APP: Chapter 17

Xie Chi was only amazed for a moment before his calm returned. He leaned against the wall lazily and waited for the two policemen to finish their inspection and leave.

He still remembered his previous findings. Those selected by the app all disappeared for a while. After appearing again, they either died strangely in just one day or they got what they wished for.

It was only by dying or completing the wish and unbinding the app that he could physically return to the real world. During the transaction with the app, he could touch objects and live a normal life, but he couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.

In other words, he was no different from a ghost right now.

He could even create a ‘spooky incident’ to scare away the two policemen but Xie Chi wasn’t so bored.

A policeman spoke while searching. “Tell me, in the end, what is going on between this missing person Xie and his parents? This family is so strange. You say his mother doesn’t care about him but she was the first to discover it when her son went missing. You say his mother cares about him but his parents have already moved abroad, leaving him alone in the country…”

“The most amazing thing is how his mother found out he is missing. She couldn’t say how but she was convinced her son was missing and asked us to check it. However, there was no nervousness on her face at all. She wasn’t like a mother, more like… um, how to say it—I will inform you that my son is missing and just check if you want.”

“Right, it is this feeling!” The other person agreed immediately.

Xie Chi’s lips slightly curved up, his eyes a bit cold. He hadn’t expected his nominal mother to care about his disappearance. The reason she knew he was missing was because… he had a positioning chip in him.

Xie Chi followed a distant memory and touched a place on his right shoulder. It was clearly smooth and warm but there was an innate cold imprint. Pets were easy to lose and this would make their owners sad. Therefore, the mark existed to let the owner always find their pet. The woman must’ve found that she couldn’t locate him and called the police.

After finding nothing, the two policemen left. Then the phone in his bedroom rang and Xie Chi picked it up.

Yan Jing had sent several messages in the friends column:

Yan Jing: Brother Xie, congratulations! I said you could do it!

Yan Jing: We are currently a spiritual body. So exciting!

Xie Chi sent a few sentences back. He just wanted to turn off the phone screen when a message popped up.

[Your agent Zhou Tong is inviting you to his office. Do you agree?]

Xie Chi wanted to meet this stupid idiot and clicked [Confirm].

The next second, the scene in front of him started to twist and tear. Once Xie Chi opened his eyes again, he was standing in front of an office door. The app’s transfer function could also be used this way. Xie Chi smiled.

“Come in!” Zhou Tong’s voice contained anger.

Xie Chi smiled softly and pushed open the door.

The small office currently contained seven or eight people. Zhou Tong was the one in the middle surrounded by the others. He was a man with a bit of ugliness. He was in his 30s and thin, with thin lips and small eyes. He looked like an ordinary white-collar man.

The people on the side secretly looked at this gentle-looking man who entered and their eyes were filled with faint malice.

“Little Shen Yi is here.” One person spoke in a mystifying manner.

“2340 points. Movie Emperor Shen Yi only got 210 in the beginning. Brother Zhou, you haven’t brought such an awesome newcomer before. You should cherish it.”

Zhou Tong sneered. “Little Shen Yi? You are really raising him up.”

Xie Chi glanced at the man. “Don’t call me Little Shen Yi.”

Zhou Tong asked sarcastically, “You still know modesty?”

Xie Chi smiled. “No, he is 210 and I’m 230. I’m obviously better than him so don’t call me Little Shen Yi. It is an insult. Thank you.”

“Crazy!” Zhou Tong was choked up with anger and the actors under him had disbelieving expressions. They suspected there was something wrong with their ears.

Xie Chi’s friendliness to people was nothing more than meeting the needs of society. He was actually arrogant and narcissistic to his bones.

For him, if something felt impossible then it was impossible. Revering someone he would surpass was beyond possibility. He wasn’t the continuation of another person’s name. He was Xie Chi.

Zhou Tong knew that talking to this person wasn’t good and threw a bundle of contracts at Xie Chi. “Apologize to me for the previous incident and then sign the contract and I won’t care about it.”

Strong jealousy appeared in the eyes of the people to the side. They all knew what Zhou Tong was thinking. Xie Chi’s potential was obvious to everyone. If he joined then the points that he would give to Zhou Tong afterwards would obviously be endless.

The relationship between an agent and an actor in the app wasn’t much different from reality. The stronger the actor, the more accommodating the agent. The weaker the actor, the fiercer the agent toward them.  For example, if the actor didn’t know two much then the agent would assist them. However, they had to pay points to please the agent in exchange for the necessary information and help. The more well-understood agents would choose horror movies that were more suitable for the actor.

