APP: Chapter 15

Outside the company building, thunder struck and there was heavy rain.

Xie Xinglan pulled out the dagger that he had inserted into the ground to support himself. The female boss had played enough and was ready to kill the prey she had slowly enjoyed. Then her prey suddenly smiled and jumped vertically. The female boss showed a trace of humanity in her eyes. She had obviously misjudged the vitality and ambition of her prey.

[Ahhhh the little brother can still fight!]

[So handsome!]

“Overestimating your capabilities!” The female boss was furious.

The dagger was close. The female boss raised a spider leg to block it and the two collided, making a clear and harsh metal impact sound.

Xie Xinglan’s mouth ached but he didn’t retreat. The female boss possessed a terrible jumping power and could stick to any wall to pounce at him. He had no chance of winning at a distance. However, she had huge limbs and needed time to respond. Her flexibility was extremely poor and this was precisely his advantage.

Xie Xinglan analyzed this in a very short time. Then he sneered and came forward with a desire for war in his eyes.

[He is crazy. He wants a close fight!]

[Worried ahhhh. Why isn’t he running? The boss is too big.]

[Little brother, run ahhhhhhh]

The female boss once again misjudged the behaviour of the prey and froze for a few seconds. Then she attacked furiously, wanting to crush her prey to powder.

She was extremely powerful and destructive but had to pause for one or two seconds after each other. Xie Xinglan’s six senses had reached their peak. He used skill and flexibility to accurately avoid all her attacks, catching her flaws and fighting back.

All the attacks of the female boss involved raising her legs high and dropping them. The unbalanced strength made her totter. It was another failed attack and her left foreleg was deeply inserted into the ground, causing a burst of broken tiles and stone.

Xie Xinglan seized the opportunity to move to the female boss’ side, making a vertical jump and jumping onto the female boss’ left foreleg. The sudden heavy pressure forced the female boss’ left foreleg deeper and it was hard for her to pull it out.

The female boss roared furiously, obviously not expecting to be tricked like this by a human.

Xie Xinglan used the short advantage to try and attack, but the female boss was too hard. The knife wouldn’t pierce her.

The female boss finally pulled out her left foreleg and there was the fierce sound of a dagger colliding with a spider leg. The audience outside the movie felt deaf.

Xie Xinglan was calm. He glanced at the eyes of the female boss and suddenly had an idea.

Xie Xinglan grinned and during the next gap the female boss showed, he pulled her cumbersome hair.

Her hair was pulled and the boss was unsteady. Xie Xinglan swept at her legs to make her fall down and the sharp dagger fell rapidly toward her eyes. Blood splattered, staining his slender white hands.

[Wtf ahhhhhhhh!]

[The female boss is blind ahhhhh]

Severe pain struck and the female boss twitched. She convulsed like a worm and a horrifying scream emerged. Xie Xinglan caught a glimpse of the female boss’ body and saw… coloured stripes.

At the same time, the female boss’ belly stretched out like a balloon was blown. The inner wall kept vibrating like something had sensed fatal danger and wanted to break out of the body and escape in advance.

[Oh my god, there really is a Gu in her stomach!!!]

[艹 ahhhhhhhh]

[Wtf, forcing her to this point? This man is terrible ahhhhh]

The female boss’ fleshy belly showed dense stretch marks. The belly stretched to a thin layer like intestines being filled with meat. On the inside, a… coloured Gu could clearly be seen.

IT was a huge, crazy Gu that was crashing into the belly in order to go out.

Xie Xinglan instantly felt like it was a mirror of his heart.

“Do you want to live?” Xie Xinglan smiled.

He had completely changed his identity from the prey being hunted by the female boss to the predominant hunter who controlled everything. He casually raised his blade like he was killing an inferior creature.

The blood-stained dagger fell mercilessly and pierced the film-like belly of the female boss straight into the Gu’s body.

The huge Gu that had just been thrashing was nailed to the dirty womb. In the moment before its death, it was still absorbing the nutrition of the female boss, hoping for the long-planned new life.

The audience outside the horror movie was silent. Then after a few seconds, they fell into an unprecedented uproar.

The previously blue ghost stood up excitedly, holding her husband while screaming, “Ahhhhhhh he succeeded!!”

“The newcomer is so fu*king powerful! He killed such a strong spider purely with force!”

“I’m following him!! Fuuuuuuuck!”

“Compared to him, the previous people I used to fan are all JB!” (JB is the abbreviation for ji ba (dic*))

“He is definitely promising. Can this be called the strongest newcomer in history? Even Movie Emperor Shen’s newcomer period wasn’t so dazzling!”

On the screen, the man’s facial features were gentle and beautiful but his eyes were deep and cold. The blood of the female boss dripped slowly down his cold, white fingertips. Besides the blood, there was an indescribable strange beauty.

He seemed to belong to conquest and killing, his blade sharp and bloody. However, he temporarily converged his claws and became a sleeping beast, showing gentleness and hypocrisy.

Two black ghost girls who were 15 or 16 years old gathered together. “Wow, I’m going to save money so I can watch every one of his movies in the future!”

“I’m waiting for him to be a god! then I will be in his first batch of fans!”


