APP: Chapter 165

[Fu*k, it is going to be a fight!!]

[No!! Don’t do it wu wu wu!!]

[Fu*k, this time they are meeting and will decide it.]

Jiang Shuo’s actions were almost simultaneous. Two black arrows shot at Xie Xinglan as fast as lightning. Xie Xinglan had been prepared for a long time. He raised his sword to block and retreated. Jiang Shuo placed the ghost skin over his face and his skin became very pale. At the same time, his strength soared.

The ghostly atmosphere was everywhere. The surrounding temperature dropped sharply and even the sky seemed darker. The ghost energy was like a maggot. The moment it spread, it followed the air and penetrated into Xie Xinglan’s pores. The gloomy energy rushed into the hot blood and the internal organs started to feel dense and painful.

Blood surged to Xie Xinglan’s face and his movements became slightly slow. The veins in his hand holding the Blood Demon Sword bulged. He didn’t say a word. As he resisted the swift attacks in front of him, he quickly communicated with Xie Chi.

“Brother, look for the crows. Just look for one!”

In his mind, the speed of Xie Chi’s speech was amazingly fast but there were no traces of panic. He was just calm. Xie Xinglan understood. Just drag it out without fighting. He retreated quickly, running in the corridor and quickly switching rooms to look for crows at the window.

Behind him was Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo used the ghost skin item and was as fast as a ghost. He chased the entire way. Xie Xinglan avoided it several times but his back became wounded.

Jiang Shuo felt a bit of surprise. In the brief exchange, Xie Xinglan’s skill was even better than Shen Yi but the degree of physical strengthening couldn’t be compared to Shen Yi. For him, Shen Yi was more worthy of attention. After all, no matter how good Xie Xinglan’s skills were, he could only dodge and he was unable to hurt Jiang Shuo at all. He had the Void Crossbow and wasn’t afraid of long-range combat. The Blood Demon Sword had changed its master and could only show 60% of its original strength. Now it was far inferior to the Void Crossbow.

In just a few dozens of seconds, the third floor was already a mess. There were marks of fighting everywhere. Black arrows scattered on the ground with some arrows stained with blood.

The actors who recovered from their shock quickly stayed away out of fear of bringing disaster to themselves. Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao came one step later and saw this scene with horror. Ye Xiaoxiao had powerful items on her body and was about to step forward to help when she was stopped by Gu Yu.

Ren Ze was going to push him away when Gu Yu threatened them with a sneer, “If you want to participate in the organization’s internal disposal of waste then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

It would take some time at most for a peak first-tier actor to handle a second and third tier actor. It was just that he didn’t have the right items. He would be punished by the app if he acted directly against the actors so he didn’t want to do it unless necessary.

Ren Ze was furious for a moment. “You fu*king…”

Ren Ze was blocked and dragged away by Ye Xiaoxiao. Gu Yu smiled with satisfaction and turned to the other actors who were pretending to be deaf and mute. “What about you? Did you hear it?”

The actors nodded silently while controlling their expressions.

Countless black arrows were being fired again. As he heard the sound of them cutting through wind, Ren Ze was anxious and angry and his eyes turned red. Ren Ze was principled. If someone saved his life then he would do everything he could to repay them.

“We can’t help! Be sober!” Ye Xiaoxiao told him anxiously.

Ren Ze suddenly thought of something. He became excited and lowered his voice, “No, we can help! Follow me to find the crows!”

Ren Ze took a deep breath and tried to stay calm. He remembered the last few words Xie Chi had told him before rushing up. It was ‘there might be the Hermit among the crows.’ Why did Xie Chi dare say this? He didn’t know and it didn’t matter. The important thing was finding the crow that represented the Hermit. He might be able to help Xie Chi.

Gu Yu saw the two people running downstairs and sneered at the trash. Ordinary humans would only show their stupidity before higher pets. In order to live, they didn’t care about abandoning anything. So what if Xie Chi was good to them? Everyone escaped separately when facing imminent calamity.


On the third floor, Xie Xinglan gasped deeply and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. His blood-soaked fingers pulled out the black arrow embedded in his shoulder. The hole in his shoulder started bleeding immediately. His originally clean clothes could no longer be seen, blood dripped from his dark hair and his face was red.

As for the Blood Demon Sword, the bloody light was flickering and circulating frantically. The evil energy of the castle quickly gathered around the sword, was swallowed and transformed by the sword into a source of energy that repaired the terrible trauma of Xie Xinglan’s body. However, it was just a drop in the bucket. A similar scene seemed to be playing out once again.

