APP: Chapter 130

In a dark corner, Xie Chi leaned back and hid his figure as he watched Xie Yang and Yi Hesong pass by. Initially when he came, he was worried about how to get Yi Hesong away from the ward to see Yi Hesong’s patient. Then he saw these two people rush to leave.

Xie Chi gazed in the direction they were leaving in a thoughtful manner. What were they going to do in such a hurry? He saw no one in the corridor and said, “Brother, let’s go.”

“Okay.” Previously, Xie Xinglan had figured out where the switch was. He rushed over and touched it silently. He opened the cover, groped for a moment and turned off the electricity of this corridor.

Darkness was convenient for ghosts to move and it was naturally convenient for people as well. Xie Xinglan could see well in the darkness and easily came to the door of Yi Hesong’s ward. His eyes fell on the lock on the door.

“He locked it before he left.”

It was an old-fashioned external lock.

Xie Chi murmured, “He’s quite cautious.”

Xie Xinglan thought for a moment. “Wait for me.”

Xie Xinglan used the hospital map in his brain to find the nearest sign. He pulled down a long wire from it, made the wire straight and poked it into the lock. He twisted it a few times before propping up the bar inside. The lock gently opened.

[?? The almighty Xie Xinglan.]

[Meow meow meow???]

Xie Xinglan went inside and closed the door.

The red moon in the sky was bright while the white moon was dim. The dull red light shone through the window and struck the face of the old man on the hospital bed. It densely covered him and cast shadows, making him look very evil.

It wasn’t known when Yi Hesong would come back. Time was running out. Xie Xinglan walked over to wake up the old man only to see the file on the table first.

Xie Xinglan picked it up and flipped through it quickly. “He had schizophrenia before. He didn’t show a tendency to hurt people but his hallucinations are very serious. He can’t distinguish between reality and hallucinations. He has a very weak sense toward his illness and doesn’t feel that he is sick at all. His life was normal so he went home to recuperate after a short period of admission.”

Xie Chi asked, “When was the file dated?”

Xie Xinglan’s eyes fell on the date. “Half a month ago.”

Xie Chi was surprised. “It’s only been that long?”

He had asked a NPC nurse and found that Yi Hesong’s patient was the perpetrator of the serial car accident.

He showed no tendency to hurt people half a month ago yet such a bloody tragedy was created a short time later. Was this possible? Simple cognitive impairment and emotional instability could be effectively relieved by taking medicine and wouldn’t evolve into this.

Xie Xinglan suggested, “Perhaps he didn’t take his medicine on time?”

Xie Chi thought about it. “It is possible or he might’ve been stimulated. Of course, the diagnosis could also be wrong.”


“What if he knows a lot about mental illness? He pretended to be mild and under control in order to be discharged from hospital.”

The old man who was sleeping deeply on the bed grunted and opened his eyes in a tired manner. He had cataracts and he couldn’t see clearly. He could only see that a young doctor in a white coat was standing by his bed.

“He is awake.” Xie Chi turned his head and was about to question the old man when he saw the old man’s eyes widen as he muttered, “Fake, yes, fake, he is a hallucination.”

Xie Chi guessed that the old man was sick and couldn’t tell reality from hallucinations so he spoke as warmly as possible. “I’m not a hallucination.”

However, the effect was counterproductive. The old man’s voice became sharp and high-pitched. “No! You are a hallucination! A hallucination, a hallucination….”

Xie Xinglan’s hand covered the old man’s mouth.

The old man started to move madly. He tore the IV line from his hand and covered his ears and eyes with his dry, stiff hands. He seemed to have a splitting headache and in the blink of an eye, he started hitting the bedside table with his head.

Xie Xinglan knew he couldn’t ask anything else for fear of larger movements, so he injected a tranquilizer. The old man’s actions were too weird. Xie Chi was about to think about it when he heard footsteps outside.

“They’re back.” Xie Xinglan discerned that it was Yi Hesong’s footsteps and his expression sank.

