APP: Chapter 150

What happened after that was obvious.

Shen Yi’s brother followed the source of the demigod genes and gene modification technology and finally found a way to enter the app. He might’ve gone in by himself or he might’ve tried his best to create a group of absolutely loyal fans to go in with him. Meanwhile, Shen Yi followed Lian Shi’s last wish. He took the app mobile terminal left by Lian Shi and directly entered the app.

Shen Yi’s original surname was Lian. He was afraid of being strangled in the cradle by potential pets in the app during his newcomer period so he changed his face and surname to become Shen Yi.

Shen Yi knew his brother was in the app but apparently he also changed his name and appearance and was lurking.

Shen Yi knew there were many pets in the app but most of the time, he couldn’t tell unless they exposed themselves. It was because pets were very private. Once exposed, they would kill themselves or explode. Their mouths were very strict so he couldn’t dig into the organization deep in the app. In the past two years, he might’ve accumulated a lot of points but he had no idea about the pets in the app.

In the letter, Shen Yi said his brother had entered the app earlier than him. Even if there were fewer points, it wouldn’t be by much. He most likely made a wish to suspend his title and voluntarily stayed at the lower level, avoiding people’s eyes and ears and developing in secret.

Everything that happened now confirmed Shen Yi’s conjecture.

Xie Chi opened the top 10 ranking of the app and saw that the number one on the ranking was called Jiang Shuo. Xie Chi’s memory was excellent. There was no such name in the previous top 10 rankings. In other words, this actor called Jiang Shuo surpassed the other nine peak actors and shot straight to the position of movie emperor. Was this possible?

The old man previously said that this generation was the most declining generation of app actors and needed to recover. The stars of this generation were withered and no longer flourishing. Even so, the position of movie emperor was genuine. Only actors with a black movie could be in this position. Therefore, Jiang Shuo must have a black movie.

The movie where Shen Yi died didn’t become a black movie. This meant Jiang Shuo previously had a black movie. However, if he had a black movie then how could he not be in the top 10 rankings? He must be at least peak level. He might’ve had multiple identities to spread out the points. Yuan Ye’s death made Xie Chi understand that opening another identity was allowed by the app.

Shen Yi’s guess was correct.

In the video, the one standing in the middle of the two seriously injured and who forced Shen Yi to kill himself was Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo was a pet. According to the attitude of the other pets, he should be the leader of the Pet organization in the app. In other words… Shen Yi’s brother.

His last words to Shen Yi exposed everything. In the video, Jiang Shuo wondered, “Did you ever think there would be an ending like today when you fought against me in the beginning?”

In the beginning—maybe it meant earlier. Then at the end, Jiang Shuo didn’t kill Shen Yi but forced him to kill himself. Jiang Shuo probably took into account the small family affection that was left and didn’t want his hands to be covered in his brother’s blood.

Xie Chi didn’t hide the truth from Ren Ze and Yan Jing. They both saw the letter and were stunned for a while, unable to speak. Yan Jing gulped. “Brother Xie, the one who was sent away, the one with the demigod genes… is you? Lian Shi is your grandfather and Shen Yi is your father? Su Qing is your l-little mother.”

Xie Chi told him, “Don’t talk if your tongue is knotted, thank you.”

Yan Jing immediately covered his mouth and nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

Ren Ze was practical. “So what are you going to do?”

“Accept.” Xie Chi asked back. “What else can I do?”

Yan Jing loosened two fingers from his mouth and couldn’t help saying, “A s-son inheriting his father’s work?”

Xie Chi glared at him. “My relationship with Lian Shi and Shen Yi isn’t important. The important thing is that I can only accept it. My wish hasn’t been fulfilled. Next, Pet will definitely focus their firepower on destroying me. Shen Yi knew this very well so he just mentioned the relationship slightly. He didn’t bother playing the emotional card.”

“He’s right. Pet won’t let me go.” Xie Chi lowered his eyes and sneered. “In addition, he obviously lied.”

Ren Ze’s eyes widened. “What lie?”

“He probably knew he was going to die. Perhaps all of this was arranged by him. His death can be in his calculations so the fact that I will accept is also in his plan.”

Ren Ze and Yan Jing exchanged looks.

