APP: Chapter 14

Yan Jing thought there was something wrong with his ears. “Brother Xie, who were you just calling for…?”

Jiang Rui and Zheng Meng also exchanged looks. Xie Chi was calling for the baby ghost? Was he crazy?

[What is this situation? Can some buy guy explain it?]

[Isn’t the baby ghost’s blood corrosive? he wants to use the blood of the ghost baby to corrode the bottom of the elevator.]

[Baby ghost: Do I have no face?]

[In any case, it is being used to save his mother. He might not want to but he has to agree.]

[Hahaha, after the cabinet incident, the baby ghost is deflated again.]

[It is a ruthless man.]

Xie Xinglan waited patiently, certain that the baby ghost would show up. Sure enough, after dozens of seconds, the vase at the door that was the height of an adult suddenly swayed and two little white hands emerged from the vase.

Jiang Rui screamed with fright and Zheng Ming immediately hid far away, his face paled. They never imagined that the baby ghost had been hiding in a vase to eavesdrop on them. The baby ghost crawled out of the case, jumped down and walked toward Xie Xinglan. If he had a head then the expression on his face would probably be resentful and helpless.

Xie Xinglan calmly waved to him. “Hurry up.”

The tone was light and was filled with command. The baby ghost’s anger increased sharply. His long nails grew and shrank several times before he finally floated into the elevator, squeezing blood from his cut neck.

The remaining three people were stunned. They watched this funny scene and wanted to laugh, but they didn’t dare laugh.

Xie Xinglan’s lips tightened and he walked over to urge the ghost to be faster. The poisonous blood touched the bottom of the elevator and spread. In just a few minutes, a black hole appeared at the bottom of the elevator and the hole was still expanding.

A stench floated out of the shaft and mixed with the smell of the baby ghost’s poisonous blood, causing Yan Jing’s group of three to almost faint. Xie Xinglan had the foresight to put on the mask Xie Chi had previously bought and was the calmest one.

The baby ghost no longer squeezed at his neck. He squatted in front of the huge black hole and remained silent for a second. Then he suddenly peered down and inserted his neck into the black hole. He had no head and couldn’t see his mother, but he seemed to sense something.

Xie Xinglan immediately covered his ears.

Zheng Ming stared blankly at Xie Xinglan’s initiative. “Brother Xie, you…”

Xie Xinglan removed a hand and placed a slender index finger on his lip, signalling this person to be quiet. Then he immediately covered his ear again. Zheng Ming was still confused. The next second, the baby ghost’s bone-piercing cries rang through the entire first floor. Vases shattered and shelves of books fell down.

Yan Jing’s group of three convulsed and had difficulties breathing. They immediately covered their ears to resist the sound wave attack. Zheng Ming almost spat out foam and his heart was full of misery. He shouldn’t have spoken so much and just copied Xie Chi.

[The baby ghost is so poor. He was separated from his mother for 18 years.]

[A hateful person will also have a pitiful place.]

The baby ghost stopped crying. Xie Xinglan beckoned for Zheng Ming and Jiang Rui to come over and explained the next part in a concise way. “If you want to go out then help.”

The three people, including Yan Jing, rushed forward without saying a word. Jiang Rui was responsible for cleaning up the blood on the edge of the elevator. Zheng Ming had been planning to directly lower the thick rope into the elevator shaft but Xie Xinglan stopped him with a frown. He picked up a marker and drew marks on the rope.

Xie Xinglan ordered, “Tell me how many marks once it touches the ground.”

Zheng Ming couldn’t help responding. He was overjoyed at the thought of leaving the horror movie once Xie Chi found the body of the ghost. “Brother Xie, you’re too thoughtful!”

Xie Xinglan ignored this person and tied the other end of the thick rope to the iron bar on the wall of the first floor.

Xie Xinglan stepped back and pulled hard at the iron bar to confirm it was strong enough. Then he put out his cigarette, threw it into the trash can to one side and walked back to the elevator shaft.

This was the first floor. From here, the elevator shaft wasn’t too deep. It was around 8-9 metres. However, this was much deeper than an ordinary building and it was very frightening. The female boss seemed to have already planned to put the corpse of the newly pregnant woman here when she designed the building.

Xie Xinglan prepared tools and climbed down with a flashlight. Yan Jing’s group of three had their hearts in their throats. They moved all available light sources directed down the elevator shaft, hoping to help Xie Chi.

Xie Xinglan paid attention to the scale on the rope. Once he determined there were only two metres left to go, he released his hand and jumped to the bottom of the elevator.

[So scary. There is the body of the female ghost.]

[Upstairs is stupid. It has been 18 years. Even if there is a body, it would just be a bunch of bones.]

[Ah, he kicked the skull!]

[He is too bold. I’m afraid of the dark and claustrophobic.]

Xie Xinglan crouched down and took out white gloves from his pocket. He pulled open a large plastic bag prepared in the morning and used big tweezers to pick up the white bones on the ground before throwing them into the bag. The entire process was expressionless.

