APP: Chapter 145

[Hahahahaha he knows where it hurts.]

[Ghost Chi is really ruthless. Well done haha!]

[God Chi swearing is really hahaha rare! I can’t stand it anymore.]

[Wu wu wu both Son Chis are so cute. I want both.]

Xie Xinglan and ghost Xie Xinglan each coaxed their Xie Chi and resolved a crisis. Ghost Xie Chi blinked at Xie Chi, seeming to admit his mistake. Xie Chi chuckled inwardly. Then he was expressionless as he asked about business. “What are your plans later?”

Ghost Xie Chi looked at ghost Xie Xinglan beside him and smiled. “I have no plans. Just start over here.”

His tone was relaxed like he didn’t feel dissatisfied about staying in the movie world. Rather, he was even satisfied with the arrangement. Xie Chi was stunned. His eyes shifted between ghost Xie Chi and ghost Xie Xinglan several times before he suddenly figured something out and slowly smiled.

A person was reluctant to leave a place for two reasons. One, there were people they knew and cared about. Two, staying in that place made them feel comfortable. Due to Pet, he had no liking for his original world. He had almost no friends, let alone familial affection. Therefore, it was normal that ghost Xie Chi didn’t miss that world. Leaving that world could even make him forget some unpleasant memories.

In addition, the person he cared about most was already by his side. As long as ghost Xie Xinglan was here, who cared where they lived? The important thing was that he was there.

Xie Chi talked briefly with ghost Xie Xinglan and ghost Xie Chi while Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze were also talking to their ghost selves. The scene was very harmonious and even had a rare bit of warmth. The atmosphere wasn’t like a horror movie at all.

Time passed bit by bit.

Toward the end, dawn was about to break. A bit of morning light poured into the cold hospital and illuminated the faces of the survivors. Without the background of the dark night, the color of the moons gradually faded and became almost transparent. The sun moved slowly and would soon replace the moons.

Xie Chi stood up and moved his slightly stiff limbs. Then three people’s mobile phones rang at the same time. Xie Chi knew it was probably a message about the end of the movie. He was about to turn on the phone to look when ghost Xie Chi floated over to him. “Wait.”

Xie Chi put down his phone. The two of them were the same height and looked exactly the same. Xie Chi saw his reflection in ghost Xie Chi’s eyes.

“What is it?” Since the other party was himself, Xie Chi was extra tolerant and patient. He always felt that ghost Xie Chi was more naive and careful than him.

Ghost Xie Chi glanced back at Ghost Xie Xinglan who nodded at him. Then he turned and hugged Xie Chi. It was really a hug. Since their height was the same, their chins were against each other’s shoulders and it was very uncoordinated.

Xie Chi instantly stiffened. He didn’t know what to do for a while and spoke uncertainly, “You are…”

Ghost Xie Chi simply said. “Later once you get Xie Xinglan’s body, come and play with us.”

Xie Chi’s mood was very complicated for a while and it was beyond words.

“There are many bad people out there but you can absolutely trust me and ghost Xie Xinglan.”

He spoke plainly but there was a trace of movement on Xie Chi’s stiff face. After a long time, Xie Chi spoke sincerely. “Thank you.”

It seemed that on a not-so-bright morning, he met the family he had once longed for so much. He wasn’t fragile. It didn’t matter if he didn’t have it and he didn’t expect it. Therefore, the moment he got it was a rare soft moment.

Ghost Xie Chi let go of him. Then he looked back at the smiling ghost Xie Xinglan before turning back and telling Xie Chi, “Don’t hug him.”

Xie Chi was startled before smiling. “I know.”

Ghost Xie Xinglan nodded slightly at him.

Before leaving, Ren Ze came over, bumped into Xie Chi’s arm and smiled. “Are you going to make a table of mahjong alone?”

Xie Chi, “……”

[Hahaha, his scene is really a bit ghostly, especially since God Chi fell in love with himself.]

[I always want to hug another copy of myself wu wu wu.]

[I also want someone to love me. Oh, family love is fine.]


Xie Chi glanced at the message on the phone.

[An unexpected encounter in a chaotic time and space. Some people killed themselves while some were killed by themselves. You are still alive and got a happy ending.]

[The filming of ‘Hospital’ ends here. Actors who haven’t obtained an item will immediately be teleported away.]

[Privacy mode is now turned on.]

Ye Xiaoxiao looked at ghost He Xiao for the last time. In the short period of peace before, they had a last friendly exchange. Now ghost He Xiao nodded at her with a calm expression, as if he was ready to meet death.

Ye Xiaoxiao managed to hold back her tears.

Ghost He Xiao and ghost Xie Yang disappeared. Ghost Xie Chi and ghost Xie Xinglan waved to Xie Chi before going to their own world. Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze were sent away from the movie. Only Xie Chi was left behind in the big hospital.


[There is an item. Sure enough.]

[I’ve always felt that it was very difficult for actors to get items. Do you know, I went to watch low level movies before and it was really… out of a total of 13 or 14 movies, there were less than three items added together. They all ended up falling on Xie Chi.]

[The gap between people is very big.]

[I am a fan of Yu Yao but I have to admit that if Yu Yao and Xie Chi started from the same starting line, Xie Chi would’ve thrown him off much earlier. After all, Yu Yao has been here for a year while Xie Chi has only been here for three months. Wasn’t Yi Hesong also here for one year? Relying on seniority to suppress others… in fact, it was quite shameless. In the end, he was killed by others. How embarrassing.]

[A bulldozer-style.]

[This type of ending is really unexpected. I can imagine how shocking the result will be. A new star killed a peak actor. Xie Chi will really be popular.]


Xie Chi waited a long time. He was just about to doubt life when something finally appeared in front of him.

