APP: Chapter 149

The office for the only movie emperor had a different owner but the person standing in front of the owner was still the same person. It was a good-looking and introverted man, tall and steady. He stood there like a statue, silently without saying a word.

“Why? He didn’t kill you and was seriously injured by you, so you can’t bear it? Do you regret it? He is dead. Don’t be a bi*ch and set up a memorial.” The man slouching lazily where Shen Yi used to sit cocked his head and sneered.

The standing man’s throat moved slightly. His eyes were bloodshot like he had stayed up all night. “He is my brother after all.”

Jiang Shuo seemed to hear a big joke. He suddenly sat upright, leaning forward with burning eyes. “No, only Pet is your brother.”

“You weren’t willing to die with him. However, didn’t you know his ending today a long time ago?”

Li Hao was silent for a while. Jiang Shuo was right. He truly wasn’t qualified to lose his temper here. He was the most unworthy person.

“Shen Yi has always known that I was a pet.” Li Hao closed his eyes and spoke with difficulty.

He had been by Shen Yi’s side, thinking that Shen Yi didn’t know. Yet in the last chase, Shen Yi didn’t show the slightest surprise when he saw Li Hao. The only emotions in his eyes were disappointment and contempt.

Jiang Shuo sneered. “I know.”

Li Hao raised his eyes with shock, his blood cold. Jiang Shuo knew he had been exposed but still had him stay with Shen Yi. His master, the leader of the organization, didn’t regard him as a person at all. If Shen Yi didn’t have such a big heart, he could’ve killed Li Hao directly…

Jiang Shuo stared deeply at him. “Emotions are superfluous for people who want to achieve great things. Shen Yi is cruel to himself but he also has ridiculous emotions toward others such as Su Qing and you. That is the root cause of his failure. A confident person will always lose to the trust he has placed elsewhere. The use of the demigod’s genes on him was just a waste.”

Li Hao looked at Jiang Shuo, this shameless young man who was analyzing the opponent’s failure and touting himself with the posture of a winner.

Yes, Jiang Shuo didn’t believe in anyone. He didn’t even feel a moment of sadness when his best friend Yu Yao died unexpectedly.

Yu Yao hadn’t agreed with the goal of the organization. It was just for the sake of his good friend Jiang Shuo that he let himself go and help out. Jiang Shuo knew this but still used him. Jiang Shuo wasn’t even sad when Yu Yao died.

This man was selfish and ruthless to the extreme. He abandoned his emotions for the goal through all means. This might also be the reason for his success. His greed for life and his fear caused him to betray his brother. Li Hao’s current position was probably his end point. The peak tier was enough. He had done too many things that deviated from his heart in order to live.

Li Hao felt tired. “Jiang Shuo, Shen Yi is dead. Please stop. Your wish can’t be realized.”

“You are telling me to stop?” Jiang Shuo laughed so much he almost cried. Then he asked, “Shen Yi was short-sighted enough to go against me. Do you also want to betray me?”

Li Hao kept insisting. “There is nothing wrong with human beings with inferior genes. Emotions are very beautiful things and there is no need to strip them away.”

Jiang Shuo sneered. “I didn’t expect Yu Yao to brainwash you. Looking at this, it is good that he died so as to not confuse and disturb people’s hearts.”

Li Hao’s heart seized and he justified himself, “It isn’t Yu Yao. These are my own thoughts.”

“Emotions are wonderful? Then why are you sad? Why did Shen Yi fail?”

Li Hao didn’t want to argue anymore. He raised his head and spoke calmly. “I’m not going to help you anymore. Jiang Shuo, you do it yourself. If you want to kill me then do as you please. You can explode the chip to kill me. At least I can live up to my conscience.”

“You don’t care about Yu Yao. Are you afraid of missing me?”

Jiang Shuo clenched his hands silently like he was trying to restrain something.

Li Hao glanced at the position of movie emperor that Jiang Shuo was sitting on. “Stop or else Shen Yi’s yesterday will be your tomorrow. In the history of the app, none of the movie emperors have a good ending. It was like this with the demigod, Shen Yi and will be the same for you.”

This was the last piece of advice he gave unilaterally as a friend but the only response was a burst of laughter. Li Hao shook his head. It was ridiculous that he had followed such a heartless man for so long.


Under Shen Yi’s brief and humorous letter, there was a serious, objective and emotionless explanation.

Xie Chi read it from beginning to end and thoroughly figured out the ins and outs of Pet.

In the world they lived in, artificial intelligence and computer technology were advancing rapidly but biological sciences had stagnated. Lian Shi was an aspiring scientist, young and energetic. He dreamed about discovering or inventing something to advance human progress and make society leap forward.

However, life hit him thoroughly. After a few years of nothing but mediocrity, Lian Shi was selected by the app due to his strong obsession and entered the movie world.

His youthful life was revitalized. In the past, he could only see a gray future and could only wait helplessly, waiting for the apple that hit Newton to hit him. He might’ve spent his whole life waiting and not get it.

Now, as long as he made a wish, filmed horror movies non-stop and accumulated points, he could realize his wish 100%. This wasn’t a dream but a visible future. He made a wish for gene modification technology first.

Thanks to his high IQ and extraordinary perseverance, Lian Shi soared into the sky and became peak tier.

The generation of the demigod was the golden generation of the app. Not only did an unsurpassed demigod emerge, there were also nine peak actors close to being a god. The consecutive generations could only be called the bronze generation.

Lian Shi was very strong.

He spent half a year in the front tier and saved enough points to realize his wish. However, he didn’t leave. He felt that gene modification technology alone wasn’t enough. It might be dangerous here but the rewards were visible. After going out, it might be safe but his dream might come to an end. He wasn’t sure if he could isolate the best human genes and reconstruct them to form unparalleled individuals.