Xie Xinglan suddenly thought of Xie Chi and smiled.

This type of work could only be done by him. If it was left to Xiao Chi, who had cleanliness and obsessive-compulsive disorder, Xiao Chi would pretend nothing was wrong but once it was done, he would hide in the bathroom and wash his hands a hundred times.

Xie Xinglan meticulously searched every corner of the elevator shaft to make sure there were no missing human bones. Then he waved his flashlight three times.

After receiving the signal, Jiang Rui and Yan Jing threw another rope. This time, the bottom of the rope had a hook tied to it. Xie Xinglan walked over, placed the hook through both ends of the plastic bag and tied it in a unique knot.

[My god, so smart. I was wondering why he was carrying such a big bag of bones. It turns out I was the one who didn’t understand.]

[This man is so calm it is scary.]

[This type of knot can’t be released. He can still do this. I don’t know how he tied it.]

Xie Xinglan shook the flashlight again to indicate he was done. Then Jiang Rui and Yan Jing pulled up the bones with all their strength.

The bones slowly rose and Yan Jing realized that the time to leave the horror movie was approaching. He shouted into the elevator shaft, “Brother Xie, thank you! You must contact me once you come out. You must be able to complete the garbage side plotline!”

They had previously added each other as friends on the app.

Xie Xinglan replied, “I know.”

The moment the bones were dragged up, everyone’s app gave them a prompt.

[The corpse of the spirit in red clothes has reappeared and the main plotline of the movie has ended completely.]

[This movie has a side plotline so the comprehensive assessment of the actors will be done after the branch plotline is completed. Please be patient.]

[It has been judged that actors Yan Jing, Jiang Rui and Zheng Ming haven’t opened the side plotline. They will immediately leave the movie.]

[Actors who haven’t opened the side plotline can watch the follow-up to the movie on the app.]

On the first floor, Yan Jing’s group of three completely disappeared.

Outside the horror movie, the cinema screen zoomed in on Xie Chi in the elevator shaft.

In the dark elevator shaft, the newcomer looked up slightly and turned on the flashlight. In the dead silence, his eyes were as deep as stars and his pupils reflected the four sides of the elevator shaft. The bright light at the top of the shaft that symbolized hope seemed a bit out of reach.

A transparent male ghost glowing with a white light was a bit impatient and stood up. “Wife, I’m leaving. I thought it was a bad movie but it was pretty cool to watch. The newcomer is quite strong but this ending is too contrived. It feels unfinished like there is a sequel.”

A transparent woman with a blue light pulled at him. “Isn’t there a side plot line? The little brother said he would stay.”

The male ghost was a bit impatient. “He must’ve changed his mind. After all, he is the only one left and he is still in the elevator shaft. Who the fu*k knows how the branch plotline will unfold. Let’s go.”

The girl reluctantly stood up, dripping water all over. They had been watching for three days and under her feet, there was a large pool of water mixed with mud. There were ghosts clamouring noisily around them. “I want to see the branch plotline. If he dares open it then I will follow him forever!”

“Farewell. He is just a newcomer with a promising future. There is no need to take this risk. I’m leaving…”

The cinema was very large and could accommodate two or three hundred people with no problem. Looking around, almost half the ghosts were white, 30 to 40% were black and 10% were colourful. There were blue like water or orange like fire.

The ghosts were about to disperse when the screen was fixed and suddenly started to play again. All the ghosts froze. Then after a few seconds, they smiled and rushed back to their seats.

“He opened the branch plotline!”

“I love this type of tough person! If he survives then I’ll be loyal to him!”

“100 hell money is worth it. The plot is so complete and I get to watch the side plotline!”

“I think this shaft entrance is suggesting something!”


Xie Xinglan accepted the side plotline, placed his phone back in his pocket, gripped the rope and used the wall of the shaft to climb up.

The darkness didn’t give him any psychological burden. Not a single bit of panic could be seen on his face. He seemed to belong to the night, cold and mysterious. Just then, there was the sound of high-heeled shoes stepping on the tiles in the distance. This sound struck the hearts of the audience.

[The female spider boss is coming!]

[He isn’t out of the shaft yet!]

[The little brother was in a hurry and didn’t see the female boss kill her husband. Fu*k, he’s at a disadvantage.]

[Do I have to watch a handsome man fight against a spider?]

[Have you forgotten that actors can’t attack the pregnant female boss?]

[Isn’t this ridiculous then?!!!]

On the screen, the female boss’ face was filled with panic and her pace was anxious and chaotic. Her Gu had told her that the female ghost in the elevator had broken free of the shackles and could no longer be used by her.

“No! No!” The female boss screamed hysterically. She was pulling at her hair like she couldn’t wait to rip it off. The moment she entered the first floor, she saw the thick rope tied to the iron bar and immediately reacted.

“It is those bad temporary workers!” The female boss roared and her entire body showed extreme morbidity.

Her waist bowed in a strange arc as she gradually fell to all fours.