“So fast?!”

Xie Xinglan drew the curtain to cover it and quickly went out the window.

Xie Chi’s thoughts flashed. He felt it was impossible. It had only been two or three minutes since Yi Hesong left. If he was going to leave for such a short time, why lock the ward? Just let Xie Yang stay and leave by himself…

Did someone reveal his whereabouts? Xie Chi thought of this possibility and his heart sank. Was there an inner spy who sent a message to Yi Hesong?

He was outside the window and below him were empty and dark streets with occasional trucks roaring past. They were on the second floor and it was a suitable height. Xie Xinglan selected a good landing point and was about to jump down when he looked through the far bottom window and saw a mirror.

“What’s the matter?” Xie Chi shared Xie Xinglan’s vision. He followed Xie Xinglan’s gaze and saw the inconspicuous mirror on the first floor. Looking at it from this angle, he discovered the strangeness of the mirror.

He happened to be in the middle of the two moons and the two moons reflected in the mirror were exactly half and half. The mirror surface was like calm water with the red moon and white moon sinking in it. This placement was too unique.

“There seems to be a word on the mirror. I can’t see it clearly so I’ll withdraw first.”


Xie Xinglan jumped down when a box of discarded needles appeared below him.

Countless blood-stained needles faced the sky and Xie Xinglan’s feet. Xie Xinglan reacted very quickly. He grabbed the water pipe beside him with one hand while a baby cried above his head. He looked up and saw the bloody baby holding the water pipe and falling gradually due to gravity! The white water pipe was covered in blood stains after the baby slid down.

Xie Chi’s guess was finally confirmed. He really was Ye Lan’s baby and the one in front of him was the baby who died in childbirth. In this world, he delivered his own child. In a parallel time and space, he might’ve been moved by Ye Lan and killed himself. The baby came to seek revenge.

“Dead Xie Chi, get out of here,” Xie Xinglan spoke coldly.

The crying stopped, the baby was gone and the needles under his feet disappeared. However, Yi Hesong’s face was above him, smiling coldly down at him. He was found because of a baby.

Yi Hesong jumped down. Xie Chi knew that things were inevitable. This person wanted to kill him.

[It’s over! Fu*k!]

[I’m furious at the one who texted!]

[Isn’t Xie Chi dead?]

“Who told you?” Xie Xinglan no longer backed down.

Yi Hesong’s heart was full of anger. He hadn’t expected Xie Chi to really have the courage to spy on his information. This was simply looking for death. He took back what he said before. He was wrong. He should’ve dealt with Xie Chi as soon as possible. Let this person develop and things would no longer be under control.

Yi Hesong approached him. “No one.”

Xie Xinglan laughed. “Do you think I’ll believe that?”

Yi Hesong stopped talking nonsense and directly used his talent. The two of them were instantly covered by a milky white round space and people outside couldn’t see in. Xie Chi had seen Yi Hesong’s previous movies. This talent was called Cocoon.

Yi Hesong was the master of Cocoon. The countless silkworm threads here would draw the strength of his opponent and transform it into his own physical strength. It could be called one disappearing and another being enhanced. Yi Hesong’s success depended on this great talent.

Once Cocoon came out, Xie Chi would never escape unless he defeated Yi Hesong. The cocoon cut off backup and no one outside could break the cocoon to help Xie Chi.

“I wanted to use it to deal with ghosts. You should be content that it is used against you.” Yi Hesong sneered.

This talent could only be used once per movie. It was the reason why he refused to use it for a long time. However, now the situation was different and he didn’t want to make any mistakes. He would use it even if a lot of points were needed. Just think of it as spending points to buy insurance.

Xie Xinglan didn’t talk nonsense or retreat. Yi Hesong attacked Xie Xinglan with an arrogant heart. He was also strong in melee and didn’t use weapons.