The agent was also an actor. It was a side business that an actor could choose after earning a certain amount of points. The level of the agent was generally higher than their actor and they could indeed help the low-level actors.

These people’s minds were full of thoughts while Xie Chi had mostly read over the contract and sneered.

He hadn’t expected Zhou Tong to also engage in the guild system. New actors who joined the guild would pay 50% of their points to the guild in exchange for the recognition of the guild’s actors and Zhou Tong’s help.

Zhou Tong was enraged when he heard the mocking laughter and stood up. “What do you mean by this?”

Xie Chi shrugged and said helplessly, “I’m sorry, I’m a bit… I don’t want to sign such a deal.”

Xie Chi had never thought of reconciliation. After all, stupidity wouldn’t stop after a day and this person would continue to be stupid. The actors ‘successfully’ standing here had given 50% of their points to the guild and definitely wouldn’t be able to help him. They were just mobs.

As for Zhou Tong, perhaps he might be able to temporarily help but this wasn’t worth exchanging Xie Chi’s pwn points. Taking his points meant preventing him and his brother from seeing each other as soon as possible.

Xie Chi’s eyes were cold.

The other actors were shocked by Xie Chi’s choice and were unable to speak for a long time. Zhou Tong was so angry that he trembled. “You better think about it clearly! Don’t be so fu*king disrespectful!”

He wanted to reconcile due to Xie Chi’s points but if Xie Chi didn’t listen then he wouldn’t be affected. So what if there was potential? He just needed to kill Xie Chi in the cradle. He had seen too many newcomers die in their infancy. Xie Chi had only killed the trash Zhou Wen. Zhou Tong was many times more powerful.

Xie Chi smiled lightly. “I think I see it quite clearly. The one who doesn’t understand is you.”

Xie Chi knew it would be troublesome to provoke Zhou Tong at present but he didn’t care. He had always been spoiled by his brother. In any case, there was no going back. Apologizing was impossible and there was no need to talk about paying points. Therefore, he could only face the difficulties. It was as simple as that. There was no other choice.

The other actors had incredulous faces. Was this man… crazy?

Xie Chi loosened his hand and the over a dozen pages in the contract fell freely. He walked out with one hand in his pocket, his back as thin and tall as cedar.

The other actors watched Xie Chi disappear and couldn’t help saying, “Brother Zhou, isn’t he taking himself too seriously?”

Zhou Tong slammed down on the table angrily. “Previously, Zhou Wen’s agent called and wanted me to give him an account regarding Zhou Wen’s death. I had to give him 50 points to calm this matter!”

Zhou Tong grew even angrier. Xie Chi had 230 points. If he had signed the contract then Zhou Tong would’ve got half. That was 115 points. Now he had lost 50 points in vain.

Someone tentatively wondered, “Then you’re going to…”

Some of them had acted in more than one horror movie and still had a white title. They often failed to get the reward of the comprehensive evaluation. Now they suddenly saw a newcomer even more dazzling than the movie emperor and felt uncomfortable. They wished he would offend others and destroy himself.

Zhou Tong chuckled as he stared at the door with some fierceness. “He asked for it.”

Three days later, he was going to a zombie horror movie with an unblemished quality. Although Xie Chi’s title was too low to allow him to enter this movie, an agent had special permission to allow his actor to enter a slightly higher quality horror movie.

Once the time came…

Zhou Tong bent down to pick up the scattered papers on the ground and laughed.


At the same time, in another building, an agent opened the door of the movie emperor’s lounge.

The lounge was decorated in a low-key, luxurious style. A tall man had his back to the door while tending the flowers and plants in his hand. Shen Yi had been sitting on the app leaderboard for more than a year and was the well-deserved movie emperor.

“Is there something?” Shen Yi looked sideways and frowned slightly. His beautiful face was full of impatience at being disturbed.

The agent subconsciously straightened. “There is a newcomer that I’m paying special attention to. He feels a bit like you.”

He spoke conservatively. The appearance was at least 30% similar but the temperament between the two people was completely different. The other man looked more gentle and elegant.

“That…” The agent wanted to mention that the man had broken Shen Yi’s record.

Shen Yi interrupted him. “Are you too idle lately?”

He wasn’t even interested in knowing this person’s name.

