APP: Chapter 175

All of the actors’ phones rang.

[People are full of intrigues, desire is endless and life goes beyond that. Congratulations to all those who are still alive. In this foggy tarot game, you have found your own fulfillment.]

[The movie ‘Tarot Game’ has ended perfectly.]


[Wow, this ending!! Ahhhh it is so complete. I really like it.]

[The eternal God Chi wuwuwu. I said that he must be the last one standing!]

[Wuwuwu Mom never doubted her son. I’m so proud.]

[This is the best horror movie I’ve seen this year. I’ve already made a booking to watch it two or three times.]

[Xie Chi is really awesome. I’m completely convinced. I’m looking forward to his wonderful works in the future.]

[The shortest movie emperor in history, Jiang Shuo. I’m good, I’m good.]

[Hehe, at least Jiang Shuo has been a movie emperor. Xie Chi might be killed before becoming a movie emperor.]

[Jiang Shuo’s fans are already starting to curse? Hehehe, is it so hard to admit that others are good?]

[Hurry up and do the comprehensive evaluation ahhhhh. Let the movie upgrade him in one stop to the movie emperor so that this group of dogs completely disappears.]

[By the way, don’t you think that Jiang Shuo’s last expression was strange.]

[I seem to have heard God Xie say ‘blank paper’? Is there anything special about this?]

[…Damn, I feel like this item is a bit familiar.]

[Ahhh I’m curious about what item Chi Chi will get. The quality must be at least peak red right? The Void Crossbow is gone. Will it be a killing weapon as famous as the Blood Demon Sword?!!]

[Oh my god.]


The actors who didn’t get any items left. In front of the ruins of the castle, only Ye Xiaoxiao and Xie Chi stood. Ye Xiaoxiao was surprised before smiling happily. She actually got an item in a red movie. She just came in to help Xie Chi. The result now could be called a serendipitous success.

Xie Chi gave her a gentle nod and entered privacy mode. He looked a bit languid.

Jiang Shuo was dead and the Pet organization was at the end of the road. He was about to fulfill his wish and leave the app. No matter how good the quality of the item obtained right now, it had nothing to do with him. He now wanted to leave the movie quickly, redeem points to get his brother and sleep with peace of mind.

‘It is really boring,’ Xie Chi thought.

Then once he looked up and saw the item in front of him, astonishment appeared on his face. The item in front of him rotated slightly under the Sun card, reflecting a white and bright look. Xie Chi couldn’t be more familiar with it. It was…  a blank piece of paper.

How come? The previous one was clearly used by him.

Xie Chi frowned and walked forward. He grabbed the newly acquired item and twisted the paper in his hand. After examining it, his frown deepened. This was indeed the blank paper but the quality was obviously higher than the previous one. The moment he touched the body of the paper, he could feel its spirituality.

The details of the item were sent by the app. Xie Chi lowered his head and glanced at the name of the new item ‘Blank Paper’ with a slightly startled expression. He really got another blank paper. The details were different this time.

[Item brief description: This item is produced in the movie Tarot Game. In Tarot Game, blank cards can mean infinite possibilities. For the blank paper, the possibilities are created by you.

In Tarot Game, the end of one cycle is the beginning of the next cycle. Life is a ring that is connected end to end. The white paper means a clean new life and your future is drawn by your own hands.]

Xie Chi pursed his lips. The reason for producing the blank paper was very good but the same actor obtained the same item in two completely different movies. Was this really okay? Had anything like this happened before in the app?

In other words, the app felt he needed an unrestricted item like the blank paper. It was too lazy to make new items with similar effects so it simply re-stirred it and rewarded him with a blank piece of paper. Was it because he was a painter and the blank paper was the most convenient for him to use?

Xie Chi suppressed the weird feeling and bound himself to the blank paper. There were only advantages and no disadvantages. He could use this piece of paper to draw a handy weapon for his brother.

Xie Chi left the movie.


Once Xie Chi and Ye Xiaoxiao left, the big black screen in the movie theater lit up again.

The ghosts stretched out their necks and stared intently.

The part that would be carried out immediately was the second definition of the movie’s quality. For such a movie, the significance of this part was self-evident. The ghosts didn’t dare to blink or break the atmosphere out of fear of missing the most glorious moment in the app’s history.

The movie theater that had been noisy for the whole movie was silent at this time. Anxiety rose rapidly from the short wait and finally reached a critical point. It exploded like a plague and infected everyone present.

Xie Chi’s fans were eager and sweating nervously while Jiang Shuo’s fans were praying he would fail. The lights on top of the big screen turned on and the second definition began. The color of the red Tarot Game card was rapidly deepening.

In the dark movie theater, there was only a touch of magnificent red on the screen for a while. The red flashed and changed, touching people’s hearts.

“Why are you shaking…?”

“Fu*k, I’m pissing myself!”

“Chi Chi must be fine, must be fine, must be…”  There was a ghost babbling with his head down.

The color of the card was stuck at the critical point between red and black. The red encountered an unprecedented obstacle here but it still seemed to have a lot of spare power. It triggered the residual power and charged again and again, as if to break through the indestructible barrier and reach the highest place where few people could come.

