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APP: Chapter 166

Xie Xinglan looked sideways and saw the Blood Demon Sword rapidly flying at him. He immediately propped up his body that was at its limits and ran toward the Blood Demon Sword. Once the blood Demon Sword finally saw its master, it was so excited that its speed broke through another limit.

The distance between one person and one sword was rapidly shortening. In the blink of an eye, they were close to each other. The crow on the sword was about to fly down to meet Xie Xinglan when he saw Jiang Shuo’s movements behind Xie Xinglan and called out anxiously.

The dazzling light of the Blood Demon Sword illuminated behind Xie Xinglan. There, Jiang Shuo’s body became a bit transparent and finally became like a ghost. His face was strange and evil in the red light and he flashed forward. The action was so fast that he almost surpassed time, catching up with Xie Xinglan effortlessly.

Xie Xinglan had no time to react. His body was pierced by pale hands and pain struck. Xie Xinglan almost fainted because he couldn’t bear the pain. He wanted to remove the hands but Jiang Shuo just sneered and directly entered into Xie Xinglan’s body.

On Xie Xinglan’s blood-stained chest and abdomen, Jiang Shuo’s pale and almost distorted face appeared. He was destroying the insides of Xie Xinglan’s body. The vitality in Xie Xinglan’s eyes faded slightly.


[Fu*k!! What type of talent is this? I thought the new movie emperor had no talent!]

[He didn’t use this before when killing Shen Yi!]

[Fu*k… he didn’t use all his strength when killing Shen Yi before???]

[This talent is too scary. It is almost like a ghost.]

[Jiang Shuo’s character is evil. He already has evil items so he must have an evil talent!!]

[Xie Chi!!!]

[No wu wu wu!]

The actors watching this scene from upstairs got the creeps. They underestimated the new movie emperor and overestimated Xie Chi’s current ability. No matter how dazzling the new star, the duration was too short. How could he compete with the first person in the app? Even Shen Yi’s items didn’t help.

Jiang Shuo obviously had an extremely deep understanding of Shen Yi’s items. Once Shen Yi’s items were exposed, Xie Chi couldn’t surprise him. It was already difficult for him to exert three or four times his power while Jiang Shuo had endless cards and his methods were extremely vicious.

Xie Chi’s body had a low level of physical enhancement and he couldn’t resist the destruction of a top talent. Now he was just making the final struggle. Jiang Shuo used his talent to already enter the body. How could Xie Chi get rid of Jiang Shuo unless through death?

Liang Zhen sighed and felt a sense of the wrong timing. The fall of a genius was always regrettable. What would’ve happened if Xie Chi entered the app earlier?

Zheng Luan secretly sighed with relief. Xie Chi’s death made him feel at ease. He declared, “Let’s go down.”

The outcome had been decided and it was time to stand in line.

At the bottom of the old castle, Xie Xinglan’s lips were cracked and bleeding. He strongly supported his body, his fingers almost digging into the stone wall as he stood up with difficulty. He moved his body forward while his blood was becoming more out of control and overflowed from his lips.

Jiang Shuo’s voice that came from his body was as cold as a snake. “Don’t struggle, you can’t escape.”

Xie Xinglan ignored it and reached out for the Blood Demon Sword. The Blood Demon Sword was whimpering in the air. The scene in front of it was just like before and it was a pain it couldn’t bear. It trembled badly out of fear of losing its new owner.

It flew into Xie Xinglan’s hands as hard as possible while the crow let out a panicked squawk in the air. It was an ominous sound that shrouded people’s hearts in gloom. Xie Xinglan gripped the Blood Demon Sword and wanted to lift the sword, but his hand trembled so badly that he laughed at himself. He had become weak to this point.

He gritted his teeth and the blue veins on the back of his hand became visible. He used brutal force and managed to lift the Blood Demon Sword. He declared coldly, “You forced me.”

