APP: Chapter 133


[Fu*k it is terrible! It is part of the early death series!]

[I-I-I seem to understand. I thought very hard.]

[I use my head to bet that Xie Chi’s plot exploration is extraordinary.]

[Is this still a bet?]

[I… take back what I said before. Xie Yang is the trash. Saying he is little Xie Chi is praising him. How is he worthy? They are brothers but the difference is so big.]

[Sister! Join the ranks of the Xie fans. We are a family!]

[How can you be so infatuated all the time?]

[I really didn’t think that Yi Hesong’s IQ and thinking style would be so far behind this new star. If Xie Chi’s strength was higher then he could also go to a red movie which is filled with first-tier actors. Instead of being robbed, he stole other people’s drama. This is really awesome.]

[This movie is so difficult.]

[Wait for Son Chi to pass the level.]


Ren Ze was deeply concerned about Xie Chi’s situation.

Xie Chi looked down at his watch. Unknowingly, it was already 2:30 a.m. It was four hours to dawn at most. The shooting time was half over which wasn’t good news.

Ren Ze wondered, “Then what shall we do next?”

Xie Chi looked up. “Avoid any conflict.”

Ren Ze nodded. This is indeed the simplest and most effective method to avoid increasing the strength of their ghost selves. However, it was very passive. It was because it wasn’t up to them to decide if there was a conflict or not. If other actors or ghosts attacked then the initiative was on the other side, not with them. All they could do was try to avoid unnecessary conflicts or simply tolerate them. They just couldn’t do anything about the sharp conflicts.

Ren Ze thought about it before coming over and whispering, “Should we tell the other actors that conflicts will continue to produce ghosts? Then they won’t do anything to us for their own safety and at least the actors will be peaceful.”

Xie Chi shook his head and fiddled with his fingers. “It’s too late. It is useless.”

Ren Ze frowned. “Xie Chi, aren’t you being too pessimistic?”

Xie Chi stood up. His head was a bit dizzy for some reason but he didn’t care too much. He leaned on the chair and said, “It isn’t that I’m pessimistic. I’m just stating a fact.”

“I now know that the reason for our roles getting into an accident wasn’t just to kill the actors but to give birth to another us.”

“The setting is similar to throwing bricks to attract jade. It is a brick but the newly born us are jade. We are weak while our newly born selves are strong.”

“It gave us a crisis we can easily resolve but this slight danger will still give birth to another self. The moment this weak ghost died, its task had actually been completed. It is like a mother cockroach being trampled to death only for dozens or more small cockroaches to spring out of the cracked eggs.”

Ren Ze was startled by the metaphor and started sweating.

Xie Chi didn’t have any expression on his face. “I said it was too late because at this point in time, every actor must’ve encountered the danger brought to them by other actors or themselves in the car accident. Everyone has given birth to another stronger self.”

Xie Chi’s mind became heavier and a sense of sleepiness rose. He had to sit down again and he spoke faster. “The thing you have to understand isn’t us avoiding all conflict. It is their strength stagnating.”

“W… Why?” Ren Ze’s eyes showed doubt and confusion.

“It is because for our other selves, we are now… a scoring machine.” Xie Chi smiled, his eyes filled with insight and worry.

He tried to calmly say, “If they think they aren’t strong enough, they just need to keep creating danger for us. The glass aimed at me. I didn’t die but it would sure create a ghost me that will be assimilated. I hadn’t been able to figure it out previously. The ghost Xie Chi and ghost Xie Xinglan clearly didn’t want to kill me so why continue to create a crisis for me? Now I understand—”

Xie Chi suddenly thought about it clearly. “Ghost Xie Chi is relying on me to improve his strength. He actively created a crisis for me and absorbed the Xie Chi newly born from that crisis to increase his own strength. No wonder why he is so strong. He is cheating. While others have only one or two layers stacked, he has already stacked four or five layers. He doesn’t trust me but he also doesn’t trust the app. Therefore, he is using me to check the truth for him while relying on me to improve his strength and plan for the future.”