Xie Xinglan heard the roar of the female boss but kept stepping on the wall of the shaft without any anxious movements. He maintained an extreme calmness while his five senses were unprecedentedly sharp.

Previously it was light but now heavy footsteps approached. Xie Xinglan’s eyes narrowed sharply. The female boss… was she still human? Could a human walk like this?

Xie Xinglan looked up. The distance between the entrance of the shaft and his current position was two metres. The crisis came quietly. In the dead silence, Xie Chi took the initiative to wake up. His voice was low and gentle, but a bit weak. “Brother, you aren’t alone in this battle. You have me.”

Xie Xinglan smiled. Xie Chi was always with him. The female boss moved toward the elevator shaft at an abnormal speed. Then she saw Xie Xinglan inside.

“It seems you haven’t left yet. Haha, since you kindly let her go then you should stay here for her forever!”

Her expression was twisted and her face was suspiciously black. Xie Xinglan watched the female boss’ hand at the square entrance of the shaft suddenly turn into black and sharp… spider legs. The extremely thick rope was easily cut off by the spider’s legs but Xie Xinglan didn’t fall to his death as the female boss expected.

Xie Xinglan sneered and pushed off hard from the wall with his toes. He used the help of the recoil to jump and reach the edge of the elevator shaft smoothly with his hands. Then he gently turned sideways and his entire body emerged from the elevator shaft.

The set of actions was like a ghost. It was light and handsome.

[Is he still a normal person? He doesn’t need a rope to get up and down at all! He previously did it for those actors!]

[My god, I’m so nervous.]

The female boss never imagined that he could come up. After a few seconds of being stunned, her entire body rushed at Xie Xinglan.

Xie Xinglan moved neatly and easily avoided her attack.

The female boss looked resentful and immediately attacked again. Xie Xinglan jumped on the table and dodged calmly. Every time, he could accurately avoid the seemingly flawless and aggressive attacks of the female boss without being injured.

The female boss was completely enraged and slammed into everything crazily. The hard spider legs destroyed anything that blocked her way. Seeing that the spider legs were about to insert into him, Xie Xinglan rolled over the table. The female boss’ spider legs were deeply inserted in the table and her offensive slowly slightly.

Xie Xinglan felt a dagger between the electric light and flint. It was something that Xie Chi had previously bought for defense.

After a while, the entire first floor was in complete disarray. Xie Xinglan’s hair was messy and he was panting slightly as he watched the inhuman creature across the table.

[How come he is only defending and not attacking?]

[What fart about attacking? 100 points will be deducted the moment he attacks. That is a failure!]

[I forgot that he can’t attack the female boss!]

After a few breaths, the female boss pulled out the spider legs and struck again.

Xie Xinglan was unable to attack and his grip on the dagger became tightly. He glanced up and headed to the second floor, followed by the female boss.

As the spider legs approached, Xie Xinglan grabbed the railing of the second floor with one hand and lifted his legs up and sideways. He jumped from the second floor and stood up after cushioning himself.

The female boss chased and her figure could be seen little but little. She had completely freed herself from the shackles of gravity, going beyond the category of a human. The female spider stuck to the wall like a gecko or a bat.

This didn’t mean she wasn’t exhausted. The female boss’ legs clung to the railing of the second floor as she breathed heavily. As she gasped, her round body stirred strangely, like the cheeks of a frog when it cried out.

She had a good rest. Then with an amazing bounce, she once again pounced at Xie Xinglan on the first floor. Xie Xinglan subconsciously slammed the dagger at her. Then he remembered the rules and cursed, removing his blade while rolling to dodge.

The distance was too close and the female boss’ spider legs still reached him. There was a huge impact and Xie Xinglan was thrown back into the white wall behind him. His limbs stretched out and blood slowly flowed from the corner of his mouth. His body had different degrees of damage everywhere.

[Don’t be like this! If the little brother can’t attack then he will lose!]

[I’m so distressed.]

[He won’t have to explain things here, right?]

The female boss seemed to want to play with her prey and crush his psychological defenses. She approached slowly like a winner.

The silent for too long Xie Chi suddenly spoke. “Brother, the rule is to not attack the female boss pregnant ‘with a child’. Then what if she isn’t… pregnant with a child?”

“For example—” Xie Chi paused. “She is pregnant with… the real baby head Gu.”

[Ahhhhhhh a narrative trick!]

[If she isn’t pregnant with a child then there is no rule that you can’t attack the female boss!]

[It is a word game!]

[Why is he talking to himself?]

Xie Xinglan supported himself on the ground with one hand, wiping at the red blood stains on the corner of his mouth with a thumb. He sneered as he looked at the dark and horrible spider-shaped creature in front of him, eyes cold and deep. “Now it’s my turn.”

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2 years ago

I’m surprised the female ghost hasn’t attacked her. I hope they have the killing blow at least. They deserve it after what they’ve been through.

2 years ago

their audiences really a ghost? from underworld?

1 year ago

What a twist