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APP: Chapter 144

The world they thought about was actually formed by a fusion of two small worlds. The conflict between the ghost camp and actor camp that was thought to be irreconcilable didn’t exist at all so everything was easy to push down.

There happened to be a mirror that revealed the truth. It didn’t really matter what the ‘c’ letters on the mirror meant. The important thing was the mirror itself.

The mirror was placed at the entrance of the hospital lobby so people could examine themselves and fix their clothing. However, it also explained the entanglement of love and hatred between oneself. People who hated themselves would see the hideous ghost of themselves in the mirror because it was a mirror and projected their true self. People who hated themselves would inevitably get a ghost that killed them without mercy.

Xie Chi thought this movie was amazing.

The great thing was that there were countless possibilities. Even if no one found the mystery of this mirror or uncovered the truth of the moon, as long as the actors and ghosts could compromise and were willing to trust their own selves instead of the information given by the app, not wavering no matter what, they would all go out unharmed once the night of the two moons in the same sky ended.

Therefore, solving puzzles wasn’t the key to this movie. The key was to trust yourself. It was a game between you and yourself. The information obtained by the ghost was directly instilled by the app rather than being dug up by the ghost itself. This increased the credibility of the answer.

The ghosts were quiet and the lobby was completely silent. Then the ghost Ren Ze and ghost Ye Xiaoxiao slowly appeared, making clear their positions. They were completely convinced. Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t hate themselves and correspondingly, ghost Ren Ze and ghost Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t dislike the actors.

Therefore, ghost Ren Ze and ghost Ye Xiaoxiao might not have shown up to help but they hesitated and didn’t try to kill their actors the moment they were born. They were originally wavering and slow to take action but they weren’t stupid. Now that Xie Chi spread the evidence in front of them, they immediately made a decision. They seemed a bit ashamed as they stood silently with lowered heads.

Ghost He Xiao sighed softly, seemingly regretful. However, there was nothing he could do. The matter was over and there was no way back. Ye Xiaoxiao smiled sadly at him.

Ghost Xie Yang saw he was completely isolated and panicked in his heart. However, he still had a question in his mind and he sneered emotionally. “You still haven’t said why killing the actor Xie Yang would kill me. It is because you can’t say it, right? You are deceiving me. The mirror can only prove the inner and outer worlds.”

Xie Chi looked at him in a pitying manner. “The mirror actually isn’t important. It is just a disposable additional object. The important thing is the moons.”

He ignored the nervous ghost Xie Yang and took a few steps to lean against the door. He stared up at the sky and seemed to be reconfirming something.

“What do you mean?” Ghost Xie Yang was about to go crazy due to this person’s mysterious tone.

“Don’t worry.” Xie Chi tilted his head to look at ghost Xie Yang. “Look for yourself.”

He raised his hand slightly and pointed to the moons in the sky. He felt it was particularly boring as he said, “You always asked me why. In fact, the moons have already told you clearly so look at them yourself.”

The ghost Xie Yang followed his hand to look at the two moons in the sky. He didn’t see anything special. The two moons were still far away from each other. They looked exactly the same and had the same brightness.

Ghost Xie Yang looked at Xie Chi again.

Xie Chi asked helplessly, “What is the color of the moon in your original world?”

Ghost Xie Yang didn’t think about it. “White.”

“What about now?”

Ghost Xie Yang became a bit impatient but still replied, “One red and one white.”

Xie Chi seemed to know this person’s life wouldn’t be long and was very patient. “Then do you remember how the two moons in the same sky started?”

Ghost Xie Yang thought about it. “A full moon split in the middle and formed two moons.”

“Your words are incomplete.” Xie Chi smiled as if ghost Xie Yang thought too roughly. “I’ll add it for you.”

“It should be one white full moon divided into two identical moons, one red and one white.”

“Is there a difference?” Ghost Xie Yang raged.

“Yes.” Xie Chi sighed. “It shows that although this world is composed of two small worlds, the small world represented by the red moon is derived from the world of the white moon.”

Ghost Xie Yang stopped breathing, his face pale.

Xie Chi didn’t care about him and simply said, “The main one is the complete white moon and the red moon is derived from it.”

He glanced over at the trembling ghost Xie Yang and asked quietly, “So if the actor Xie Yang from the main world is dead, do you think you can live in the derived world?”

“It is like looking in the mirror. Without a person in front of the mirror, the ghost in the mirror can’t be seen. So as actors, we can see another ghost in the mirror while the ghosts can see us in the mirror. However, when you look in the mirror, you only see yourself as you are now.”

“It is because you’ve lost your body and your background.” Xie Chi smiled as he spoke little by little. “There is no one in the past so there is naturally no future.”

Fear appeared deep in the eyes of ghost Xie Yang. It was fear of death but even more so, fear of Xie Chi.

His blood was cold and he was almost unable to move. He could only listen to Xie Chi’s cruel words in a numb manner. He wanted to tell this person to shut up but his throat was dry and he couldn’t squeeze out a word. At this moment, he was sentenced to death and Xie Chi was the hypocritical judge who was guilty of crimes but didn’t know it.

