APP: Chapter 143


[Hiss… Did I hear that right?]

Xie Chi didn’t speak as he walked to the reception desk directly across from the lobby. The wooden reception desk had collapsed and cracked due to the previous battle. Xie Chi crouched down, picked up two or three larger pieces of broken glass at his feet and walked back to Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao.

He distributed the large pieces of broken glass to them and raised his chin in a gesture. “Look at it.”

Ren Ze couldn’t see what was special about the dirty and blood-stained glass in his hand but he obediently looked at it according to Xie Chi’s instructions. His face was reflected in the glass. He blinked and the mirror self also blinked. It was just the broken glass of an ordinary mirror.

Ye Xiaoxiao also didn’t see anything and looked at Xie Chi doubtfully.

Xie Chi said, “This glass was shattered from the mirror with the two letters ‘c’ engraved in them. You look at the reflection and it is the actor right?”

Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze nodded.

Xie Chi glanced at ghost Xie Yang who was staring at him and waiting for him to explain. “Ghost Xie Yang also sees ghost Xie Yang.”

Ye Xiaoxiao made a small ‘ah’ sound and her expression toward the glass in her hand changed. “This mirror can show the form of a ghost? It is like the demon mirror? The ghost pretending to be an actor can’t hide?”

“It is more than that. What you said isn’t the key.”

Ye Xiaoxiao wondered, “Then the key…”

Xie Chi’s eyes swept over ghost Xie Chi behind him. Ghost Xie Chi smiled and was happy to answer. He took the glass piece from Xie Chi and showed the reflection of his face. Ye Xiaoxiao covered her mouth in shock.

“How can this be?!” Ren Ze shouted.

Ghost Xie Chi’s eyes were red but in the mirror, his eyes were black, clear and clean. He didn’t have pale, snowy skin or a gloomy expression. It was Xie Chi, the gentle Xie Chi.

“W-What does this mean? What does this show?!”  Ghost Xie Yang asked hysterically. Then he covered his head again and shook it, forcing himself to stay alert. He stared at Xie Chi and sneered. “No, don’t play tricks. This is a world. I’m extremely sure of it. The only one to survive in the end is myself.”

Xie Chi wasn’t angry at the provocation and even nodded happily, seeming to agree with his point of view. “You are right. It is a world.”

The big stone blocking ghost Xie Yang’s throat and causing him to be out of breath fell instantly. He was very relieved. Then Xie Chi continued mischievously. “It is one big world, but also two small worlds.”

Ghost Xie Yang’s expression stiffened.

Xie Chi said, “It is an inner world and outer world. It is indeed a big world but there are two small worlds. This is the worldview of this movie.”

“The world you see and are living in is a fusion of the inner and outer world. So you can say it is a big world or you can say it is two small worlds. The essence is the same but the latter better explains something—when the two moons in the same sky end, those in the ghost camp won’t disappear. They will return to the inner world where they belong, safe and sound. Meanwhile, we will live in the outer world equally safely.”

“It is because the fusion of the inner and outer worlds is caused by the two moons being in the same sky. Once it ends, they will separate again and become parallel worlds that don’t interfere with each other, continuing to advance due to the process.”

Ren Ze stared. So it wasn’t countless people fighting for a home. They were originally from different worlds and met briefly due to the two moons being in the same sky…? It was like one big world on the surface but in fact, this world was the fusion of two small worlds…

Yes—Ren Ze raised his head sharply. Two moons!

Ghost Xie Yang was stiff and speechless.

Xie Chi also looked up. The glass of the windows had been shattered in the previous battle and all the ghosts left in the lobby could enjoy the moons without obstacles.

Ren Ze watched the white clouds change and start to counter-attack the red clouds that were still occupying a large area. The enlightenment that had just flashed disappeared and he became confused again. He looked at Xie Chi in an ashamed manner. “Why are there two small worlds?”

Obviously, the white clouds represented them and the red clouds represented the ghost camp. It was because their eyes were black with the whites around the eyes and their original world’s moon was also white. Meanwhile, ghost Xie Xinglan’s eyes were completely blood-red and the moon was also blood-red. This was a one-to-one correspondence.

