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APP: Chapter 140

[??? My house collapsed???]

[Y… Yuan Ye? Fu*k…]

[He is in the same group with the black ghost??]

[Oh my god! How can this be?? I don’t believe it!!]

[Wuuuu, my male god is dead!]

[I’m toppled over. Is this… still Yuan Ye?]

[No? Isn’t this too good at pretending? Fu*k, why did Yuan Ye kill him?!]

[That ghost is ghost Yuan Ye right? My god, ghost Yuan Ye is smarter than ghost Xie Chi? He united with Yuan Ye so soon?]

[Impossible?? How can it be so easy for rival camps to cooperate? We have been watching. Yuan Ye didn’t find any special clues to prove that he and ghost Yuan Ye have no conflict in their core interests!]

[How could Yuan Ye kill Yi Hesong? He touched Yi Hesong’s head lightly and Yi Hesong was dead!]

[I… I’m a fan of Yuan Ye but I’ve never seen him like this… it is terrible.]

[There is an inexplicable feeling?]

[Fu*k, haven’t you noticed that Yuan Ye’s killing tactics is very similar to one of the bigshots in the top 10 rankings…]

[!!! It is impossible! I don’t believe it! They are two different people!!]

[It must be a coincidence! I am still his fan!]

[But he has the ability to easily kill Yi Hesong…]

[I’m terrified. Surely not…]


Ghost Xie Chi had obtained less information than Xie Chi but he figured out the cause and effect in one step.

“It’s him.”

Xie Chi knew that time was tight. He hurried to the light switch in the lobby of the first floor and turned off all the lights on the first floor. The red moon was shining outside and the first floor was immediately plunged into a dim, red color. It was a type of red that made people breathless and easily fall into a state of madness and psychedelia.

Xie Chi instructed, “Come out and take off your hood.”

Ghost Xie Chi no longer possessed other objects and directly showed his original body. His body and face were exactly the same as Xie Chi’s. The two of them stood opposite each other and it was like looking in a mirror. However, ghost Xie Chi’s complexion was pale and his eyes were red like the blood moon. His clothes were black like the dense night, absorbing all light, solemn and lifeless.

They were clearly the same person but they had very different temperaments. Xie Chi thought of the painting he drew due to his talent before entering the instance. Now this scene seemed to be reproducing it but ghost Xie Chi had some ghost characteristics.

Xie Chi raised his hand and pointed to the mirror beside ghost Xie Chi. His guess was about to be confirmed…

Xie Chi looked cold. He had no doubts about the result. Ghost Xie Chi stared at Xie Chi and seemed to grasp something. He understood Xie Chi’s meaning, turned around and saw himself in the mirror. His eyes widened and his mind was full of clarity.

Xie Chi saw the final result. It was as he expected and he smiled with relief. In the mirror with the two ‘c’ letters engraved on the edge, a reflection appeared.

It was ghost Xie Chi who was clearly looking in the mirror but what appeared in the mirror was… the actor Xie Chi.

Ghost Xie Chi looked in the mirror and saw actor Xie Chi. It was just like when they weren’t looking in the mirror just now. The actor Xie Chi was standing opposite the ghost Xie Chi. Ghost Xie Chi tried to make an expression and in the mirror, actor Xie Chi made the same expression.

Ghost Xie Chi had a definite answer. He turned around, leaned back on the mirror, stared up at the two moons in the sky. Finally, he laughed and looked sideways at Xie Chi. “You won. I accept defeat and will follow your instructions.”

Xie Chi smiled and looked up in the direction of the stairs.

It was time… it would be over.


Ye Xiaoxiao stayed with Ren Ze. Once Ren Ze was completely healed, they immediately went downstairs to meet Xie Chi. They had just walked to the top of the stairs when they became shocked by the strong smell of blood.

The two people looked at each other anxiously and sped down the stairs.

“Xie Chi!!”

“Xie Chi, where are you?”

Ren Ze was afraid something had happened to Xie Chi and quickly followed the direction of the bloody smell. He looked up and saw Xie Chi at the registration desk.

Xie Chi’s clean white shirt was soaked with blood. He was holding the cold edge of the registration desk with slight strength, his fingertips white and the veins on his arms bugling like he was suffering from huge pain. His face was bloodless and fine drops of sweat covered his forehead. He saw Ren Ze coming and the movement of slightly raising his head was particularly jerky and difficult. It seemed painful for him to breathe.

Ren Ze’s eyes turned red in an instant. He ran over to support Xie Chi and shouted, “Who did it? I’ll kill him!”

He kept on healing Xie Chi. Xie Chi waved his hand calmly so Ren Ze relaxed. “It’s fine. I did it to myself.”

