APP: Chapter 136

[Fu*k! Enemies meeting on a narrow road?]

[The ghost that was saved is Xie Yang? What is this probability that goes against the sky?]

[The probability isn’t small, okay? You calculate it yourself. Now there are seven living people and seven corresponding ghosts. Apart from ghost Xie Chi, Xinglan and He Xiao, there are five left. The probability of saving Xie Yang is one-fifth and it isn’t small!]


[So angry. Xie Yang treated Xie Chi like this and Xie Chi saved another him.]

[??? I’m confused? Their feelings are so good? Ghost Xie Yang wasn’t seen yet he ran over directly to see Xie Chi?]

[Yes, fu*k.]

Ghost Xie Yang’s voice was extremely weak. It seemed that Yi Hesong’s black spindle had hurt him a lot.

Xie Chi regained control and raised an eyebrow. He didn’t expect that the ghost he saved was Xie Yang. This was an unexpected joy.

Ghost Xie Yang had a hoarse voice. “Why save me?”

There was deep doubt in his tone. On the elevator door, his reflection’s blood-red eyes were full of surprise and uncertainty.

“It was in passing.” Xie Chi walked to the elevator buttons and calmly pressed the button upstairs to find Ren Ze.

Ghost Xie Yang was obviously startled by this answer. He hesitated for a moment before speaking his inner thoughts. “Don’t you want to use me to kill Xie Yang?”

Xie Chi looked down and laughed. “He doesn’t have the ability to kill me.”

On the elevator door, ghost Xie Yang’s dark face twisted. Xie Chi felt the anger of the ghost Xie Yang and gradually got rid of his smile. His eyes were extremely indifferent. “I’m not mocking you. I’m telling you the truth. You have to be clear about this. You are the one who wants to kill Xie Yang because of the task. I don’t want to kill him. If he dies, what does it have to do with me?”

“You hate him and want to kill him.” Ghost Xie Yang endured his anger and stubbornly insisted.

The elevator was going up. Xie Chi leaned on the side of the elevator and laughed with surprise. “I do hope that everyone who offends me in this world will die but why should I do it if it is troublesome? We are all adults and we all have a ruler in our hearts. We can see clearly if it is worth it or not, right?”

“Actors can’t kill actors. To kill Xie Yang, I will need to use a life-saving item. It isn’t worth it and he isn’t worthy. Isn’t it normal for me to endure this anger?”

“You aren’t telling the truth.” Ghost Xie Yang still insisted.

Xie Chi had always hated this type of high-spirited person who thought they were smart. He became a bit impatient and his voice was cold. “You figure it out. You are the one who showed up to ask me for help making you stronger. I’m not the one asking you to kill Xie Yang. I think this is very clear. If you don’t understand it then you can go away. I don’t want a fool as a teammate. If I have this much time then it would be better to save other clever and interesting ghosts.”

“You!” Ghost Xie Yang’s voice contained great anger. “I don’t need you!”

The temperature in the elevator dropped sharply. Xie Chi felt the irritability and low air pressure of the black energy beside him and sneered. “Then why don’t you find Xie Yang? Why look for me? Surely you didn’t get the name wrong?”

Ghost Xie Yang was about to speak only to be interrupted by Xie Chi. “Xia Yang is on the third floor. Once you go out, turn left at the innermost point. I pressed the elevator button for you. Go slowly.”

There was a ding as the elevator stopped on the third floor and the door opened. Xie Chi made a ‘please’ gesture. Ghost Xie Yang didn’t move from the elevator. He obviously didn’t want to leave because he knew his own situation.

Xie Chi glanced at him. “Is it interesting to show off in front of me? It has been so long since you were born. Can you wait until now?”

Xie Chi stood straight up and deliberately spoke slowly. “Tell me, if you go to him, would he directly call Yi Hesong over to kill you? After all, your mission is to kill him.”

Ghost Xie Yang seemed to be poked in the heart. He gradually converged his yin energy and his hand in his black robe waved to close the elevator doors.

“Xie Yang, do you hate yourself?” Xie Chi asked casually. The mood of the person next to him kept fluctuating. Xie Chi felt the temperature change and knew he was right.

