APP: Chapter 13

Yan Jing was waiting for Xie Chi. Xie Chi was soaked all over, his shirt wet and clinging to his body. His good figure was obvious with one glance.

“Brother Xie! Here!” In the dark night, Yan Jing waved his phone frantically beside a taxi.

Xie Chi ran over and got in the taxi. He took the paper towels handed over by Yan Jing and casually wiped himself. The crystal water rolled down his lips, making him look a bit s*xy. The driver couldn’t help glancing in the rearview mirror.

“How is it?” Yan Jing might’ve asked this question but his eyes were full of hidden joy. He just received the app prompt and Xie Chi had definitely made a major discovery.

Xie Chi asked the driver to head to the company and avoided answering Yan Jing’s question. He asked directly, “I have the side plotline. Are you interested? If so, I’ll share it with you.”

Yan Jing was astonished. The side plotline was such a precious thing yet Xie Chi was casually sharing it with him?

“No, no, I’m not interested.” Yan Jing shook his head again and again. “I understand the rules. The difficulty of the main plotline of a horror movie is based on the quality but the side plotline isn’t necessarily the same. Any difficulty is possible. Although there is a high probability of profit bursting, I have to live. In addition, this is what you found. Why should I take a piece of it?”

Xie Chi thought for a moment and spoke in a deep voice. “Then we’ll go back. I’ll go down the elevator shaft to look for the body of the female ghost, ending the main plotline and sending you away from the horror movie.”

“Master, turn around.” Xie Chi changed his mind and told the driver to head down the street. He wanted to buy some tools to get to the bottom of the elevator shaft.

Yan Jing froze for a long time before lowering his voice, “Brother Xie, sending me away… are you going to stay alone to do the side plotline? No, this is too dangerous! You have no life-saving means!”

He was worried and hoped to persuade Xie Chi. “Brother Xie, you are so powerful that you shouldn’t lose more than you gain. This is the first movie and you will have many opportunities in the future. Shouldn’t you be cautious? Who knows what will happen with the branch plotline. We have no experience at all. Once the main plotline is over, go back with me. You will definitely be first-class in the future and it is no worse than the points from the branch plotline…”

Xie Chi smiled softly. “I can’t wait, I can’t wait for even a minute longer.”

He wanted to run to his desire every minute. He would never forgive himself for choosing a stable and moderate way to survive him. He was destined to chase danger in order to gain his brother.

Yan Jing knew this person couldn’t be persuaded and rubbed his head anxiously. “Fu*k, then do the branch plotline. Brother Xie, it is fortunate that you are straight or I would’ve become as bent as a mosquito repellent incense…”

Xie Chi paused while wiping his hair and coughed twice before looking casually out the window.

Yan Jing was full of imagination at this reaction and laughed. “I won’t dislike you if you’re ugly. After all, I’m blind and I don’t look at faces. I only talk about the three views.”

The driver couldn’t help looking at the handsome man in the rearview mirror and inwardly sighed. This was a real version of ‘I don’t know the beauty of my wife.’

[Hahaha, I really don’t look at the face. It just happens that my boyfriend is handsome.]

[The little brother isn’t handsome at all but he happens to meet my taste. I will be his fan.]


At 9:50, they finished buying the tools and rushed back to the company building.

Before going in, they could hear Jiang Rui’s intermittent sobbing and Zheng Ming’s irritable scolding, “Why are you crying when people are dead!”

“Dead?” Yan Jing exclaimed.

Xie Chi walked in quickly. The moment Zheng Ming saw Xie Chi, he stopped cursing and his expression was bitter.

Xie Chi frowned. “What’s going on?”

Zheng Ming pointed to Jiang Rui crying on the sofa and shrugged, “Just over an hour ago, Zhang Bin went out to dinner with her. There was a sudden rainstorm as they came back. Then as they passed a dark alleyway, a masked man with a knife came out to try and rape her. She ran and Zhang Bin was too slow and was stabbed to death.”

Jiang Rui was in a trance and her entire body was trembling. As Zheng Ming recounted what happened, she covered her ears like she was escaping and her tears fell.

Yan Jing felt cold all over. “What is this fu*king probability? Not only do you have to hide from a ghost, you have to hide from people or you will be killed…”

[This shot is a bit strange.]

[It has nothing to do with the main plotline. Perhaps it is the length of time?]

[Maybe there are too few people dying so it wants to reap a wave at the end?]

Xie Chi faintly glimpsed something.

“What’s wrong with your face?” Xie Chi glanced at the two or three band-aids on Zheng Ming’s face.

Zheng Ming cursed. “I’m so fu*king unlucky! As I came back, I slipped and fell. My face happened to fall on a stone!”

Yan Jing immediately agreed. “I’m also unlucky! I went to the toilet yesterday. I don’t know what was wrong but after I flushed, the water sprayed my ass! In addition, this morning’s steamed dumpling had a stone in it! I bit it and almost lost my teeth!”

Xie Chi, “……”


Xie Chi’s eyes suddenly widened and his lips slightly curved. He knew what was wrong.

He suddenly became ill, Jiang Rui and Zhang Bin encountered a criminal, Zheng Min had his hand cut off and fell. Without exception, all of them had bad luck…

The female boss recruiting them as temporary workers wasn’t just to calm the anger of the female ghost.

