APP: Chapter 146

“3,300 points!”


“I remember three months ago, I was still proud of Chi Chi earning 200 points in a movie. Now I… I’m not satisfied with 3,300. It is really hard to go from extravagance to frugality.”

“I don’t know how much God Chi’s wish is but I hope he makes a wish worth 70-80,000 points so I can keep watching his movies. Ohhh so many of my male gods are going back to reality. God Chi, don’t go wu wu wu. I still want to see Brother Lan come out and the lovey dovey couple…”


The ghost viewers were murmuring while on the screen, the comprehensive evaluation of the actors continued.

[Second male lead: Ren Ze, plot exploration degree of 29%, 1,000 points are rewarded.

A total of 5,433 fans. Rounded up to 54 points.

Total: 1,054 points.

Third female lead: Ye Xiaoxiao, plot exploration degree of 23%, 500 points have been rewarded.

A total of 8,911 fans. Rounded up to 89 points.

Total: 589 points.

Dead actors: Yi Hesong, Yuan Ye (Yu Yao), Xie Yang, etc.]

The assessment report scrolled to the end and the list of dead actors was thrilling. The audience was silent. After a long time, a ghost sighed. “I never thought Yu Yao would appear on the death list.”

Several young female ghosts started crying again due to these words. Yu Yao was handsome and had a strong personality. In addition, he had an amazing talent to control ghosts and thunderous means. There were many ghosts who liked him so it could be imagined what type of sensation the news of Yu Yao’s death would bring.

“Xie Chi stepped on Yu Yao and went up. This is real heat and he is sure to be popular.”

“Even Shen Yi didn’t do this back then. I don’t know if the movie emperor has a sense of crisis hahaha. In theory, Xie Chi can now shoot red movies with the movie emperor. Tsk, he is climbing really fast.”

“Aren’t they a family? What crisis? Did you forget Xie Chi’s little blue bottle? Xie Chi is a true second generation.”

“If I wasn’t lacking a few hundred coins, I would’ve gone to see the movie Dad Shen Yi is making right now! My girlfriend sent me a message that it looks good and is very exciting.”

“It only took five or six hours for this movie to be over. It might’ve looked good but I always feel that I’ve lost money.”

“So Xie Chi can visit the Ten Temples?”

“Huh? I would’ve forgotten about it if you hadn’t mentioned it. The app’s poor tourist event hahahaha.”


After the actor’s comprehensive assessment, the ‘Hospital’ card appeared on the big screen again. This time, the dazzling red card had a detailed introduction: The red card ‘Hospital’. The quality is rare.

Advantages: The brilliant performance of the lead actor, the big name lineup, the bright rhythm, no boring points, novel and wonderful setting and a unique theme.

Disadvantages: The service is general, the scenery is slightly monotonous, lack of innovation in the form of terror.

The screen went black, followed by a few lines.

“The movie has been included on three lists: Brainy Movies, Must-see Brain Burning Movies and Starring Actors We Are Crazy About This Year.

The rewards for the lists have been distributed to the corresponding actors’ mobile phones.”

“The movie Hospital is officially over. Thank you for watching the movie and I look forward to seeing you again.”

“There will be a memorial service for Yu Yao and Yi Hesong. Interested parties can log onto the app to find relevant information.”

“We are sorry for the fall of the stars but please believe that brighter stars will rise. The app will never let you down.”


The moment Xie Chi arrived at his residence, he received the notification that the points issued had arrived.

One movie list was 100 points and three movie lists gave him 300 points. His total points were 8,715 but he spent 300 points previously to open his talent. Therefore, his actual points were 8,415 points. Now that the reward points for the lists had been added, he had 8,715 points.

Xie Chi hadn’t expected a red movie to give so many points. He actually got 3,300. Now he was only 1,285 points away from achieving his wish. As long as he played steadily, he could shoot an orange movie to earn this number.

Xie Chi’s brow relaxed slightly.

He opened the title interface and scanned it. His title had become ‘Hot Second-Tier’ and his title was a brilliant golden color. Xie Chi had figured out a certain pattern. Second and third-tier actors still dominated orange movies, with a small amount of red movies, so their main color was a gold similar to orange.

The title reflected to a certain extent the quality of the movies the actor was shooting at this stage. Therefore, the titles of first-tier and above should be red. It was because first-tier and above generally only shot peak orange and above quality movies.

There was a small line of words after the title: Once another red movie is successfully filmed, your title will be promoted to ‘Hit the Big Time Front Tier’. The lowest threshold to become a movie emperor: one black and one red.

Xie Chi knew it. A front tier actor was two red movies and a movie emperor was one red and one black movie. In other words, the movie emperor must have a black movie.

Xie Chi switched out of this interface and casually searched using the search box. He found that many pieces of information he didn’t have permission to browse before were opened to him. For example, the quality of movies, the rare red movies and the classic black movies.

