APP: Chapter 178

Yan Jing ran over right away when he saw that Xie Chi was awake. He crouched by the sofa and asked questions like an old mother.

“I’m fine,” Xie Chi soothed him.

Li Hao followed and froze in place when he saw Xie Chi on the sofa. Xie Chi still had that gentle and familiar face but he gave off a different feeling. It was a subtle, indescribable change that made people’s hearts beat wildly with shock.

Yan Jing couldn’t feel it due to his worry but Li Hao’s expression was a bit frightened. The person on the sofa was sitting in a leisurely position, staring up at him blankly with a faint light flashing in his dark eyes.

“Who… who are you?” Li Hao questioned with difficulty.

Xie Chi was slightly surprised. He recognized Li Hao, who was Shen Yi’s good friend and later besieged Shen Yi with Jiang Shuo. Li Hao contributed a lot to Shen Yi’s death. Li Hao was alive because he left the Pet organization before Xie Chi fulfilled Shen Yi’s wish. After all, Shen Yi’s wish was just to destroy the Pet organization. If Li Hao was separated from the Pet organization then he naturally wouldn’t be destroyed.

Xie Chi didn’t bother to take care of him. This would be left to Shen Yi to deal with in the future.

Seeing the speechless Xie Chi, the always calm Li Hao actually lost his temper a bit and raised his voice to ask, “Who are you?!”

The moment Ren Ze came in, he saw Li Hao yelling at Xie Chi and was angry. He was about to push this person out when Xie Chi gave Ren Ze a look and signaled for him to do nothing. Then he cocked his head and smiled at Li Hao, tone plain. “I am Xie Chi.”

Li Hao shook his head. There was thick darkness in his eyes like he was caught in a nightmare. “No… you are… you are the descendant of the demigod. The demigod genes successfully returned to their ancestor and gave rise to the demigod lineage with abilities, right? Right…”

Li Hao finally remembered clearly… this was the aura of the demigod. Previously, Jiang Shuo had summoned an illusion of the demigod and this left an impression on Li Hao. Now he was feeling the same aura from Xie Chi’s body. This made him unable to calm down.

Ren Ze and Yan Jing glanced at each other as they finally discovered the subtle differences in Xie Chi.

Xie Chi smiled happily. “Yes, your words are right.”

Xie Chi knew very well that he wasn’t Si Nian. He was Xie Chi. He had just been worrying about how to explain the change in himself to the outside world when Li Hao handed it to him. He had to thank Li Hao.

Yan Jing and Ren Ze couldn’t believe their ears for a moment. The demigod genes returning to their ancestor? So Xie Chi?!

“I am now the agent of the demigod’s descendant?” Yan Jing gulped and looked blank. Happiness came too soon.

Xie Chi frowned at Li Hao. “You can go now.”

The words strongly implied that he wanted to drive out the guest. Li Hao immediately sobered up. He wanted to speak but his eyes swept over Ren Ze and Yan Jing and he stopped. Ren Ze immediately dragged out the giggling Yan Jing.

“Go ahead.” Xie Chi turned around and poured a glass of water.

Li Hao declared, “I want to resurrect Shen Yi.”

Xie Chi was taken aback. Then he found it really interesting. “Are you sure you didn’t say it incorrectly? It is Shen Yi you want to resurrect, not Jiang Shuo?”

“Yes,” Li Hao answered. “I don’t owe Jiang Shuo anything. He created me and I have worked for him for many years. His current ending is his own fault. However, I owe Shen Yi.”

Xie Chi stared deeply at him.

He originally planned to drink the glass of water himself but now he handed it to Li Hao.

“So why are you looking for me?”

Li Hao took it and answered, “I just want you to not kill me until I have fulfilled my wish. At least give me a chance to atone.”

“How many points is he worth?”

“110,000 points.” Li Hao showed Xie Chi his phone.

Xie Chi’s eyes swept over Li Hao’s wish interface. It was indeed 110,000 points. Shen Yi’s wish was worth 100,000 points so it was reasonable to resurrect him with 110,000 points.

Li Hao saw that this person was silent and thought Xie Chi felt he couldn’t earn so much. His heart jumped and he explained, “This 110,000 won’t be earned only by myself. Shen Yi has many partners he went through life and death with. Some have already left and some have returned to the app. I have contacted them and they are all willing to…”

“Share the wish, right?” Xie Chi interrupted. There were some people who were remembered by the living even when dead. Shen Yi’s achievement in this regard was worthwhile.

“Yes!” Li Hao saw Xie Chi’s relaxed expression and hurriedly added, “We are sharing the wish and the points will add up. It won’t take a long time. It will be two or three years at most… so please give me this opportunity…”

His heart sank when he saw Xie Chi’s impatient expression. Then Xie Chi patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t waste time talking nonsense with me. Go back and work hard.”

Li Hao was stunned.

Xie Chi smiled and added, “Take me to do it as well.”

Li Hao was full of disbelief. Just as Xie Chi was about to drive him away, Li Hao suddenly reacted. “I still have information. I don’t know if you need it.”

He originally planned to use this information as a bargaining chip to fight for the opportunity. He didn’t expect that Xie Chi would agree so easily and he felt ashamed for a while.

“Say it.”

Li Hao saw that Xie Chi was absent-minded and knew he might be taking up Xie Chi’s time, so he simply said, “Jiang Shuo knew about the blank paper because he was very eager to become a god. He investigated the demigod and spent a lot of points understanding the details. This allowed us to get a glimpse of the demigod’s true face and his items.”

Xie Chi’s mood was complicated for a while.

Li Hao saw that Xie Chi’s expression was strange and confused so he said sincerely, “You are now the movie emperor and you have the demigod’s lineage. Sooner or later, you might reach the demigod position. I will tell you everything I know and it might be useful for you in the future.”

