APP: Chapter 135

Xie Chi looked back at him and spoke sincerely, “I was thinking that people should believe in the so-called absolutely truth, or believe in themselves.”

“After all, it is your other self. No matter how evil, dark and how much they want to kill you, they are also the person closest to you.”

Ren Ze’s heart trembled slightly and there was a strange feeling that couldn’t be said.

‘The person closest to me?’

Ren Ze was in a slight daze as he thought of his aversion to himself in his adolescence.

He was different. He had a female personality. His self-esteem was low due to this and he couldn’t integrate into the group. He desperately tried to hide Ren Ran’s existence and he also hated Ren Ran. For a long time, he rejected Ren Ran and spoke bad words to her. Ren Ran was innocent and kept trying to make him happy before he slowly resolved this knot. He had always felt guilty about this.

Ren Ze smiled bitterly. “Xie Chi, not everyone knows and trusts themselves.”

It was hard not to hate, let alone understand and trust.

Xie Chi shrugged, still optimistic. “Maybe this is the crux of the matter? Ghost Xie Chi didn’t kill me but took the initiative to find me because he knows I love him and believe in him. He also loves me and believes in me.”

“Because he is me.”

Ren Ze heard this and immediately thought of something. He laughed and his melancholy mood was swept away as he glanced at Xie Chi with a mocking expression, “You have already talked about two people’s love alone so don’t talk about the love of four people.”

Xie Chi, “……”

It was rare to see him so deflated. Ren Ze’s smile became more and more wicked. He thought it was very magical. Xie Xinglan was Xie Chi, ghost Xie Chi was Xie Chi and ghost Xinglan was also Xie Chi. He was four times happy alone.

[Hey Ren Ze, you expressed what I am feeling hahahahha.]

[The subtle sense of cheating when you fall in love with yourself lmao]

[Hahahaha although I know that Xie Chi is referring to self-love, you told him to fall in love with himself?]

Ren Ze knew that time was tight and hurriedly got back to the topic. “So the rule is that when the two moons end, there can only be one self in this world? Did the app tell this to the ghosts or imply it?”

Xie Chi’s eyes fell on the small abandoned fountain on the lawn beside him and was a bit absent-minded. “Yes.”

“What are you looking at?” Ren Ze walked forward suspiciously and followed Xie Chi’s gaze to the fountain. He only saw a pile of dead branches, fallen leaves and small slugs that moved through the water from time to time.

The water in the pool was dirty and there was a concentrated fishy smell because it was stagnant.

“I’m looking at the moon in the water.” Xie Chi was silent for a while before replying. Only then did Ren Ze notice the two moons reflected in the water.

Xie Chi crouched down, picked up a dead branch from the lawn and inserted it into the fountain water, stirring it. The moons shattered and blurred. The water surface was a mess and the reflection of his face was also twisted.

Ren Ze couldn’t understand what he was doing.

Xie Chi waited for the water to calm down and the two complete moons appeared again. He threw away the branch in his hand and seemed to have a feeling. He looked up and confirmed again that only the clouds in the sky were changing, not the moons. The two moons were still the same size and the same brightness. They faced each other, two balls but the colors were different. One was red and the other was white. Only the clouds were different. One was big and the other was small.

His previous focus had always been on the clouds. Now that he abandoned the clouds and looked at the moons themselves, there was a subtle sense of seeing through the clouds and fog. He seemed to touch something vaguely.

Suddenly, there was the sound of violent fighting and shouts from upstairs. Xie Chi and Ren Ze looked at each other and walked quickly into the hospital. An actress was running down the hospital corridor and almost ran into the two of them rushing in. Ren Ze stopped her, held her shoulders and asked as he met her frightened eyes, “What’s going on?”

The actress looked up and relaxed slightly when she saw a familiar face. She turned her head and pointed upstairs, “Brother Yi caught a ghost. I was startled and ran down…”

Xie Chi knew the Brother Yi she mentioned was Yi Hesong and his eyes tensed. “How strong is the ghost?”

The actress thought about it carefully and became confused. “Huh? It doesn’t seem to be particularly powerful. It couldn’t beat Brother Yi at all…”

She had an instinctive fear of ghosts. After all, in this movie, the strength of gray named cannon fodder was at the very bottom. How could she go against a ghost? Now all the other gray name actors were dead. She was the only one left and she was afraid she would be next.

So once she saw the ghost appear, she started to escape without even thinking about it. Now that she calmed down and thought back, she remembered that before she fled, the ghost was obviously unable to fight Yi Hesong. It was at a disadvantage and tried to run away several times, only for Yi Hesong to catch up.

“Another Yi Hesong?” Ren Ze whispered from Xie Chi’s side.

Xie Chi shook his head slightly, saying no. It was too weak and it shouldn’t be the case. The ghost Yi Hesong had at least two layers superimposed. There was the Yi Hesong who died in the car accident and the one who died while confronting Xie Chi.