In other words, the movies in the app were divided into six grades. The lowest was the green rough quality followed by a plain blue movie, pros outweigh the cons purple movie, wonderful orange movie, rare red movie and finally classic black movies.

Among them, a black movie could only be upgraded from a red movie.

Xie Chi browsed eagerly.

The evaluation under his title had also been updated along with his title change: Although you have shot very few movies, your works are of high quality. You have left a very deep impression in each movie. You are synonymous with good movies and your name is a guarantee of quality. More movies are willing to open up their authority for you. Your fan retention is extremely high and the growth rate is extremely fast. Your reputation has reached the second-tier and you are very popular. Your orientation is both good and evil. Type of horror movies you are suitable for shooting: almost all. Your items: one red and two orange.

Comprehensive evaluation: The future belongs to you and your prospects are bright.

Your representative works include: Spirit in Red Clothes, Zombie Lovers, 1552 Haunted House, Living Hell and Hospital, all of which you are the first male lead without exception. You also participated in the variety show Horror Skewers and won first place.

Below the evaluation was a line of small words: Congratulations. Since you have successfully shot a horror movie with an intermediate red quality, all types of horror movies of the red quality are open to you.

Xie Chi finished the rough scan and looked at the top 10 rankings. There was only one name change.

Xie Chi’s memory had always been excellent. Last time, he only glanced briefly but he had memorized the names of the top 10 actors. He remembered that the 7th ranked… Yu Yao was gone. Xie Chi remembered that on the death list, there was a parenthesis note after Yuan Ye’s name that said Yu Yao. Yuan Ye was at the peak.

Xie Chi’s expression sank. So the people of Pet had quietly climbed into the top 10. Xie Chi looked at the rest of the names on the top 10 and his eyes were curious. Would there be other pets among these 10 people? If so, what were their numbers?

He didn’t know how Shen Yi was now. Shen Yi had entered the horror movie shooting 10 days before him. If the movie wasn’t long then it should be in the middle or near the end. According to reason, it would be a few more days at most.

Xie Chi’s own plan was simple. Once the cooldown period had passed, he would immediately join the next movie shooting. Both an orange or red quality movie were acceptable. The difference was less than 1,300. In theory, an orange movie was enough. However, a red one was more secure. He wanted to finish it all at once.

Yan Jing’s video call invitation was received. Xie Chi confirmed it and then immediately moved the phone away from his ear.

“Brother Xie! Yu Yao!! A peak tier actor!” Yan Jing in the video was very excited. “I am the agent of a second-tier who can kill a peak actor!”

Xie Chi secretly thanked his foresight. He set up his phone and slowly made tea while listening to Yan Jing’s machine g*n-like talk.

As he turned around holding the cup of tea and approached to listen, Yan Jing’s expression was already distorted and regretful. It seemed that his talking to himself had reached the next level. “Second tier! Why are you unresponsive! I have no one to share the happiness with!”

“I’m just here to gain my man.” Xie Chi said. “I will leave as soon as the next movie is over.”

Yan Jing was about to grin and be happy for him. Then he heard that Xie Chi was leaving and regretted it until his teeth were sore. “Brother Xie, you can’t have only love on the brain! Gaining your man is important but being the movie emperor is also important! The movie emperor! Listen, how overbearing is it! How unique!”

Xie Chi laughed. “I haven’t liked such flashy things since a young age.”

“…Okay.” Yan Jing lowered his head in an aggrieved manner.

Xie Chi started talking about business. “Help me pay attention to slightly higher quality orange movies and decent red movies.”

Yan Jing immediately became serious. “Yes.”

After shooting for so long, XIe Chi was a bit tired and needed rest. He said, “I’ll hang up if it is okay…”

Yan Jing jerked abruptly and interrupted him. “Wait! There really is something!”

“Say it.”

“Just… the app has a tourist event that is held once a month. Newly promoted third-tier actors and above can go. The moment you were promoted and qualified, I received an invitation.”

“What is this?” Xie Chi was slightly puzzled.

Tourist event? Yan Jing thought about it and seemed to find a suitable explanation. His eyes suddenly brightened. “You can understand it as team building for third-tier and above actors.”

Xie Chi, “……”

Yan Jing told him, “It is called the Ten Temples. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it is a hall with many statues. It is up to you if you want to go or not. It isn’t very important and is voluntary.”

Xie Chi wondered, “When is it?”

“Two days later.”

Xie Chi thought about how idle he was during the cooldown period and answered, “I’ll go.”

“Yes, I’ll report it for you.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

My pessimist self is having an ominous feeling towards the show (I hope nothing big will happen tho)

2 years ago

Something tells me that the event won’t be that simple.

2 years ago

The organization has two chances left, my guess is this event and his last movie either which I am sure won’t work

1 year ago
Reply to  Aifa

I am scared for the movie emperor, the old master is always the first to go.

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
6 months ago
Reply to  Aifa

Well, PET can always go after him in the real world…
As long as they stop Shi Qi