“…I’m not interested in the demigod’s matters.”

Li Hao was surprised. “Don’t you want to know the secret of becoming a god?”

Xie Chi secretly laughed and cried. “What do you know?”

“It is said that the demigod wrote a movie script before he died. The script contains the ultimate secret of the app. If you spend points then you can learn the name of the script from the app. In this way, the path to becoming a god will be more orderly.”

Xie Chi wondered, “Jiang Shuo didn’t know it?”

Li Hao shook his head. “The points are too expensive. This information requires a full 100,000 points.”

Xie Chi was shocked before laughing blankly.


Xie Chi sent Li Hao away, closed the door and leaned against it, quietly looking at the clear sky outside the window. White clouds were flying in the sky and people couldn’t help wondering if there was an immortal palace above the clouds. Then what type of carefree life did the gods in the immortal palace live?

The script written by Si Nian was… Living Hell. It was the Living Hell that Xie Chi had been to.

The app announced it and said that the movie was quite special. The special feature was because the script was made by the demigod Si Nian. Time was tight and the script was rough. It ended quickly so it was just an orange script. The quality wasn’t high but the secret of a god was hidden in it.

—Up was hell, down was the world. This was the answer that Si Nian spent years finding.

Gods, humans and ghosts were creatures of three different dimensions. People lived in the human world and ghosts naturally had a world where they lived. The gods were no exception. Every creature in the world obeyed the laws of the world in which they lived.

He was a human and the target of the app was ghosts. The nature of the app was self-evident. It was a horror movie company between the human world and ghost world. It was relatively fair because it was just a business tool.

Every world followed the law of conservation of energy but energy was different in different worlds. The energy of the ghost world was higher than the human world. Therefore, humans benefited a lot when trading with the ghost world. They could gain abilities that humans couldn’t possess.

This wasn’t too much of a drain on the ghost world. It was because in the ghost world, every ghost was very strong. It could be said that almost every ghost was stronger than humans. Of course, it didn’t rule out the humans who gained more power than ghosts through continuous trading with ghosts. It was just that there was a limit to this acquisition. It was because there were differences between species and creatures in different worlds followed different laws.

To be a god was to change from one creature to another.

In the final analysis, the demigod was a human being. He was the best human in the human world and was on the edge of the limit. He still embraced the laws of the human world.

A god was another species. The moment they left the human species, they would no longer be restricted by the laws of the human world. Still, this didn’t mean they would be omnipotent. On the contrary, they would be… subject to the constraints of the higher dimension god world.

A new god was undoubtedly the ant in the god world, not the best person in the human world.

The actor’s imagination of covering the sky with one hand was just speculation. The dimension had become higher so the laws became mysterious. A terrifying energy that could destroy a city in the human world couldn’t make the water ripple in the god world.

Beyond the top of the mountain was indeed a higher mountain. However, those who voluntarily climbed up didn’t reach the heights they expected. Instead, they fell directly into the abyss and became the bottom of the pyramid

There, the laws had changed. The world of the gods might be tens of millions times more sinister than the world of humans. There might even be a law where the weak should be killed. After all, humans always followed the law of the jungle.

Power was often accompanied by ambition, disputes and fighting.

The world of gods didn’t mean peace. God was just the name of a species. It was a name, just like a person could be called a pig. The beautiful meaning behind it was conceived by people who couldn’t see gods. It was given by humanity.

However, no one had even seen a god. The gods might be in a higher dimension but they might not be happier than humans.

The human world was an abyss of suffering. People might think they would be satisfied if they left this world but above their heads was another, deeper hell. Those who sought liberation would never be liberated. It was because seeing clearly was the prerequisite for liberation.

This was why Si Nian said as he died that those who dreamed of becoming a god would also die. Becoming a god was just a vain dream.

Up was hell, down was the world.

Those who flew up would eventually bind themselves in a cocoon.

Proofreader: Purichan 

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2 years ago


2 years ago

okay… but this is indeed a good meassage.

2 years ago

A meaningful message…

2 years ago


2 years ago

falling into deep reflection after that

2 years ago

Wow, Xie Chi already played the lead role in his script. I love how so much of this story is tied together.
Actually I just realized that is Ren Ze fulfilled his wish, then Ran Ran has her body and is free in the world ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

2 years ago

Xie Chi is Shen Yi’s great granddaddy

1 year ago
Reply to  Reapr

This cracked me up 💀💀💀

2 years ago

damn i thought Living Hell just similar to how this app and it’s surrounding situation works but turns out it is the real representation of that O_O

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1 year ago

I think Si Nian and Xie Chi were also the best figures to represent humanity. They were once the Demi-god who genes were taken, and it was even JS (or whatever the name of the recently dead movie emperor is of the Pet org) who wished to rid the world of negative genes and who used and have SN’s genes.

I think it’s ironic how even from the start, Xie Chin was considered an imperfect pet because he had a split personality, and it was considered a mental illness. But that illness made him human. So pretty funny how Pet org under JS was chasing perfection and being gods, when the Demi-god whose gene they used wished for imperfection and to be human (like he even wanted to be more “selfish and indifferent” in his next life).

This chapter was really good in explaining how the demigod was a human being who “embraced the laws of the human world.”

Yeah he had a bad end, but he came back more human (with more human values) and defeated the ones who strived to be gods (but also who threw away their human values).

So I guess kinda cliche ending where Humanity wins, but I really liked the big message that being human isn’t a bad thing.

Sorta poetic justice in a way.

Tin fell
Tin fell
1 year ago

I always had a feeling the Living Hell instance had something more to offer than it just being a movie but who would’ve thought… my world views have definitely changed after reading this 😵‍💫

1 year ago

So deep. It’s better yo be God among man than man among Gods