APP: Chapter 20

Xie Chi’s voice lowered as he asked, “What do you mean?”

“Just—” Yan Jing tried to recall his grandfather’s words. “Zombies are already evil. If they are still connected to their child with the coffin and blood, they will help each other in the process of transformation.”

Xie Chi stared thoughtfully at the small body beside the zombie and suddenly asked, “Are you sure it is a mutual help?”

“Yes.” Yan Jing was very certain.

Xie Chi quietly wondered, “Since they help each other, why is the big one a zombie but the small one still a preserved corpse?”

The small body was wrapped tightly with only the head exposed to the outside, but the exposed part confirmed there were no zombie changes.

Yan Jing was surprised. “Eh? The small one is a preserved body? Brother Xie, did you see it correctly?”

He couldn’t help muttering, “It shouldn’t be… if they help each other then they should’ve become zombies together…”

Yan Jing didn’t understand but Xie Chi had an idea in his heart. He thought for a few seconds and walked back to the coffin, pulling out his lighter like he wanted to light a cigarette. However, he didn’t hold the lighter firmly and there was a clatter as it rolled into the coffin. It bounced twice and fell into the deepest part of the coffin.

[His hands are shaking like this???]

[Don’t come here with this type of mental quality. It is hard to watch.]

Taoist Xuan Cheng had a long face. “Adding chaos at this time!”

Yue Xiuming couldn’t help cursing. “Hurry and take it out! If the lighter turns on and the zombie is burned, can you afford to fail the shooting?”

“Sorry.” Xie Chi leaned over to pick up the lighter. At the same time, he flicked open the sleeve of the small body and glanced at it.

Xie Chi’s pupils suddenly shrank.

The arm of the little corpse had… animal hair. It was red-grey fur that grew on the skin.

Xie Chi grabbed the lighter and came out like nothing had happened, nodding slightly apologetically to the crowd.

[I didn’t see that scene incorrectly, right? Animal fur, the colour is a bit like a fox or a weasel. My god.]

[So the corpse isn’t human? No, it is obviously a human head.]

[Fu*k, I’m too terrified to think.]

[Wait, this cannon fodder… he did it on purpose? In order to not be noticed?]

Xie Chi went to one side and his phone screen suddenly lit up.

[Plot exploration degree +3.]

Xie Chi’s lips slightly curved as he pushed his phone back into his pocket.

[?? He was the first to get the plot exploration??]

[Who is he? I don’t remember him at all. Asking if anyone knows him.]

[Didn’t it just coincidentally fall in? It is just shit luck.]

On the other side, Xuan Cheng made sure the coffin lid was covered again and called out in a loud voice, “Everyone gather together!”

Once the group surrounded him, Xuan Cheng glanced at the coffin behind him with a solemn expression. “This corpse has become a zombie. In the past, I would’ve burned it on the spot before it woke up. However, this corpse is my employer’s relative and I was entrusted by my employer to send it to their house. Thus, I can only make some preparations first to stop it before it wakes up. Then I will send it to Huai Ao Town…”

The Zombie Manual said that zombies were afraid of fire. Although a knife or g*n didn’t work, they could be burned by fire.

Generally, for corpses with signs of a corpse change at the time of burial, priests would propose direct cremation rather than a traditional burial. It was because the sky was yang and the earth was yin. The coffin being buried in the soil meant that corpses with signs of change would absorb the great yin in the earth over the years. This made it easy for them to become zombies.

However, the horror movie was set in the late Qing Dynasty where people were taboo about the cremation of corpses. So even if the corpse showed signs of changes during burial, it was still very rare to choose to burn the corpse.

A coffin with a zombie was generally fine if it wasn’t unearthed. Once unearthed, zombies would absorb the yin of the moon and would soon wake up to deal harm to the world.

Of course, a zombie didn’t have to be exterminated. As long as some special means were used to calm them down and stop them from doing evil, they could be retained.

Yue Xiuming took the initiative to ask, “Master, what should we do?”

Taoist Xuan Cheng felt guilty. “I was negligent as a teacher. I didn’t expect this corpse to become a zombie and I’m not prepared completely. I have to guard the zombie to prevent any changes and can only trouble you to help me.”

Xuan Cheng continued, “I have ink and you’ve brought glutinous rice. A substitute can be found for a bowl. The thing I need now is fowl blood.”

Taoist Xuan Cheng used this to make an ink straight line marker. (An inked cord is stretched tight and the lowered onto timber)

The ink marker mixed with fowl blood and glutinous rice being placed on the coffin had the excellent effect of containing the zombie within the coffin.