The Blood Demon Sword trembled, afraid and in a trance. Xie Xinglan could even hear its whispering. Xie Xinglan frowned and wanted to say ‘don’t cry.’ Then he thought about how it was just a child and spoke in a warm voice, “Don’t be afraid.”

The Blood Demon Sword was stunned before leaning against his leg.

Xie Xinglan felt Jiang Shuo approaching and gritted his teeth. He pulled up the Blood Demon Sword and used its help to recover some strength, allowing him to jump down from the third floor window and landed in a thrilling manner in front of the sharp black fence.

It all happened in dozens of seconds.

Xie Chi seemed to have a feeling and suddenly ordered, “Blood Demon Sword, you go and find the crow.”

The Blood Demon Sword was intelligent and could fly. It was much more convenient for it to search than people. The Blood Demon Sword paused before shaking desperately, obviously unwilling. If it left Xie Xinglan then Xie Xinglan’s wounds couldn’t be healed. Once caught by Jiang Shuo, he wouldn’t even have a weapon.

Xie Chi was a bit anxious while Xie Xinglan moved to gently stroke the blade. “Be obedient.”

The Blood Demon Sword whimpered twice before flying away.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Jiang Shuo had caught up. He had run out of patience and obviously didn’t want to delay it any longer. He attacked with deadly moves. Xie Xinglan avoided a deadly blow and used the item Rebound to try and withdraw in the direction the Blood Demon Sword had flown it.

Jiang Shuo’s attack was extremely powerful but once bounced back on him, it only blew up his coat. Underneath the ruined coat, dark and soft armor appeared. This was obviously a red item as well.

Jiang Shuo’s laugh was ambiguous. “I know every one of Shen Yi’s items better than you, such as… Rebound.”

He actually called out the name of the item Xie Xinglan was using.

“What else did you bring? Huh?”

Xie Chi was indifferent to this. He had known for a long time that there was nothing as good as a pie dropping from the sky. He had inherited Shen Yi’s things and inevitably inherited his crisis. This was far less cost-effective than achieving this position on his own. He never would have agreed to Shen Yi’s request if it wasn’t for the fact that he had no choice.

Shen Yi’s items would always belong to Shen Yi. He was just a user and had no ideas about them. At present, the effect of Shen Yi’s items were greatly degraded and he had expected this. This wasn’t even the worst situation he had thought about.

“Brother, just drag it out a bit longer,” Xie Chi spoke calmly.

He couldn’t have made a mistake. The Hermit was among the crows but they hadn’t found him yet. They had to wait for the Blood Demon Sword to come. He still had the blank paper and it wasn’t a problem to hold on for a while.

Xie Xinglan hummed in agreement and everything was silent. Jiang Shuo saw Xie Xinglan’s empty hands and frowned. The Blood Demon Sword was gone.

[Fu*k, it’s over! He’s really going to die. The sword is going and I’m not even sure there is the Hermit.]

[Jiang Shuo knows all of Shen Yi’s items. This is too scary and insidious. Shen Yi lost to injustice.]

[I said that Xie Chi would be cold. He was too arrogant to think he could get revenge for Shen Yi!]

[Jiang Shuo’s talent still hasn’t been used! There is also the soul chasing arrow!]

[The soul chasing arrow can only be fired after applying fresh flesh. I remember that this item basically kills people and ghosts in one hit, so the conditions are particularly harsh… Shen Yi was hit hard by it and almost died straight away. So terrifying. How long has it been? The time hasn’t come yet and he doesn’t even need it to kill Xie Chi. I really looked down on him. Rationally analyzing it, the two of them aren’t in the same class.]


On the other side, Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao rushed to the second floor and searched the rooms on the second floor. Previously, Jiang Shuo shot at the crows and most of the crows flew into the old castle to hide. This undoubtedly made their search more difficult.

Ye Xiaoxiao knelt on the carpet and looked under the dark bed. She was almost crying as she used a chicken’s call and a bird’s call to try and coax out the crows that might be hiding. She didn’t want Xie Chi to die. The death of Xie Chi, who mastered his own life, would be a nightmarish blow to her. It would make her feel that no one could escape from their shackles and those who were disobedient would only meet a dead end. She didn’t believe this which was why she was willing to come here.

Just then, something flew in the window. Ye Xiaoxiao suddenly raised her head and rushed over joyfully when she saw the dark crow on the windowsill. “Is that you? The Hermit?”

The crow shook its head. Ye Xiaoxiao’s eyes were about to dim when the crow lightly pecked the back of Ye Xiaoxiao’s hand. Ye Xiaoxiao realized it was writing with its mouth. She tried to control her trembling and waited quietly, only to find it had written out the sentence, “Chi save, hidden, know.”

