APP: Chapter 141

[??? He is Yu Yao. Does Xie Chi think he can beat Yu Yao???]

[No matter how powerful Yu Yao is, he can only bring three peak orange items into an orange movie! At most, it is another talent. There is Yu Yao’s top ghost control talent and three items. He might be almost invincible in an orange movie but it isn’t impossible to be defeated, right?]

[??? He is Yu Yao! Yi Hesong is like a younger brother to him! Previous person, be sober! This is Yu Yao with top physical fitness and top ability. There is also a ghost with explosive strength!]

[Does Xie Chi want to act cool?]

[I don’t think so! If Chi Chi says so then he will do it! Kill Yu Yao!]

[Are Xie Chi fans so naive? Haha.]

[Did you understand the plot before he talked? If you don’t understand then shut up. I think Xie Chi has a good chance of winning. Yu Yao really fell behind this time.]

[A new star killing a peak actor? Is the above person dreaming? Brain damage.]


Yuan Ye sneered. He had his pride and wasn’t someone a new star could challenge.

Yuan Ye shot forward, his speed as fast as lightning. His fighting ability was vigorous. His movements were clearly trained and every move was powerful. He had pretended to be weak but in fact, he was full of physical strength. The appearance of being beaten by the ghost in black previously was just a disguise.

Xie Xinglan increased his strength and welcomed the attacks instead of retreating. He easily disassembled the seemingly flawless movements and avoided it in advance so he was unharmed.

The two of them exchanged a few blows in an extremely fierce manner. The people outside were dazzled and frightened. Ren Ze watched intently and was relieved. Xie Xinglan wasn’t inferior. He was even more clever and flexible. If they were on the same level then Xie Xinglan must be better. However, Yuan Ye had more experience. His body was strengthened so it was more durable, stronger and better.

After tying with a new star, Yuan Ye had to stop. He no longer tangled up with Xie Xinglan. Instead, he stepped back and used his talent to manipulate a ghost. A huge black shadow quietly appeared behind Xie Xinglan. The black shadow was as tall as Yuan Ye and hid under a black robe, extending a pale hand to Xie Xinglan.

“Xie Chi, be careful!” Ren Ze screamed.

The hand attacked too fast. Xie Xinglan was scratched on the chest and took a few steps back. He let go of his remaining strength. The blood in his body started to surge and his Adam’s apple moved several times.

Yuan Ye sneered. “Is this all you can do?”

“Come again.” Xie Xinglan gritted his teeth. He ignored the strong smell of rust in his mouth and looked up, his eyes burning.

Yuan Ye just watched condescendingly. “You have a backbone.

The one who responded for him was an even more ferocious blow from the black ghost.

The black ghost had exactly the same skills as Yuan Ye but he was faster, so fast that he was almost invisible. His movements were sharper and there were no flaws. His strength was amazing. One punch could smash a whole in the wall.

The earth and rocks loosened.

Xie Xinglan relied on his ability to evade fatal attacks. He retreated for a long time. The ghost in black chased him wildly, instantly flashing in front of him. He dealt a blow, the action too fast. Xie Xinglan was struck and knocked into the air. He shot back, hitting the reception desk on the first floor. There was the sound of broken glass and falling objects.

The mirror engraved with the two ‘c’s broke in the fight!

Xie Xinglan rolled down from the reception desk, squeezing the edge of the desk so tightly that he almost crushed the wood. He gasped for breath. He was clearly in pain but looking at the broken glass on the ground, his eyes shone.

[He can’t win at all. This is just a beating. So aggrieved.]

[Yu Yao uhhh! Yu Yao is the most handsome when controlling ghosts! It is worth seeing Yu Yao here!]

[Chi Chi! Where is ghost Xinglan? Why isn’t he coming out?]

[We all said he was overestimating his capabilities.]

The first floor of the small hospital was messed up. The chairs had fallen over, the table was overturned and white paper scattered across the ground like Xie Xinglan’s blood.

Ren Ze’s eyes were red and he could no longer bear it. “I’m going to help him!”

Ye Xiaoxiao immediately grabbed him. “Don’t! Calm down!”

“Am I just going to fu*king watch him get beaten?” Ren Ze wanted to shake her hand away.

Ye Xiaoxiao was Xie Chi’s fan and knew Xie Chi. She told him in an agitated manner, “You must trust Xie Chi! He is Xie Chi! He never does things he isn’t uncertain about!”

Ren Ze’s hands gradually relaxed. Yes, this was Xie Chi. If he was being beaten then there must be a reason. Too much care could make a mess of things. Ren Ze’s neck was tense and he stared at the battle intently. As long as Xie Chi’s life was in danger, he would rush out as soon as possible.