Xie Chi said, “This is why I call it the inner and outer worlds. If there is no outer world then there is naturally no inner world. They are a pair of antonyms. If one is missing then the two words will lose their meaning.”

“Xie Yang.” Xie Chi stared at him. “You are a person without roots.”

“The red moon is the white moon’s child. It comes from it but it isn’t it. Still, it is closely connected. Any damage will cause damage and death is death.”

He turned to look at ghost Ye Xiaoxiao, ghost Ren Ze and even ghost Xie Chi and ghost Xinglan. “You in the ghost camp, you can gain a strength that goes against the sky but in fact, you have been hanging on a thread the entire time.”

“This is the fairness of the movie. We are weak and in danger but you aren’t safe just because you are strong. You can always ruin your life because of your stupidity.”

“This is the law, the world order. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to resist you at all.”

The only response he got was a deeper silence and more complicated emotions.

Xie Chi didn’t speak. He stared up at the sky and smiled silently. This movie was telling him that what he saw with his eyes might be a cloudy illusion and the information instilled in his brain might be false. So what was true and what was false?

For him, his brother and himself were true and everything else was false. This was his own answer. He didn’t completely believe in anything except for Xie Xinglan and himself. Therefore, this movie wasn’t that difficult for him. Ghost Xie Chi and ghost Xinglan hadn’t planned to kill him from the beginning.

Ghost Xie Yang awakened from his initial despair and rushed to Xie Chi like a mad dog. He grabbed Xie Chi’s shoulders and shook him desperately with red eyes and a mad expression. “Xie Chi, you hurt me!!!”

It was Xie Chi who gave him the opportunity to kill actor Xie Yang! He was so weak that it would’ve been impossible to kill Xie Yang!

Xie Chi smiled. He seemed to know ghost Xie Yang’s death was imminent and was extra tolerant. There was even kindness in his eyes. “Xie Yang, first don’t say whether I did it intentionally or not. You are an adult and responsible for your own decisions. No matter how much deceit and tricks there were, it was you who made the final decision…”

Xie Yang’s limbs were stiff.

“The one who can really ruin yourself—” Xie Chi paused and smiled slightly. ”It is only you.”

“I don’t deny that I contributed but I always feel that I don’t hold the main responsibility. The main responsibility—” Xie Chi raised his head slightly, slender finger poking ghost Xie Yang’s heart. “It’s you.”

Ghost Xie Yang fell back a few steps in a muddled manner. He froze in place for a few seconds before completely collapsing.

Ren Ze said ‘fu*k’ in his heart.

[Oh my god…]

[I’m slow… I really understand. Fu*k, this is really scary when thinking carefully.]

[This Xie Chi is amazing, really amazing!]

[Punishing the heart. It’s so scary, I’m so scared. This is poking where it hurts and every word draws blood. Fu*k, who dares to play with him?]

[Ahhhhhhhhh Chi Chi so A!!!!]

[I won’t call him Son Chi anymore! I will call him God Chi. Ohhh God Chi! My Chi has been growing. So exciting!]

[I’m not a fan of Dad Shen Yi anymore. I climbed the wall, I cheated.]

[Chi Chi, Mom loves you!]

[Damn, who would dare to be called Little Xie Chi later? The ending of this Little Xie Chi must cause a psychological shadow.]

[Are there any sisters who followed from start to finish? How many orange movies is this for Xie Chi?]

[I know the answer to this question! The third one!]

[Wait??? It is already the third one? Fu*k!]

[Wow, isn’t this a third-tier? I remember that a rising star needed three orange movies to become a third-tier.]

[Right right!]

[Quietly whispers: what if this movie upgrades to ‘red’… it isn’t impossible, right?]

[Fu*k, then isn’t it straight to… a second-tier? Oh my god? Rising to the second tier in just three months??]

[I… I’m slow again.]

[Ahhhhh whine whine. I’ve bought this stock for so long and it is finally harvest season.]


“Brother, who do you think is smarter out of Xie Chi and I?” In the back, ghost Xie Chi stood next to ghost Xie Xinglan with folded arms. He looked at the approaching Xie Chi and asked in a whisper.

Ghost Xie Xinglan paused with a subtle expression. Then he lowered his head and kissed this person’s cold lips. Ghost Xie Chi was taken aback and slowly smiled against the lips.

Xie Chi coughed twice and tried to pretend not to see it. “What are your plans after this?”

Ghost Xie Chi spoke sincerely. “I admit that you are smarter than me.”

Xie Chi was surprised and his tone was a bit uncertain. “…Thank you?”

He didn’t think he was a person who would give up on his own initiative but it was indeed a pleasure to get the approval of another self.

Ghost Xie Chi raised his eyebrow, triumph in his eyes as he leaned against ghost Xie Xinglan beside him. “However, I have a boyfriend I can touch.”

“……” Xie Chi took a deep breath but he couldn’t hold back and exploded. “Fu*k you.”

Proofreader: Purichan


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