Xie Xinglan relaxed his grip on the dagger and stood up. He turned a blind eye to the bloody scene on the ground and went to the sink to wash his hands.

Xiao Chi had a habit of cleanliness so washing his hands before doing anything had become a subconscious habit.

Xie Xinglan thought about something and chuckled. “Xiao Chi, do you know what the CP should do after the male protagonist slaughters the boss in a movie?”

Xie Xinglan deliberately avoided words such as female protagonist to show respect for his Xiao Chi.

Xie Chi who was clear about the answer, “……”

Xie Xinglan saw he wasn’t speaking and knew this person was embarrassed. He controlled the corners of his mouth and spoke inwardly, “The top player, the clown… how do they all do it? Huh?”

Xie Xinglan didn’t talk a lot but he was never tired of teasing his Xiao Chi.

Xie Chi, who never had a thin face or skin, remained silent for a few seconds before whispering, “…I’ll owe you first.”

In a movie, after the male protagonist slaughtered the boss, the CP would usually… take the initiative to give a kiss.

Xie Xinglan smiled with no hesitation. “Okay, it is owed first.”

‘I’ll remember what you said.’

Xie Chi was silent for a few seconds.

Xie Xinglan finished washing his hands and inwardly said, “Xiao Chi, you resolve the branch plotline and we’ll leave.”

Xie Xinglan was asleep most of the time and didn’t fully know the plot. Xie Chi would tell him the story when needed.


After regaining control of his body, Xie Chi walked back to the female boss’ body.

[Why does he look a bit red? Am I mistaken?]

[Is the upstairs person stupid? He is seriously ill and has a low fever.]

[Oh yes! I forgot about this. I remember now.]

[What exactly is the situation of the side plotline?]

Xie Chi crouched down as he examined the Gu as big as a flat fish in front of him. Then he suddenly smiled.

On the day of the contract, the Gu he encountered was the size of a strawberry while the one in front of him was 10 times bigger.

The previous one was dark, ugly and not eye-catching. The one in front of him had colourful stripes and was dazzling.

The task of the side plotline was to explore the secrets of the baby head Gu’s decline.

Xie Chi once visited a Gu grandmother when he was travelling all over the country.

The Gu grandmother said that after death, cut open the stomach of the person who raised the Gu. If there was a Gu then it was real. If not, it was false.

The Gu and the Gu keeper were mutually dependent. The keeper could use the Gu to satisfy their endless desires and the Gu could naturally… occupy their master.

This was the case with ordinary Gu, let alone a baby head Gu that devoured a baby’s head. This Gu possessed a human head and also possessed human wisdom. It was born out of the baby ghost’s fierce resentment and was naturally evil. It was unwilling to be driven by its owner to be a mechanical luck converter every year. The baby head Gu was in decline because… it was shedding its shell.

Xie Chi smiled softly and stood up slowly.

This was the answer. The black Gu he saw at the beginning was nothing but a disguised shell used to confuse the owner who loved it deeply. The real baby head Gu quietly entered its master’s womb and nestled in place, patiently waiting for a new life 10 months later.

Once this process was successful, the baby head Gu would completely get rid of its master’s control over it. It would kill the master, complete the qualitative change and become a horrible existence with unpredictable strength.

The female boss wanted to become beautiful and rich while the Gu wanted to become bigger and stronger. All things were like this. Then in the end, the baby head Gu was killed by Xie Chi’s brother.

Xie Chi smiled. This was the truth of the baby head Gu’s decline.


As Xie Chi sorted out the branch plotline, the screen changed rapidly to follow his thoughts. Outside the horror movie, the audience saw the scene where the Gu appeared on his hand, the scene where the side plotline appeared, the scene where the female boss killed her husband, the scene where the female boss was agitated during the decisive battle and the scene where the Gu struggled in her womb…

Everything was clearly displayed in front of the audience.

[Fu*k I’m terrified!]

[The female boss deserves it!]

[Female ghost: What about my revenge?]

[Female ghost: Human, you robbed me of my job.]


The moment he figured it out, Xie Chi’s mobile phone rang.

[Congratulations, you’ve successfully cleared the side plotline Baby Head Gu and received a reward of 50 points.]

The next second, the audience outside the horror movie exclaimed.

[Prop! It is a prop!]

[What type of prop is this?? How come I haven’t seen it before?]

[Wtf! A buff! The least accessible and most widely applicably buff! A permanent buff! Too big!]

On the screen, a golden halo was floating above the female boss’ stomach.

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2 years ago

Im a bit confused.. so was the Colorful Baby Gu in the Boss women’s body for these 18 years or did she become pregnant from her lover and then the Colorful Baby Gu took shape? Was the spider Gu fake or was it buying time until it became stronger over these past 18/19 years?

2 years ago
Reply to  NeroLotus

My understanding is that there was never a baby. The Gu crawled in her body and left a shell (like real spiders shed their outer shell). The outer shell was to trick her so that she wouldn’t know that the Gu was inside her eating the energy she collected. It was tired of being a tiny Gu and planned to use her to get big and then kill/eat her. Yeah, pretty gruesome.

2 years ago
Reply to  ctomes

Thank you for explaining! I was a bit confused too

1 year ago

He took my job!

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
8 months ago

A literal golden hlo!