APP: Extra 2 – Shen Yi and Su Qing

Near the end of the new year, many company employees asked for leave to return to their hometowns in advance. It was the same for the screenwriting industry. There weren’t many people who clocked in and went to work every day. Su Qing walked out of the office and there were only a few people left in the previously bustling company. Of course, they didn’t seem to be working seriously. One person had turned around the computer screen to play video games and even forgot to turn off the sound.

Su Qing walked over, coughed and knocked on the table to remind him. The young screenwriter looked up and saw that it was his boss. He didn’t show any nervousness at all about being caught. He just pretended to be stupid and smiled, “Su Su, are you done?” Everyone else also pretended to be serious. In fact, they all knew that Su Qing was the most approachable person and cared for everyone. It was such a time when the work was almost done so he wouldn’t embarrass them.

Su Qing tried his best to make his expression sullen. “Too impudent. Did you call me Su Su?”

The man laughed and apologized. “Boss, I was wrong.”

“Boss, we were wrong!”

Su Qing felt helpless. He had long recognized that he was a person others didn’t fear at all. It seemed that everyone knew he was just a paper tiger. “Remember it later.”

Someone cajoled him at the right time. “Boss is beautiful, boss is gentle and virtuous and will make money. My dream is to marry the boss!”

“This coarse man is talking nonsense!” The female colleague on the side laughed and scolded.

Su Qing felt that he had been treated kindly by the world. The entire company knew about his s*xuality but no one looked down on him. They knew he was alone so they took care of him and helped him.

He smiled slightly. It was a busy life with a strong human touch. He was satisfied as long as… he didn’t think of that man, the first person to call him Su Su. It had been a long time, too long to remember.

Su Qing was a bit absent-minded. Then he recovered and told them, “Go back when you’re done.”


As the people behind him cheered, Su Qing walked to the door and saw that the thick calendar had been torn to the point of thinness. There were only a few sheets left and there was an inexplicable tug on his heart.

One calendar after another. It had been so long. It had been 520 days. He remembered clearly. He tried to smile as he looked at the few pages remaining. He found that the last few pages were filled with the wishes of the employees for the coming year.

“Next year’s scripts will sell big and I will become rich!”

“Buy a house and get married!”

“I want to go on vacation! I have to work hard to earn money!”


Su Qing’s fingers were a bit stiff as he put down the calendar and lowered his eyes. He seemed… to have no wish.

Fortunately, even if there were no wishes, the days would keep passing. He didn’t spend the days like he didn’t see them. He just felt that the days were like melon seeds, tasteless and trivial. He looked at the mess and felt a sense of melancholy. It was really artificial.

Su Qing shook his head in the darkness and smiled at himself.

The employees finished packing their things and left one by one. One of them noticed that Su Qing was standing still. He took a closer look and smiled. “Boss, do you want to write something as well?”

“Come, I will get a pen for the boss!” The others immediately cooperated.

Su Qing tried hard to smile. “No, I think it’s pretty good now.”

“No! Don’t be shy! Have fun with us, come on!” Someone cajoled.

“No, I really don’t need it. I… have nothing to ask for.”

“Huh? Boss, don’t you have a wish?”

Su Qing stiffened.

Someone who knew a bit more hit the shoulder of the young girl and whispered, “Don’t ask.”

Su Qing heard it and was embarrassed. “I’m going first.”

Everyone nodded and waited for Su Qing’s thin back to disappear before they started talking in low voices.

“Did I say the wrong thing?”

“I heard Feng Yu say that Su Su is waiting for a dog man to come back. This is the original story.”

“Eh? I thought Feng Yu was chasing the boss?”

“The boss is so good yet he was dumped?!”

“Who knows. Perhaps this person has bad eyesight or is blind.”

“Su Su didn’t write anything down. Is he afraid to write it…?”


Su Qing stood at the top of the stairs and listened to the discussion inside with a wry smile. Was his acting so obvious? It seemed that anyone could easily know what he was thinking. Really…

By the way, Feng Yu? Su Qing frowned. He and Feng Yu were just friends. These people’s mouths were so broken. It was time to control them.

Su Qing went downstairs. Feng Yu’s flashy Lamborghini was parked by the side of the road with one or two tickets on it. Feng Yu saw this person coming downstairs and immediately opened the door, getting out of the car to open the backseat door for him. Su Qing stood in place a bit hesitant like he had something to say.

Feng Yu was confused and pointed upstairs. “Did they tease you again? I’ll teach them a lesson.”

Su Qing shook his head quickly. “No.”

“Come on, I’ll take you home.” He tapped on the door but Su Qing didn’t move.

