APP: Chapter 19

[The plot progress has been updated. Inviting all actors to meet the NPC Taoist Xuan Cheng.]

At the bottom of the slope, Yan Jing heard this voice prompt and said, “It turns out that the old Taoist is an NPC.

He had been wondering if an actor would be playing the old Taoist while the other eight played the entry disciples. Looking at it now, it was actually the NPC old Taoist with nine entry disciples.

Not far away, Yue Xiuming stared at Yan Jing with slight disgust and poked Lu Wen in the side. “Since when can a blind person come to an unblemished movie? The app is too playful. Is it a grey cannon fodder?”

The man beside him was told and holding a peach wood sword that was around one metre long. Half of his face was sharp and angular, his eyebrows were strong and his features were cold.

Lu Wen cocked his head and ruthlessly removed Yue Xiuming’s hand, speaking coldly. “Is it any of your business if someone is blind? In addition, I’m not familiar with him.

Yue Xiuming choked up, his face full of embarrassment and anger. His last zombie movie happened to be with Lu Wen but he had never spoken to Lu Wen. He thought this person was quiet and hadn’t expected him to be so withdrawn and sharp. Yue Xiuming had wanted to become close to Lu Wen but now he was snubbed.

Yue Xiuming looked at the half of Lu Wen’s face exposed to him and his heart got a chill. He involuntarily took a few steps back.

The clear moonlight revealed the other half of Lu Wen’s face, which was covered with blue fish scales. It went from the eyes to the corners of the mouth. Every time Lu Wen made an expression, the fish scales would slightly move and he looked like a terrifying monster.

Lu Wen sneered when he saw Yue Xiuming’s subconscious movements.

[Ahhhhh disgusting. Although I don’t want a close-up of Lu Wen’s face, I want to see him fight!]

[How can someone grow up like this?]

[You’re too much! Lu Wen was influenced by his bloodline. He made his wish public. He came here to awaken his bloodline. Once it is awakened, the scales on his face will disappear.]

[Then why does he have this attitude toward Yue Xiuming?]

[Perhaps Lu Wen was pointed out so he hates this type of person…?]

[The man walking down the mountain is handsome but his face isn’t familiar. Is he a grey cannon fodder?]

[My Zhou Tong still has no sense of existence, heartache.]

[Hey, isn’t it well-known that Zhou Tong has few fans?]

[Who do you think will be first in this movie? I’m betting on Lu Wen.]

[Zhou Tong. He might be annoying but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. After all, this is Lu Wen’s third movie. Besides the cannon fodders, Lu Wen is the one with the least number of movies.]


Xie Chi was far away from the bottom of the slop. Once the other eight people met, they all looked up at all.

Yue Xiuming waited impatiently. “Who is this? Another cannon fodder? Isn’t he so weak that he’ll be used as a ball in the zombie movie?”

Zombie movies generally demanded more force from the actors than other movies.

Zhou Tong pulled out a lighter and lit up a cigarette. “He is my actor. I brought him in.”

Yue Xiuming was a bit surprised and his expression looked a bit better. “You are still bringing your own newcomer? You are optimistic about him? If he is covered by you then it is no problem.”

Zhou Tong smiled meaningfully and didn’t explain his true purpose.

Yan Jing felt Xie Chi approaching and excitedly went over to meet him. “Brother, what is our fate?”

It was truly a fate that went against the heavens. There were so many horror movies yet he met Xie Chi twice. it was also twice in a row.

Xie Chi went over to him and quietly asked, “Jing ah, why did you come to this movie?”

Yan Jing scratched his head. “Did I tell you that my grandfather is a Taoist? He isn’t very proficient with ghosts and monsters but is the type to catch zombies?”


Yan Jing was embarrassed. “I followed my grandfather and understand a bit, making this movie available to me. It happened that my agent thinks I’m useless so he inserted me in here…”

Xie Chi asked, “You are from a Taoist family?”

“No, no! I am…” Yan Jing paused. He was obviously a bit embarrassed but he thought about how this was Xie Chi and there was nothing to hide. “I’m an abandoned baby. There was a custom in my hometown. A baby just born should be thrown into the mountain forest for a night. If they aren’t killed by poisonous insects, freezes to death or eaten by beasts then they will have a good life. The material conditions of the village were too poor and there was no other way. I wasn’t fit and was thrown away. Then my grandfather found me and picked me up. According to him, I only had a breath left when he picked me up. It took 100 milks to save my life.”

Xie Chi hadn’t expected the always happy Yan Jing to have such a background.

Yan Jing seemed to be afraid of Xie Chi misunderstanding and he hurriedly exclaimed, “I wasn’t miserable, really! My grandfather…”

Xie Chi interrupted, “Then your eyes?”

Xie Chi remembered that Yan Jing voluntarily gained the yin yang eyes for the price of not being able to see people.

Yan Jing was rarely silent for a while before smiling. “My grandfather was older and his body wasn’t as good as before. He received a commission to go out to catch zombies and was blinded by the zombies…”

Xie Chi nodded in understanding. Yan Jing wanted to be his grandfather’s eyes and to see the zombie ghosts for his grandfather.

Xie Chi patted Yan Jing’s shoulder to comfort him when his hand froze. “Wait.”

“What’s wrong?” Yan Jing was confused.

Xie Chi’s eyes were tense. “There are zombies in your world?”

Yan Jing replied without thinking. “Yes, so many—what do you mean by ‘your’ world? Aren’t we in the same world?”

Xie Chi was silent for a few seconds, apparently realizing something. Then he spoke, clearly enunciating every word. “I live in a world where there are no zombies.”

Yan Jing’s expression was blank for a long time and he gulped. “Brother, you… don’t joke around.”

Xie Chi was about to speak when he glimpsed a man with half a face of fish scales coming up behind Yan Jing.