It was a piece of white paper floating in the air. Xie Chi took it and examined it back and forth with a frown. There seemed to be nothing peculiar about the paper. It was just plain A4 paper.

[Item: Blank Paper]

[Item description: Obtained from the Hospital instance. If you hate him, he will hate you. If you love him, he will love you. The so-called heart demon comes from the heart and the solution is also in the heart. Therefore, the item of the Hospital movie is also born from the heart. It will be what you want it to be.]

Xie Chi was happy after reading the description. This was a good thing.

He continued to look down.

[You are proficient in drawing skills. After designing it, draw the item on the blank paper and you can get it immediately.]

[Note 1: Painted items have strength restrictions. The upper limit of the item strength is determined by the quality of the movie after the secondary definition (refined to a single color. For example, in a light red movie, the upper limit of the item strength corresponds to the light red color. When drawing, a reminder of the upper limit will be given. Please rest assured).]

[Note 2: The blank paper can be carried into all horror movies.]

[Note 3: The blank paper can be used in all horror movies and occupies an item position.]

Xie Chi smiled. If it wasn’t for the emotional factor of the rings, the item in front of him could be called his favorite item so far.

He wouldn’t be limited by items. Only he could limit the items. This item gave him a certain degree of freedom. The first time he used it, the effect would be amazing because he could flexibly draw according to the situation of the instance to solve his urgent need for items.

Later, the practicality would be greatly reduced because the instance would change while the item remained unchanged. However, it was at least an orange quality item which would be useful. It was really enough.

The phone vibrated violently. Xie Chi’s attention was drawn back and he saw a red notification.

[Please note that this item needs to consume your item: Duplication. Consume the purple peak item so that the blank paper has the ability to re-expand the drawn items.]

[Do you want to consume Duplication to bind the blank paper?]

Xie Chi’s mouth twitched slightly and he felt a bit helpless. His items were really one-time uses or were destroyed. The luck buff was gone, the eight trigrams disc was consumed and now it was the turn of Duplication.

Still, Xie Chi’s mentality was balanced. The blank paper was very strong. It was actually very reasonable that it was necessary to destroy a purple colored item. In addition, there was indeed a correlation between the abilities of Duplication and the blank paper.

Only three items could be brought into an instance. He already had two rings. If he kept Duplication then he could only throw it away into his warehouse. Using it now was for the best.

Xie Chi took out Duplication from his backpack and clicked ‘Confirm.’

Then a wonderful scene happened. The white fog of Duplication slowly dissipated and became a pearl-like white powder. It flew toward the plain white paper in Xie Chi’s hand and the white paper was slightly saturated. It emitted a dazzling light and if he looked closely, he could see the lively white powder wandering above it.

Duplication and the blank paper were fused and the blank paper had the power of Duplication.

Xie Chi bound the blank paper and left the instance.


The last actor left and the big screen finally lit up in the movie theater. The noisy movie theater was silent in an instant. The waiting audience couldn’t wait to look at the orange movie card on the big screen.

For peak orange movies and higher quality movies, the quality of the movie was determined first followed by the comprehensive evaluation of the actions. The quality was determined first to set the points for the actors. This was more fair to the actors.

As they waited, the ghost audience whispered. “Can it rise?”

“It can’t be upgraded. Is there any peak orange movie that has been upgraded? This is peak orange!”

“Wow, is Xie Chi going to have a red movie? This is the fastest actor to have a red movie…”

The light at the top of the big screen turned on and the color of the ‘Hospital’ card was rapidly deepening, from an orange color to a deep orange. Then it paused.

The hearts of the ghosts were in their throats. The entire card started to tremble slightly like it was breaking through an invisible barrier. It shook more and more severely and finally broke apart at an unbearable critical point.

The audience shouted with excitement.

“It’s upgraded!!!”

“Fu*k, it is the first time I’ve seen an upgrade to red this year!”

“It is worth spending 1,000 coins to watch! It is so cool!”

On the big screen, the broken card was reassembled little by little, finally showing a dazzling red. Compared to the brilliant, bright and warm orange, this red color was obviously more arrogant and pretentious. It seemed to be superior, showing off its quality and status.

The red color was still deepening a little bit. Finally, in front of everyone’s expectations, it stayed at this bright red color. Tomato red was a beginner red movie, bright red was an intermediate red movie and deep red was the peak movie. The color of this card proved that it wasn’t reluctantly upgraded to red. It was a real red movie.

“Looking at an orange movie really earned a profit!”

“Wow… it might be normal but when I think of Xie Chi rising to the second-tier, I feel so fu*king unreal.”

“Fu*k, if you didn’t tell me then I would’ve forgotten. Xie Chi has two orange and one red movie. Isn’t this going straight to the second tier? Three orange movies are required to reach the third tier and the second tier is one red and two orange.”

“How many third-tier players are stuck at the first red movie and can’t rise up. Meanwhile, Xie Chi just skipped the third tier.”

“Sure enough, there is some pain that only weak chickens can feel…”

“The fastest second-tier actor?”

“Can he kill a second peak actor?”

“…Stop talking and don’t be arrogant.”

In the midst of the noisy conversation, the actors’ comprehensive evaluation came out.

[Hospital Actor’s List:

First male lead: Xie Chi, 91% plot exploration. 2,000 points have been rewarded (the second definition is a red movie and the reward is according to a red movie).

Achieved a perfect ending: Peace under the two moons (first trust the other self and cooperate with the other self to achieve a win-win situation). 600 points have been rewarded.

There was strong resistance from other actors and a bonus 300 points have been rewarded.

Total number of fans: 39,977, rounded up to 400 points.

Total: 3,300 points.

Total points: 8,715 points.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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