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APP: Chapter 131

Ren Ze blinked hard before confirming that what he saw was true. Xie Chi really took the initiative to place an arm around Yi Hesong’s shoulder. Yi Hesong was slightly taller than Xie Chi and had to bend over slightly to facilitate Xie Chi’s support.

All the actors exchanged looks and their gazes toward Xie Chi became more frightened. They weren’t stupid people. Yi Hesong used the Cocoon and must’ve been absolutely determined to kill Xie Chi. They all thought that Xie Chi was dead but unexpectedly, such a big crisis was resolved by Xie Chi. Yi Hesong’s attitude also did a 180 degree turn.

Yi Hesong was uncomfortable. His teeth were itchy with hatred and he lowered his head to whisper, “You can stop it.”

The implication was to stop acting.

“Okay.” Xie Chi also didn’t want to keep doing this. He shrugged and slowly moved his arm away. He tilted his head and stared at Xie Yang for a few seconds before smiling slightly. The corners of his lips were slightly raised but there was no smile in his eyes. He didn’t bother to pretend to hide the sneer.

Xie Yang was Yi Hesong’s little follower. Yi Hesong had his own reasons for his sudden decision and it must have something to do with Xie Yang who hated Xie Chi. Xie Chi didn’t hate the blatant villains. It was the small villains who instigated things in the back that he hated most.

Xie Yang secretly gritted his teeth while panicking badly. Not only was Xie Chi alive but he also brought a disaster that caused Yi Hesong to blame Xie Yang. How could this be?

Yi Hesong felt his reputation was greatly damaged as everyone stared at him and he shouted angrily, “It is a little misunderstanding. What are you looking at? Go!”

The actors who saw the power of Cocoon shrank back and immediately dispersed. Xie Yang also left.

Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze rushed up and asked with concern, “Are you okay?”

Xie Chi nodded. Ren Ze saw he was injured and immediately spent points to heal him. Yuan Ye also stepped up to them and said with a smile. “Xie Chi, you are a miracle.”

He wasn’t stingy in his praise.

Xie Chi stared at him for a moment before saying helplessly, “I almost died.”

Ye Xiaoxiao wondered, “In the end, what happened?”

Xie Chi glanced at Yi Hesong who was preparing to leave. “Senior Yi, don’t go.”

Yi Hesong became stiff and endured his irritation as he turned his head. “What the hell do you want to do! I warn you not to go too far!”

“If you don’t protect me, what will you do if I die?” Xie Chi blinked, his expression innocent. He seemed to be seriously considering this problem.

Ren Ze felt Yi Hesong’s anger and was afraid that Yi Hesong would fight Xie Chi again. He didn’t expect Yi Hesong to come back with a fierce expression. Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao were dumbfounded.

Xie Chi briefly explained the causes and consequences. Then he got to business and looked at Yi Hesong. “You obviously locked the ward and left. Why did you come back suddenly?”

Yi Hesong glanced suggestively behind Xie Chi. Ye Xiaoxiao understood and pulled at Ren Ze. “Let’s buy some water.”

Xie Chi called them back. “There is nothing to hide.”

Yi Hesong was a veteran after all. He quickly put aside inappropriate emotions and said, “I will make it clear in advance that I’m not doing this to help you. I just hate being used and also want to know who it is.”

Xie Chi wondered, “You don’t know who it is?”

“They sent anonymous text messages.”

Xie Chi knew it.

Yi Hesong continued, “If you can find their identity then tell me their name. I think I might have to settle accounts with them.”

Yi Hesong looked cold. After finding out that Xie Chi was most likely the father of his character, Yi Hesong hated the person who texted him even more.

Did that person know that Xie Chi was the father of his character? Was that person trying to kill Xie Chi using Yi Hesong’s hand or was Yi Hesong actually the target? If it was the latter then it was a really good method to let him kill his role’s father without knowing it, indirectly committing suicide.

Of course, it was also possible this person didn’t care about his life or death at all. They were just watching him fight with Xie Chi like they were clowns. It was because in the end, no matter who won or lost, the person watching wouldn’t lose. He just didn’t know if this person would be dissatisfied now that both he and Xie Chi were still alive.

Xie Chi reached out to him. “Give me your phone.”

Yi Hesong stared at him and didn’t move.

Xie Chi smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m just going to look at the text messages that reveal my whereabouts. I promise I won’t look at anything else.”

Yi Hesong took out his phone and handed it to Xie Chi. Xie Chi looked at it and found that the messages were sent to Yi Hesong by two people. There were two different conversation boxes. It seemed that the two messages should come from different mobile phones. The former stated that Xie Chi knew about the relationship chain while the latter informed Yi Hesong that he was now in Yi Hesong’s ward.

Xie Chi felt a chill in his heart and anger filled his black eyes. Without the clever design of the movie’s script, he might’ve been dead now or seriously injured.

Ren Ze learned what happened with a few words. His expression was ugly and he secretly removed Ye Xiaoxiao’s hand holding his sleeve. Someone had betrayed Xie Chi and it was more than one. Everyone here was possible, including Ye Xiaoxiao.

Ye Xiaoxiao hurriedly defended herself. “It wasn’t me!”

Yuan Ye kicked over the trash can. “Fu*k.”

Xie Chi sent them a calm look and just said, “I revealed this matter to remind you to be careful of the people around you. I won’t slander anyone unless there is evidence.”

Yi Hesong frowned. “You do your own thing. Don’t die.”

He wanted to explore and leave this broken movie immediately.


Xie Chi came to the mirror that he previously found strange.

The mirror was located at the lobby entrance of the first floor. It was just in front of the nurse’s reception desk. Its function should be similar to the mirror placed at the entrance of a company or a school, allowing people who came in to tidy up their appearance.