“Xie Chi?” Lu Wen wondered uncertainly.

Xie Chi was surprised and smiled gently. “That’s me. Hello.”

Lu Wen saw the white and clean hand stretching out to him and his eyes fixed on it, mind disconcerted.

The man in front of him might be wearing a messy robe but his temperament was indescribably elegant and friendly, his eyes clear and peaceful. It had been a long time since he was treated equally with this open attitude. Lu Wen was somewhat embarrassed as he reached out and shook hands.

Xie Chi was surprised that Lu Wen knew him. Then Lu Wen stated bluntly, “I have seen your exhibition before being tied to the app. We are from the same world, he is not.”

Lu Wen had apparently heard Xie Chi and Yan Jing’s conversation and kindly answered for them. Xie Chi was startled. So there really were different worlds?

Xie Chi glanced at the scales on Lu Wen’s face. Lu Wen was clearly human and belonged to the same world. So what else did Xie Chi not know about his world?

Yan Jing was shocked. “Brother, you’re a painter? Are you famous? Don’t tell me that you’re a soul painter…?”

Yan Jing felt deeply deceived.

Xie Chi wanted to reply in a perfunctory manner but Lu Wen had already spoken. “He is the most famous horror painter in our world.”

Yan Jing finally knew Xie Chi’s real profession and thought ‘wtf’ in his heart. He always guessed that Xie Chi was either a profiteer or a criminal. The least artistic person he knew turned out to be an artist.

Lu Wen held his sword. “This should be the first time you’ve entered a zombie movie. Follow me and I’ll take care of you.”

There were no extra expressions on his face. He stood there, tall and silent, very reliable.

Xie Chi was stunned for a second and smiled dumbly. Did he look so weak that this person took the initiative to protect him?

[This is the first time I’ve seen Lu Wen say so many words.]

[This man is a painter… it feels a bit futile.]

[The moment they entered, there is Lu Wen. Both of them are lucky.]

Yan Jing felt that Xie Chi could fight with Lu Wen’s brilliant achievements and was going to say something but Xie Chi spoke first. “Thank you.”

Lu Wen had good intentions and Xie Chi didn’t have to refuse. He could just return the favour later.

Yue Xiuming saw that Lu Wen, who just snubbed him, was happily talking with two cannon fodders. He sneered and inwardly scolded Lu Wen for being ungrateful before walking to Zhou Tong’s side.

Zhou Tong stated, “We are all together. Let’s go to the NPC.”

The moon was high and the nine people followed the instructions to walk down.

At this time, a person in a yellow robe was standing in front of a pit below the mountain. This should be Taoist Xuan Cheng that the app just mentioned.

Xuan Cheng had grey hair and seemed to be around 50 or 60 years old. His face was very skinny and he seemed a bit rigid. He was carrying an eight divinatory trigrams chart and moving back and forth. Finally, he stopped in one place.

The eight divinatory trigrams chart had been searching for something and now the needle on it didn’t move. This indicated that the coffin the employer mentioned was under his feet.

Taoist Xuan Cheng instructed the nine people. “Everyone come up and dig. Be careful not to damage the coffin.”

The tools had been prepared early in the morning. The nine people started to work hard and an hour later, a golden coffin was unearthed. The coffin was around two metres long and one metre high. It was golden and looked very thick. The four corners were slightly different in colour to the coffin. Xuan Cheng saw the coffin and his expression was a bit ugly.

“A copper cornered gold coffin.” Xie Chi’’s voice was deep.

Lu Wen looked at him with surprise.

Yan Jing heard these familiar words and reflexively pulled at Xie Chi. “Brother, most of these coffins are for… zombies.”

Generally speaking, when a person was buried, their bodies would show signs of changes. It was only when signs were seen that a coffin made of ordinary wood would be replaced with a copper-cornered coffin to hold the corpse and prevent the corpse from further changing.

Zhou Tong obviously also knew the situation and he asked Taoist Xuan Cheng, “Master, what do we do now?”

Xuan Cheng had a heavy expression and he thought about it for a moment. “Open the coffin.”

For their safety during the transportation, he had to check what was in the coffin. According to the employer, this coffin was buried more than 20 years ago. It was unknown to what extent the corpse had changed during these 20 years.

Four people were responsible for prying off the coffin’s nails. Lu Wen opened the lid and Taoist Xuan Cheng stared inside for a long time. Then his face whitened and he shouted, “No good! Fattening! It is a father and child coffin!”

Yan Jing heard ‘father and child’ coffin and his expression was surprisingly the same as Xuan Cheng.

Fattening referred to the paper-like folds on the face of a corpse. It could be a precursor to the corpse changes or a major facial feature of zombies.

Xie Chi was close and was the first to glimpse the situation in the coffin.

More than 20 years had passed but the body in the coffin hadn’t rotted. The coffin contained a man with grey and hair skin, messy hair, folds on his face, high cheekbones and sunken cheeks. His hands were crossed over each other over his abdomen and his long blue nails exuded a dull luster.

Long nails were also a major feature of zombies.

Taoist Xuan Cheng approached and opened the mouth of the male corpse to reveal four sharp fans had already grown. This was completely a zombie. There was a small corpse lying beside the male zombie. It hadn’t decayed like a normal corpse but there were no corpse changes. It was as if it had just entered the soil.

Xie Chi walked to Yan Jing’s side and asked, “What will happen if there is a corpse of a father and child in the same coffin?”

Yan Jing’s lips trembled. “Evil is added to evil and there is no limit to its magic power.”

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2 years ago

Ohhhh, they’re from different worlds 😯

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Scary~ way more scary than the dentist since it turns out this wasn’t the surgery TwT at least I got a push pop, thank you for the chapter~

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Yoshi K
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