years ago. A large area suddenly emerged in recent years. It is estimated that someone didn’t understand feng shui and planted it here casually. They can really find a place. The Mian Mountains is so big yet it was planted here. I thought no one would dig up the coffin in the pit so I wasn’t too worried. It is hard on my apprentice brother!”

Xie Chi got the answer he wanted and a corner of his mouth twitched.

The trees were probably intentionally planted here.

The four yin land and the ruined situation was deliberately created by someone with a clear purpose—to speed up the zombie transformation and enhance the zombie’s vital energy.

Connecting this with their commission to move the coffin and everything seemed confusing.

Xie Chi’s mobile phone lit up.

[Plot progress +5.]

[Fu*k?? If I’m not mistaken, this cannon fodder has made progress again? How long has it been since the last time? It hasn’t even been half an hour.]

[I lost. My Zhou Tong’s progress is still 0. Why is this little brother 8%?? His ability is beyond ordinary people.]

[What is this luck? I thought him being assigned to catch the pheasant was bad luck. Now looking at it, if he didn’t go to catch the pheasant then he wouldn’t come across Taoist Lian Xi. This is obviously the best luck!]

[Why did all the good things happen to him? Three people met Taoist Lian Xi yet Lian Xi chose him to help drive the corpses.]

[Don’t get all the credit to luck. I think he has some skill. If he didn’t ask the question then how could he get the plot progress? You are looking down on people.]

[This person doesn’t even have a prop. Isn’t he really a cannon fodder?]

[Extending my claws. I want to follow him.]

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