APP: Chapter 137

After coming back from meeting Yi Hesong, Xie Yang’s ominous feeling became even worse. Listening to Yi Hesong’s description, the black ghost had many similar values to him. Similar height, body shape and even items.

Yi Hesong didn’t know his items and never really looked at him, so Yi Hesong didn’t understand. However, Xie Yang had to know it clearly. How could this be? Could a ghost steal an actor’s abilities? Or was it pretending to be him to frame him?

Xie Yang shook his head. No, this logic didn’t make sense. There were unhurried footsteps in front of him and an unidentified shadow on the wall that swayed. Xie Yang looked up vigilantly and saw Xie Chi. The evil red moonlight shone in from the window and struck Xie Chi diagonally, making him look different. He seemed to be waiting for Xie Yang.

Xie Yang felt disgusted. He strode over and asked with an arrogant temperament, “What are you doing?”

Xie Chi looked up. “I’m curious about why you are so arrogant.”

“What do you mean?” Xie Yang clenched his fists.

Xie Chi just asked seriously. “Have you ever beaten me?”

Xie Yang reacted in a furious manner. “You don’t need to humiliate me in this way!”

“It isn’t humiliation.” Xie Chi’s eyes were genuinely confused. “I always thought that people with tempers are strong. Then I saw you and felt that most grumpy people are…” Xie Chi paused, his eyes on Xie Yang’s angry face.

“What are they?” Hatred surged. They were so close and this was his opportunity. As long as he hit hard, he could kill Xie Chi. Xie Yang had this thought and quietly opened his strength increase item.

Xie Chi smiled. “They are all incompetent rage.”

Long black nails grew from a hand and aimed at his face. Xie Xinglan had long been prepared and raised a hand to grab the wrist. Xie Yang was shocked and struggled desperately, but he found that Xie Chi was surprisingly strong and he couldn’t move at all.

Xie Xinglan observed the hand hanging in front of him. The knuckles were white and exposed while shiny black nails came from the fingertips. They were thin, cold and as sharp as a blade. The blood in Xie Yang’s body was agitated and continuously pumping to his hands while at the same time, the nails were becoming longer and longer. As the nails were about to touch his face, Xie Xinglan kicked this person away. After Xie Yang broke free, shame and hatred surged in his heat. He continued to use the item and rushed over.

He was a rising star who rose quickly. Although it was smooth and he hadn’t encountered any obstacles, his strength was still solid. Xie Xinglan simply increased his strength and exchanged a few moves.

Xie Yang was deeply shocked. He had seen Xie Chi’s movies and knew this person was powerful. However, he had felt relieved after seeing him being beaten by Yi Hesong with no power to fight back. Now that Xie Yang was really facing Xie Chi, he knew that he was completely wrong!

They weren’t a match at all!

Jealousy formed on the tip of his heart like poison and Xie Yang’s face distorted. He had a high-explosive item that was originally reserved for life-saving purposes. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to hurt Xie Xinglan!

The shadow on the wall shook wildly before it was clearly extinguished.

Xie Yang fought reluctantly and deliberately exposed a flaw to attract Xie Chi closer. His item was similar to Xie Chi’s previous eight trigrams disc. The closer the distance, the greater the damage. However, Xie Xinglan seemed to be on the defensive. He didn’t get close or fight very hard. He chased and let go, teasing like a cat with a mouse.

“Aren’t you trying to kill me? What is this?” Xie Yang looked at the wounds on his body angrily.

Xie Xinglan nodded. “I do want to kill you.”

Xie Yang stared at his indifferent face and an unknown fear filled his heart. He finally felt that something was wrong and secretly backed away, ready to escape. Xie Xinglan noticed his actions but stopped and didn’t care.

Xie Yang moved away from him and ran. Xie Xinglan watched with a trace of pity in his eyes.

