APP: Chapter 142

Yuan Ye dared to get close because he had the 100% defense protection item. Xie Chi also had an invincible immunity item—that humble ring.

Yuan Ye woke up.

It turned out that from the moment he appeared, everything was within Xie Chi’s calculations, from the initial deliberate showing of weakness and being beaten to the close pursuit after drinking the HN potion. Xie Chi took all possible situations into consideration, clarified the risks and made the best arrangements. Yuan Ye’s appearance just turned Xie Chi’s plans into reality.

He lost.

The moment these words came to mind, Yuan Ye felt it was weird and ridiculous, but it did happen. Yu Yao lost to a rising star. He lost even after trying his best and exhausting all his means. Xie Chi had only been here for a quarter of his time.

After revealing his identity, Yuan Ye’s expression had always been lofty or playful. It had never looked like this, showing an ordinary person’s confusion and decadence.

[Oh my god…]

[Yu Yao lost…]

[It is unimaginable.]

[…I don’t accept it. I can’t watch.]

[Xie Chi isn’t dead. This means it is over for Yu Yao. He has run out of cards while the enemy is unharmed… fu*k, it is terrible.]

[He is Yu Yao… the proud Yu Yao… the super talented ghost controller. I am slow, I am slow.]

[Ahhhhh! Wuuu I was just scared to death.]

[Ahhhhhhh my Xie Chi won against Yu Yao! My Xie Chi won against a peak actor!!!]

[God Chi ahhhhh!!!!]

[Fu*k, I’m crying. This is the most valuable stock I have bet on. Ohhhh, I have followed him all the way from his newcomer period. Mother is proud of you.]

[My friend is a prophet! She said that Xie Chi has the capital to be the movie emperor. This is the conclusion!]

[It’s almost over, it’s almost over. I want to run and tell others woooo!]

[Is it too late to follow him now?]

[I am becoming inflated. I think he can go compete with Dad Shen for the movie emperor position. What should I do? I am fans of both. Complicated…]

[…Do any of you remember that the movie isn’t over?]


Xie Chi kept the time in mind and returned to his body before the effect of the HN medicine got out of control. He was safe and sound. The existence of the ghosts and ghost Xinglan possessing him greatly reduced the negative effects of the HN medicine.

In the few minutes while his soul was out of his body, ghost Xinglan could enter his body, control it and protect his body from being damaged. This was the situation, the unique opportunity he encountered. Since entering the movie, he had been paying close attention, searching and quietly waiting.

“What else do you have?” Xie Chi walked to Yuan Ye, eyes extremely cold. He didn’t show the pride of victory or the desire to humiliate the enemy. He just calmly asked this question.

Yuan Ye looked up at Xie Chi for a while before laughing with a bit of self-deprecation. “Nothing.”

Xie Chi glanced at him. “Aren’t you going to continue? You still have the ability to resist.”

“No.” Yuan Ye shook his head and smiled sarcastically. “I still have some deduction ability and there is no need to humiliate myself.”

The shield might be 100% defensive but there was a time limit. Once the time passed, he only had his teleportation item and the ghost controlling talent left. The teleportation item was just an assistance and couldn’t save his life. In addition, ghost Yuan Ye was completely beaten by ghost Xinglan. There was no possibility of escape and ghost Yuan Ye wasn’t the opponent of ghost Xinglan at all.

The Rubik’s Cube had exploded just now. Xie Chi might’ve used the invincible immunity to be safe but the risk of death was real. In that explosion, the probability of Xie Chi dying must be as high as 90%. This was enough to make ghost Xinglan’s strength soar even higher. Right now, no one was ghost Xinglan’s opponent.

Yuan Ye could see his ending.

Xie Chi glanced at him with surprise. There was more respect in his eyes but he didn’t say much, his tone indifferent. “You can judge yourself.”

Yuan Ye’s mood was very calm in the face of his inevitable ending. He didn’t show any fear or embarrassment, nor did he ask for mercy. He just smiled. “Aren’t you going to ask me anything like you did Cheng Zhou? There aren’t many opportunities like this.”

Xie Chi frowned. “It is an extra effort.”

