APP: Chapter 151

Once Xie Chi put away his items, he said goodbye to Ren Ze and Yan Jing and left. The moment he walked through the door, he received a message from Ren Ze. Xie Chi was surprised. Why didn’t Ren Ze say something in person?

On the screen, Ren Ze had sent a positive sentence.

Ren Ze: [Xie Chi, I will go too.]

Xie Chi frowned and replied: [You don’t have to take the risk with me.]

To tell the truth, Xie Chi wasn’t too sure. It couldn’t be said that there was no chance of winning. He had a chance to fight. He just didn’t want to pull Ren Ze into the water. Xie Chi was pulled into this and had no choice. Ren Ze didn’t need to accompany him. Ren Ze could develop steadily, save up enough in two more movies and leave with his sister.  This was the way he should go.

Ren Ze was silent for a long time. Xie Chi thought he had been persuaded to give up and was about to put away his phone. Then he received a long message from Ren Ze.  The paragraph was well punctuated and neat. It had obviously been edited by Ren Ze for a long time.

[I saw the scene of Shen Yi dying alone in Gravestone Forest. In fact, my first reaction wasn’t shock or regret. I thought of you. You are walking on the road that Shen Yi hasn’t finished. If I don’t go in with you, perhaps half a month later, I will receive a video from Yan Jing that is similar. In the video, you are besieged and killed by pets. You have nowhere to go and grabbed Shen Yi’s sword. Even if I can’t help you, I won’t let you fight alone in the deserted forest. At the very least, I can have a clear conscience. Yan Jing said that all the audience members and actors basically knew that Li Hao was Shen Yi’s good friend. However, Li Hao was a pet and betrayed Shen Yi. I won’t do that.]

[You don’t need to protect me. Leave me alone and do whatever you want. I insist on doing what I want and what I can do as a friend.]

Xie Chi lowered his head and was silent.

He was in the precarious app but instead he encountered more truths that he couldn’t see in reality where everything pretended all was well. Here, it wasn’t only evil that was true. There was also goodness and emotions. Even an unfeeling person like him felt a trace of warmth.

Xie Chi: [Okay.]

Ren Ze immediately replied: [I will go to the red movie to see the world.]

Xie Chi smiled.

He was about to turn off his phone when he received a message from Ye Xiaoxiao.

[Xie Chi, I heard about Shen Yi. I liked him very much and I am sorry. In fact, you don’t have to tell me many things. I can guess a bit. For example, why Yi Hesong wanted Cheng Zhou to kill you for no reason and even ended up acting on his own, as well as Yuan Ye/Yu Yao’s business. In short, you should be lacking points and this is probably why you are squeezing yourself again and again. Don’t talk nonsense. I’ve seen it. There is only the Tarot red movie recently so I guess you might go to it. If you are going then let me know. I have been to the related movie Tarot Death and worked with Yi Hesong in that movie. I know the tarot well and might be helpful to you. I can tell you some details. It might be useful.]

[Don’t be burdened. I am only one or two thousand points from leaving. My intention is to go to the red movie to see the world. The group of people behind Yi Hesong and I have no grievances or grudges. They won’t be interested in killing me if I don’t hinder them.]

[Sorry, if I go there, perhaps I might only be a commentator or hold you back QAQ.]

Xie Chi smiled and answered: [It’s enough. Thank you.]

Ye Xiaoxiao had a sense of measure. Not only did she want to protect him, but she also wanted to make him comfortable. Xie Chi understood.


Over the next four days, Xie Chi studied tarot cards. He had Ye Xiaoxiao teaching him and got twice the result with half the effort. For four days, his talent didn’t activate. At 9 o’clock on the evening of the fourth day, Xie Chi and Ren Ze sat opposite each other. They both received the news of the new horror movie on time.

[Please be prepared. You are about to enter the shooting of the horror movie ‘Tarot Game’.]

“Game?” Ren Ze repeated the name in a confused manner.

He didn’t quite understand how the tarot cards used for divination could be used to play games. Even if it could be played, how was it related to terror?

Ren Ze was stained with Xie Chi’s light and gained a lot of knowledge about tarot cards in the past few days.

Tarot cards were an ancient divination method in the west. There were 78 tarot cards, of which there were 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. In divination, the major arcana represented spiritual reasons while the minor arcana represented specific events and things that happened every day.

In general, the person getting their fortune told would ask a question to the fortuneteller. The fortuneteller would shuffle the cards and the asker would draw cards. Among the cards drawn, the major arcana revealed the spiritual reason for the question while the minor arcana reflected the specific internal conditions and possible developments of this question.

However, this had nothing to do with games or horror.

Xie Chi pondered on it for a moment. “The Tarot Death movie that Ye Xiaoxiao has been to previously was only centered around the Death card in the major arcana. This movie might have tarot related elements but there might be other things.”

Ren Ze nodded.

The app loaded for a while and the movie poster finally appeared. This poster could be called amazing based on Xie Chi’s aesthetics. He couldn’t fault anything from the rendering of the horror atmosphere to the layout of the scenery.

In the shadow of the trees in the middle of the poster, there was a huge, gothic black castle. It stood on a steep cliff with its pointed roof soaring into the clouds. It seemed to be shoulder-to-shoulder with the lonely and desolate full moon in the sky.

The old castle had a sense of age and seemed to be entirely built of stone. It was heavy and humid. The windows in the stone walls were square, small and high. There were retro red pleated curtains hanging and through the windows, the interior view could be seen. The castle was like a vampire tomb. Flames from the candelabras swayed back and forth in the dimly lit interior, making the castle seem more gloomy and mysterious.

Outside the castle was a black forest densely covered in trees with rotting leaves. The forest was full of dead black tree trunks like its vitality had been absorbed by something. The trees were crooked and twisted in the dark, the sharp tree branches pointing straight to the sky. On the fragile tree branches, a few shiny black crows were resting. They seemed to be alarmed by something and were flapping their wings, flying into the air. This added another mystery to the castle.

In the courtyard outside the castle, a maid in medieval costume was bending over to feed the crows.

“Is the game in the castle?” Ren Ze was surprised. “Based on the poster alone, I can’t see any tarot elements.”

Xie Chi said nothing.

A mysterious castle, a maid and crows—add the black forest to these three points and it could be learned from the poster that this should be a Western horror movie.

He was thinking about it when the introduction of Tarot Game popped up.

[A group of young people who know a bit about tarot cards received a mysterious letter one day, inviting them to come to a castle to participate in a tarot game. Once the game is completed, they will each receive a reward of 10 million. The group of people responded suspiciously, placed the letter on their door and fell asleep according to instructions. When they opened their eyes, they found themselves in front of a mysterious castle. What is the secret of the castle and the mysterious tarot game? Where have these young people gone?]

[You will play as one of the young people invited to participate in the tarot game. Explore the secrets of the castle and uncover the truth of everything.]

[Being transferred, please wait.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

and the final boss fight begins ! woohoo cant wait

1 year ago

last arc, with scared bc those rings are my nightmare 🤡

4 months ago
Reply to  nico

I completely forgot about that, I’m terrified 😟

1 year ago

So worried for everyone

Xue Yufeng
Xue Yufeng
8 months ago

Ahhhhhhhh… Why does this give me Lord of the Mysteries vibe? Like the tarot cards?? And the dark castle, and especially the crows!! Like 🧐🧐

1 month ago
Reply to  Xue Yufeng

OMGGG I LOVE LOTM 😭😭😭😭 i am still reading it this novel is like a break

3 months ago

I somehow don’t want Ye Xiaoxiao to go just feel like something bad is gonna happen.

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