After a short exchange, Xie Xinglan frowned. Yi Hesong was very strong. His body’s toughness and strength were very high. Normal attacks couldn’t hurt him and Xie Xinglan didn’t have a handy weapon. As Xie Xinglan was feeling worried, Yi Hesong was also secretly frightened. He hadn’t expected this newcomer couldn’t be defeated by himself in a hand-to-hand fight.

Xie Xinglan touched the ring on his hand and unlocked its ability. In an instant, his strength soared and his offensive became fiercer.

Yi Hesong was startled. In terms of strength, Xie Chi was so strong that his skin tingled. Yi Hesong no longer underestimated the enemy and used the items he carried. This was an orange movie. Although he had two red items, he couldn’t bring them in. He could only bring the peak orange items.

“Your opponent isn’t me.” Yi Hesong laughed.

He raised a tarot card.

On it was a dark green-clothed skeletal death god riding a white horse with evil eyes. It came wrapped in pestilence and death was flying on a banner. The horse trampled, the king died, the bishop died and some people knelt down to pray for escape.

The Tarot card ignited and burned to ashes in an instant. At the same time, the calm breath of death spread from behind Xie Xinglan.

Xie Chi’s heart was full of alarm bells.

There was a death god holding a scythe and moving toward Xie Xinglan. He had no feet and moved very slowly, but where he walked, the weeds under him withered and their vitality was completely plundered. He was a black hole, sucking in everything around him, even color. Inside the silkworm cocoon was a black and white world.

At the same time, Yi Hesong’s face paled and his hands lost strength. He slowly slumped. Obviously, the consumption of this item on him wasn’t small. He stared at his masterpiece in front of him. The god of death plundered the soul. He would take away the souls of Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan but Yi Hesong wouldn’t be the one who killed them.

[It is Tarot Death! That movie that later rose to red! He still has this item!]

[I’ve never seen it since it isn’t easy to use.]

[Doesn’t he normally use protective items? Why suddenly bring this type of attack item??]

[It is over for Xie Chi!]

[Wasn’t it over once he was covered by Cocoon?]

Outside the silkworm cocoon, Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao arrived one step later. Ye Xiaoxiao’s face paled when she saw the cocoon and she thought in her heart that it was over.

Ren Ze angrily used any tool within his reach to smash it but it was ineffective. Ye Xiaoxiao grabbed him and told him in a lost manner, “It is useless unless you break it from the inside. Otherwise…”

Ren Ze’s eyes were red. He shook off her hand and roared, “I don’t believe it!”

Meanwhile, Xie Yang looked at everything in front of him and smiled. It had been so long. Xie Chi was probably dying inside. Yuan Ye also rushed over. He saw the huge cocoon in front of him and was surprised. “What happened?”

“Xie Chi is inside!” Ren Ze hurt his hand hitting it.

“What?!” Yuan Ye was completely angry. “Yi Hesong is a villain!”

He tried to persuade Ren Ze. “You calm down first…”

“How can I calm down?” Ren Ze pushed him away.

The breath of death suddenly overflowed from the cocoon. Everyone who was close to it felt a chill go down their spins.

In the cocoon, Xie Xinglan’s soul was frozen and he was unable to move. He was struck by the scythe and slammed into the hard cocoon wall. Behind him, countless white silk threads stretched out like octopus tentacles. These tentacles inserted into Xie Xinglan’s flesh and blood, frantically plundering the nutrients from the blood. The white silk was dyed blood red.

Xie Xinglan coughed up blood violently. He ripped away these bloody threads and stood up quickly. He still had another ring, the HN medicine with terrifying side effects and his talent. If he was certain to die then he would make sure Yi Hesong went down with him.

In the cocoon, he was rapidly losing his physical strength. Death failed to achieve a kill with a single blow and slowly moved over. Time seemed to stand still. Xie Xinglan took out the HN medicine from his backpack and was about to drink it when there was a sudden tingling from the skin on his back.