In addition, the changes in the white clouds and red clouds indeed reflected the real situation of the battle. Ren Ze couldn’t understand why Xie Chi was so sure that there were two small worlds. The same doubts lingered in the minds of most people.

Xie Chi knew what Ren Ze was thinking and corrected him. “We aren’t the white clouds and they aren’t the red clouds. We aren’t the clouds at all.”

Xie Chi and ghost Xie Chi exchanged looks and nodded.

“Then… then we are?” Ren Ze was shocked.

Xie Chi laughed.

Ye Xiaoxiao on the side answered for him. “It is the moon.”

She stared at Xie Chi, eager to find the answer. “It is the moon, right, we are the moon! We are the white moon and they are the red moon!”

Ren Ze was enlightened when she said this. Yes, there weren’t only unpredictable changes in the sky from the red and white clouds. There were also the motionless moons of the same size and brightness! The two moons faced each other from a distance. The only difference was the different colors!

On the surface, they were the key to the red-white clouds dispute, like the queen bee of the swarm instructing the worker bees to invade and expand their territory. Yet in fact… they never participated in the dispute at all. They were in the dispute but they were detached from it. They just hung there objectively!

The clouds experienced changes, whether big or small, but after so long, neither of the two moons had fallen into a decline. They were still facing each other with neither losing! In other words.. the dispute never existed. They never wanted to compete at all.

It was the cloud-like illusion that caused the people in the world to be willingly blinded, losing their most precious judgment, joining the endless battle and finally losing themselves, dying in this place.

Ren Ze was covered with sweat and his breathing was slightly heavy. So everything that happened was actually… an absurd non-disaster? They could live without dying at all. This was clearly a win-win situation but it abruptly fell into the tragic situation of death, serious injury and few people remaining.

Ye Xiaoxiao also understood and there was no blood left in her face.

The ghost He Xiao, who came out slowly, also froze in place as if he was nailed there, unable to move.

[Fu*k!! I figured it out! How terrible!! Surely it isn’t like this, right?]

[No no no, this is horrible. Killing yourself?]

[Then He Xiao died in vain. There is Xie Yang as well. My god, it can’t be true, can it?]

[It is just speculation. Don’t make a fuss. It is shameful. Does he have proof?]

Ghost Xie Yang deliberately killed actor Xie Yang so Xie Chi’s conclusion was the same as hitting him in the face. He was angry and crazy for a while as he spoke sarcastically, “Do you have proof? This is just your guess!”

“Yes.” Xie Chi looked at him and smiled. “It is the broken glass you’re holding.”

“During the time when the red light shone brightly, ghost Xie Chi looked like me in the mirror, indicating that he was in the outer world and I was in the inner world.”

“So when the white light is shining brightly—” Xie Chi smiled evilly. “I will look like ghost Xie Chi in the mirror because I am in the outer world and he is in the inner world.”

“The red light or white light being brighter just implies which world is the outer world at present.”

As he was talking, the sky changed like it wanted to give him an opportunity to support his point of view.

The situation underneath was reversed and the white clouds in the sky finally successfully swallowed and encroached on a large area of red clouds, becoming the winner. In the huge sky, the white color was obviously more than the red color.

The light that fell over everywhere changed from blood-red to a pale white. At the same time, Ye Xiaoxiao was in shock as she stared at herself in the broken glass, her hands trembling. In the mirror, her eyes were red, her face was covered in blood and her skin was pale. Ren Ze saw it too and couldn’t speak for a long time.

Xie Chi already knew the conclusion and just took it symbolically. In the mirror, he saw ghost Xie Chi with blood-red eyes. He blinked and pursed his lips. The ghost Xie Chi in the mirror also blinked and pursed his lips.

Ghost Xie Yang lost some strength. His eyes were hollow and he staggered a few times before he could stand firmly, his back weakly pressed against the cold wall behind him. It was true, Xie Chi’s words were true. He didn’t need to kill the actor Xie Yang! He could survive because it was two small worlds!