The mirror was around two meters high and less than one meter wide. The frame was red and the mirror surface was a bit dirty. It was placed sideways and just happened to be facing the two moons in the sky.

XIe Chi walked to the mirror and appeared in the mirror. The red moon in the mirror was redder while the white moon had a dying, short-lived feeling.

“Xie Chi, the betrayer…” Ren Ze was still deeply concerned about this matter.

“I believe it isn’t you. As for the others, they aren’t guaranteed.”

Ren Ze’s heart overflowed with warmth. “This mirror…”

Xie Chi moved closer and touched both sides of the mirror with his hands. There seemed to be something engraved there but it had been too long so it was faded. The only thing left were two ‘c’s on the left and right.

Ren Ze wondered, “Was there an English word? Only the first letter ‘c’ is left?”

Xie Chi looked up. “What English words do you think would be engraved on a mirror?”

Ren Ze frowned in a distressed manner. “The range is too big right? It is hard to say. Is this a clue?”

“Perhaps?” Xie Chi thought about it. “My guess is that it belongs to the type of clue where knowing is better but not knowing won’t have a big impact. After all, if I wasn’t outside by chance then I wouldn’t have found anything strange.”

Ren Ze sighed with relief before remembering his concerns. He hesitated for a few seconds before opening his mouth. “Xie Chi, don’t you think you are too lucky?”

Xie Chi tilted his head to look at Ren Ze with a bit of appreciation in his eyes. Then he replied with a light smile, “Yes.”

Ren Ze was surprised by his reaction. “You were also aware of it?”

“Yes.” Xie Chi’s tone was flat. “I’m too lucky. Yi Hesong who wants to kill me happens to be my son. I don’t believe there is such a good thing.”

He spoke frankly. “Look, I don’t have parents to protect. This is beyond my expectation. I originally thought that it meant I shouldn’t have any children to protect me. This is relatively fair to the other actors. However, I have Yi Hesong as my son. Who is Yi Hesong? On the surface, Yi Hesong can be called the strongest in this movie. Now I bet there is no one in the movie in a better situation than me. It is strange…”

Ren Ze realized even he could think about it. How could Xie Chi not be suspicious? He asked, “You think it isn’t just luck?”

“I always feel like…” Xie Chi stared up at the moon for a while as if searching for suitable words. “Like it is making it up to me.”

“Making it up?” Ren Ze was startled when he heard this.

“Maybe for some reason, this movie is more difficult for me than others. Therefore, the app needs to use this method to neutralize it…” Xie Chi’s expression suddenly tensed.

Ren Ze, who was about to speak, instantly fell silent. There were faint footsteps in the lobby where no one else was present. Ren Ze’s eyes were wide. Was it a ghost? It was so dark around here. Where was it?

Xie Chi immediately had Xie Xinglan come out and headed toward the place where the footsteps came from. There was a row of massage chairs for people to rest. The chairs were brown and black. Xie Xinglan glanced that way only to suddenly stop.

The massage chair in the middle was running. It appeared to be moving and making a terrifying noise. It was shaking wildly like it was broken. It shook and Xie Xinglan found that the darkness wasn’t just darkness, it was a shadow. The black shadow was lying on the massage chair. It turned over very slowly and exposed a pair of blood-red eyes that were particularly eerie in the night!

Ren Ze was so scared that he almost screamed. Xie Xinglan was about to rush to grab it when there was a strange movement above his head. Between the flashing lights, Xie Xinglan raised his head and saw a scalpel that was falling fast!

Xie Xinglan’s physical ability was exerted to the extreme and he rolled to avoid it. The scalpel slammed into the ground with a loud sound, jumped a few times before finally settling down. Ren Ze was frightened when he saw the blood on the scalpel and got up quickly. “Xie Chi, are you okay?”

Xie Xinglan shook off the blood on the back of his hand and looked at the massage chair. The shadow was gone! There was only one corridor in front of him. Xie Xinglan didn’t want to let go of this opportunity and glanced back at Ren Ze. “Protect yourself!”

Then he opened all his boosts and chased into the corridor at the fastest speed.

“Brother! Be careful, there is more than one!” Xie Chi spoke urgently.

One ghost threw things from upstairs and the other was in the massage chair. There were clearly two. Xie Xinglan replied that he knew and chased down the stairs. He jumped and could jump down half a floor at a time. He moved from this landing to the next one.

A dark shadow soon appeared in his vision. Xie Xinglan chased faster. Xie Chi suddenly realized something was wrong. This was clearly leading them…

It could flash away in the blink of an eye but it was leading him.

Xie Xinglan arrived when the ghost was halfway into the elevator. Xie Xinglan picked up the mop in the stairwell and threw it over. The mop sailed past and smoothly jammed the elevator door that was going to be closed. The ghost kicked away the mop while Xie Xinglan seized the opportunity to rush over and slam open the elevator door that was almost closed.

He saw the black figure standing in the elevator. The dark shadow lowered his head.

Xie Xinglan found that the dark figure was as tall as himself and was slender and thin. Xie Xinglan kicked open the elevator door with his feet, rushed forward roughly and grabbed this person’s wrist, wanting to tear off the black hood covering the head. Instead of avoiding it, the man approached and hugged Xie Xinglan’s waist.

The hood on the man’s head naturally slipped off and revealed a face that looked exactly the same as Xie Chi’s face, only with blood on the side. “Brother, I am Xiao Chi.”

This Xie Chi’s eyes were blood red and half his face was covered with blood. This made him look evil and dark, but his eyes were naive.

The reply was in Xie Chi’s cold voice. “No, you are a green tea bi*ch.”

The other Xie Chi stiffened.

Proofreader: Purichan


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