APP: Chapter 138

Ren Ze pulled Ye Xiaoxiao and rushed into a ward. He roughly slapped the light switch with his hand and they looked around for a place to hide in the darkness. The sound of footsteps in the corridor approached again and anxiety filled their hearts.

Ren Ze was sweating. They couldn’t get out now. The ghost was outside and it was impossible to jump out the window. Both he and Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t have good fighting skills. Ren Ze gritted his teeth, crouched down and touched the side of the hospital bed. He asked Ye Xiaoxiao to hide inside first and then after he went in, he pulled several bed sheets to cover them.

“What to do?!” Ye Xiaoxiao forced herself to be calm and looked at Ren Ze.

They had been running away for too long and their physical strength had gradually weakened. Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze were sweating profusely, their chests violently moving up and down. They wanted to gasp loudly but they were afraid of being found out. They could only restrain themselves, racking their brains to think of ways to escape.

Ren Ze covered the bloody wound on his arm and whispered, “Drag it out.”

Ye Xiaoxiao shook her head, expression a bit worried. “We can’t drag it out! I’m consuming all my items. The more I use…”

The footsteps paused and the ghost seemed to stop at the door of this room. Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze’s hearts were in their throats. The two of them hid and prayed in their hearts. They didn’t have the physical strength to fight again in such a short time.

Ye Xiaoxiao was very anxious. Her own combat power was average. Her items were a ghost vine defense, an escape item and Bodhisattva’s protection. They were all function and expendable items. These useful items could only help them escape for a while. It couldn’t help them fight for a long time or even defeat ghosts.

Now they were trapped in a ghost wall, unable to make a sound or send any messages. They escaped but ran back to the original point. They were trapped in this corridor and a few rooms! Xie Chi’s face appeared in Ren Ze’s mind. He endured the severe pain and gritted his teeth. “We must delay and wait for Xie Chi.”

His healing was limited by the cooldown time and he couldn’t use it a second time in a short period of time. It was only after this time passed that he could heal his injuries. However, the ghost was chasing him and Ye Xiaoxiao. If they were found again, he didn’t know if they could survive.

Ren Ze’s mind was full of panic. He couldn’t understand why there was such a powerful ghost in the instance.

It was stronger than the ghost Xinglan described by Xie Chi. It was superior to Xie Xinglan. It stood to reason that it should be an actor’s other self, a humanoid ghost, but it had mastered the skill of a ghost room.

‘Xie Chi, hurry up,’ Ren Ze prayed in his heart. It didn’t matter if he was dead but if Xie Chi didn’t find him and he couldn’t pass on the information, Xie Chi was likely to face this terrifying ghost without knowing it.

This was too bad for Xie Chi. After the ghost killed them, it would get rid of the ghost wall and hide. Apart from the audience outside, no one would know the real cause of their death. The only thing that would appear in front of Xie Chi would be two dead bodies. This was too scary.

Ye Xiaoxiao was also praying. She held her last item and tried to keep her senses sharp so she could react quickly.

The black ghost stared at the drop of blood at the door. Cunning flashed in its blood-red eyes and it walked in. Their line of sight was obstructed and the two of them shook as they heard the footsteps approaching. They both held their breath and didn’t dare to move. In the darkness where they couldn’t even see their fingers, black clothes floated to the bed where they were hiding.

Ye Xiaoxiao tightly covered her mouth and nose while Ren Ze trembled with pain and howled silently.

The ghost walked away. The two people watched it leave and were about to sigh with relief when the ghost suddenly turned back and bent over unexpectedly. The two people stared straight into a pair of cold, blood-red eyes!

The corners of the ghost’s mouth rose in a smile and it quickly reached out a hand to them. Ren Ze recklessly overturned the bed to gain a few seconds. He pulled Ye Xiaoxiao and continued running.

The cord of an instrument flew out and wrapped around Ye Xiaoxiao’s neck. Ye Xiaoxiao was suddenly choked while Ren Ze was still pulling her to run. The force of the backward pull and forward pull tore at her. Ye Xiaoxiao screamed and Ren Ze finally realized. He used a glass piece he had picked up to cut off the cord that was wrapping tighter and tighter around her neck. Then Ye Xiaoxiao’s eyes suddenly widened and she pushed him away desperately.

Behind Ren Ze, a huge medical instrument was flying straight to his head!

Ye Xiaoxiao imagined Ren Ze’s brain being smashed and flying in an instant and her heart stopped. She was so scared that she wanted to knock him down but it was too late. She closed her eyes in despair but the imagined scream didn’t come. Ren Ze was thrown to the ground and survived.

The man who saved him quickly rose and threw the instrument back. The heavy instrument flew toward the black-clothed ghost’s head. The black ghost raised a hand to resist and the instrument fell to the ground, rolling several times before breaking.

Ren Ze raised his head. He saw Xie Xinglan’s familiar face and was overjoyed. “Brother Xie!”

“I’m ghost Xinglan.”

Only then did Ren Ze notice the black robe and blood-red weird eyes and his mood became extremely complicated. Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan would save him even after turning into ghosts.

“Let’s go.” Ghost Xinglan spoke simply.

He pulled up Ren Ze, half supporting him as they ran with Ye Xiaoxiao in the opposite direction. There were two people with average combat effectiveness or severe injuries so ghost Xinglan didn’t feel assured fighting the ghost behind him. Finding a way to get rid of the ghost wall was the best policy.