Ren Ze’s healing action stopped. “…Why?”

Ye Xiaoxiao had just come over and also looked dazed by this sentence.

Xie Chi just shook his head. “If I didn’t do this, my injuries would be a hundred or a thousand times heavier. This is giving up the small to protect the big—”

He was halfway through his words when he abruptly raised his head and stared at the stairs not far behind Ren Ze. Ren Ze saw that he was silent and turned his head to follow Xie Chi’s gaze with some doubt. Then he saw the wounded Yuan Ye.

Yuan Ye saw that Xie Chi was seriously injured and walked downstairs with a surprised expression. He came over and asked with concern, “What happened? Does it hurt?”

Xie Chi met his gaze and said nothing.

Yuan Ye was originally waking over hurriedly. He stared for three seconds before his pace gradually slowed down like he felt something. The mask of tense concern on his face slowly disappeared and was replaced by… a look of interest.

Ren Ze felt that Yuan Ye’s expression was very strange and the feeling he gave off was completely different from before. He pulled at Xie Chi’s sleeve vigilantly. Seeing that Xie Chi hadn’t moved, he glanced back only to find that Xie Chi’s expression was also cold and scary.

Ye Xiaoxiao was keenly aware of the tense tit-for-tat confrontation between Yuan Ye and Xie Chi. She questioned Ren Ze with uncertain eyes. Ren Ze just shook his head with a blank expression, indicating he knew nothing.

The atmosphere was dull and depressing. It seemed like something was about to happen.

Yuan Ye was originally moving hurriedly but the more he walked, the calmer he became. His slouching body straightened. It was obviously still that fierce and arrogant face but it was less wild and unruly for some reason. It was colder.

Yuan Ye’s eyes were full of appreciation and the gaze that fell on Xie Chi’s body was extremely calm, as if he was readily admitting it. He smiled and wondered, “When did you know?”

“Go.” Xie Chi didn’t answer and glanced at Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao instead.

Yuan Ye stopped. “No need. I don’t want to kill innocent people.”

In other words, his goal was only Xie Chi. Xie Chi wondered, “Why kill Yi Hesong?”

His tone was extremely plain, as if asking what to eat. However, the confused Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze were shocked and froze in place. Yi Hesong was dead? That unattainable Yi Hesong… was dead? Ye Xiaoxiao felt disbelief but she really believed in Xie Chi. Xie Chi wouldn’t lie. Listening to Xie Chi’s meaning, it was Yuan Ye who killed Yi Hesong?

Surprise flashed in Yuan Ye’s eyes before he smiled deeply. “You actually know this.”

“I saw him standing still and kindly led him to act. At the last moment, he stopped for the sake of his own life. Shouldn’t he die?” His tone was natural like he was talking about a dead fish. At the end, he looked a bit dark.

Yuan Ye smiled bizarrely. “He thought we would forgive him. He didn’t know that this was the last chance for him to prove himself. The result was really disappointing so I had to clean him up.”

Yuan Ye said it was ‘disappointing’ but his tone wasn’t surprised. He seemed to have known Yi Hesong’s choice for a long time.

Ren Ze experienced an explosion of information and stared at Yuan Ye. This person…was a pet?! Xie Chi had mentioned the mysterious organization to him. The plain and straightforward Yuan Ye was actually a pet in disguise? He was suddenly afraid of the organization.

Xie Chi’s expression didn’t change and there was no trace of extra emotion. It seemed he didn’t even bother to feel dislike because it was meaningless.

“I answered you. Shouldn’t you answer me too?” Yuan Ye paused and seemed to be dissatisfied with his own performance. He was rather regretful. “In the end, I don’t know where I was exposed. You have to tell me so I can improve next time.”

Xie Chi ignored the ridicule in this person’s words and replied nonchalantly, “Ren Ze said that Yuan Ye can’t even tell between a s*x change and changing it for beauty.”

Ren Ze’s breathing and heart stopped for a few seconds. He thought it was Yuan Ye unintentionally failing to distinguish it but what if Yuan Ye deliberately misled him? He never thought about it but if…

Ren Ze’s back was covered in sweat.

Yuan Ye could distinguish between a s*x change and changing one’s s*xual organ for beauty. He deliberately concealed this fact and misled Ren Ze and Xie Chi to make them miss this key information. After that, Ren Ze was almost killed by ghost Ren Ze who died in the car accident. If Xie Chi hadn’t realized the true identity of the female corpse at the last moment, Ren Ze would’ve long been a ghost.

Yuan Ye was clearly… deliberate. All the goodwill was fake. He was just pretending to make them lower their vigilance and subconsciously believe his words. He even pretended not to join forces with Yi Hesong in order to win their favor and increase his credibility.