“Feng Yu, you don’t actually have to treat me like this…”

Feng Yu’s face stiffened before he pretended to be relaxed. “Why are you saying this all of a sudden? Aren’t we friends? You don’t like to drive and have to squeeze onto that broken bus. I can’t stand to see it so I pick you up and take you home after work. Isn’t this normal?”

“No, don’t think too much. I always wanted to say it but I wasn’t very good before…”

“Then why are you acting like this now?” Feng Yu wanted to ask to the end. In the past, every time he helped Su Qing, Su Qing would cleanly pay back the favor. This was fine. He had numbed himself when it came to them. However, now Su Qing had to draw the line with him.

Feng Yu clenched his hands tightly. Su Qing had a bit of social fear and would instinctively avoid aggressive people. He retreated, a bit flustered. Feng Yu realized something. He raised his head, glancing upstairs while wondering angrily, “Did they talk nonsense again?”

“No!” Su Qing took a moment to organize his words. “Don’t get me wrong. I just think that this isn’t good for you. I’m an adult with hands and feet. I can do many things by myself and I don’t want to delay your time…”

Feng Yu took a deep breath like he had made a decision and interrupted, “It isn’t good? I am the one who asked for it. I know you can do it but I just want to take care of you.”

Su Qing’s eyes widened and he backed away.

“If you want to say things clearly then I will make it clear. I am chasing you. I don’t want to just remain friends but this isn’t contradictory to you waiting for someone. If you want to stop waiting one day, just turn your head and speak to me. Then can’t we be together? It will save time falling in love again.”

“Today, you have been waiting for him for 520 days. Just think of it as me chasing you for 520 days.”

Su Qing watched Feng Yu take out a bouquet of bright roses from the back seat of the car and his face turned pale. It turned out to be true. He was always slow and it was too late by the time he noticed it. Both sides were very embarrassed.

Feng Yu walked toward him and Su Qing stepped back. The sidewalk of the road separated them, clearly distinct.

Su Qing told him coldly, “I will take the bus home.”

Feng Yu’s face was completely ugly. He strode up, grabbed Su Qing’s wrist and exclaimed angrily, “You want to break off our friendship for him? What is so good about him? You have waited over 500 days for him. That is a year and a half! Is it worth it? You don’t want to be friends anymore. Is it because you are afraid he will come back and have a misunderstanding?”

“Su Qing, are you stupid? Did he say that he loves you? Did he say you would live your whole lives together? You regard him as so important but what if he is playing you? What will happen when he comes back? Will the problems between you no longer exist? Why do you want to treat yourself like this? He doesn’t cherish you at all!”

The blood on Su Qing’s face drained and his voice was cold. “Feng Yu, you are too much.”

Feng Yu smiled bitterly. “You don’t let me in your house at all but do you think I don’t know? I asked your decorating company. It is a damn couple’s apartment!”

“You have been living alone in a couple’s apartment for over a year. Don’t you feel uncomfortable looking at the pair of toothbrushes, pair of slippers and the double bed every day? Why insert a needle in your own heart?”

“I am sincere! Can’t you feel it?”

Su Qing pulled back his hand, looked up at this person and answered coldly, “There is no need for your reminder. I know exactly what I’m doing and I’m not uncomfortable. On the contrary, I am satisfied and happy. I really don’t feel it.”

Su Qing tried to stay calm and smiled. “Feng Yu, do you know that when people concentrate on one thing, they will subconsciously ignore everything else? It is because except for that one thing, nothing else is important.”

“Are you saying I’m in the less important category?”

Su Qing took a deep breath. “Yes.”

Feng Yu’s heart was completely cold.

“I don’t owe you anything. If you are good to me then I will reciprocate and be good to you. The two things cancel each other out. That’s it. I won’t see you again anymore.”

The bus came. Su Qing was relieved and hurriedly got on. Feng Yu watched him leave with red eyes.


Su Qing sighed, feeling extremely uncomfortable about another failed relationship.

He met Feng Yu by accident. One day, he was drinking coffee in a cafe. A man ran up to him and said he wanted to be friends. Then he gave Su Qing his business card. He also asked for Su Qing’s name and phone number but Su Qing didn’t give it. He accepted Feng Yu’s business card out of politeness and planned to throw it in the drawer until it was moldy.

Su Qing felt he would never see Feng Yu again. He didn’t expect this man to actually appear in the next department at work a few days later. He said it was a transfer. Su Qing didn’t care. In fact, he didn’t care much about anything except that person.

Feng Yu took the initiative to help and Su Qing was too embarrassed to refuse. After meeting again and again, Su Qing remembered it clearly. Feng Yu said he cherished their friendship and Su Qing could find him if there were any difficulties.