“Fu*k, is he so smart?” Ren Ze stared with wide eyes.

Xie Chi seemed to laugh at him.

Ren Ze stared at Xie Chi’s fair and gentle face and spoke sincerely. “Xie Chi, I really feel it is good to be a bit stupid. At least my other self isn’t so, so…”

Ren Ze was a bit conflicted. He wanted to say ‘insidious’ but this seemed to be cursing Xie Chi by also calling him ‘insidious’. He wanted to say ‘smart’ but it seemed inappropriate to praise the enemy in front of Xie Chi.

Xie Chi saw that he was silent for a long time and made a helpless expression. “It’s fine.”

“You… can you beat him?” Ren Ze asked a particularly practical question.

He was surprised at his curiosity when he was so nervous. Still, he wanted to know which of the two Xie Chis would win.

Pride overflowed from Xie Chi’s bones but he wasn’t so arrogant that he would give others unnecessary confidence. “The truth is that there is no chance of winning at the moment. It is difficult to say in the future…”

“Xie Chi!” Ren Ze exclaimed as he watched Xie Chi fall down.


Xie Chi woke up and found himself in the lobby on the east side of the hospital’s first floor. The east side of the hospital was the pharmacy and it was currently empty.

Xie Chi’s consciousness was a bit confused and he took two steps forward blankly. On the milky white tiles, his own fuzzy shadow could be seen shaking. There was only a dim light above him. Using this faint light, Xie Chi saw a pair of feet at the seats where people waited for their medicine.

The man was wearing sneakers on his feet. Xie Chi’s memory had always been good and he remembered that these were the shoes He Xiao wore before. Uncle He hadn’t been around for a long time. So this?

Xie Chi wasn’t alert for some reason and walked over numbly like a bystander. It was He Xiao. He Xiao was lying down on three consecutive seats. The nearly 1.9 meter tall man was curled up into a ball, his face turned inward and his back arched. He seemed a bit cold based on the way his arms were wrapped around himself.

“Uncle He?” Xie Chi asked softly.

Xie Chi waited a while but there was no response. He Xiao seemed to be asleep. He tried to reach out to push He Xiao’s shoulder. Then he felt the cold body temperature under He Xiao’s thin clothes and retracted his hand in shock.

He Xiao started to cough violently. His lungs were like a bellows with air blowing from inside to outside. The coughing really seemed to be tearing at the heart and lungs. Xie Chi watched the blood coughed up by He Xiao stain the cold silver iron chairs and his heart beat faster.

He Xiao coughed up more and more blood and the stinky blood fell down from the small hole at the bottom of the seat. It formed a long drop and hung from the seat without falling.

Xie Chi used all his strength to turn over He Xiao’s body and met a pair of blood-red eyes. He Xiao was… a ghost.

Xie Chi was startled.

[Oh my god!!!]

[Suddenly scared me ahhhhhhhh]


Ren Ze sighed with relief. “Xie Chi, you finally woke up.”

They were speaking just now when Xie Chi suddenly fell asleep, scaring him to death. Xie Chi sat up with a heavy mind. He saw that he was still in the room where he had locked the door and sobered up. “I never left here?”


Xie Chi glanced at his watch again. Only five minutes had passed. So it was just a dream.

“Are you feeling unwell? Is it significant?”

Xie Chi’s face was pale and Ren Ze was a bit nervous. Xie Chi felt the mental exhaustion caused by the excessive use of inspiration. It was a useless manic mood accompanied by bouts of headaches, which was unbearable.

“I’m fine,” Xie Chi shook his head.


He raised his head. Xie Xinglan knew what Xie Chi was going to say and spoke first. “I’ll go and see.”

Ren Ze followed and the two of them quickly came to the east side where the pharmacy was. The seats where He Xiao was lying down in the dream were empty. Only now did Ren Ze ask what was going on.

Xie Chi already felt better and he had a complicated expression on his face. “I dreamt that He Xiao became a ghost.”