Everyone’s heartstrings became more and more tense at the wave-like impacts. Finally, there was a sound and the bright red card on the big screen broke like glass.

The audience was frozen. On the big screen, the red was fading. The card was split and reorganized. The red seemed to wash away its own arrogance and finally became a deeply charming and mysterious black.

All of the audience members understood what this black meant. On the big screen, the reborn black Tarot Game was spinning quietly. It was so quiet in the movie theater that even the sound of a pin falling could be heard.

Finally, as if an appointment was made, deafening cheers and screams erupted in the movie theater. Some were speechless, some were crying, some lowered their heads with ugly expressions and some left in dismay.

This amazing second-tier actor not only killed the movie emperor but became a unique new movie emperor in the app, creating an era that belonged to him alone. He proved to the app that there was no hurdle he couldn’t cross, no shore that his wisdom couldn’t reach. It wasn’t a miracle that favored him. He was the one who created the miracles himself.

“Wuwuwuwu Chi Chi! Mom is so happy that she wants to faint!”

“Dad Shen Yi, do you see it! Our Chi Chi did it!”

“Damn… the new movie emperor! Fu*k!!!”

“Chi Chi, I’m so proud of you!!”

The major movie theaters were very chaotic and the ghost police struggled to maintain order. The news of the change in movie emperors spread rapidly and the ghost world was once again destroyed.

People flocked to the movie theater and that night, everyone remembered Xie Chi’s name. His experience was thrilling to read about. He was a legend. In the theater, Xie Chi’s fans were tearfully shouting, “The future belongs to Xie Chi.”

Their shouts were overwhelming.


On the big screen, the comprehensive evaluation scrolled in a lonely manner.

[Tarot Game Actor’s List:

First male lead: Xie Chi, 96% plot exploration. 5,000 points have been rewarded (the second definition is a black movie and the reward is according to a black movie).

Reached the perfect ending: Reversed the tower. Rewarded with 2,000 points.

There was strong resistance from other actors and a bonus 1,000 points have been rewarded.

Total number of fans: 197,778, rounded up to 1,978 points.

Total: 9,978 points.

Total combined points: 115,923 (of which 97,230 have been inherited).

Second female lead: Ye Xiaoxiao, plot exploration degree of 33%, 3,000 points have been rewarded.

There was strong resistance from other actors and a bonus 1,000 points have been rewarded.

Total number of fans: 25,611, rounded up to 256 points.

Total: 4,256 points.

Third male lead: Ren Ze, plot exploration degree of 30%, 1,000 points are rewarded.


Fourth female lead, fifth male lead…

Dead actors: Jiang Shuo, Gu Yu, etc.]


In the office, Yan Jing was chattering excitedly. Lu Wen, Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao smiled and talked like there were endless words to say. Xie Chi smiled and entertained them. At the same time, he took out his mobile phone, spent 100,000 points to realize Shen Yi’s wish and threw the mobile phone aside on the sofa.

“Brother Xie, I’m the agent of the movie emperor.” Yan Jing finished talking. His nose was red and he pinched himself as he looked up.

He was just comforting Xie Chi and making an excuse to stay with him when he said those words previously. Yan Jing hadn’t expected his words to come true one day. He became the agent of the number one person in the app.

Yan Jing looked at Xie Chi who was smiling at him and for a moment, there was a strong dream-like feeling of joy.

Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao had realized their wishes due to the large number of points they won in the last battle and their faces were relieved. Lu Wen wasn’t good at words but he watched Yan Jing shyly and gently.

It was a moment of joy in the huge office.

Xie Chi went to the window and opened the curtains. Outside, the sun was shining in a vibrant manner.


Everyone gave their congratulations and tacitly started to walk outside the door.

“Say hello to Brother Xinglan for us.” Yan Jing winked at Xie Chi and smiled like a thief before quickly sprinting to catch up with the rest of the group.

“I know.” Xie Chi closed the door helplessly and sat on the sofa. He looked at the only wish left on the wish interface and took a deep breath. He was reaching out his hand to that wish little by little when a message popped up on the app.

[It has been detected that the conditions are fulfilled. The demigod’s wish is fulfilled immediately.]

[Content of the demigod’s wish: Keep my soul. Once I become the movie emperor again, awaken my memories and return to the peak of my strength.]

[Wish time: 30 years ago.]

[Wish cost: 50,000 points.]

Proofreader: Purichan 

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Ohhh and here’s the connection!!

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so the reason why xie chi kept have those dreams like as if he can tell his future is bcs of the demigod’s past or something?

and heyyyy does lu wen crush on yan jing hehheheh.
i did ship lu wen x yan jing (♡˙︶˙♡)
bcs “Lu Wen wasn’t good at words but he watched Yan Jing shyly and gently”

10 months ago
Reply to  Latte

Oh my I completely forgot about this that means that temple guy was him!!!

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the reason for his dreams is here and also because he suddenly wanted to become a painter, right? i’m a little dizzy, it’s so good i’m going to cry

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Why do I feel like Xie Chi will be annoyed rather than intrigued XD

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Xiao Zu
Xiao Zu
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aaaaaaaaaaaa que emoción y felicidad, sin duda un cap lleno de serotonina para mí por favor autor dame 100 extras de la vida pos de todos con detalles