By Xie Yang’s side, there was an extra shadow on the wall where there were originally only two figures. The shadow had no feet and floated on the pale wall while chasing Xie Yang. Xie Yang had just run to the corner when the shadow finally caught an opportunity. It reached out from the wall and grabbed Xie Yang’s brain.

Xie Yang was frozen. The ghost hand stirred rapidly in his head. Xie Yang screamed and struggled, but it was to no avail. The ghost hand squeezed hard as if crushing something. Xie Yang stood still before falling down with a loud bang.

“I want to kill you but it isn’t me who will do it.” Xie Xinglan walked over and completed his unfinished words.

Hurried footsteps came from the nearby stairs. It should be Yi Hesong who sensed the black ghost and chased him. The dark shadow on the wall trembled slightly as if panicking. It immediately accelerated and entered the body of Xie Yang on the ground.

The dead Xie Yang stood up again! By the time Yi Hesong arrived, Xie Chi and Xie Yang were leaning on the railing and chatting, the atmosphere harmonious. Seeing him coming up, Xie Chi looked confused and wondered, “What’s going on?”

Yi Hesong knew that Xie Chi was full of bad tricks and glanced at him coldly. He didn’t plan to pay attention to this person at all. Instead, he looked around for clues about the black ghost.

“What are you looking for?” Xie Chi asked falsely.

Yi Hesong searched the area again but didn’t feel the existence of the ghost. He was very puzzled. Then he walked back to Xie Chi and declared confidently, “You hid it.”

“Hid what?” Xie Chi was surprised before smiling. “Where can I hide anything?”

“Don’t you think it is naive to do this?” Yi Hesong knew this person was pretending and couldn’t help speaking sarcastically. “Just because there are a bit of grievances between us, you went to save a ghost. What good is this for you? It just hurts others and yourself. Stupid.”

Xie Chi looked down and smiled in his heart. ‘Of course, I can’t let you know the benefits.’

He shrugged. “You can think so.”

Xie Chi was obstinate. If it wasn’t for him discovering that Yi Hesong was his son, Yi Hesong would’ve killed him under Xie Yang’s instigation. He might’ve survived but it didn’t mean he would forgive. He wasn’t a Virgin Mary.

The viciousness was real and the possible death was also real. Thanks to it, Xie Yang deserved to die. He fulfilled his promise to create a crisis for Xie Yang and gave birth to new ghosts for ghost Xie Yang to swallow. After the ghost Xie Yang swallowed them, he killed the actor Xie Yang. It was as simple as that.

Yi Hesong almost found out the truth again. He glanced at Xie Yang and wondered, “When did your relationship get so good?”

Xie Chi spread open his hands and smiled. “We are a family after all.”

Xie Yang nodded in cooperation.

Yi Hesong had no way against Xie Chi. He couldn’t tell which words were true or false. He was too lazy to deal with it and directly headed downstairs.

Xie Chi sent him away with a smile. Once his back disappeared down the stairs, the smile on his face abruptly disappeared. He turned toward ghost Xie Yang. “I have grudges with the actor Xie Yang but no grudge against you. I don’t want to kill you. However, I advise you that if you want to kill me, you should keep this in mind.”

There was a trace of fear in Xie Yang’s eyes. He watched step by step how Xie Chi borrowed his hand to kill Xie Yang in a completely unexpected way. If he was ignorant then it was impossible to guarantee that he wouldn’t become the next Xie Yang and be killed by Xie Chi in a completely unexpected way.

How gentle was he on the surface and how unfathomable was he underneath. It was because Xie Yang couldn’t see through this person that he didn’t dare to start anything.

“…Yes.” Ghost Xie Yang nodded hard.

Xie Chi smiled. “Don’t expose your identity and go play.”

[Fu*k, the ghost is right in front of you but you don’t recognize it!]

[I’m a bit terrified.]

[He would rather work with ghosts than with people.]

[This actor is really tricky and confusing.]

[Ahhh, Yuan Ye is so unlucky. He was injured by a ghost again and the injury isn’t light. Isn’t this the third time? Is this ghost Yuan Ye?]