The moment it was spelled out, Ye Xiaoxiao’s heart beat wildly. This was the crow saved by Xie Chi. It knew where the Hermit was!

The crow flew out of the room at high speed. Ye Xiaoxiao understood immediately and ran after the crow. Ren Ze had just come out of the room and also saw the crow. He immediately followed Ye Xiaoxiao.

Gu Yu had just come downstairs and his expression changed slightly when he saw this strange scene.

The crow took Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao all the way to a room on the first floor. Then it jumped to a corner of the room. An ugly crow was trembling in a corner.

“You are the Hermit!” Ye Xiaoxiao cried out in a trembling voice.

The moment she said these words, vitality appeared in the crow’s hollow gray eyes. A strange scene then occurred. The humble crow slowly became plump and its body increased in size. Its feet became strong enough to support it to stand up and help the people it should help.

Ye Xiaoxiao became more convinced that the Hermit was affected by witchcraft or turned into a crow due to the rules of the game. It was only by acknowledging his identity that he could be released from his restraints.

Ren Ze was overjoyed. “Let’s take it to find Xie Chi!”

Ye Xiaoxiao nodded sharply. She turned her head and saw Gu Yu arriving at the door. Then the relaxed smile suddenly froze on her face.

Suddenly, the Blood Demon Sword flew in through the window.


This evil environment and the too powerful opponent actually stimulated Xie Xinglan’s Demonic Field.

Demonic Field was part of his talent, weak wins against the strong. If he encountered a strong opponent, the probability of triggering Demonic Realm would increase sharply. The stronger the opponent, the greater the possibility of triggering it. It would also be triggered more frequently as the number of uses increased. This was the second time Xie Xinglan had triggered Demonic Field and he was now familiar with it.

The other actors upstairs watched in a stunned manner as Jiang Shuo was trapped in a bloody circle and Xie Xinglan briefly fought him to a tie.

Zheng Luan sighed in his heart. One was the movie emperor and the other was just a second tier. Based on the title, the difference was like the difference between the clouds and mud but…

Xie Chi was able to come to a draw with Jiang Shuo using special means. He almost paid for his impulse before.

Liang Zhen remained sensible and speculated, “This should be a talent or an item. The effect will definitely pass quickly and it will depend on whether he has anything else up his sleeve.”

She sighed softly, sorry for the young man with endless means. If Xie Chi had originally followed the right person then perhaps six months or one year later, he would be at the peak and perhaps becoming the new movie emperor was possible.

However, he chose to cast his die with Shen Yi. It was bad luck and Shen Yi fell. The new movie emperor also had a feud with Shen Yi.

Liang Zhen had stayed in this app for half a year before reaching this position. She knew that her path was almost at the end with her capabilities. Xie Chi still had a long way to go and his future was limitless. However, he offended the movie emperor and might not even have the chance to climb up.

[Oh my god…]


[It might be a flash in the pan but it is still enough to be recorded in movie history. Fighting against the movie emperor for three minutes and not losing… his death is worthy.]

[Jiang Shuo has no shame.]


The moment Demonic Field ended, a great sense of disengagement struck Xie Xinglan and the inside of his body was a mess. His body was too weak to bear such a powerful energy.

Blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth. Xie Xinglan was at the end of his strength but he still supported himself against the wall. It wasn’t known who it was directed at but he laughed. Then he spat out the blood in his mouth and carelessly wiped it.

Opposite him, Jiang Shuo was also unsteady. He had messy clothes and a gloomy expression.

Xie Chi quietly instructed, “Brother, go into the castle and head upstairs. If there is a way to live, it is probably related to those three locked rooms.”

Xie Xinglan understood and forcibly moved in that direction.

Jiang Shuo was going to chase him when a dazzling red sword flew down from the sky. The blood-red sword was as fast as a meteor. On it stood a crow flapping its wings and looking extremely anxious.

Jiang Shuo knew the situation was beginning to get out of control. He had just figured it out—Xie  Chi was dragging things out for some reason.

However, he had been tangled up in Demonic Field and unable to escape. He couldn’t even use his talent. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He had to kill Xie Chi at all costs. He couldn’t wait for the soul chasing arrow to be ready. He could only use his talent.

Proofreader: Purichan


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OMG this seems so dire

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Honestly just the mindset and arrogance of the pet organisation and their actions explain why they must cease to exist immediately because the world with organisations doesn’t have any rules to counteract or monitor the unethical consequences brought on by genetic modification reminds of a certain case regarding CRISPR babies and a scientist who was jailed for it.

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