Ghost He Xiao’s eyes were very sad. He liked himself more than ghost Xie Yang liked himself. It had been extremely unbearable when he killed himself and it was even worse after finding out the truth. It was just that his personality was relatively introverted, unlike ghost Xie Yang.

[!!! Fu*k!!!! It is confirmed!]

[!!! Damn, this movie setting.]

[Thinking carefully, it’s frightening.]

[Oh my god, two worlds, inside and outside.]

[God Chi wuwuwuwu!]

[Fu*k he is a cheat… fu*k.]

[I finally understand. Ahhhh excited!!]

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, ghost Xie Yang seemed to want to save face and he spoke angrily, “So what? I killed him! I don’t regret it. I am living well now. He is dead. What does that have to do with me?”

His tone was fierce. It wasn’t certain if he really didn’t feel regret or if he was just covering up his guilty conscience. Xie Chi shook his head. Ghost Xie Yang insisted on persevering on his path while some hope was left.

“You will die,” Xie Chi declared calmly. “The moment actor Xie Yang died, your vitality was completely ruined. You have the same origin and your lives are connected. Without him, there would be no you.”

“No! You’re lying! I’m alive and well now! Once the two moons end, I will go to the world I should’ve gone to!” Ghost Xie Yang’s face was almost distorted as he pointed at Xie Chi. “Xie Chi, you are just getting revenge for personal matters. Don’t think I don’t know!”

Xie Chi smiled, too lazy to argue with this person. He just stated the facts clearly. “The two ‘c’ letters in the mirror, I filled them in with appropriate words. The first word is ‘clear’. Recognize and see the meaning clearly.”

“As for the second, it is ‘conquer’ which means victory. These two words can mutually confirm the final conclusion. Of course, it might be something else but this is no longer important.”

“These two words are the solution to the two crises in the instance.”

Everyone was in shock.

Xie Chi cleared his throat and announced it. “Clear, recognize and see clearly. So when we called out the name of the ghost who died in the car accident, they disappeared. It is because we recognized and saw clearly who they are and how they died.”

“As for conquer, it is the theme of this movie—victory over another self.”

Ren Ze almost shouted while Ye Xiaoxiao stared closely at Xie Chi without blinking, stars in her eyes.

Xie Chi continued. “In this movie, all the dangers came from yourself, no one else. Whether it is the self who died in a car accident or the self who died in a dangerous conflict, they are you. They compete with you, hold you back, undermine you and are always thinking about how to kill you.”

Xie Chi sighed. “However, at the same time, they can understand you best. They can… help you and become your greatest help, as long as you take the initiative to resolve the misunderstanding, accept them and persuade them to cooperate with you.”

Xie Chi calmly looked at ghost Xie Chi. “It is because at the end of the day, they are you.”

“The crisis comes from the heart and the way to live also comes from the heart.”

“This is the answer from the start.”

Ghost Xie Yang was ashen-faced.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Damn..the message of this horror movie is actually inspiring??

2 years ago
Reply to  Mememe

For real. It made me feel sad and sentimental.

2 years ago

Ahhhh i feel bad for uncle he xiao… he died in vain :’)

2 years ago

So the moral of the movie is learn to love yourself.
I’m really sad about Uncle He Xiao. He seemed like such a nice old guy.

2 years ago

movies always have such beautiful endings. like they are very angsty but beautiful nonetheless

2 years ago

this movie theme is definitely big cheat for Xie Chi since Xie Chi is the only one who loves himself to the max, right. *winking to Xie Xinglan*

Last edited 2 years ago by Accellia
10 months ago

So this movie is basically telling the audience to learn how to trust yourself because once you have trust in yourself that only means you know your capabilities.

4 months ago

the answer: self love x 4. HAHAHAHA.

altho it’s about trusting urself, I think it also shows us how we always create false problems and try to ‘solve’ them which ends up creating more problems.

2 months ago

ye yuan seems like someone who values autonomy and dignity. i wonder who’s the friend hes doing all of this for? it’s a shame he died without answering anything ;;