Taoist Xuan Cheng looked at Xie Chi and Yan Jing who were closest to him. “The two of you, go and catch a pheasant.”

Xie Chi whose eyes widened and thought he had misheard, “……”

Yan Jing and Xie Chi’s phones rang at the same time.

[The plot progress has been updated. The task: Actors Yan Jing and Xie Chi have to catch a pheasant in one hour. If they succeed, each person will be rewarded 10 points. If they fail, each person will have 30 points deducted to buy the prop ‘fowl blood’.]

Yan Jing froze for two seconds before smiling bitterly, “Brother, I had 52 points in total. 50 points was just deducted to buy those broken things and now I have 2 points. If I can’t catch the fowl then I will be cold…”

Xie Chi, “……” He wondered if his luck buff was actually working in reverse.

[They’re both unlucky. This is a random task and they’re suffering.]

[I always feel it isn’t so simple? Why is there no fowl blood? I’m blinding guessing there is a correlation to the main plotline.]

Apart from Lu Wen, everyone else was gloating.

Taoist Xuan Cheng asked them, “Do you want to go with them?”

The group shook their heads. They didn’t want to accept this task. The cannon fodder thought a pheasant wasn’t easy to catch while 10 points was nothing for Yue Xiuming and Zhou Tong. They didn’t want a loss.

Lu Wen had promised to take care of the two people and couldn’t let them go alone. He held his peach wood sword and his tone couldn’t be disputed. “I’ll go with you.”

The moment he uttered this sentence, Lu Wen’s phone rang.

[Actor Lu Wen has volunteered to join the mission. He will receive the same reward and punishment.]

Xiu Ming was disdainful. “He still has the leisure to take care of others.]

[There is really nothing to say about Lu Wen’s character. If it wasn’t for the face… I would be his fan.]

[Lu Wen is really reliable as a teammate. He is unlike Zhou Tong, who will throw you away after using you.]

The three of them left the big group and walked into the woods not far from the pit.

Yan Jing spoke with a bitter face as he walked, “Where are we going to catch a pheasant in this deep night?”

Xie Chi, “……”

Lu Wen glanced at Xie Chi, mouth slightly twitching.

[These words are ambiguous.]

[It feels like points have been deducted.]

Xie Chi whispered, “Don’t look for a pheasant. Wait for the pheasant to find us.”

Lu Wen looked back at him unexpectedly. “How?”

Xie Chi untied the bag of glutinous rice from his waist and slightly raised his eyebrows.

Lu Wen understood what he meant and was once again surprised by Xie Chi.

It seemed Xie Chi wasn’t the same as the painter he imagined. Although Xie Chi looked weak, he wasn’t rigid and he wasn’t an idiot in life.

[Q: What can glutinous rice do besides treat zombies?

[Hanging chicken hahahaha I can’t think of it.]

[His ability to adapt is a bit interesting.]

Xie Chi picked an area of flat grass and untied the small bag. He poured out a long line of glutinous rice on the ground and walked to the side, leaning against a big tree to wait.

Around 10 minutes later, a wild rooster appeared at the end of the grass. He carefully looked around for a while. Then after confirming there was no danger, he started to happily peck at the glutinous rice on the grass.

Yan Jing was blind so his hearing was extraordinary. He restrained his excitement as he exclaimed in a low voice, “Brother Xie! It is like you planned! How do we catch it now? I remember that pheasants can fly…”

For this type of small matter, Xie Chi consciously invited his boyfriend.

After a few seconds, Xie Xinglan came online and spoke lazily. “Xiao Chi, I’m a bit dissatisfied recently with you calling me Brother or Boyfriend.”

The suggestion was obvious. naked playing hooligan, he wanted to use the fowl to exchange for calling him… Husband.

Xie Chi froze for a few seconds before reacting. In their three years of being together, Xie Chi had never been forced to use such a shameful word.

A faint colour appeared on Xie Chi’s pale face and he secretly scolded this person, but he didn’t show it. “Brother, if you catch it then… I’ll call it.”

His voice gradually lowered. His face became hot but his expression was blank.

“Xie Chi?” Lu Wen found that Xie Chi was in a daze and called out to him. Seeing that Xie Chi didn’t respond, Lu Wen’s eyes locked on the pheasant as he gradually tightened his grip on the peach wood sword.

Xie Chi regained his mind. “I have a way to catch it—”

Before he could finish, he saw Lu Wen throw out the peach wood sword confidently. The next second, the tragic roar of the fowl resounded through the woods.

Xie Xinglan, who had just come out, glanced at the dead pheasant and his eyes narrowed dangerously.

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