Xie Yang had a heart knot. He doubted and hated himself. This was why ghost Xie Yang would never go to Xie Yang after transforming into a ghost. He knew that Xie Yang wouldn’t trust him and wouldn’t allow a ghost who had a fundamental conflict of interest with him to stay around.

The ghost had a similar IQ and the ability to increase dramatically over time.

If ghost Xie Yang stayed beside Xie Yang and created a crisis for Xie Yang from time to time, he could swallow Xie Yang and increase his own strength. Xie Yang would never allow this to happen. Xie Yang wouldn’t help him. Thus, ghost Xie Yang found Xie Chi.

Ghost Xie Yang apparently finally realized that only Xie Chi could help him. He finally lowered his attitude and asked reluctantly, “What should I do?”

In his prime, his strength was similar to Xie Yang. Now he was badly injured by Yi Hesong. If he encountered Xie Yang then he could probably only escape. Moreover, Yi Hesong’s black spindle seemed to have the marking function. He was far away and Yi Hesong couldn’t perceive him. Once he got close, Yi Hesong would never let him go. He had to kill Xie Yang before Yi Hesong killed him so that he could escape death.

If he was killed, although there would be a new ghost Xie Yang born from the next crisis Xie Yang encountered, it would no longer be him. At this moment, he was the only one. He couldn’t control the past and the future and just wanted to live.

Xie Chi smiled with satisfaction. “Exchange information with me.”

“Why should I trust you?” Ghost Xie Yang was alert again in an instant.

Xie Chi shook his head. “You don’t understand. People like me are the most suitable people for cooperation.”

Ghost Xie Yang’s eyes flicked. He obviously didn’t believe it. “Then I might as well find Ye Xiaoxiao. At least she is kind.”

Xie Chi felt tired talking to him and sneered. “A kind person will help you due to emotions and will naturally help others due to emotions. How do you know that you won’t be sacrificed in one of her trade-offs?”

“I am different. I am a businessman and feelings aren’t within my range of calculations. I calculate how much I can take from others and how much I will gain from helping others?”

Xie Chi blinked and added quietly, “I’m also smart. Finding a fool for a teammate is dangerous. You will have to bear the price for his stupidity.”

Ghost Xie Yang was silent for a long time. Xie Chi wasn’t in a hurry. He lit a cigarette and waited.

Finally, ghost Xie Yang compromised by asking, “What do you want to know?”

Xie Chi asked the question he had always wanted to ask. “How do you stack up your strength?”

This question wasn’t too critical and Xie Chi already knew the most important part. Ghost Xie Yang felt there was no need to conceal it and answered, “It depends on the degree of danger to the actor during the conflict and the probability of death.”

Xie Chi was startled. He thought about it for a few seconds before clarifying, “So if I was accidentally cut by a knife, the risk is extremely low and there is a 0.000001 probability of death. In this case, even if a new Xie Chi is born, the power that ghost Xie Chi would gain from swallowing him is also very small?”


There was a positive answer and the fog in front of Xie Chi dispersed again. He understood why ghost Xie Chi and Xinglan were so strong.

He had a major conflict with Yi Hesong. Before Yi Hesong was helplessly forced to stop, Xie Chi’s original probability of death was extremely high, possibly over 90%. The risk factor was also extremely high. Thus, after he survived, ghost Xie Chi and Xinglan swallowed the new Xie Chi and Xinglan that were born in the conflict and gained a huge increase in strength.

In other words, the small crises that ghost Xinglan successively created for him just barely increased their energy. It was actually himself and Yi Hesong who really helped them get far ahead of other ghosts. Therefore, he was actually the one who made ghost Xie Chi and Xinglan.

Xie Chi glanced at ghost Xie Yang beside him. No wonder why ghost Xie Yang was so weak. Xie Yang had never encountered a major crisis. It was just a small fight so the ghost Xie Yang’s increase in strength was also very small. Then he was discovered by Yi Hesong who had a powerful item and was almost caught.

Xie Chi asked the second question. “Your mission is to kill your other self, right? It is because when the two moons disappear, only one self can live in the world.”