The tingling sensation spread. In less than two seconds, his entire body was hit and filled with pain. His blood seemed to be tumbling and boiling while a black energy was faintly visible under the skin. The silk threads that had pierced him in a persistent manner started to spontaneously burn when they encountered his blood. They burned to ashes in an instant and fell down.

The silk threads obviously had an IQ. They detected the change and fled. This strange scene surprised Yi Hesong. How could this be?!

As the death god attacked him again, Xie Xinglan felt that the frozen feeling was no longer so strong. He might be moving slowly but at least he could move. He was no longer incapable of fighting back.

He was struck back again. His body hurt like it was falling apart but Xie Xinglan found that the dark energy flowing through him was becoming more condensed. It seemed enraged and clamored in his blood, wanting to contend with the behemoth in front of him.

Xie Chi, who was racking his brains to find a way, was taken aback by this change. It seemed that something had been captured and awakened.

It was Demonic Field! The talent was hidden in the human body and once activated, it would act spontaneously. Xie Xinglan’s talent was the demon and the death god was in front of him.  A demon and death god were mostly hostile in movies because the death god reaped souls while the demon swallowed souls. They hindered each other and hated each other. The demon wasn’t willing to lose to the death god so it gave birth to these changes in Xie Xinglan’s body!

[There is a turnaround!]

[There is drama, drama!]

Yi Hesong soon discovered that something was wrong. Every time Xie Xinglan fell, his aura became stronger. His eyes gradually changed and were no longer like a human.

The situation was gradually getting out of control and deep fear filled Yi Hesong’s eyes. The person in front of him was too terrible and full of luck. He was only a newcomer yet he always had such capabilities. Given time, the organization probably wouldn’t be his opponent and would be destroyed in his hands!

This person had a potential that was even more terrifying than Shen Yi, who had been researched over and over again by the organization! Yi Hesong could no longer wait. He had another must-kill item. It would hurt him but he couldn’t wait any longer! He was taking out the black spindle when Xie Chi opened his mouth. “Wait a minute.”

His voice was affected by Demonic Field and was so cold that it seemed like it could freeze three feet deep.

“I’ll let you die with dignity,” Yi Hesong sneered.

Xie Chi looked up and declared coldly, “If I die then you’re dead.”

Yi Hesong laughed like he heard some big joke. “You still have the leisure to threaten me?”

Xie Chi looked at him like he was an idiot and emphasized every word, “I, am, your, father.”

[Having such a stubborn mouth at this time?? I’m laughing to death.]

[Curse to death and die with no regrets.]

“You!” Yi Hesong thought this person was insulting him and couldn’t maintain his demeanor. He wanted to kill Xie Chi but Xie Chi smiled. “I really am your father. Don’t believe me if you want.”

Xie Chi asked him, “Do you know about the relationship chain?”

The death god attacked again from behind but Xie Chi was no longer affected by him. The death god’s movements were slow and Xie Xinglan was so skilled that he easily escaped.

Yi Hesong saw this scene and felt even more fear. “What if I know?”

Xie Chi approached him. “Have you found your past or future?”

Yi Hesong was furious. “Why should I listen to your nonsense?”

Xie Chi smiled viciously. “It is because you are timid and afraid of death. Kill me if you have the ability. See if you will die!”

“You will definitely answer my question.”

His tone was firm without a trace of doubt.

Yi Hesong inwardly called him a madman. “What if I haven’t found him?”

“The old man lying on your hospital bed is your future.” Xie Chi smiled evilly. “He is also my son.”

Yi Hesong’s breath was blocked but he remained calm.

Xie Chi must be deceiving him. The old man was crazy. Yi Hesong couldn’t even get a word from him, let alone information. Xie Chi had gone in and communicated with the old man for two minutes and came to such a conclusion? He must’ve deliberately said this because he was afraid of death.

Yi Hesong drew a red thread from the black spindle.

Xie Chi saw his movements and knew that Yi Hesong didn’t believe him. He continued, “He saw me and expected me to be a hallucination, indicating that in the past, I caused unimaginable harm to him. These images of harm have been haunting him. He can’t escape them so he often talks to himself to identify which is true and which is false.”