Yi Hesong had fought Xie Chi. Although Yi Hesong had an absolute advantage, there was still a small probability of death. For example, making a major mistake, underestimating the enemy, etc. All of these were possible. No matter how small the probability, it was still a probability. Therefore, Yi Hesong fought Xie Chi and another ghost Yi Hesong must’ve been born.

Yi Hesong had encountered at least two conflicts so the ghost Yi Hesong must have at least two levels stacked. He could never be beaten without fighting back. In addition, the actress said ‘Yi Hesong caught a ghost.’ It was Yi Hesong who took the initiative to catch the ghost, not the ghost. Then he should’ve come across another actor in ghost form by chance.

Ghost Xie Chi and Xinglan could be ruled out first. They had too many layers stacked. Yi Hesong couldn’t use his talent and lost a peak orange item so it was absolutely impossible to defeat them.

Xie Chi thought about the cause and effect and glanced at Ren Ze. “Let’s go up and take a look.”

The actress saw that they planned to go up. She thought about it and gritted her teeth before following. In ghost movies, it was always safer to have many people. If she stayed alone downstairs then she might die.

During the process of going upstairs, Xie Chi briefly and quickly questioned the actress and found that only seven actors were left. He and Ren Ze were two. There was also Yi Hesong, Xie Yang, Ye Xiaoxiao, Yuan Ye and this actress. Due to the discord with Yi Hesong and his low reputation, he had always been ignored by other actors and acted alone. It was only now that he knew the specific situation.

Xie Chi found it interesting.

On the surface, the person who leaked his information to Yi Hesong should be two people since the two text messages had separate conversation boxes. They shouldn’t come from the same mobile phone and their tone was completely different. The first one had a lot of bad feelings. The provocation was strong and it was filled with disdain. The latter was relatively calm and mechanically satisfied. It just told Yi Hesong where he was.

The certain thing was that it wasn’t He Xiao or ghost Xie Chi and Xinglan who sent the text messages.

He had found out about He Xiao’s situation. If He Xiao wanted to do something to him, he would have sufficient and reasonable motives the moment Xie Chi exposed him. However, He Xiao didn’t seize this opportunity. This showed that it definitely wasn’t He Xiao. After all, ghost He Xiao was full of strength and was no longer subject to the app rules after becoming a ghost. It was convenient to act.

Among the seven who were still alive, apart from himself, it was impossible for Yi Hesong to direct and perform for himself. He also didn’t believe it was Ren Ze. Thus, the target range was getting smaller and smaller. The possible actors were Xie Yang, Ye Xiaoxiao, Yuan Ye and the gray named female in front of them.

The scope of the ghosts was relatively large. It could be everyone except ghost Xie Chi, ghost Xinglan and ghost He Xiao. It might even be ghost Yi Hesong or ghost Ren Ze. After all, the ghosts had the same IQ as their actors.

Of course, it was also worth considering if it was two people. The messages coming from two different mobile phones wasn’t enough to prove it was two people. Cooperation between humans and ghosts wasn’t impossible. It was just like him and the ghost Xie Chi.

In any case, he had to speed up. This person stopped suddenly and didn’t make a move for two hours. Perhaps it was in preparation for something bigger.

They followed the fighting and found Yi Hesong in a certain ward.

It was a mess. Glass was shattered, the door was folded, medical equipment was scattered all over the floor and the floor was covered with blood from a blood bag. It seemed the fighting was fierce.

Inside the door, the ghost in black had no way to fight. It was fleeing frantically, yin energy all over the place. However, it was fast and relied on this to drag things out to the present. Yi Hesong tried to take the black hood off the ghost’s head several times but it avoided it.

After a long battle, Yi Hesong became angry and used an item. A thread that was as bright as a ladybug flew out from the black spindle in his hand. The moment the spinning thread flew out, Yi Hesong’s hands tried to grab at the hood again. However, the ghost would rather be pierced by the silk threads than to be found out. The black ghost screamed with pain and the thick black energy around its body dissipated. It was obvious that this seemingly plain looking spindle had hurt the ghost’s power.

There were hurried footsteps in the corridor. It seemed the actors scattered everywhere were rushing over after hearing the big movement. Xie Chi knew that he couldn’t wait any longer or more people would join in to catch the ghost. He immediately cried out, “Brother!”

Xie Xinglan didn’t rest at all and immediately asked, “Catch the ghost?”

Xie Chi coughed. “…Save the ghost.”


Yi Hesong’s ears were sensitive. He heard Xie Chi rushing in and quickly arranged a strategy without looking back. “I will attack while you catch it. Share information after catching it.”

He had been chasing for a long time. This ghost was weak but it moved extremely fast, making the chase annoying. Speed was Xie Chi’s strength and cooperating was an option.

“Okay.” Xie Chi didn’t hesitate.

[Xingxing is added and we will know who the ghost is right away!]

[Is it ghost Yi Hesong??]