Three minutes later, Xie Xinglan’s body was covered in wounds and blood. Opposite him, Yuan Ye was neat and clean.

“Do you still insist on trying to live?” Yuan Ye mocked.

To be honest, he was surprised that this person could hold on for so long. However, Xie Xinglan’s physical strength was almost exhausted. The battle would soon be over. Xie Xinglan inexplicably smiled and opened the app backpack. He held a bottle of blue medicine in his hand. Xie Xinglan pulled out the cork and poured it into his mouth.

[HN!! Yes, how did I forget?]

[There is hope! He previously brought it out in the silk cocoon and Yu Yao didn’t see it outside. So Yu Yao is completely unprepared!]

[Ahhh, it is the HN medicine that can turn defeat into victory!]

[You are speaking as if Yuan Ye has no items. So exaggerated.]

Yuan Ye’s eyes were filled with surprise.

HN medicine? Shen Yi actually gave Xie Chi this thing? No wonder why he was so bold and dared to challenge Yuan Ye. Still, so what?

Others might not know HN but he had first-hand information from the organization. The organization had thoroughly studied Shen Yi inside and out. It was impossible not to know what items he had and how effective they were.

If Xie Xinglan used the HN medicine to deal with other first-tier actors then it would be enough to make people feel fear and force them to temporarily retreat. However, he had run into Yu Yao. HN was a potion for fighting alone but he could control ghosts. This wasn’t 1v1. It was 2v1. Xie Xinglan using the HN medicine in front of him was tantamount to death.

Could he protect his body?

Yuan Ye clearly remembered that if the body was destroyed while using the HN medicine, once the duration of the medicine had passed, the powerful soul body that left the body would no longer be able to return. It would lose its memories and become a lonely ghost. In other words, it was equivalent to the death of the actor.

Mockery filled Yuan Ye’s face. Did Xie Xinglan think he couldn’t move while he was controlling a ghost? What a joke. He was seeking death.

The HN medicine was poured down the throat and there was the sensation of Xie Xinglan’s stomach being irritated. A scorching breath spread from his throat to his limbs. The blue liquid drops spread out like fireflies, flying to every corner of Xie Xinglan’s body. In the place where it landed, the infinite potential of the human body was stimulated and a huge force burst out from Xie Xinglan’s body.

The next second, Xie Xinglan’s soul came out of his body. The soul body was no weaker than the black ghost in front of him!

The battle changed suddenly. On the field, Yuan Ye smiled. He used a movement item and instantly flashed to Xie Chi’s body. In order to make up for the negative aspect of his talent where his strength was weakened as he focused on controlling the ghost, he specifically prepared this teleportation item. He only needed to take advantage of the time when Xie Xinglan’s soul body was outside to destroy the physical body. Then once the HN medicine was over, Xie Xinglan would undoubtedly die.

Yuan Ye reached out. On this hand that easily killed Yi Hesong, a black wolf totem appeared on the palm. The wolf was lifelike and the green eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty and fierce light!

It was this totem that had the power to destroy others. It could easily devour the soul and destroy the human body!

[Wolf totem! It really is Yu Yao!!!]

[Dad Yu Yao ahhhhh!!]

[Wuuu, Xie Chi, no!]

Xie Xinglan was busy with the black ghost. Yuan Ye’s hand was about to touch Xie Chi’s body and completely destroy it when Xie Chi’s body abruptly opened his eyes! A blood-red color filled those eyes. A larger ghostly breath spread from Xie Chi’s body without warning.

Yuan Ye was too close to dodge and was hit. He flew straight back and fell on the ground, coughing up a large mouthful of blood. His breathing became disordered and blood flowed down his face, red against white. His insides could not be in a better state.

[Oh my god…]


“Xie Chi, you’re crazy!” Yuan Ye got up and cursed.

He thought that Xie Chi cherished his life. He never expected that Xie Chi wanted to die together. Yuan Ye dared to increase the power of his ghost self because he could control ghosts 100% and wasn’t afraid of ghosts. Yet Xie Chi dared to draw ghost Xinglan into his body. Wasn’t he afraid of the dove occupying the magpie’s nest, abandoning him after achieving the goal?

This was crazy! He finally understood why Xie Xinglan had been enduring his beating before. Xie Xinglan was raising the ghost Xinglan! He attacked Xie Xinglan and the strength of ghost Xinglan was rising in the dark!

Yuan Ye thought about how Xie Chi had been seriously injured when he came downstairs. He looked at the soul body of Xie Xinglan and sneered. “Raising a tiger is inviting disaster. Stupid.” He let ghost Xinglan protect the body. This was clever on the surface but it would cause endless troubles.