Before Jiang Shuo had time to laugh, he saw Xie Xinglan raise the sword and didn’t hesitate to stab the Blood Demon Sword into his own abdomen. His strength was fierce. The Blood Demon Sword was inserted from the front and pierced straight through the body, the tip coming out from the back. The sword in front of him was white while the sword behind him had blood flowing down it.

Blood flew and splashed onto Xie Xinglan’s face. Jiang Shuo’s pained cry was accompanied by Xie Xinglan’s muffled groan. There was a great deal of pain hidden in the sound. This made it unbearable for Jiang Shuo and he shouted, “Xie Chi, you are crazy!!”

The sword pierced Xie Xinglan and also went through Jiang Shuo, who was a parasite in his stomach. The Blood Demon Sword was a top red item and its power was incomparable. Moreover, it had a very high degree of fit with its new master. Its power might not be as good as before but it wasn’t much weaker. Jiang Shuo was pierced by the Blood Demon Sword and directly forced out of Xie Xinglan’s body. He flew out and smashed heavily into the stone wall of the old castle.

Jiang Shuo’s Adam’s apple moved and blood rushed to his face. He tried to endure it but still vomited out a huge mouthful of blood.

The actors who had just come down were stunned by the incident. They saw that Jiang Shuo was unable to get up for a while and looked shocked. Xie Chi… hit Jiang Shuo hard? In the same way… he heavily injured Jiang Shuo? A second-tier actor forced the movie emperor to use all types of means and finally hit the movie emperor hard.

Liang Zhen felt a certain respect in her heart. She stared at Xie Xinglan, who had fallen on the ground and was dying, but never gave up. For a moment, her eyes were wet and she couldn’t bear to look. Gu Yu had already come down and the battle was over. There was a top tier actor to clean up the mess and Xie Chi was really over.

Yet this alone was enough for them to remember him. There was such a person who made it so the movie emperor couldn’t lift his head. This would become an eternal shame in Jiang Shuo’s history as a movie emperor. It was a stain he would never be able to erase in his life.

Zheng Luan was numb and stiff. Everything in front of him had exceeded his ability to recognize and accept. He only felt it was extremely absurd.

[Oh my god…]

[This… fu*k, I can’t believe it.]

[Chi Chi wu wu wu…]

[Xie Chi’s death… is really worthy.]

[Being hurt by a second-tier actor in this way, Jiang Shuo will never be able to raise his head all his life.]

[Trash movie emperor! Give me back Chi Chi wu wu wu!]

[The most disgraceful movie emperor in history.]

Gu Yu got rid of his shock and blunder at the fastest speed and rushed toward Jiang Shuo eagerly. Jiang Shuo was furious. Blood was flowing in an uncontrollable manner and he clutched the bloody hole in his abdomen tightly, eyes dark. He gritted his teeth and ordered, “Go and kill Xie Chi.”

This person couldn’t stay. It had to be confirmed that he was dead before Jiang Shuo could feel safe.

Gu Yu nodded and walked toward Xie Xinglan.

Xie Xinglan had fallen to the ground on his back. He was on his last breath and didn’t even have the strength to open his eyes. The Blood Demon Sword was also dark. It seemed that its stored energy had been exhausted. It was consumed by Jiang Shuo’s ghostly energy and became a piece of broken copper and iron. Beside Xie Xinglan’s face was a crow with black and shiny feathers. The crow was attached to his ear, mouth moving around as it made some strange calls.

Gu Yu leaned down. “Didn’t you look down on me and treat me like a dog? Now you will be killed by a dog. How does it feel?”

His voice was full of mockery. In the next second, his eyes widened.

Xie Xinglan, who was on the verge of death, suddenly opened his eyes and stabbed at Gu Yu with the sword. Gu Yu reacted quickly and immediately retreated. However, the sword was unstoppable and pierced his waist directly from the side. Gu Yu was stabbed and screamed as he fell. He stared at Xie Xinglan, who was pale but apparently safe, with panic on his face like he had seen a ghost.