The agent suddenly felt that he had done something troublesome and stupid. He even compared a newcomer who had just passed a novice movie to the top 1 in the app. It was already giving him face that Shen Yi didn’t scold him.

There were so many newcomers so why should Shen Yi care? It just happened to break Shen Yi’s record but what could a novice movie prove? It might be good luck. However, it wasn’t due to luck that Shen Yi could climb to this position.

The agent immediately dismissed the idea of continuing to follow the newcomer.

The app had Shen Yi. There wouldn’t be a second one.


Back in his bedroom again, Xie Chi opened the app and entered ‘how to change agents’ in the search box.

There were two answers found.

1. Reach 1,000 points and there would be an opportunity to change agents.

2. The agent dying unexpectedly in a horror movie. Note: The agent is also an actor. If the actor reaches a certain number of points then they can choose to become an agent as a side job.

In the short term, Xie Chi wouldn’t be able to reach 1,000 points. He felt a bit helpless and put away his phone to take a shower. Just after changing his pyjamas, the phone on the table rang again. Xie Chi opened the app.

(Congratulations on completing the novice compulsory movie and officially becoming a qualified actor. Your wish realization plan has now been designed.]

Wish realization plan? Xie Chi realized what these words meant and clicked on the sent plan. He glanced casually at it and his hands started to tremble.

Actor Xie Chi’s Wish Realization Plan:

Your wish: Let Xie Xinglan obtain a body.

There are two implementation plans in the app design:

Option 1: You can select a body owned by the app and let Xie Xinglan’s soul be injected into the body.

Step 1: Pick the body you are satisfied with.

Step 2: Divide your soul and Xie Xinglan’s soul.

Step 3: Inject Xie Xinglan’s soul.

After Step 3, you can choose to consume a certain number of points for a short period of time or you can choose to redeem the required points once and have it last forever.

A body? The blue vein on Xie Chi’s forehead bulged. His heart beat a bit faster before he suppressed it.

Option 2: Look for an artist to draw a model. The body will first be constructed and then Xie Xinglan’s soul injected into the body when needed.

Step 1: It is up to you to find a suitable artist to design Xie Xinglan’s appearance.

Step 2: Complete the manufacturing of the body (we guarantee a 100% reproduction as long as the artist’s drawing is in place)

Step 3: Put the model body of Xie Xinglan into your app. You can split your soul to the model and let him out when needed.

After step 3 is the same as above.

[You’ve completed the novice compulsory movie and you can now proceed to Step 1.]

Xie Chi froze in place and didn’t move for a long time. The surprise came so fast that he couldn’t react for a moment. For the first time, Xie Chi had an unrealistic feeling.

Artist? He was a painter. Although he painted horror paintings but he had imagined Xie Xinglan’s appearance countless times since childhood.

Designing Xie Xinglan…

Xie Chi hadn’t dared to even think about it.

His hands were shaking uncontrollably while Xie Xinglan’s low laugh was heard in his mind. “Xiao Chi, I will be tailor-made by you.”

Xie Chi froze for a few seconds before rushing into the bathroom. He lowered his head and the hand on the faucet was slightly white due to the strength. The sound of running water made Xie Chi gradually feel that this was real. His heat eased and he slowly raised his head, looking at himself in the mirror in the white and soft light.

The man’s eyebrows were soaked in water and his face was pale. His tight lips were raised slightly in curiosity. He seemed to be afraid that smiling too wildly would cause the dream to break and he would wake up.

His older brother would be drawn by his own hands. It was his own, tailor-made.

Xie Xinglan spoke warmly. “Xiao Chi, it is real.”

Xie Chi could only confirm it again and again. After a long time, Xie Chi hummed lightly. The young man in his 20s rushed to the living room like a child, regardless of his image. He randomly rummaged to find a spare easel and paint.

Xie Chi adjusted the paint. “Brother, what do you want to look like?”

Xie Xinglan replied lazily, “Whatever Xiao Chi likes.”

The movement of Xie Chi’s brush stopped and he couldn’t control his smile. His tone was a bit wayward. “Everything is according to my preferences?”

“Yes.” Xie Xinglan chuckled softly.

“I can draw anything?”


It wasn’t until Xie Chi was painting an indescribably location that Xie Xinglan finally couldn’t hold back from commenting. “Draw it bigger.”

Xie Chi, “……”

He was silent for two seconds, his expression blank. “I’m afraid I can’t swallow it.”

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