Ren Ze’s breathing was a bit short.

“That’s it?” Yuan Ye seemed helpless. He obviously hadn’t expected that he would be exposed due to such a simple yet subtle point.

Xie Chi smiled and looked up. “There is a lot more.”

The smile on Yuan Ye’s face faded in an instant.

Xie Chi continued, “For example, why did two people send text messages to Yi Hesong to lead him to kill me? Why were my whereabouts revealed when I repeatedly made sure no one was following me?”

Yuan Ye’s face cooled down a bit.

“There is also the ghost in black who did something to Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao.”

Xie Chi paused and scanned the blood stains on Yuan Ye’s clothes. “There is also the fact that you were injured by the attacks of the unknown ghost in black.”

“The answer is—” Xie Chi smiled. “You have a powerful ability to control ghosts.”

Yuan Ye’s face was completely cloudy after hearing the sentence about the ghost controlling ability. He was as cold as frost and killing intent quietly surged in his eyes.

Xie Chi didn’t seem to see the threat and continued. “It was you and ghost Yuan Ye who texted Yi Hesong. This was why there were two chat boxes. The weak ghost Yuan Ye was lurking by my side in the early stages, monitoring my words and deeds. This was why I was always exposed.”

“In the last period, you discovered a way to improve ghost Yuan Ye’s strength so…” Xie Chi’s eyes swept over Yuan Ye’s injuries. “You relied on self-harm to give him strength.”

“Did you have a good time directing and acting by yourself?” Xie Chi asked with a smile.

Yuan Ye controlled ghost Yuan Ye and attacked himself to gain strength. Then he deliberately let ghost Yuan Ye show his true skills under disguise while he maintained a consistently good impression. Creating ghost Yuan Ye was another of his illusions to deceive everyone.

In fact, ghost Yuan Ye and Yuan Ye had the same skills but Yuan Ye deliberately disguised it, lowering his ability and allowing himself to be hurt by ghost Yuan Ye. Everything was self-directed. It was ghost Yuan Ye who attacked the gray named actress and Yuan Ye who saved her. The good character from the rumors could be described as good acting.

Ren Ze was sweating while Ye Xiaoxiao felt a chill go down her spine when she heard the words. It turned out so much had happened without her knowing at all.

[??? Fu*k, controlling ghosts?!! My mother! Xie Chi said ghost control!!!]

[Did you hear that? It is ghost control! An almost unique ghost control!]

[He really is… Yes, it is Yu Yao… Yu Yao, one of the top nine. I can’t believe it…]

[Maybe… this is obviously Yu Yao… ah, I’m just deceiving myself. Yu Yao is the only one in this app with such a fu*king great ghost controlling ability.]

[Fu*k??? I’m stunned. Is this true?]

[??? I’m a Yu Yao fan and I didn’t even recognize him? This is a completely different height and appearance!]

[…Height, appearance and voice can be changed in the app store by spending points. Only items, killing methods and skills won’t be changed… this can’t be hidden.]

[So Yuan Ye is… Yu Yao’s sockpuppet?]

[No wonder why Yu Yao’s filming frequency is so low. Fu*k… I always wondered why my male god was lazy. It turned out to be… two identities.]

[No wonder why he can kill Yi Hesong. A pheasant first-tier against a true peak actor! Fu*k… it’s so dreamy.]

[Why does he want to kill Xie Chi??]


Yuan Ye was silent for a few seconds. When he looked up, he spoke sincerely, “Xie Chi, you really surprised me.”

His eyes were cold, quiet and deep. His voice was also completely different from before. It was colder and harsher, not at all like the previously cheery and straightforward voice.

Xie Chi saw the emotion in his eyes and slowly smiled. “You know what. Everyone who has said this to me has died in the end.”

Proofreader: Purichan


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3 years ago

haah I am a disappointment,,, but xie chi you’re soo cool!!!!! Aaaaaahhhh I love you

2 years ago

Did Xie Chi injure himself to increase the strength of his ghost selves?

2 years ago

I hope what ever Xie Chi did leveled up his ghost self, because this guy seems really formidable.

2 years ago

so yuan ye had a hidden identity. dang this organization goes deep.

2 years ago

bro the organization is so bent in killing xie chi, it’s making them seem like they’re afraid of xie chi

2 years ago
Reply to  ae

and why do i feel like they’re a bad match…. if i remember correctly, it was mentioned that xie xinglan’s talent the demon, eats souls… i mean a ghost is a soul too right?

5 months ago

sock puppet? if that possible then why wouldn’t SY do it to accumulate points on the down low?
I feel like the app wouldn’t allow actors to change their names… or would they? since it’s like an entertainment industry then ig maybe?