Xie Chi cursed the old fox in his heart and handed the letter to Ren Ze. “The letter said that his difficulty is not knowing which actors are pets. Now he knows.”

Ren Ze froze for a moment. Then he realized something and exclaimed, “You mean, he used himself as bait to lead the Pet organization out of their nest? If he is lucky, he can catch them all at once. If he is unlucky, there is still you?”

Ren Ze was enlightened. “Yes, if he came out alive then the core of Pet would definitely be dead. He is the movie emperor and can clean up the mess. Even if he is dead, he can kill some of them for you. For those who didn’t die, they will be exposed and handled by you. This way, the difficulty is greatly reduced.”

Yan Jing struck his thigh. “Ah, that video! No wonder why he said ‘If I live, you are finished. If I die, you are also finished!’”

He had watched the video of Shen Yi’s death several times and every line was memorable. Now he knew the true meaning of Shen Yi’s words!

Xie Chi took out the lighter and lit a corner of the letter. He watched the flames climb up as he said, “You think the movie emperor is so good? Dog thing.”

Ren Ze always felt there was a sense of doting and sympathy in the sentence.

“Wait, don’t burn it!” Yan Jing exclaimed anxiously from where he was standing opposite Xie Chi. “I see words on the back!”

Xie Chi turned the paper around. He saw the words and his expression darkened.

“If you successfully fulfill my wish, can you help resurrect me? Movie Emperor Chi? I’m a bit reluctant toward your little mother.”

Ren Ze was dumbstruck. “…I feel he isn’t dead at all.”

Yan Jing nodded in agreement.

Xie Chi calmly stuffed the remaining one-third burnt letter into water to put out the fire.  Then he took it out and dried it on the balcony.

Yan Jing was dumbfounded. “You aren’t burning it?”

Xie Chi explained, “There will be a chance in the future to let Su Qing see this dog man’s true feelings.”


Xie Chi inherited Shen Yi’s points and laughed angrily. Previously it had just been a guess but Shen Yi’s points fully confirmed his conjecture. Shen Yi was lying and calculating Xie Chi.

95,000 points. That old thing clearly told him that he was 6,000 points short of 100,000 points. However, the actual number was 5,000. In addition, Xie Chi didn’t believe that the transfer of points and items wouldn’t require a small handling fee even if Shen Yi was the movie emperor with privileges. The for-profit app wouldn’t do something for nothing.

Therefore, Shen Yi had probably only been 2,000 points or even less from his goal. He deliberately said it was more to ease Xie Chi’s emotions and make him think the situation wasn’t that serious.

In fact, the war had been about to start. In addition, if there was a pet lurking around him then he could report false news through this person, allowing the opponent to use the wrong combat power to deal with him.

In fact, at that time, Shen Yi had sent Su Qing away so urgently because he knew the situation was imminent and couldn’t wait another moment. He just didn’t say it and let others think the problem wasn’t big.

For the movie that Shen Yi died in, there were only three possible endings, each of which wasn’t a loss for Shen Yi.

The best case scenario was that he managed to obtain 100,000 points to completely destroy the Pet organization, coming back alive and wiping out the rest of them. The worst case scenario was the current one. Shen Yi was dead and Xie Chi would do the rest.

The last one was most likely so Shen Yi arranged everything in advance.


Xie Chi clicked on the wish interface. Under the wish ‘Let Xie Xinglan obtain a body’, he made the wish ‘Let the Pet organization be completely destroyed.’

The app loaded for a while before giving the wish value: 100,000. Xie Chi was relieved. Fortunately, Shen Yi didn’t lie to him about this. Otherwise, if he had made a wish worth 150,000 or 200,000 points, it would be his loss.

Shen Yi was a bit measured. He knew what could be a lie and what couldn’t.

In the app, points were a wish distribution system. If there was a single wish, the points would be directly injected into this wish. If there were multiple wishes, the points would be assigned to each wish by the actor. Therefore, the points that Xie Chi had injected into his own wish couldn’t be used for Shen Yi’s wish and Shen Yi’s points couldn’t be used for his own wish.

He just inherited the points. He couldn’t completely occupy and redistribute them.