Xie Chi himself had a mental problem and he had a bit more understanding of that nature.

“You’re lying to me.” Yi Hesong’s voice was calm.

Xie Chi laughed. “If you really think I’m lying to you, why talk nonsense with me? You can just kill me directly. In any case, you still have two items. Even if you can’t kill me, you’ll be able to maim me. The fact that you’re listening shows you think it is possible, right?”

Yi Hesong’s thoughts were pierced and his face turned white. “This alone isn’t enough to prove that you are my…”

He couldn’t say the next two words.

Yi Hesong thought Xie Chi would deny it but Xie Chi nodded and readily admitted it. “Yes, it isn’t enough to prove it. It only proves that he knows me and I did him harm in the past.”

“However, there is one thing you probably don’t know.”

Yi Hesong was silent.

“I went to your operating room that day and saw a ghost in black. The ghost in black was leaning against the door of your operating room, peeping in. He was looking at you or he was looking at the patient in the hospital bed. No matter who he was looking at, it is you.”

“You must know that so far the ghost who will go after you is the self who died in the car accident. Therefore, the identity of the ghost is obvious. He died in the car accident and wants an opportunity to seek revenge against you. This is why he appeared in front of your operating room.”

Yi Hesong frowned. “What do you mean by this? Don’t you think it is a clumsy change of subject?”

“Don’t worry.” Xie Chi’s eyes were calm. “He saw me but he didn’t call out to me. He just told me that he hates me.”

[!!! I remember!!!]

[I lost! I suspect Xie Chi is telling the truth!]

[No way?!]

Yi Hesong’s heart was shaken and his thoughts became chaotic. He was already inclined to believe it but he argued, “My surname is Yi and your surname is Xie. Even if you really have a son, it should be Xie Yang. You don’t have any real evidence.”

Xie Chi interrupted. “I have a teenage son from my marriage.”

Yi Hesong was taken aback before sighing with relief. “Are you playing with me? At this time, he has been born and is over 10 years old. Even if I am him, I won’t disappear if I kill you.”

Xie Chi sighed. “It isn’t a good habit to be impatient. My character is having an extramarital affair.”

Yi Hesong stiffened and gradually lowered the spindle in his hand.

“My role is to be a decent doctor. I was abandoned by my biological mother as a baby and abused by my adoptive parents. I grew up with a bad heart, lacked emotions, neglected to discipline my son from my marriage and engaged in an extramarital affair. This is my character setting. Then everything is logical and reasonable.”

“My son from my marriage hates me and you might also hate me. After all, the parental education method will probably continue tragically from generation to generation. I might not have abused you but my role is a scumbag. After you grew up, you became a doctor and you were mentally abnormal. However, you had a certain amount of medical knowledge and could mix in normally with the crowd. In the end, you might’ve been stimulated by a family matter or something else. You decided to retaliate against society and caused this serial car accident.”

Yi Hesong’s heart was cold. Xie Chi’s information coincided with what he had obtained about his character…

His role longed for a normal and loving family. He was kind to his wife and child and accommodating in every possible way. However, his wife wasn’t satisfied with him and humiliated him with words. His daughter was also very indifferent. She only spoke to him when she asked for money to buy this and that.

Xie Chi knew this person was shaken and asked lightly, “You are willing to kill me in advance for a small possibility. Why aren’t you willing to check if what I said is true? At the very least, I have a reason. Did the person who led you to kill me give you evidence?”

Yi Hesong looked up, eyes full of shock. Then he lowered his head to conceal his true emotions. Xie Chi learned from this change in expression that there really was an inner ghost. Someone was provoking discord from behind the scenes and prompting Yi Hesong to kill him. Xie Chi secretly clenched his fists. Compared to Yi Hesong, this person was more vicious and hateful.

