APP: Chapter 162

[Which big brother understands??]

[This is simple. I’ll break it down for you. There are nine official actors with identity cards, the blank card is a substitute actor and the witch is equivalent to the director. If she thinks that a certain actor is annoying, she can let the substitute take their part and let the official actor directly go home. After the change in actors, the movie will continue to be shot.]

[So Xie Chi is waiting to find the actor who annoyed the director?]

[Yes, he wants to know why this actor is annoying to explore the unknown likes and dislikes of the big director. Perhaps this way, he can grab a handle and threaten the director to add more scenes to him or directly make the director step down.]

[What are you talking about? Isn’t this too exaggerated?]

[Otherwise, do you want a ghost to understand?]

[…This isn’t the right time but I want to say that we are ghosts.]

[Don’t talk about it. So the person is Gu Yu?]

[Wow, then there really is a substitute? Xie Chi guessed right again? The big director decided to kill Gu Yu because he sneaked into her room?]

[Who wrote those numbers in the closet? It isn’t the witch?]

[Jiang Shuo is here!!]


Jiang Shuo arrived in time and took out a creepy human skin mask, putting it on his face. His face changed in an instant, becoming eerie and strange. He originally had a pale complexion but now he was even more colorless.

The moment a person put on this human skin mask, the surrounding temperature dropped sharply and a ghost energy filled the air. Jiang Shuo grabbed the witch and red and black blood patterns gradually appeared on his hand. The witch felt the majestic ghost power in it and fear flashed in her eyes. She knew that she couldn’t handle it and didn’t continue to insist. She threw away Gu Yu and jumped out the window.

Gu Yu was smashed against the closet door and spat out a mouthful of blood. He got up from the ground with difficulty and watched Jiang Shuo peel the human skin mask off his face, revealing his original face.

This was Jiang Shuo’s ghost skin item. It was from the red movie ‘Two Faces’. In Two Faces, the male protagonist was an honest and kind detective. He was ordered to investigate the supernatural cases of serial skinning, only to discover that he was the murderer. It turned out he had an ancestral ghost skin. After wearing it, he would become that cruel and powerful skinning ghost.

Jiang Shuo didn’t look good. Gu Yu knew that he had caused trouble for Jiang Shuo and almost ruined Jiang Shuo’s business so he immediately apologized. Jiang Shuo frowned. “Don’t be stupid next time.”

Gu Yu nodded in a hurry. If it wasn’t for Jiang Shuo then he really would’ve died here this time. He wanted to make amends and quickly said, “The death order is wrong. She really wanted my life just now!”

Jiang Shuo’s expression sank and he said a moment later, “Not necessarily.”

“What?” Gu Yu was stunned.

Jiang Shuo had his own things. He walked quickly and asked while moving, “What did you find?”

Gu Yu paused before describing the numbers he saw in the closet.

“A circle was drawn around the number nine?” Jiang Shuo repeated it after hearing it.

Gu Yu nodded.

“Are you sure there are only 10 numbers? Not 11?” Jiang Shuo suddenly cocked his head, his eyes tight and his voice harsh.

Gu Yu was a bit flustered by his stare. He didn’t know why Jiang Shuo reacted so fiercely and nodded hurriedly, “It is 10.”

Jiang Shuo pondered on it for a moment. Then he paused and his expression slightly changed. “Is it the Hermit?”

Gu Yu was startled. He didn’t understand why Jiang Shuo suddenly said the name of a major arcana card.

Jiang Shuo’s expression froze for a few seconds. His face was a bit ugly and he almost gritted his teeth as he declared, “The death order is true.”

The questions that couldn’t be understood were resolved in this moment. Gu Yu’s eyes were full of incredulity. How could this be? The witch had really wanted to kill him just now.

Jiang Shuo added, “It isn’t just correct. There is also a one-on-one correspondence with the tarot person cards. You are the Hanged Man and I am the Emperor. Xie Qiuying isn’t in the death order. There were always only 10 actors. This is the meaning of 10 numbers. Xie Qiuying was the witch’s clone. As for the number nine that was circled, this is the order of the identity cards. Number nine is the Hermit. If it corresponds to an actor then it must be the male cannon fodder.”

Gu Yu only reacted after a long time. His eyes widened and he admired Jiang Shuo even more. Jiang Shuo was still Jiang Shuo. He had sharp vision and a clear mind. He could make such a guess from such an abstract symbol.

He hurriedly wondered, “The nine was circled alone. Is there something special about the Hermit? Does the male cannon fodder have a clue?”

Gu Yu barely pulled out the name of the cannon fodder from his memory. His name was You Jie. Jiang Shuo thought for a moment before immediately changing his mind. “Go and find the male cannon fodder.”

The immediate priority wasn’t to investigate the crows but to understand what the Hermit was implying. Gu Yu followed Jiang Shuo silently while still feeling doubts. He cautiously said, “Since the death order is correct, why did the witch want to kill me?”

Jiang Shuo frowned and became irritated again. This was indeed a contradiction. It showed that there was something deeper hidden. Jiang Shuo answered, “Let’s wait until we see the Hermit.”