Xie Chi looked at Shen Yi’s items backpack. He saw the three neat rows of items inside and his mood instantly improved. Shen Yi had a total of six red items, ten orange items and three purple items. The highest quality in the app was a red item and there were no black items.

Xie Chi took out all the items and placed them on the ground like a stall. Ren Ze and Yan Jing were dumbfounded and Yan Jing let out a ‘wow’ sound like he had never seen the world.

Xie Chi knew what he needed and didn’t hesitate in his choices.

Shen Yi was 5,000 points away and he was over 1,000 points away. This added up to over 6,000 points. It was only when the initial quality of the movie was red that he could hope to do it all at once. If divided into two movies, his danger would increase and it was undoubtedly giving the enemy one more chance.

Xie Chi thought about it very clearly He looked up at Yan Jing. “You said before that there is a suitable horror movie?”

Yan Jing was surprised and immediately replied, “There is a peak orange movie and an intermediate red movie. The movies are updated every half a month. For the last half month, these two movies are suitable.”

Xie Chi wondered, “What is the theme of the red movie?”

He needed to choose items according to the movie situation.

“I just know it is tarot related. Nothing else is revealed.”

Yan Jing was very distressed. The app was like this. The higher the quality of the movie, the less it revealed.

Xie Chi frowned slightly. “Tarot cards?”

“Yes.” Yan Jing thought for a moment. “Do you remember the item that Yi Hesong tried to kill you with in the movie you just returned from?”

Xie Chi recalled it. “Death?”

He remembered that after trapping him in the cocoon, Yi Hesong took out a tarot card and summoned a skeleton Death on horseback.

Yan Jing exclaimed, “Yes! This red movie and the one that Yi Hesong was in are a series!”

Xie Chi nodded. It turned out to be like this.

Yan Jing explained, “The movie Yi Hesong filmed was called Tarot Death. It mainly talks about the Death card in the tarot cards. This is a new red movie and I don’t even know the name at present.”

Yan Jing smiled bitterly. “So you should be cautious. An intermediate red movie…”

Xie Chi directly asked, “When will it start shooting?”

“Four days later—huh?” Yan Jing suddenly thought of something. His eyes lit up and he spoke excitedly. “Xie Chi! They… they have… they have…”

Xie Chi looked up and his tone was flat. “They have a cooldown period?”

“Yes! How could I forget? Jiang Shuo and the others have a cooldown period. They just came back and can’t immediately enter the next movie! Then Brother Xie, you just have to gain 5,000 points in the next movie and they will die!”

Yan Jing was inspired and thought about a bright future. However, Xie Chi poured cold water on him. “They can make a wish to shorten the cooldown period.”

Ren Ze was taken aback. “Then why didn’t Shen Yi do this? If he shortened it, wouldn’t he be able to shoot faster?”

Xie Chi smiled. “It is because points are needed. Let me ask you, if you need 5,000 points to shorten the cooldown period, are you willing? Shen Yi’s goal was to accumulate points so he definitely wouldn’t be willing. However, Jiang Shuo is willing because he wants to save the organization. After saving the organization, he can earn more points. They have different goals and different ideas.”

Xie Chi understood that ordinary actors shouldn’t be able to make app-related wishes or wishes that would harm other actors such as shortening the cooldown period. It was just that a movie emperor had privileges and could definitely do it. This was why so many people wanted to climb to this position. The cooperation of the nine peak players to besiege the demigod was probably out of a desire for the privileges. Privileges were crazy.

Yan Jing’s mind sobered up. So if the other side was smart, Xie Chi would most likely meet Jiang Shuo in the next movie.

“I understand,” Yan Jing stated.

Xie Chi told him, “Report me directly.”

Ren Ze was surprised. He thought about it and swallowed down his words of caution. There was no need. Now wasn’t the time to slow down. Xie Chi was short on time. After confirming he would go to the movie, Xie Chi started to pick items.

Xie Xinglan lacked a handy weapon and that should be the first item. Secondly, he would bring the newly-obtained red item, the blank paper. For the last item, he would either bring the invincible ring or choose from one of Shen Yi’s items.

Xie Chi previously thought that Shen Yi stood very high but in fact, Xie Chi no longer needed his help. Xie Chi might have a gap with Shen Yi but it wasn’t completely irreparable. If Shen Yi hadn’t died, he could even shoot a horror movie with Shen Yi.