Lian Shi had been to the Ten Temples so he decided on the demigod. In the real world, no matter how strong the genes, they were only human genes. The demigod had been transformed through countless movies and his genes must be extraordinary. As long as Lian Shi could take away a small part of the demigod’s genes, he could improve human genes and push humanity to another peak.

There were temporarily incurable diseases in the human world. As long as he had the gene modification technology, he could prevent these people from being sick. The real world had a long and hopeless history of mental illness. As long as he had the gene modification technology, he could strip away inappropriate emotions for those who were lost in themselves and give them new life.

Human beings were just higher level primates and had a short life span of only a few decades. This was inferior to many animals. As long as he possessed advanced genes, he could make humans live longer or even forever. He could strip out the criminal genes in a human body to maintain social stability.

Lian Shi’s heart beat like never before.

He finally succeeded in fulfilling his two wishes and left in a hurry. He thought he had brought back the hope for a social leap. He didn’t expect it to be Pandora’s box. He took away the demigod genes but found he lacked the demigod genes replication technology. This meant that the number of people made with the demigod genes was extremely limited.

He also didn’t have any advanced technology that matched the technology he brought back. He was too optimistic and blind. Once he returned to reality, he realized that things weren’t as simple as he thought. He flew up alone and all aspects of society couldn’t keep up with him. His technology was useless.

The government even feared that such overly advanced technology would seriously endanger social stability, disrupt the social status quo and cause unnecessary unrest. They directly imposed a ban to block it and prohibit research and development, or else he would go to jail.

Lian Shi came back with enthusiasm only to have a pot of cold water poured over him. He was furious.

He thought about going back to the app again and wishing for the missing things one by one. He even thought desperately in the dead of night about wishing for the government to be destroyed and to become the leader so he wouldn’t be hindered by anyone.

However, he was stopped by his family. He was married a long time ago and had his own children.

He knew that the points required for his wish this time were huge. If he really returned to the app, he probably wouldn’t come back for six or seven years or might even die in it. The last time he left for two or three years and his oldest son was already six or seven years old. He couldn’t abandon his wife and children again. Lian Shi decided to be a mediocre person. He pretended to be an ordinary person with a salary, living for his wife and children.

This lasted until one day eight or nine years later when he found that his oldest son, who had a disability but was extremely intelligent, had secretly used the taboo gene modification technology to heal his disability.

Lian Shi was angry but then acquiesced. He was a father who had the skills to help his son but couldn’t use it on him. In eight or nine years, Lian Shi had shaken countless times but he resisted it. He was afraid that things would get out of hand and his family would be implicated. His family put him on a leash. Now his son did what he wanted to do but couldn’t.

Lian Shi thought this was just a small episode. He didn’t expect it to be just the beginning. Once he found out, everything was irreversible. His oldest son, who was only 14 years old, found a group of profit-seeking businessmen behind his back and used his hidden treasure.

In the beginning, he brought back some money. It wasn’t much so Lian Shi didn’t care too much and focused on his scientific research. He just thought his son got a scholarship or was doing a part-time job.

Later, he brought home more and more money. Lian Shi finally realized that something was wrong. He checked his son through special means and found that his son owned several villas and luxury cars. Unknowingly, he had a net worth of hundreds of millions.

He was met with the cold-blooded rebukes of his oldest son.

He was accused of being cruel. He could’ve easily saved his son but just watched with cold eyes, watching him being ridiculed by his peers and unable to lift his head. He was accused of being mediocre, incompetent, weak, a trash and indecisive, letting go of a great opportunity to earn money. He was accused of abandoning his wife and children, of being irresponsible and blindly optimistic, of being stupid.

Shen Yi was the spectator and recorder of all this. He was the youngest son of Lian Shi.

The Pet organization was thriving and Lian Shi felt like he was sitting on needles. He deeply knew that he was a sinner and had caused the tragedies of countless children. However, his oldest son wasn’t satisfied with this. It wasn’t known how but he found out that Lian Shi possessed the demigod genes as well as the gene modification technology.

The endless family farce began.

Lian Shi probably never thought that his initial enthusiasm would create such a situation. He knew that sooner or later, he wouldn’t be able to hide. He had no choice but to call over his son Shen Yi and cruelly transformed his son using the demigod genes. For the leftover parts, he used Shen Yi’s genes, the demigod genes and some superior genes to reconstruct a young individual embryo, sending it to a wealthy merchant family who bought a pet.

This was completely destroying the demigod genes.

After doing all of this, Lian Shi felt several decades older and he fell ill. He could heal himself but he didn’t do so. He was tired. Perhaps it was because his heart was dead. He finally couldn’t withstand the illness and died.

Before he died, he called Shen Yi and apologized seriously. After all, he had ruined Shen Yi’s original life and led him on a dangerous road. Lian Shi begged solemnly, “If one day your brother finds a way into the app, please make sure that you kill him.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

So Lian Shi is sort of Xie Chi’s grandpa. Shen Yi and the demigod are sort of his parents. I wonder is Xie Xinglan and his powers are because of the demigod genes. Like Xie Chi got all Lian Shi and Shen Yi’s qualities, and Xie Xinglan got the demigod qualities.

1 year ago

So the ML is the awakened demigod?

1 year ago

I feel like somehow there is a big story behind the demigod 🧐 and it is related to Xie Chi in a depth we can’t imagine.

2 days ago
Reply to  Nian

+1 it does feel like this app favors him quite a lot, can’t quite put my finger on it tbh. The guide at the Ten Temples is hinting at something too I’m sure, with all those glances at XC’s rings

2 months ago

jiang shuo when i get u jiang shuo 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