The ghost had been hiding for so long and definitely didn’t want to be exposed. As long as he could break the ghost wall, it would disappear and hide again.

“Brother Xie, can you beat it? Don’t worry about us if you can,” Ren Ze suggested.

He didn’t want to drag down Xie Chi who had helped him so much. Ye Xiaoxiao hesitated before nodding. If ghost Xinglan was dragged down by them and couldn’t beat that ghost, all of them might be wiped out. It wasn’t worth it.

Ghost Xinglan frowned. “I can’t beat it. Don’t think too much. Annoying.”

Ren Ze shut up.

It seemed the ghost wanted to kill all of them and chased after the trio. Ghost Xinglan reluctantly tried a few moves. After being pushed, he looked at his cracked pale palm. He knew he couldn’t fight it but didn’t retreat.

The ghost’s eyes showed a human sarcasm and it was about to attack. Ghost Xinglan pushed the two seriously injured people aside, parried in a distracted manner and suddenly sneered. “Still waiting? I, Xie Xinglan, am trying to save people. You still can’t believe it?”

It wasn’t known who he was talking to

Ren Ze’s treatment cooldown was over and he quickly healed himself. Ye Xiaoxiao fell to the side and stared with anxiety. Then a change happened. Two more black ghosts emerged out of nowhere, standing hesitantly beside ghost Xinglan to express their opinion.

Ghost Xinglan smiled. Ghost Xie Chi finally managed to convince the two of them. They were ghost Ren Ze and ghost Ye Xiaoxiao.

“Great.” The opposite ghost’s voice was hoarse. “However, that is all.”

“You can’t get out. This way, I can catch you all at once.”

A whistling wind came from its throat. It seemed to laugh but the laughter was creepy. He met the three of them and had no time to care about the one person missing.

[How is there such a strong ghost? Fu*k, it is terrible.]

[Why does this ghost want to kill Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao?!!]

[It’s over, it’s over. They will all be finished here.]


Outside the ghost wall, Xie Chi used the fastest speed to determine the area where Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze disappeared. He went there and it was quiet. There was no one in the three rooms and the corridor was silent.

Xie Chi sensed an anomaly and looked very calm.

He was extremely certain that Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao were trapped in this area. He had just been to the monitoring room.. Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze had disappeared into thin air, so it was likely they had fallen into another space or were trapped by a ghost with a special ability, stuck and unable to get out.

Xie Chi frowned. How could he enter? How could he break this?

He entered a room and Xie Xinglan searched at the fastest speed. Nothing new was found. He was just about to go out when on an iron tray on the operating table behind him, surgical scissors jumped out and made a clear sound.

Xie Xinglan walked over immediately and waited a few seconds. However, the bloody scissors in the tray didn’t move anymore. Xie Chi thought about it and a light flashed in his mind, “Brother, the people trapped inside are giving us hints.”

There was a click and the fluorescent light that was in the room was turned off. This confirmed this guess. Xie Xinglan immediately understood and walked from the tray on the operating table to the door with the light switch. He waited, his hearing more acute than ever. This time, the phone stuck to the wall hung down without warning.

Xie Xinglan moved quickly. After being guided several times, Xie Xinglan determined there was no more movement and stared at where he was standing. This was a wall with a bulletin board. The bulletin board had the work plans of various departments and information written on it.

Xie Xinglan didn’t read it. He violently demolished it by kicking off the bulletin board on the wall. The bulletin board fell off and revealed behind it… a black hole. This was the entrance to that space!

Xie Xinglan was about to enter when he found that the revolving entrance that resembled yin and yang poles was shrinking. Then it finally disappeared. At the same time, in the previously silent area, noisy voices were heard. They were the familiar voices of Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao. It should be that some type of barrier was broken. They came out smoothly and returned to reality.

Xie Chi’s uneasiness completely dissipated. Suddenly, a dark shadow flashed by. Xie Chi raised his head sharply and happened to see ghost Xie Chi. Ghost Xie Chi looked playful. “Not bad, very fast.”

The implication was that he was the ghost who led the way before.

Xie Chi told him, “Get down to business.”

Ghost Xie Chi’s expression was serious. “You have to move faster. The ghost of unknown origin is very powerful and ghost Xinglan can’t beat it.”

Xie Chi’s expression sank.

Ghost Xie Chi glanced at him. “If you find nothing in the end, ghost Xinglan and I will definitely kill you.”

His tone was cold and wasn’t like he was joking.

He could save Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze with ghost Xinglan but he would never save Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan. Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze had no conflict with their own task. They had the memories from before they died so they would definitely help Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze.

However, their task was to kill Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan. It was destined that he would never help Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan until Xie Chi found something. They were opponents. Xie Chi and ghost Xie Chi knew this too well. Ghost Xie Chi wanted to quietly disappear when the silent Xie Chi suddenly stopped him.

Ghost Xie Chi asked, “What is it?”

Xie Chi raised his eyes and looked at him. “What if I say that I might know the way to live? You and I don’t have to die.”

Ghost Xie Chi’s expression froze.

Xie Chi smiled a bit coldly and continued. “If I say that I know who wants to harm me and the identity of that powerful ghost?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Poor Ren Ze and Ye XiaoXiao. I honestly have no idea who this powerful ghost might be. We haven’t seen Yi Hesong’s ghost yet.

2 years ago

whoa who is it!!! i literally have no idea

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Ooooh, so exciting~

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Oh oh oh!

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It’s probably Yuan Ye’s ghost.

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
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I think so too