“Brother, do you think it is better for you to come out and take a look?”

The items belonged to Shen Yi. He might’ve inherited them but the effect would definitely be greatly reduced. After all, these high level items were directly bound by the master and also tailored to the needs of actors. The one who used them the most was definitely Shen Yi. Xie Chi just hoped that he could use them without them hindering him. Otherwise, it was better to bring his own items.

Xie Chi had a headache. He had just roughly touched a few and there were several items that were at odds with him. They completely rejected him and couldn’t be used by him. The most typical  example was the red bloody sword that Shen Yi used before he died.

“Let me take a look,” Xie Xinglan answered.

There was no need to consider the purple items. The main thing was to choose between the red or orange items. Xie Xinglan crouched down and looked at the red items. The moment he walked over, the bloody sword trembled. It was so severe that the body of the sword touched the ground, making a booming sound. The body of the sword was red and on the white blade, a red fog was moving quickly.

Xie Xinglan frowned. He walked over and tentatively reached out to touch it. The sword immediately retracted and ran away, not letting him to touch.

“No,” Xie Xinglan told Xie Chi.

He didn’t feel regret. He walked directly to the next red item and was about to turn on his phone to understand the purpose of the item when the sword started to glow and tremble again. Xie Xinglan had to look at it again.

Xie Chi thought it was strange. “…Is it willing or unwilling?”

Why did he see eagerness from the sword?

“Only ghosts know.” Xie Xinglan stared at it thoughtfully before speaking in an uncertain tone, “I will use you to cut up those who killed your master?”

The sword froze for a moment. Then it flew to Xie Xinglan’s hand, rubbing against his little finger to show affection. Xie Xinglan looked at the introduction of the sword on his phone.

[The Blood Demon Sword, produced in the horror movie ‘Blood Demon.’ The plot summary of Blood Demon was: According to legend, the blood demons can increase their strength and delay aging by sucking human blood and evil thoughts. Of course, their unique action is substitution. They exchange souls with young humans and become a dove that occupies a magpie’s nest to live forever.

In the Blood Demon Sword, an underage blood demon is sealed. He was unwilling to steal other people’s lives like his parents, who left aging behind and enjoyed their youth. Therefore, he destroyed his body and sealed himself into this sword forever.]

It turned out to be a child and a kind-hearted one. He probably had a good relationship with Shen Yi and wanted to avenge him. This made him agree to his next master.

Xie Xinglan continued to look at the rest.

[The Blood Demon Sword has the same characteristics as the blood demons. It likes a gloomy environment. It can absorb the evil forces around it and transform it into its own strength. It has intelligence and can be ordered to do something.]

Xie Chi understood. No wonder why Shen Yi brought this item to the horror movie Gravestone Forest. The dark, damp and secluded forest was consistent with the sword’s habits, allowing it to maximize its strength. It just wasn’t known if his next movie would fit well with this item. The current information was limited so he could only try to choose.

After deciding to bring Shen Yi’s Blood Demon child, Xie Chi looked again. Finally, his eyes fell on a beginner red item that wasn’t of high quality but was very interesting. Its name was its function. It was called Rebound. It was a plain transparent glass but the effect was very powerful. It could bounce back an opponent’s attack.

It could be regarded as the 2.0 version of his immunity ring. His ring only had immunity. This item gave immunity and could rebound the attack. It could only rebound an attack once but this could achieve unexpected results at certain times. For example… when he was a newcomer.

Shen Yi couldn’t use this thing. He strengthened his resistance and output so he didn’t rely on it. However, it was necessary for Xie Chi. After all, he was supported by someone and his own quality hadn’t reached that level in all aspects.

Ren Ze scanned the introduction of the glass and seemed to know what he was thinking. His tone was sympathetic. “Xie Chi, have you noticed that you are always being pushed beyond your ability?”

Xie Chi picked up the items and put them back one by one while answering quietly, “Shen Yi is a seedling who grew normally. I am only a little bit shorter than him at first glance but it is actually the height of my neck that is pulled up hard.”

Ren Ze, “……”

Proofreader: Purichan

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