[Fu*k, over there!]

[Ghost ahhhhh!]

“Wait a minute.” Xie Yang was leaving when he was stopped by Xie Chi.

“What is it?”

Xie Chi lowered his head and looked at his phone like he was thinking about something. Then he raised his head. “Come with me.”

“What are you doing?” Ghost Xie Yang was still wary.

“It will take too long to say.” Xie Chi put the phone in his pocket, wiped the dirt on his body from the fight with a paper towel and headed toward the mirror in the lobby on the second floor.

Since discovering that the mirror on the first floor had a subtle clue, Xie Chi paid special attention and found there was such a mirror on every floor. However, only the mirror on the first floor had the two English words engraved on the edge. The mirrors on the other floors were just ordinary mirrors without anything special.

He was just walking to the mirror when Xie Chi looked down from the second floor and found Yuan Ye heading upstairs with a bleeding arm. The actress from before was bandaging him with a panicked and thankful expression.

Xie Chi headed down a few steps and asked with concern, “What happened?”

Yuan Ye’s face was pale due to blood loss and sweat dripped down his forehead.

Blood flowed down his sleeve, through his fingers and dripped onto the white stairs. His clothes were blue and grey and there was an ugly puddle of blood on the cuff. The blood puddle was still expanding. It seemed that Yuan Ye was seriously injured. He had more than one wound and seemed to have encountered a fierce fight. Due to the mess, he had a decadent and unruly air.

Yuan Ye looked up, a bit brave. He was just about to pretend and say ‘it’s fine’ when the actress next to him already spoke for him. “We met a particularly powerful ghost in black! It was Brother Yuan who saved me or else I would be dead!”

The actress was in shock. She turned to look at Yuan Ye, her eyes filled with deep gratitude and admiration. A humble existence like her, who was ignored and looked down upon. She never imagined that she would be saved by Yuan Ye. No wonder why it was rumored that Yuan Ye’s character was excellent.

Xie Chi took his arm and simply bandaged Yuan Ye. This was a hospital and the thing it wasn’t lacking was medical equipment. The ghost Xie Yang was still interested and didn’t walk away. He stayed silent while following Xie Chi.

During the bandaging, Yuan Ye glanced at Xie Yang who was sitting by the side. He endured the pain, lowered his voice and joked, “When did you have such a good relationship with him?”

Xie Chi knew that the truth couldn’t be said, especially to Yuan Ye whom he didn’t trust. He only answered, “Cooperation.”

Yuan Ye glanced at Xie Yang again before retracting his gaze. He looked up lazily and asked, “How many points are you still missing to get your boyfriend?”

“A few thousand.”

“Then without any accidents, it should be fast. It will be two or three orange movies at most. If this one is upgraded then it will be even faster. It is almost the end.” Yuan Ye sighed, his expression envious. Then he asked again, “What are your plans after that?”

Xie Chi casually replied, “Leave the app.”

Yuan Ye seemed a bit surprised before he laughed. “Don’t you want to be the movie emperor?”

Xie Chi didn’t look up. “No.”

“Don’t you think it is good here? Any wish can be fulfilled.”

“I don’t have any other wishes.”

Yuan Ye smiled. “You’re different.”

“What about you?” Xie Chi cut off the extra gauze and asked casually.

“I’m leaving soon.” Yuan Ye paused before smiling at Xie Chi. “Soon.”

Xie Chi returned to the main topic. “Who do you think is doing this to you?”

Yuan Ye shook his head and smiled bitterly. “I don’t know. It is very strong. I barely managed to reach a draw with it and was beaten up like this.”

Yuan Ye pointed to his bandaged arm with an intact finger.

Xie Chi examined him. “Then your other injuries…”

Yuan Ye sighed helplessly. “I am really unlucky. I was attacked by a black ghost previously. It came again and then there was this incident. In fact, it was trying to attack me but she was there and also got involved. I saved her and it ended up like this.”