Ghost Xie Yang hadn’t expected this person to know so much and jealousy surged.

“It isn’t quite right.” Ghost Xie Yang suppressed his emotions. “The ghosts born after the two moons started have to occupy the main body before the end of the two moons in order to survive from this world.”

Xie Chi wondered, “You mean for those who were involved in the car accident, they will be sent back to the correct timeline once the two moons end?”

This made sense with the rule that the world could only have one self.

After all, NPCs were also considered as them. It was just like ghost He Xiao. Ghost He Xiao might’ve killed the actor He Xiao and occupied his body but there was also the He Xiao who was in the car accident. There were already two He Xiaos and this went against the law that a world could only have one self. If the person who was in the car accident was sent back to the correct timeline after the two moons ended then everything made sense.

Xie Chi understood where the contradiction was. They were now in the same world and the ghosts that were born didn’t go to the parallel world they should’ve gone to due to the influence of the two moons. The two moons appearing in the same sky led to the birth of a new space. Countless ghosts and original selves appeared in the same world.

The rules of the world were in disarray. The two moons caused a period of chaotic time and space. Once it ended, the world would return to its original order and the redundant selves would disappear. Thus, they could only kill their original self and fight for the flesh in order to survive after the two moons disappeared.

Xie Chi had never felt so clear.

“Then how do you know this information?” Xie Chi inquired casually.

Ghost Xie Yang was surprised he asked this question. “It was engraved in my mind the moment I was born.”

Xie Chi was inwardly shocked. “I see.”

“Do you know about the text messages regarding me?” Xie Chi asked again.

“It wasn’t me or Xie Yang. I don’t know about the others.”

It was a very sincere answer. Xie Chi nodded. Indeed, Xie Yang didn’t seem to have the ability according to his IQ. This meant the range was narrowed once again.

Ghost Xie Yang wondered, “You still haven’t said how you will help me.”

Xie Chi was satisfied with ghost Xie Yang’s honesty and asked, “How much do you need to beat Xie Yang?”

Ghost Xie Yang questioned it. “Is knowing this useful?”

Xie Chi smiled. “It is useful. Just say it.”

Ghost Xie Yang seemed to figure something else. His eyes flicked and a moment later, he answered, “I can beat him by devouring four Xie Yangs with a 50% probability of death.”


“You!” Ghost Xie Yang almost flew over in a rage. “Three, it can’t be less.”

Xie Chi sent him a strange look. “Who is bargaining with you? I’m talking about the final deal.”

Ghost Xie Yang reacted. “Fu*k you—”

Xie Chi smiled. “I’m your father. Think about who you are talking to before you speak.”

Black energy rolled out.

Xie Chi crossed his arms and kicked the elevator door. “Open the door.”

He had only counted for a few seconds before the elevator doors slowly opened. Xie Chi turned his head and glanced at Xie Yang with a loving expression. “Hide and don’t be discovered by Yi Hesong. You don’t want me to eat free food, right?”

There was a bang and the elevator doors closed.

[Hahahaha, I don’t know what to say about this.]

[Hahahahahahahahaha Xie Chi digs pits for humans and also digs pits for ghosts. Xie Yang is really miserable. I don’t hate him anymore.]

[Ohhhh, I used to hate scheming guys but now I think they are so cute.]

[Brother Xie is A!]

[The app mourning squad is coming early. Xie Yang, you died so miserably~]


Once outside the elevator, Xie Chi sent a message to Ren Ze. Then he called to Xie Xinglan in his head. “Brother, come out!”

“Beat Xie Yang right?” Xie Xinglan smiled helplessly.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

So now that Xie Yang has been ruled out, there’s not a lot of actor’s left. I wonder if it was Yi Hesong’s ghost that sent the message?

2 years ago

Pffft!!!! Xie Chi handled Xie Yang so beautifully

1 year ago

I love this!!! 😂

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
7 months ago

I wonder if Xie Chi ghost sent message to become strong

4 months ago

“I’m ur father” can be used against the strong one (YHS) and the weak one (ghost XY). really useful HAHAHAHA. I see he’s embracing it well. xD

ghost XY is a lil cute HAHAHA. the real one, not so.