“What?” Ren Ze was shocked.

If someone else casually had a dream then he would treat it as a coincidence. However, it was Xie Chi saying this.

Ren Ze knew that Xie Chi’s talent was the Painter’s Pen. It was related to inspiration and could predict the future or see the truth. A dream itself was close to inspiration and came from the subconscious. This sudden strange dream was most likely brought about by Xie Chi’s talent and definitely wasn’t an ordinary dream.

“I dreamt that he was lying here and there was a lot of blood. Blood was all over the place but that obviously isn’t true.” Xie Chi spoke while looking at the clean row of seats.

“Let’s not talk about this first.” Ren Ze was worried. “Your talent is awesome but it is too dangerous. What if you suddenly faint during combat or escaping?”

Xie Chi blinked. “I’m not alone. There will be someone else after falling.”

Ren Ze hit his head and was secretly a bit confused and jealous. “You really are a personal cheat.” It was a bug that would make the gods angry. This was a positive effect max and negative effect max talent, but due to the double personality, the negative part was completely offset.

“Thank you for the compliment,” Xie Chi answered peacefully.

Then he raised his head and happened to see He Xiao and Ye Xiaoxiao coming down the stairs. Ye Xiaoxiao was happy at the sight of Xie Chi and Ren Ze and pulled He Xiao down. Due to Xie Chi’s dream, Ren Ze was instinctively alert. He stood to the side and observed He Xiao while Xie Chi responded with a smile on his face.

“Uncle He, where were you before? Ye Xiaoxiao and I were worried when you didn’t come back after so long.”

Ye Xiaoxiao glanced at He Xiao and answered for him. “Didn’t Uncle He go to buy water before? He encountered a ghost wall and by the time he escaped back to the original place, we were no longer there.”

Xie Chi thought about it. After he finished talking with Ye Xiaoxiao, he went to Yi Hesong’s ward to find information. Then he encountered Yi Hesong and had a fight. Ye Xiaoxiao heard the movements and rushed over. He Xiao had time to send the message to Yi Hesong but he didn’t have the motive.

“Uncle He was waiting for me as soon as I got back,” Ye Xiaoxiao continued with a smile.

He Xiao nodded to show it was exactly as Ye Xiaoxiao said.

“I see. Then you aren’t injured?” Xie Chi’s eyes were implicitly concerned.

“It is a small injury and doesn’t matter. It was my fault for making you worry.”

He was indeed the same as before. Generous and gentle, kind and trustworthy. Xie Chi looked at him carefully and frowned invisibly when he didn’t notice anything unusual.

He Xiao looked at Ren Ze and Xie Chi. “So what are you going to do next?”

Xie Chi had a new idea. He was about to say something when he suddenly looked shocked. Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao both stared at him. From He Xiao’s perspective, Xie Chi’s face suddenly enlarged and got infinitely closer.

“What’s going on?” He Xiao instinctively leaned back.

Xie Chi saw his reaction and pointed at He Xiao’s eyes with a sincere expression. “Uncle He, did you not rest well? Your eyes are so red, a scary red.”

He Xiao’s body shook. His expression became cloudy and his hands clenched into fists.

“Where?” Ye Xiaoxiao was puzzled. “No, it isn’t red at all.”

“You’re wrong…” He Xiao suddenly realized that Xie Chi had been deceiving him and panic flashed across his face. He was about to make excuses when Xie Chi firmly grasped his wrist.

“You’re not He Xiao,” Xie Chi declared coldly.

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2 years ago

Damn, seems like being too smart isn’t too good in this arc

2 years ago
Reply to  Moon

Not really?? I mean if dead xie chi/xie xinglan were not smart then would current xie chi/xie xinglan not be dead? In fact ghost xie chi is giving xie chi an opportunity and only getting stronger in the meantime. So if you’re stupid then you die and if you’re smart then too you die but at least you get a chance to save your skin!

2 years ago

Oh no! I hope He Xiao is okay.