He didn’t do things in vain. Yuan Ye wasn’t Cheng Zhou and he would never dig out what he wanted from Yuan Ye’s mouth. Even if Yuan Ye knew, he would refuse to say a word. Yuan Ye was stunned before reacting with a big grin. “Thank you for your affirmation of me.”

Xie Chi said nothing.

Yuan Ye was silent for a moment before sighing sincerely. “If you were a well-behaved pet then we must be close friends and partners.”

There was a faint hint of regret on his face.

Xie Chi declared coldly, “There is no if.”

This tough reaction wasn’t surprising at all. Xie Chi was indeed such a person. Once he saw a path, nothing could shake him, just like him. Thus, Yuan Ye admired it. Unfortunately, they were opponents. There was an irresolvable contradiction between them.

Yuan Ye glanced at ghost Xinglan not far behind Xie Chi. “What are you going to do with him? I don’t think you will be coming down to where I am later.”

Now he really understood Xie Chi. Xie Chi didn’t do things that were uncertain. He dared to raise ghost Xinglan so there must be a solution. Yuan Ye hadn’t thought about it and showed an invisible gap.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Xie Chi stated.

Yuan Ye was silent for a few seconds before laughing at himself. “Yes.”

A living person would have the desire to explore. He was about to die and it was just torture for him.

Xie Chi turned around blankly with the same attitude. Yuan Ye was well aware that from the moment he appeared, either Xie Chi would die or he would die. It was just that the inevitable result was his loss.

“I’m not an obedient dog. I’m just… for a friend who has gone astray.” Yuan Ye sighed and shook his head slightly. He felt that his last confession was hypocritical and boring. It was unlike his usual style.

Then he fell.


[Wuuuu Yu Yao.]

[I’m going wuuuu. I don’t want to watch it.]

[Wuuu, my house is completely gone.]

[I want both. I have no position. I love Chi Chi and I also want Yao Yao. Why must one of them die?]

[A new star killing a top actor? It is also at the peak… fu*k, I’m dreaming.]


Xie Chi was startled.

He originally thought that Yuan Ye was a second or third generation pet, mechanically destroying according to the requirements of the organization. However, he clearly had complete emotions. Based on the last sentence, Yuan Ye was clearly a first generation, the same generation as Xie Chi. He had independent thinking.

He seemed to know right and wrong in his heart and might even… disagree with some of Pet’s actions. Yet for his so-called friend, he strictly carried out the tasks of the organization. He lurked for a long time, cleaned up disobedient pets and attacked Xie Chi.

That friend…

Xie Chi felt that he was one step closer to the truth about Pet. For some reason, he always felt that Pet was related to the scientist who invented the artificial uterus and genetic technology.


The sound of fighting between ghost Yuan Ye and ghost Xinglan gradually faded and finally disappeared. The outcome was decided. Ghost Xinglan killed ghost Yuan Ye. The dust settled.

Ghost Xie Yang, who had been staying away, stared at ghost Xinglan and Xie Chi who had returned to his body. Fear gradually spread in his blood-red eyes. First it was himself, then Yi Hesong and finally Yuan Ye. All those who went against Xie Chi really ended up… dying.

Ghost Xie Yang didn’t have any thoughts of jealousy. He even felt that his original self who hated Xie Chi was stupid to the extreme.


They cleaned up the mess and counted the number of people. In the huge hospital, there were only three of the original 12 actors left—Xie Chi, Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze. Xie Chi and Ren Ze, who had recovered part of their physical strength, helped the seriously injured Ye Xiaoxiao. They sat her down and Ren Ze helped her with simple healing and bandaging.

“Brother Xie, what shall we do next?”

He vaguely glanced at ghost Xinglan standing not far behind Xie Chi, anxious and frightened. Xie Chi had won completely but he also paid a heavy price. He won by raising another enemy and now was the time to reap the consequences. Ghost Xinglan was currently almost invincible in this movie and Ren Ze was very worried about Xie Chi’s situation.

Ye Xiaoxiao woke up and also looked at Xie Chi. Xie Chi was startled like he didn’t understand the hint in Ren Ze’s eyes. “What is next?”