The ghost seemed to want to pass through the wall but the red thread was chasing it like a viper. Someone else had joined in and the black-clothed ghost was completely unable to resist. It was retreating steadily. Xie Xinglan casually grabbed some surgical scissors and rushed to grab the ghost’s shoulder. Yi Hesong had very good eyesight and predicted that Xie Xinglan could catch the ghost. He was just about to relax when he saw Xie Xinglan close the scissors and cut off… his own red thread.

Yi Hesong’s thread could cause great harm to ghosts and souls. For humans, it was an ordinary thread and broke with a light cut.


[I’m blind???]

[Hahahahaha I’m dying.]

Ren Ze at the door was dumbfounded.

Yi Hesong’s expression froze and he was still for a second. In his vision, Xie Xinglan kicked the window to break it and pushed the ghost in black down. Yi Hesong finally reacted and rushed to the window. He watched the ghost in black fall to the ground and then disappear in a cloud of black energy.

“Fu*k!” Yi Hesong’s anger surged. No matter how well-educated he was, he couldn’t resist rushing up and grabbed Xie Xinglan by the collar. He aimed a punch but Xie Xinglan grabbed his wrist. Then he seamlessly switched to Xie Chi who spoke innocently. “Be careful. If I’m disabled then I won’t be able to fight any ghosts who want to kill me.”

“You don’t want your father to die, do you?”

The blue veins on Yi Hesong’s forehead bulged and his face was white. He gritted his teeth for a few seconds before angrily throwing away Xie Chi’s hand.


[Is it good to mess around just to vent your anger? It is good for everyone to catch the ghost. This is hurting everyone.]

[That’s because you don’t know Xie Chi. Everything Xie Chi does is for his benefit, okay?]

“I advise you to give me an explanation.” If it wasn’t for the identity of Xie Chi’s character, Yi Hesong would’ve stabbed Xie Chi a thousand times.

Xie Chi cocked his head with an expression that asked what could be done to him. “What if I don’t?”


The footsteps of other actors got closer. Xie Chi stopped talking nonsense with Yi Hesong and jumped out the second floor window.

Xie Xinglan landed smoothly and joked, “Aren’t you afraid of raising a tiger and inviting disaster?”

Xie Xinglan figured it out easily.

One of the reasons Xie Chi asked him to save the ghost was that it didn’t matter to them who it was. They already knew the ghost was another actor and this was enough.

The second reason was that he didn’t want Yi Hesong to know that the ghost was an actor.

Third, with the exception of ghost Xie Chi and ghost Xinglan, the other ghosts actually had no conflict of interest with them. It was just like ghost He Xiao. They might have strength but no interest in killing Xie Chi. Thus, there was no conflict of interest. On the contrary, it was the actors he had conflicts with. The most obvious thing was the conflict over the comprehensive evaluation. There was also private hatred and old grievances.

This was a question that could be figured out by changing your mindset.

Fourth, even if this ghost was killed by Yi Hesong, it didn’t mean the ghost wouldn’t be born again. As time passed, the actors in the movie would be in more and more danger. As long as they encountered danger, their corresponding ghost would continue to be born. Killing them one after another was just endless. Therefore, saving the ghost didn’t have much impact on the main plot line.

Fifth, this ghost was too weak, showing that it wasn’t very bright. He wasn’t afraid of it. After all, it couldn’t beat him. In addition, if he saved an enemy’s ghost then they could talk together about how to cooperate to kill the enemy. Therefore, relatively speaking, saving the ghost had more advantages than disadvantages.

Xie Chi smiled slyly. “If I really raise a tiger then ghost Xie Chi and Xinglan will help out. They don’t want me to die until I figure out some things.”

Xie Xinglan sighed. “You are even using yourself.”

Xie Chi spoke honestly. “We can’t always let them take advantage of us.”

Xie Xinglan smiled. “That’s right.”

Xie Xinglan searched the ground and didn’t find the ghost in black. There were no regrets. He had already benefited as long as Yi Hesong didn’t know the ghost in black was another actor. He walked to the elevator to go upstairs and find Ren Ze. The moment the elevator door closed, he felt a cold and gloomy atmosphere behind him. The elevator door in front of him showed there was a dark and fuzzy shadow around him. It was a bit shorter than him and just within his reach.

Xie Xinglan didn’t look back. “You came to me?”

In the claustrophobic, dark elevator, his voice was low and echoed. The shadow at the elevator door hesitated before nodding. Xie Xinglan stayed silent. The shadow took off its black hood first.

Xie Xinglan saw a familiar face and was startled before laughing.

“It’s me,” ghost Xie Yang said.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

The ghost was ridiculously weak, of course it was Xie Yang

2 years ago

Oh wow, I was sure it was the last grey actor’s ghost. LMAO, team up with Xie Yang ghost to kill Xie Yang, another happy cooperation ( 。・_・。)人(。・_・。 )

1 year ago

Poor man. Even the ghost of himself want him dead. 🤣