Xie Xinglan glanced at him coldly. “Trash is always trash.”

Gu Yu instinctively moved back, eyes exuding panic. Jiang Shuo was badly injured while Xie Chi… was safe? This perception was subversive.

The actors were also shocked, unable to believe what was happening before them. The high ranking movie emperor was seriously injured in the battle. Meanwhile, not only was Xie Chi still alive but he had also regained his fighting power…

Xie Xinglan coughed a few times and swallowed down the uncontrollable flow of blood. As he was dying, Xie Chi used the blank paper to draw a revival item. It was an intermediate red revival item so it wasn’t difficult to come back to life.

In Living Hell, Ji Xingchen’s talent allowed him to have two lives. This meant it wasn’t impossible to resurrect from near death in the app. The blank paper gave him the possibility to choose an item effect.

The situation was urgent so Xie Chi could only use the blood on his finger to draw a few strokes on the blank paper. For non-weapon function items, the form wasn’t important. The key was the required function.

The usefulness of Shen Yi’s items had greatly diminished. He could only bet on the blank paper that had never been exposed and he won this bet.

It was just that he was injured by the movie emperor and the blank paper could barely save his life. Now he had only recovered around 10% of his physical strength and his body was almost exhausted. After that, it was up to him.

The Blood Demon Sword in his hand had temporarily lost the blood demon’s boost. It was just an ordinary sword and it couldn’t severely damage Gu Yu. Gu Yu was temporarily bluffed. Once he woke up, he would realize Xie Chi’s true physical strength and start hunting him down.

Jiang Shuo might be hit hard but it definitely wasn’t enough to kill him. In addition, he had the Void Crossbow. All the arrows meant he didn’t need to get close at all in his current physical condition. In addition, the actors around him all had different intentions. Xie Chi was now extremely weak and these unskilled actors could pose a fatal threat to him.

Xie Xinglan’s thinking was clear. He didn’t want to fight. He grabbed the crow by his side, stuffed it into his pocket and stood up using the sword as support before running toward the castle. He urgently needed to recover and the Blood Demon Sword also needed to accumulate its energy again. The crow hermit really provided him with a way to life. Xie Chi touched the fluffy head of the crow in his pocket with some peace of mind.

“Idiot!!” Gu Yu was useless. Jiang Shuo saw it and became furious. His face was pale but he stood up again.

He finally started to look at Shen Yi’s follower. This person didn’t have Shen Yi’s high strength but he was more ruthless, calm, had a rare psychological quality and was more cunning. There would be endless troubles if he didn’t get rid of Xie Chi. Alarm sounded in Jiang Shuo’s heart.

“Master!” Gu Yu finally reacted and rushed over. Jiang Shuo’s physical strength recovered extremely quickly and the injury had obviously started to heal. His breathing became more steady and his eyes were cold and gloomy. “Kill Xie Chi!”

He looked down at Xie Chi’s blood that was dripping on the soul chasing arrow. At this time, the red arrow had absorbed most of the blood and looked ready. It was almost ready. Jiang Shuo glanced in the direction of Xie Chi’s departure, sneered and quickly caught up.

Xie Xinglan relied on the delay to open up a long distance from Jiang Shuo. He saw Jiang Shuo chasing after him and accelerated, heading to the third floor in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Shuo and Gu Yu were approaching.

At the end of the corridor was a row of rooms. Xie Xinglan sprinted and following the crow’s instructions, he ran into the first locked door without hesitation. A strange scene happened. His body hit the thick stone door and he passed through it without any obstacles.

Under the guidance of the crow hermit, he entered the locked room without any obstacles.

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Oh wow, I hope the soul chasing arrow can’t reach Xie Chi in there.
Thanks for the translations!

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Harry Potter?

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dang ?????? that’s why don’t open the room because they will actually passed through it ???

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Lia j
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Jiang Shuo would be the kind of pubg player who uses guns in a pan fight the moment he realizes that he’s losing.