Xie Xinglan laughed. Yuan Ye called him stupid but his eyes were clearly mocking Yuan Ye for being stupid. Yuan Ye was angry and came forward again.

This time, it was ghost Xinglan who faced ghost Yuan Ye and the soul body Xie Xinglan facing Yuan Ye whose strength had dropped sharply after being severely injured. The situation completely reversed.

Yuan Ye retreated steadily, groaning as his clothes became messy and blood flew. It was as if he was pulled down from the clouds. Meanwhile, the soul body Xie Xinglan was calm and relaxed.

On the side, ghost Yuan Ye was being beaten by ghost Xinglan, who had been strengthened many times. He didn’t have the power to fight back and howled. The glass in the lobby was shattered by the sound wave attack and even the windshield glass vibrated like it would explode the next second.

[Yu Yao is being beaten like this.]

[I… am slow.]


Things had gone beyond what Yuan Ye expected and inevitably developed in a direction that wasn’t beneficial for him. Yuan Ye secretly cursed his own carelessness. He knew he couldn’t delay any longer so he seized an opportunity when Xie Xinglan moved close to him to take out his most critical and hidden item.

It was a Rubik’s Cube as small as a nail. Due to an unknown power, it was suspended in the air. The moment it appeared, it started to spin frantically like a beautiful spin top. As it spun, white light containing the destructive power of the heavens and earth was generated from it and spread rapidly. In an instant, the blood-red world turned into a blinding pure white world. Then an explosion spread out rapidly from around the small cube.

There was a loud bang and the entire hospital seemed to tremble like it would collapse the next second. A huge, overwhelming energy spread from the Rubik’s Cube and the closest one was Xie Xinglan!

Yuan Ye sneered and opened his last orange peak item. It was a 100% injury-free shield.

Completely blind, Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao who were the furthest from the Rubik’s Cube flew back together. They flew more than 30 meters and lay on the overgrown lawn, motionless. Only their slightly undulating chests proved they were still alive.

Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze’s internal organs seemed shattered. A steady stream of blood flowed from their mouths, noses and other openings in their bodies. It couldn’t be stopped. Their clean and white faces were covered with blood mixed with parts of their internal organs. It was terrible.

The actress who was previously rescued by Yuan Ye wasn’t so lucky and was killed directly. Her body’s toughness was too poor. Her limbs burst and she flew around. Once she fell to the ground, her body bounced like she was still alive.

The scattered blood burned in the air and a scorched head rolled down the stairs, lying quietly on the rough concrete floor.

Ren Ze used his last breath to frantically use his healing technique to heal himself. Ye Xiaoxiao also used her life-saving item to draw a bit of spiritual energy from the heavens and the earth to make up for the loss of blood and the injuries. Both of them barely saved their lives.

Ren Ze suddenly rose, his pupils out of focus as he stared blankly at the place where the explosion started. He and Ye Xiaoxiao had been so far away yet they were seriously injured to the point of death. Then what about Xie Chi in the center of the explosion.

Ghost Xinglan could float in the sky and he was far away from Yuan Ye, so he definitely wasn’t affected. Then what about the soul Xie Xinglan?

The tip of Ren Ze’s nose was sore. He didn’t want to believe this fact. He looked up and covered his eyes, silent for a while. His lips opened but he couldn’t say anything. He felt like he had lost his voice. Then he bowed his head in despair, staring at his dirty hands in a daze. In this moment, it seemed that something very important was gone.

[Ahhhhh my Xie Chi? No! I don’t believe it!]

[No way, no way.]

[…Okay, I’m leaving. I don’t want to see it.]

[I just want to say, it is a pity. A dazzling new star died like this.]

[It is unlucky. He can’t do anything about Yu Yao.]

Everything was silent.

Then there was a loud sound. The white light gradually faded and a beautiful male ring spinning on the ground entered Ren Ze’s vision. The ring was elegant, simple and exuded a unique warm luster. It spun in circles on the ground a few times before being picked up by its owner.

Ren Ze followed the blood-stained hands up and saw Xie Chi, or Xie Xinglan’s face. Xie Chi cocked his head and blinked at Ren Ze, smiling heartlessly. The big stone in Ren Ze’s heart fell in an instant. If he could get up then he would rush to kill Xie Chi, this guy who made him extremely frightened.

“Your mother!” Ren Ze was furious.

“Sorry.” Xie Chi apologized very sincerely and slowly put on the ring. After the white light dissipated completely, together with ghost Xinglan in the distance, they stared at Yuan Ye in the center of the hospital. They seemed very indifferent to the fact that they held the winning hand.

Yuan Ye’s expression turned ugly to the extreme.

Proofreader: Purichan

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