Xie Chi sneered. “It turns out that from the moment we were bitten, we were all the petri dishes of the Gu.”

“What do you mean?” Zheng Ming was panicked.

Xie Chi spoke lightly. “Do you still remember how we signed the contract on the first day we entered the horror movie? What did the female boss say to the Gu?”

Jiang Rui had stopped crying and all three of them shook their heads blankly.

“The female boss told it to be obedient and eat.” Xie Chi spoke calmly. “I thought the food of the Gu was our blood but that’s not actually the case.”

“Then… what is it?” Zheng Ming’s lips were trembling.

“It is luck.” Xie Chi’s tone had no fluctuations and his expression was cold.

“The Gu feeds on people’s luck so it can bring the opposite fortune to its owner.” There was a sarcastic smile on Xie Chi’s face. “Something that is harmful to others and benefits itself.”

The three people started sweating and found it hard to believe what they heard.

Xie Chi continued, “We had our luck sucked out by the Gu and all those encounters followed.”

“All the encounters?” Yan Jing grasped the key word.

Xie Chi’s clear and peaceful eyes became deep and cold. “Do you really think that due to the Ghost Festival, the ghost’s restrictions loosened and it increased in strength, allowing it to kill us?”

He spoke lightly but his tone reverberated in all their hearts and lingered. A shadow gradually hung over their hearts.

Zheng Ming was on the verge of collapse. “B-Brother Xie, you… what do you mean?”

Yan Jing understood it first and his face was as white as paper. “Our luck is low so we encountered the ghost! We met the ghost because our luck was sucked away by the Gu!”

“No wonder why the ghost only attacked us and no one else working at the company. The Ghost Festival isn’t the problem! It is luck! The ghost simply can’t kill normal people. She can only kill us who are super unlucky due to the Gu!”

“Normal people with ordinary luck won’t encounter the ghost in the elevator. Only we will meet it!”

Zheng Ming fell to the ground while Jiang Rui was no longer crying and sat on the sofa in a dumb manner.

It was an old saying that those with bad luck will encounter ghosts. They had known it early one but if it wasn’t for Xie Chi, they would’ve never associated the ghost with the Gu.

Xie Chi smiled. “The fundamental purpose of the female boss hiring temporary workers isn’t to calm down the female ghost’s anger. She is in love with the temporary workers’ luck.”

“The temporary workers who die every year are the source of the female ghost’s luck. The Gu is equivalent to a converter, sucking the luck of the temporary workers and transforming it into luck for the female boss.”

“The female ghost is just the most suitable killer and cover for the female boss.”

“This is why the female boss never moved away despite knowing there is a ghost in the building. She needs the ghost to kill for her.”

“She stepped on the bodies of countless temporary workers to get everything she owns today.”

Yan Jing collapsed. “For every death, the female boss’ luck will be enhanced slightly…”

[Fu*k, it’s suddenly overturned.]

[The plot is so complete! It’s been a long time since I saw a movie that can be explored to this extent by the actors! I don’t know if it is enough to upgrade the quality but it is perfect!]

[Is this a plot bug that was repaired by the little brother? After all, didn’t the app say that the little brother finding the female corpse and bringing it up would complete the main plot line to 100%?]

Xie Chi’s mobile phone had a new prompt.

(The plot progress has been updated. You are the first to explore the unspoken plot outside the main plotline to make the movie more complete. After the shoot, you will receive an additional 20 points.]

Xie Chi put his phone back in his pocket and used a tool to tinker with the elevator.

Due to the continued low fever and the rain, Xie Chi coughed twice and the hand holding the tool was a bit weak.

For the first time, Xie Xinglan took the initiative to come out and his tone couldn’t be refused. “Xiao Chi, you go to sleep.”

Xie Chi crouched by the elevator and smiled, eyes slightly bright. “Brother, I am sick for the first time.”

Xie Xinglan spoke warmly, “I know, it must be very uncomfortable.”

Xie Chi shook his head, his voice low. “No, it feels particularly good.”

Xie Xinglan was slightly surprised.

Xie Chi told him, “As a child, I always thought that if I got sick, I would be abandoned by them. Now I have a brother who loves me and I have the right to get sick.”

“I’ll leave it to you.” Xie Chi said with a laugh.

Xie Xinglan really wanted to hug his Xiao Chi.


Xie Xinglan was busy working for a while with little success. Thus, he dropped the tools.

He clearly underestimated the harness of the bottom of the elevator.

Xie Xinglan leaned on the door outside the elevator, smoking for half a minute before he got an idea.

He walked slowly to the centre of the building and shouted loudly, “Baby ghost, are you there? Let me borrow your black blood!”

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2 years ago

I love how the ML just treats the baby ghost as a lackey or something 😂😂

2 years ago

Do the dead actors live to play another horror game? Wondering if we’ll see the dead players again.

2 years ago

I already love their relationship omgggg so cute

1 year ago

a human/luck path gu worm. suck’s other’s luck and refines it to add to owner’s luck. human luck refinig gu. I should give Fang Yuan the recipe (if ykyk)

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Reply to  manny

Damn, I definitely didn’t expect to see a Reverend Insanity reference here

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officially one of my fave couples

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Not him casually calling out to the baby ghost he just slammed into the cabinet just the day before 😭