APP: Chapter 156

Tarot witch.

Everyone present was shocked when these words came out. If it was a tarot witch then everything they saw and heard after entering this movie had an explanation. It was the ‘greatest tarot witch’ mentioned by the maid who created everything here. She could make the contents of the tarot cards into reality.

Witch could be a neutral word or have a positive and negative connotation. Tarot was originally a type of witchcraft but it didn’t have the meaning of witchcraft. It had the meaning of divination. Divination could help people avoid harm and then turn evil into good.

However, the words ‘tarot witch’ were uttered by the grim-faced maid and there was an extra evil and ghostly air.

The two lovers heard the curse of their tongues being cut out and apologized to the maid in a panicked manner out of fear the curse would come true. Xie Chi was thinking about the relationship between the maid and the so-called ‘great tarot witch’.

Ren Ze was secretly relieved. Fortunately, he learned from Xie Chi and didn’t speak. He just watched the maid quietly wipe the frame. Otherwise, he would be the one feeling panicked and anxious.

“Let’s go.” Xie Chi folded his arms across his chest and bowed his head for a moment before signaling with his chin in the direction of the Wheel of Fortune. The two of them respectfully bid farewell to the maid and walked toward the Wheel of Fortune.

Ye Xiaoxiao made sure that the strange maid couldn’t hear before opening her mouth. “That maid seems to have a lot of respect for the tarot witch?”

This could be seen by anyone with a discerning eye. Ren Ze expressed his doubts. “What do you think? Are the old woman and the tarot witch related?”

Xie Chi answered, “Perhaps or perhaps not.”

Ren Ze was taken back. Then he remembered how Xie Chi’s sword felt a lot of evil in the old woman’s room. “Yes, if she is the tarot witch then everything makes sense. When she was young, she was beautiful, strong and tortured her servants. Now she is old, dying and stuck in bed, but this can’t hide her past evils. She deserves to be treated as a beast now.”

“No,” Xie Chi spoke calmly.


Ye Xiaoxiao glanced at Xie Chi and reminded Ren Ze, “You forgot. The old woman grabbed Xie Chi’s hand like she wanted to say something. The maid who just respected the witch pressed her down without any mercy. Her strength was no less than the other servants.”

Ren Ze was at a loss again. This was indeed the case. The strange maid respected the tarot witch but was ruthless toward the old woman. Then was the tarot witch not the old woman? Since it wasn’t the old woman, what did the tarot witch have to do with this movie? This was obviously a high quality red movie and it was unlikely to give useless information. Since the maid clearly said ‘tarot witch’, this information must be of extraordinary significance.

Ren Ze wanted to clear things up and gazed at Xie Chi in a confused manner. “Since it is contradictory, why did you say that the old woman might be the tarot witch? What about the maid? What is her relationship with the tarot witch? Or what is her relationship with the old woman?”

Xie Chi told him, “This is just a guess.”

He paused and shook his phone meaningfully. “Perhaps this tarot witch is similar to the Blood Demon Sword.”

Ye Xiaoxiao’s eyes widened. The amount of information in this sentence was too great.

[Blood Demon??? Shen Yi’s sword???]

[Xie Chi is also a fan of Shen Yi?]

[What fan? Shen Yi and Xie Chi are so close. It is estimated that he has seen the Blood Demon Sword.]

[Oh, I’m stupid.]

[Wu wu wu, I’m so sad at the mention of the Blood Demon Sword. Shen Yi is gone and the cute Blood Demon Sword can never be seen again.]

Xie Chi’s group of three were walking to the Wheel of Fortune when Xie Chi heard footsteps above him. He looked up and saw Jiang Shuo looking down at his mobile phone while heading downstairs calmly.

Ren Ze was a bit proud. “Jiang Shuo came late and missed the information about the tarot witch.”

Xie Chi was silent. He glanced around and his eyes finally fell on the man in the couple. The man was standing by the wall and holding his phone to send a message to an unknown person.

Xie Chi retracted his gaze. “Jiang Shuo knows.”

“How does he know…” Ren Ze was startled at first. Then he saw Jiang Shuo walking toward the couple near the wall and instantly understood. He smiled bitterly.