Ren Ze leaned closer and whispered, “Ghost Xinglan, have you figured out how to deal with him?”

Xie Chi was stunned again. “Why should I deal with him?”

Ren Ze was completely confused.

Xie Chi finally realized and laughed. “Don’t worry and heal your wounds. The crisis is over. We can go out when the night of the two moons is over.”

He glanced at his watch. It was a bit more than four in the morning. There were two hours to go until the end of the movie. He gently glanced at Ye Xiaoxiao and told her, “Hold on for another two hours.”

Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze were blank as they forgot the pain. As Ren Ze was in a daze, he saw Xie Chi walking over to talk to ghost Xie Chi and ghost Xinglan.

He raised his head and finally had time to look at the moon. The blood-red light in the sky faded and the white became brighter. It didn’t seem so vulnerable. Ren Ze didn’t understand what this meant. Did it mean that Xie Chi’s actions reversed the situation to a certain extent?

Then why did he say it was over? Why was he so sure that ghost Xinglan and Xie Chi wouldn’t kill him?

He was in a trance and didn’t notice that on the wall behind him, a dark figure was sneaking up from the junction of the ground and the wall, slowly approaching his fragile back. The shadow grew a bit bigger and a human face was faintly visible! A pale hand stretched out from the wall!”


Ren Ze heard the scream from behind him and turned his head abruptly. He saw the scene of a black shadow retracting into the wall like mud and only then realized what had happened.

In the distance, ghost Xinglan retreated his ghost power and came over with Xie Chi and ghost Xie Chi.

Xie Chi stood in the middle of the messy lobby and sneered. “Ghost Ren Ze and ghost Ye Xiaoxiao, if you don’t want to live then come and kill the actor yourself.”

Ren Ze heard these words and thought it just meant Xie Chi would kill the ignorant ghost Ren Ze and ghost Ye Xiaoxiao. However, ghost Xie Yang heard the words and his face instantly turned white. He rushed over and grabbed Xie Chi by the shoulder. “You… what do you mean by that?”

“What… what does it mean, kill the actor yourself if you don’t want to live?” He became more anxious as he asked and it was harder to speak.

Xie Chi glanced at the hand touching his shoulder and ordered coldly, “Take it away.”

His obsession with cleanliness didn’t matter in regards with people he knew well but he hated physical touches from people he disliked. Ghost Xie Yang couldn’t care about this. His eyes were red as he shouted, “Answer me! What does that mean?”

Xie Chi looked up at him, smiling sarcastically as he spoke clearly, “It is what you think it means.”

“No!” Ghost Xie Yang looked up, his face full of disbelief. “You are lying to me!”

Xie Xinglan seamlessly took over. He threw off the hand of the ghost Xie Yang to prevent him from hurting Xie Chi in the midst of his madness. Xie Chi touched his lighter, lit a cigarette and resisted his impatience. His eyes swept Xie Yang as he told this person, “The premise of deception is to be profitable. Why would I lie to you now?”

The blood in ghost Xie Yang’s body was cold.

Everything was dealt with so Xie Chi finally had time to explain. He pointed to ghost Xie Xinglan and ghost Xie Chi following behind him and said casually, “The actor and ghosts themselves aren’t hostile. On the contrary, they are the greatest help the actors can rely on in this movie.”

Ghost Xie Chi nodded in agreement from where he was standing next to ghost Xinglan.

Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze were shocked and ghost Xie Yang’s face was pale. The two dark shadows on the wall also froze.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

And then again statistics proved a 100% that all enemies that faces Xie Chi with hostility will die in that same horror movie.
ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

2 years ago

Ghost Xie Xinglan and Ghost Xie Chi? Are they in separate ghost forms?

9 months ago
Reply to  ctomes

Yes since ghosts are souls and xie Chi has 2 that makes them separated

2 years ago

oh shit by killing themselves the ghosts killed their opportunities for existing ???? like if they didn’t could they by the end of the movie return to their live selves.

4 months ago

haiz… YY… in another world where there wasn’t the organization. :’)