Yi Hesong’s thoughts flashed. If he really was the son of Xie Chi’s extramarital affair then he might not have been born at this point in time. This information couldn’t be confirmed so it was impossible for him to act against Xie Chi. Then he might not be able to kill Xie Chi in this movie.

He could go out and apologize to the organization. With his current status, the organization would severely punish him but it wouldn’t kill him. After all, he could bring real benefits to the organization unlike the trash Cheng Zhou. Yes, it had taken a long time to raise him to his current position and it wouldn’t be worth the loss of destroying him. In addition, the plot of the movie was changing rapidly. The truth that was correct one second could be overthrown the next. He might have a chance to kill Xie Chi later.

He just had to stop for now.

At the thought that he might have to protect Xie Chi instead of killing him, Yi Hesong’s heart was full of anger and resentment. He hadn’t killed Xie Chi and he also lost his talent and Tarot Death card. The Tarot Death card was a one-time item and was discarded when used. His talent could also only be used once in a horror movie. He only had two items left…

“Okay, I won’t kill you,” he finally said.

Xie Chi smiled meaningfully. “You are still able to bend and stretch as always.”

From the moment he guessed the possible relationship between himself and Yi Hesong, he knew Yi Hesong’s final choice. This person put ‘life’ above everything else and it was easy to make use of it. Yi Hesong was strong but his weakness was too obvious and fatal. It wasn’t terrible for one to be afraid of death but it was terrible for a person to be afraid of the slightest possibility of death.

Xie Chi was also afraid of death but he dared to risk fighting because he wanted to live a better life. Yi Hesong was too afraid of death and didn’t dare. He was content with the status quo and restrained himself.

[Raised so high only to fall gently?]

[Xie Chi is so awesome wuuuu! I’m dying.]

[Brother Lan is handsome, whine.]

[Fu*k, this newcomer can make a first-tier actor deflate.]

[By the way, did you see the blue medicine he took out before?]

[Eh? Fu*k! Now thinking about it carefully, didn’t it belong to Father Shen Yi…]

[I heard my male god. What about Shen Yi?]

[Could it be HN…? After all, the blue medicine is too iconic.]

[Fu*k, what is this person?? I remember that in Horror Skewers, Shen Yi gave Xie Chi a full score. Now add that blue medicine and fu*k, can it be that Xie Chi is the second generation of a real star?]

[??? How did the above person introduce so many things???]

[Wow! This conjecture is interesting! In other words, You Jing is actually a second-generation of a pheasant star. Xie Chi has a backer who gave him a peak orange item and is the second generation of a true peak star. It is very awesome.]

[Hiding so deep? Isn’t Xie Chi too humble compared to You Jing? Who wouldn’t give him a bit of face with the name Shen Yi? He preferred not to use this and pretended to be an ordinary person.]


A hole appeared in the cocoon and the threads retreated from both sides of the hole. Outside, Xie Yang saw this scene and his eyes showed some gloating. The cocoon was opening which meant everything was over. Xie Chi was bound in the cocoon.

Little Xie Chi. Xie Yang sneered. Now that Xie Chi no longer existed, who would call him Little Xie Chi again?

Ren Ze’s eyes were red and he staggered a few times.

Xie Chi was dead? How could it be? He walked with Xie Chi all this way and they defeated countless dangers. Every time, the enemy was very strong but Xie Chi had the ability to turn defeat into victory. He thought it was the same this time but…

No! He didn’t believe it! This was already a deep-rooted belief in his subconscious! Xie Chi wouldn’t die! Ren Ze stared at the cocoon. Even if Xie Chi was dead, he had to see the body.

Xie Yang could feel Ren Ze and Ye Xiaoxiao’s hostile eyes and his smile became brighter. This lasted until Xie Chi and Yi Hesong came out while chatting with each other.

Xie Yang’s smile froze. Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze were frozen in place.

Xie Yang could feel the hatred and resentment in Yi Hesong’s eyes.

Proofreader: Purichan

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