Yes, the amount of information determined status but status could in turn drive the accumulation of information. He was so stupid. The couple was threatened by the strange maid so their first reaction would be to seek asylum. Here, the person with the highest status and strength was Jiang Shuo. Naturally, they rushed to flatter and tell Jiang Shuo what they knew for his help to escape.

Even a first-tier actor wasn’t safe in red movies. In addition, these two first-tier actors had just risen up and weren’t firmly seated. Being a first-tier actor didn’t mean being strong. The accuracy of judging strength from the title was actually extremely low.

It was the same first-tier but some of them came up as the number one lead in orange and red movies while some came up as the number four or five leads. This was worlds apart. Therefore, the couple just now probably had low strength among the first-tier section.

Ren Ze was secretly ashamed. He was someone who rose to second-tier by being the third or fourth male lead.

Ren Ze had some wicked thoughts. These two people were lovers but perhaps they were just aiming for cooperation. He didn’t see any true feelings between them at all. He immediately envied Brother Xie. In a place like the app, perhaps only this type of love where they couldn’t separate would blossom. They wouldn’t drag each other down and could keep pace with each other forever.

Ye Xiaoxiao might be a fan of Xie Chi but it was only at this time that she really understood Xie Chi’s situation. He wasn’t fighting with Jiang Shuo and Gu Yu because his strength was relatively weak. This was an established fact. It would bring about a chain reaction and the negative effects would continue to expand.

It was because in the app, almost everyone admired the strong. It was understandable since everyone wanted to live better. Those in a weak position would inevitably be squeezed out, making things more difficult. On the other hand, the strong side had a smooth road and things became easier and more comfortable as they went. They could also climb higher easily because there were almost no obstacles that couldn’t be overcome. Those around them even provided great help.

“Come back and don’t think about it.” Xie Chi waved his hand in front of the two of them and laughed.

Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao were embarrassed and turned to stare at the Wheel of Fortune in front of them. Previously it was too hasty. Now they had the opportunity to carefully examine the Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune had a ‘meter’ coordinate system. There was a black line in the east, south, west, north, southeast, northeast, southwest and northwest, with a long pointer in the middle.

Not far from the southeast, northeast, southwest and northwest parts of the Wheel of Fortune, there were statues of an angel, an eagle, a bull and a lion. The four statues had two things in common. The four creatures were looking at a blank book and they all had white wings.

In tarot, the four creatures represented four ancient elements. The angel represented the air element, the eagle represented water, the lion represented fire and the bull represented earth.

This shows that the four people with different orientations were learning, learning what might happen in life but they didn’t fully understand yet. The white wings represented the beautiful vision from flying high. Once they learned it, they would truly understand the real meaning of life and would become mature and wise.

After they grew up, they would appear in the last card of the major arcana, the ‘World’ card. The World meant perfection and success.

These creatures were constantly learning from the Wheel of Fortune, realizing that the good and bad would pass and that change was the true essence of forever. They learned from the journey of life and became full of joy. They had a broad vision and could accept what would happen afterward.

Xie Chi recalled the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune and seemed to feel something, but he couldn’t grasp it for a while. He didn’t want to worry about this and focused on the Wheel of Fortune.

Ye Xiaoxiao couldn’t see anything and whispered, “The maid said the Wheel of Fortune can give us guidance but how do we use it?”

More actors were coming here to discuss things with their teammates. After talking to the couple, Jiang Shuo was also heading over. Xie Chi knew there wasn’t much time. He frowned and asked uncertainly, “Who will be the first to die?”

Ren Ze was startled. Then he realized that Xie Chi wasn’t talking to them but was asking the Wheel of Fortune, just like the questioner asking the fortuneteller. This could be regarded as trying everything in a desperate situation.

The moment Xie Chi asked the question, he tentatively moved the Wheel of Fortune. The pointed in the middle started to rotate rapidly and Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao waited nervously for the pointer to stop.

The other actors glimpsed the movement and came over with different expressions. The pointer became slower and slower and finally stopped in the southeast corner. The three of them followed the direction of the pointer and their expressions froze.