At the time, Su Qing thought his mother was right when she left. The world was beautiful and there were countless beautiful people. It was only by living that he could meet more beautiful things.

Feng Yu was a very beautiful person, making his dull life a bit more colorful. Now he couldn’t even be friends with Feng Yu.


Feng Yu threw the expensive roses into the trash can, lit a cigarette and leaned against the door as he watched Su Qing get on the bus, his heart aching. He didn’t chase after Su Qing. He wasn’t qualified.

He was nothing but a friend who popped up suddenly. Su Qing was very clear about everything and eliminated the possibility of relying on Feng Yu. Feng Yu used to spend several hours thinking of a decent reason to look for Su Qing.

It was always wishful thinking. Su Qing never gave him any hope. He always knew this. He just wasn’t reconciled. He knew the result but he still wanted to fight for himself. It was because that person wasn’t worthy. He was thousands of times better than that person. He confessed just in case there was a one in ten million chance that Su Qing happened to agree when he was vulnerable and lonely.

Feng Yu laughed mockingly, not knowing who he was laughing at. He watched the bus stopping and starting in the downtown area before finally disappearing from his field of view. His heart became more and more blocked. He took out his phone, turned it from side to side before finally opening… the supernatural movie actor app.

Feng Yu opened the chat box with Xie Chi and started typing.

Feng Yu: I failed.

Xie Chi: ?

Feng Yu: I confessed to Su Qing.

Xie Chi: ??? Fu*k, Feng Yu, you stupid bastard.

Feng Yu snorted: Xie Chi, I really hate you.

Xie Chi paused as he seemed to understand the meaning of Feng Yu’s words. After a while, there was a message from him.

Xie Chi: It’s none of my damn business. I asked you to ‘take care’ of him on behalf of Shen Yi yet you chased him behind my back. You also received so many points from me. I didn’t accuse you of ‘carrying out wicked deeds under the banner of virtue’. You actually took my points to chase someone.

Feng Yu: …Do you have to be so straightforward? Can’t you leave me some face? In addition, thinking about it, are you human? You asked me, a young man, to take care of a beautiful widow. Is it possible to be unmoved?

Xie Chi: …When I met you, you were a straight man with countless beautiful women.

Feng Yu: Fu*k you.

Feng Yu stomped his foot, put out the cigarette butt and threw it into the trash can to the side.

Xie Chi: Shen Yi is going to be resurrected. Go back and shoot good movies for me.

Feng Yu sneered and replied: I can’t chase him but that old dog might not necessarily get him back.

Xie Chi: That isn’t something for me to care about. Don’t mess around.

Feng Yu couldn’t suppress it and he had to ask clearly: Does Shen Yi really love Su Qing? The present Su Su is different from before. He won’t settle for less. If Shen Yi doesn’t love him, he won’t stay with Shen Yi.

Xie Chi: I don’t know. I fu*king regret it. Go back and don’t appear before me. If I have time then it is better to accompany my man.

Feng Yu swore and resisted the urge to throw his phone. He got into his car and started driving. He remembered the beginning of everything.

Su Qing and Xie Chi weren’t from the same world. It was impossible for Xie Chi to see Su Qing who had returned to his original world unless he spent points. Moreover, if Xie Chi went to Su Qing, he would have to answer Su Qing’s questions about why Shen Yi wasn’t there. So before Shen Yi was resurrected, Xie Chi couldn’t see Su Qing.

Out of thousands of choices, he found Feng Yu, an actor from the same world as Su Qing. He was from the same world and could appear in front of Su Qing without spending points. He also had a reasonable and unquestionable identity. After all, he was a native of this world.

He met other requirements such as: rich, straight, good ability and good personality.

Feng Yu just thought about the generous points he would be given and thought he just needed to care for a lonely man. It couldn’t be easier for him. He never expected his heart to be lost.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Yayy my favorite side pairing!! go shen shen go confess your undying love for ah qing !!!!

2 years ago

Feng Yu sounds like a creep. Who seeks out the designer of some one’s apartment to get info about their home. So many red flags in their conversation.

2 years ago
Reply to  ctomes

yeah i’m not a fan of him. he needs to know boundaries. i love Xie Chi’s response to him though.

1 year ago

u cannot force someone to move on, man. u even hurt his feelings just to make him realize ur feelings, that’s not good at all. u don’t like him at all. our little mother, su qing, deserves better !!

1 year ago

The poor man bent

1 year ago

Forcing love ain’t good you don’t force love on people who are not mutual that’s an emotional disaster in making.