He paused and turned to ask, “When will your spying be available?”

Gu Yu was very surprised. The ‘spying’ that Jiang Shuo mentioned was his talent that belonged to the second type. The natural effect was to spy on someone’s items. This talent couldn’t enhance his own strength or help others. It was very useless. Jiang Shuo had always looked down on it previously but now he seriously mentioned it.

Gu Yu didn’t dare neglect it and hurriedly replied, “There are still a few hours left in the cooldown time.”

He had spent points to get rid of the cooldown period between movies but the cooldown of his talent and items didn’t refresh. A lot of points were required if he wanted to refresh it. Gu Yu’s talent had a low utility and he didn’t think it was worth the number of points that would be consumed.

Jiang Shuo instructed, “Tell me when it is available.”

Gu Yu asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter? It is Xie Chi, he…”

Hearing the name, Jiang Shuo’s lips tightened. A moment later, he spoke coldly. “Previously in the old lady’s room, I might’ve felt… the aura of the Blood Demon Sword.”

The witch’s ability was similar to the blood demons and it reminded him of Shen Yi’s weapon. Now that he recalled the strange aura he previously felt from Xie Chi, he thought it might be the aura of the Blood Demon Sword.

Jiang Shuo secretly thought it was absurd.

Gu Yu was startled and lost his voice. “Shen Yi?!”

The sword that once almost killed him was his nightmare. Gu Yu was in a daze and even recalled the inhuman pain of blood flowing from the wound to the Blood Demon Sword.

“Xie Chi is Shen Yi’s identity?” Gu Yu trembled slightly.

Jiang Shuo seemed extremely tired from Gu Yu’s hopeless appearance. “No, Shen Yi is indeed dead. It was probably just an illusion but it needs to be verified.”

Gu Yu was a bit more calm after hearing it was just a guess. He took out his phone to send a message to You Jie.

Gu Yu asked: Where are you?

You Jie quickly replied: In my room.

Gu Yu: What is your room number? We’re coming to find you.

You Jie immediately sent the room number.

Gu Yu: Don’t walk around and wait for us to come.

You Jie: Okay.

[Jiang Shuo is also a real bigshot. This reaction speed is really fu*king great.]

[Xie Chi will be cold hehehe.]

[I said that being behind is temporary. How can the app’s movie emperor be weak?]

[I heard the Blood Demon Sword???]

[How is it possible? Shen Yi is really dead and his items should be taken back by the app.]

[Let’s look at it again.]


In a room on the east side of the second floor, You Jie was holding his phone in a slightly uneasy manner. He didn’t know why both Xie Chi and Jiang Shuo came to him but it obviously wasn’t a bad thing for him. You Jie thought that these two sides might protect him and a glimmer of joy appeared in his eyes.

Suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps outside. The sound was hard and clear, like a tap dance or troops marching. Was Jiang Shuo here? You Jie was a bit puzzled. This was obviously stone ground. How could people make so much noise when walking on it?

There was a knock on the door. They truly had come to find him. You Jie walked to the door while holding a trace of doubt. There was no peephole in the door. He stood in front of it, his heart a bit hesitant. Outside the window, a black and shiny crow stared straight at him, a strange red light flashing in its eyes.

You Jie’s phone rang and he hurriedly opened it. It was a message from Gu Yu: Open the door. I’m almost there.

You Jie happily pulled the chair off the door and opened it. In the gloomy corridor, the person standing at the door wore pointed iron boots and was covered in cold armor.

You Jie looked up with surprise and the smile on his face instantly stiffened.

There was a skull on top of the dark and cold armor! The skull’s eye sockets were pitch black and hollow as if it was going to drag people into the abyss. The bones at the corners of the mouth cracked upward as if it was smiling at You Jie. It was just that the smile was frightening.

It was Death!

You Jie was about to call for help and escape but the skeleton passed through his body.

The vitality in You Jie’s eyes faded and his face visibly turned gray. Finally, he fell down, becoming a cold corpse.


The moment Gu Yu arrived, he saw the motionless You Jie lying on the ground. He was so frightened that he rushed up to check You Jie’s pulse and breathing. Then he shook his head at Jiang Shuo.

You Jie was dead, just after they found a key clue and were ready to question You Jie. Jiang Shuo’s face was covered with a dark haze. Gu Yu checked You Jie’s body with a dazed expression. “He didn’t have any injuries but there is suddenly no sign of life…”

Jiang Shuo sneered. “There will be no vitality left in the place where Death passes.”

Gu Yu’s mouth dropped open, his expression shocked. “Is it the Death card?”

On the Death card, Death rode on a white horse and rode down the street while holding a flag symbolizing the plague. It wore cold, smooth armor, its head held high and an unknown smile on its face. It approached the crowd. Everywhere it passed, the vibrant people filled with desire fell to their death one by one.

Outside the window, a crow flapped its wings. Jiang Shuo felt like it was mocking him.

Gu Yu stood up and walked to Jiang Shuo’s side, deeply puzzled. “Why could the witch kill You Jie? If the death order is correct, how can she attack You Jie? She also wanted to kill me before…”

Jiang Shuo interrupted with unprecedented clarity in his mind. “A blank card.”