In that direction, a female gray named actress was coming over. A gray named actor was cannon fodder but it was still a rising star cannon fodder. They had at least been to orange movies but due to their poor ability and bad luck, they fell behind in the rankings and were punished to enter a higher level horror movie.

Those whose strength was average and relied on luck to promote their title and advance to high level movies might be reduced to the bottom of the comprehensive evaluation and become a gray named cannon fodder in a higher level movie.

In this Tarot Game movie, there were two women and one man as the cannon fodders. Out of the two female gray names, one was Xie Qiuying who had stepped on the lobster and screamed. If Xie Chi remembered correctly, the other one was called Liang Wen.

Ren Ze’s heart was shocked and he glanced at Xie Chi with a secretive expression. Xie Chi blinked at him and Ren Ze acted like he didn’t know anything.

All the actors gathered around. Gu Yu was vigilant and stared at the Wheel of Fortune for a long time. However, he didn’t see anything and had to pretend to ask casually, “What are you doing?”

Jiang Shuo also looked over.

Xie Chi only said, “I just casually turned it.”

Jiang Shuo had a disbelieving expression.

Xie Chi glanced at Liang Wen calmly. Then he fiddled with the pointer and turned it again like he was playing. Ren Ze was nervous as he anticipated the same result to confirm that Liang Wen was indeed the first to die. However, the answer given by the Wheel of Fortune disappointed him. The pointer stopped and pointed at Gu Yu.

Gu Yu saw the pointer aiming at him and his heart jumped. He had an ominous feeling and asked sternly like he realized something, “What did you ask?!”

Xie Chi was impatient. “I said I casually turned it.”

Gu Yu was choked up. He was about to say something else when he was scolded by Jiang Shuo.

Xie Chi stopped speaking and headed upstairs with Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao.

Jiang Shuo stood in place and stared at Xie Chi’s back as he went upstairs. Jiang Shuo’s eyes were slightly cold and he was frowning. He didn’t speak and no one else dared to speak. They stood waiting for a long time before Jiang Shuo asked thoughtfully, “Does anyone remember who the arrow pointed to the first time the Wheel of Fortune spun?”

The actors were stunned.

Then the nearest Liang Wen replied enthusiastically, “It pointed to me!”

Liang Wen wanted to increase her good standing with Jiang Shuo but she suddenly received Jiang Shuo’s cold eyes. She was startled by the expression. Sweat dripped down her back and she felt like she was already a corpse.

“Shouldn’t I have said it?” Liang Wen asked Xie Qiuying next to her in a whisper. After entering this movie, she and Xie Qiuying developed a good relationship.

Xie Qiuying stared at Liang Wen until Liang Wen got goosebumps. Then she spoke in a quiet and worried manner, “Liang Wen, I think you will encounter a particularly bad thing later.”

“Huh?” Liang Wen didn’t have much courage and immediately paled with fright.

“I’m going.” Jiang Shuo disliked things being expected of him. He waved his hand and headed straight upstairs with Gu Yu.


In the room, Xie Chi asked Ye Xiaoxiao to rest and he checked all the places in the room. Ren Ze helped while asking, “Why are the results different? Is it inaccurate? It just turned and happened to stop at that position…”

“What you said is one possibility.”

“One?” Ren Ze was surprised. “Then what is the other?”

Xie Chi checked and confirmed there were no problems. Then he stood up and answered, “The other is that the result of the first spin is correct.”

Ren Ze was surprised. “Why?”

Ye Xiaoxiao sitting on the side heard these words. She thought of something and her expression froze. “Maybe I know…”

Xie Chi nodded at her. “Regarding tarot cards, a question can’t be asked twice.”

This was the rule of tarot cards. On the same day, a question could only be asked once. Apart from the first time, the answers given later would be inaccurate.

Ren Ze froze for a second, his expression ugly. “So the true answer is Liang Wei?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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Shame. I wanted it to be Gu Yu but that would be too easy

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lmao same

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I know its a life and death situation, but I would definitely be down by the wheel of fortune spinning it and asking all kinds of questions. It sounds so fun, lol.