“Do you think these three incidents were by the same ghost?”

Yuan Ye hesitated for a second or two before nodding. “It should be. The technique is basically the same and I always feel a bit uncomfortable. I don’t know why…”

“That’s right!” He looked up as he thought of something. “The first time I encountered it, I was only slightly injured. The second time, the injury wasn’t light. Then this time…”

Yuan Ye’s expression became serious. “The ghost seems to be getting stronger. You should be careful.”

“Thanks.” Xie Chi glanced at him and said.

Then Xie Chi frowned. “Then do you think the ghost is the same one that was almost caught by Yi Hesong?”

Ghost Xie Yang, who was listening from the side, suddenly froze and his heart was shocked. How did Xie Chi pretend to be ignorant so naturally and ask such reasonable questions?

Yuan Ye thought about it. “It shouldn’t be. I heard Yi Hesong describe it and the characteristics are different.”

“Then what are the characteristics on your side?”

The actress thought about it and replied on behalf of Yuan Ye. “It is very tall and especially strong!”

Yuan Ye seemed a bit ashamed and coughed. “Yes, its skill is much better than me. It is stronger than me and better than me at fighting. But… it is actually quite human. There don’t seem to be many ghost characteristics. The ghosts in this movie are quite strange.”

Xie Chi nodded.

The three people exchanged a few words. Then Yuan Ye glanced between Xie Chi and the waiting Xie Yang who seemed a bit anxious. He noticed there seemed to be something between Xie Chi and Xie Yang so he wisely left.


Xie Chi took Xie Yang to the mirror in the lobby of the second floor and had him stand in front of him. In the mirror, Xie Yang was still Xie Yang without showing the form of a ghost.

Xie Chi frowned slightly and fell into deep thought.

“What are you thinking?” Xie Yang wondered.

Xie Chi was silent for a moment before looking up. “Follow me downstairs.”

Xie Yang frowned. He was a bit impatient but still followed Xie Chi. Xie Chi led him to the mirror in the first floor lobby where the words beginning with the letter ‘c’ were engraved. Xie Yang was a bit angry. “I don’t want to do miscellaneous things for you. Don’t play with me.”

Xie Chi looked beyond him into the mirror. Xie Yang was still Xie Yang but in the mirror, a Xie Yang with blood-red eyes was reflected!

Xie Yang frowned. “What are you doing?”

Xie Chi didn’t say a word and pointed behind him. Xie Yang looked up and saw himself in the mirror with blood-red eyes and a paper-white face. He was shocked and panicked. He was afraid he would be exposed and immediately left the range of the mirror. He sighed with relief and found he was soaked with sweat.

[Fu*k, that scared me.]

[Mom, this mirror can reflect the real body.]

“How can this be?” Xie Yang leaned close to Xie Chi and asked nervously.

“I don’t know.” Xie Chi was thoughtful and spoke the truth only after a long time.

Xie Yang was afraid after being chased by Yi Hesong and feared being exposed. He immediately exclaimed, “I will smash this mirror!”

Xie Chi cocked his head. “If you dare to hit it then I will kill you immediately.”

Xie Yang didn’t move. He couldn’t tell if Xie Chi’s words were true or false. It was possible that Xie Chi would really kill him. Xie Chi took a look at himself and confirmed that he was normal in the mirror.

“Play by yourself.” Xie Chi spoke generously.

Xie Yang felt like a pet but he suppressed his anger. He left the first floor which might expose him.


After Xie Yang left, Xie Chi opened the app and glanced at the chat box with Ren Ze. There still wasn’t a reply. It had been more than 10 minutes yet Ren Ze hadn’t replied to him. He had been on the second floor just now and hadn’t seen Ren Ze.

Xie Chi squeezed his phone slightly. It seemed that the inspiration was at work and anxiety was rising in his heart.

“Brother, I feel like something is wrong with Ren Ze. Let’s hurry and find him,” Xie Chi urged.

Proofreader: Purichan

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