Gu Yu was shocked. After a long time, he managed to say with difficulty. “Did You Jie have a key clue? The witch learned about You Jie’s whereabouts through the watcher crow. She killed him one step ahead to cut off the clues…”

Jiang Shuo was angry. He came one step late and You Jie was dead. He could only find another way out. Of course, he had to deal with the abominable crows first.

You Jie’s death shocked the actors. They all rushed over and their expressions were different the moment they saw You Jie’s body.

“Is the death order false??” The woman in the couple whispered.

The man thought about it for two seconds. “Probably.”

Both Xie Qiuying and You Jie died before the damned Xie Chi. Everyone’s confidence in the death order dropped to freezing point.

The woman glanced at Xie Chi who just arrived and said, “Is it possible that the death order is true and Xie Chi is responsible for the current situation? After all, why do accidents always happen when it is his turn? Liang Wen died in order. Perhaps Xie Chi found a way to let people die for him. He exchanged the death order with Xie Qiuying and You Jie. It isn’t impossible. If this is true, we will be in danger…”

Liang Zhen and the man’s face changed subtly and they showed hostility toward Xie Chi. Xie Chi went to check on You Jie’s body and surprise flashed in his eyes. He thought that any actor could die next, the blank card seizing the identity of that person and replacing that person. He didn’t expect the blank card to die. He had died as a substitute.

Xie Chi walked away from You Jie’s body in a calm manner. He consciously minimized his sense of existence but he could still feel everyone looking at him. Most of them had strong hostility and hatred.

Xie Chi was indifferent. Suspecting him was human nature. After all, he had a vested interest in You Jie and Xie Qiuying’s death. He had to pick up this bucket of dirty water poured by the witch as long as he was still alive.

Xie Chi was a bit absent-minded. Why did this person die? If it was any actor other than You Jie, he could infer that the actor found the key clue and follow this. However, You Jie was the one who died.

Xie Chi returned to his senses and ordered solemnly, “Go.”

The atmosphere wasn’t right. If he stayed longer then perhaps these people would come up and question what he had done. For now, he could only temporarily avoid them. He also wasn’t sure when Jiang Shuo’s tolerance limit would be exceeded and Jiang Shuo would act to kill him, so it was definitely better not to dangle under his nose.

He had to do it as soon as possible.

Xie Chi’s brow furrowed. He felt like the thing he had forgotten was close at hand but it was separated by a fuzzy layer that he couldn’t break. The feeling was like an itchy foot, making him uneasy and uncomfortable. Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze obviously understood Xie Chi’s situation and followed him downstairs silently.

After Xie Chi left, Jiang Shuo didn’t speak and no one dared to leave. A long time passed before Jiang Shuo asked, “Who was closer to You Jie before?”

Liang Zhen simply answered, “Me.”

She lived not far from You Jie and You Jie sometimes followed her. Liang Zhen was more willing to take care of him as long as he didn’t cause her trouble.

Jiang Shuo asked her, “Who did he meet before?”

Liang Zhen was startled and instinctively glanced in the direction where Xie Chi had gone, her eyes more complicated. “Around an hour ago, You Jie sent me a message saying… Xie Chi found him.”

All the actors were surprised and Jiang Shuo looked uncertain.

It was Xie Chi. His progress was still ahead.

The female of the couple was instantly angry. “He looked for You Jie an hour ago and You Jie died an hour later. He must’ve let You Jie die for him!”

The man said, “This person is a black sheep who hurts the group! He could’ve said something to the movie emperor. Instead, he didn’t say it and let others die for him. Maybe it will be our turn next…”

Liang Zhen didn’t know if she should join the crusade against Xie Chi. She had an inexplicable intuition that this matter had nothing to do with Xie Chi but everything that happened was pointing the finger at Xie Chi.

His ears were noisy. Jiang Shuo was so annoyed that he couldn’t help sneering.

These were the inferior genes of human beings. They never looked at others well but once it was their turn, they were so lofty and dozens of times more ruthless.

Pushing responsibility, fanning the flames, seeking approval, pressuring the few with the many, following the herd and having loud voices. Looking at these disgusting faces, Jiang Shuo mocked them in his heart. He felt that his dream was a great one worth devoting his life to.

Humans would thank him for helping them remove inferior genes, making them excellent, perfect, rational and efficient.

Jiang Shuo unknowingly touched his left leg which had once been severely disabled.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Darn, the tarot witch’s plan is still working to kill Xie Chi, even though Jiang Shou figured it out 🙁

Literal God
Literal God
2 years ago

XC…why hasn’t he thought of XX? He hasn’t mentioned him this whole time and XX has had no input? I feel like something might be suppressing XX and that’s why XC is having headaches.

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2 years ago

i have a feeling that the “thing” xie chi forgot is his own brother. we haven’t seen him in the last few chapters, and he’s another personality after all, so why hasn’t xie chi considered him as part of the group to be added to the list of people corresponding to the major arcana?

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Where is the ML? where are you my love

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For those that are confused about XX mc had an chat with him in the previous chapter, it’s just that he now has other people to talk to instead of only his brother