APP: Chapter 128

Xie Chi felt the moonlight on him had become redder. He turned and looked up, staring at the red moon for a few seconds with a slight frown. He always felt that the changes in the red and white moons, including the red and white clouds in the sky, suggested something that made him fairly disturbed.

He no longer stayed still and walked quickly to the ward. If he ran then he would appear too deliberate. If he was noticed by the actors then he might be followed. Therefore, although he was in a hurry at the moment, he could only pretend to be calm.

Ren Ze asked as he followed, “Xie Chi, your role has a son. Do you think there is an actor who is your future son?”

“It isn’t important.”

Ren Ze was stunned before immediately realizing. “Yes, you don’t need to protect your son. His death won’t affect you.”

Ren Ze found out that this was one of the basic rules of the movie. Children had to protect their parents because if a parent died, their children would disappear. However, parents didn’t need to protect the children.

“Don’t you want to reveal the news and find your son? Multiple people might rush to protect you…”

Ren Ze expressed his thoughts.

“No, it is troublesome and there is no time.” Xie Chi paused. “I’m also afraid Xie Yang is my son.”


[Pfft, fu*k. The conclusion is painful but it is very likely!]

Ren Ze was taken aback. “Yes… he is also surnamed Xie. If an actor really is your son then Xie Yang is the most likely one.”

Xie Chi felt that looking for his son was inefficient. He could expose too much information and there might not even be his son among the actors. The key information might be revealed in the end but he hadn’t found his son yet. It was boring to pin his hopes on others and Xie Chi hated it. Besides, there were so many actors. Two of them were dead and there were 10 left. The probability that his son’s standard would be very poor wasn’t small. He might even be a cannon fodder.

Xie Chi had more important things to do now.

Fortunately, in order to reduce the difficulty, the app set at the beginning that the actors couldn’t do anything to the NPCs. Otherwise things would become more complicated.

Xie Chi and Ren Ze rushed back to Ye Lan’s room and found Ye Xiaoxiao.

“You’re back?” Ye Xiaoxiao was pleasantly surprised. Then she randomly reacted to Ye Lan sleeping soundly on the hospital bed and immediately lowered her voice.

Xie Chi nodded. Ye Xiaoxiao probably had nothing to do in the middle so she came to chat with Ye Lan to understand her character setting. He pressed the switch on the wall and found there was no response.

The room was dark. Ren Ze looked around. “Where is Uncle He?”

Ye Xiaoxiao said, “He went to buy water.”

Xie Chi found that she was standing in front of a long mirror. “What are you looking at?”

Ye Xiaoxiao was a bit embarrassed. “I thought that since you weren’t here, I would take a look at my stretch marks. I actually didn’t see the specific situation too clearly before. After all, I have been with Uncle He and was a bit embarrassed…”

Xie Chi nodded to express his understanding. Men and women were different. Ye Xiaoxiao was still young and it was normal.

“Is it done?”

Ye Xiaoxiao lowered her head and hesitated awkwardly. “Yes, I found…”

Xie Chi’s gaze fell behind Ye Xiaoxiao.

In the shadows there, the black mirror reflected Ye Xiaoxiao’s figure. He didn’t know when but her belly was… highly raised. Ye Xiaoxiao in the mirror and outside the mirror looked up at the same time, but the Ye Xiaoxiao in the mirror showed a pale and distorted face!

There was a bang. Ye Xiaoxiao and Ren Ze were dumbfounded when Xie Chi or Xie Xinglan raised a chair and smashed the mirror. The pale ghost hand that was reaching out her short fingers retracted and the broken glass was full of a female ghost’s angry face.

Xie Chi looked at her in a condescending manner. “You are Ye Lan, Ye Xiaoxiao’s past. You died from dystocia or a car accident, whatever you want, okay. You can go away.”

The female ghost in the glass completely shattered and her screams filled the room for a long time.

Ye Xiaoxiao realized what happened. She was about to thank Xie Chi when he interrupted. “Time is tight. I will leave Ren Ze to explain it to you later. I want to ask. Do you have any tokens that can prove I am your son?”

“Huh?” Ye Xiaoxiao was stupefied when she heard this but she was a third-tier actor after all. She had good overall strength and quickly guessed what was going on. She tried to recall the details while frightened.

Xie Chi waited for half a minute when Ye Xiaoxiao’s eyes suddenly brightened. “Maybe there is!”

She hurried to the bed, searched a bag and came over with her wallet. “This bag belonged to the character, not me. I looked through it and found this but I didn’t care too much at the time.”

Ye Xiaoxiao quickly unzipped the wallet, took out a phone from the innermost concealed compartment and handed it to Xie Chi. Xie Chi took it. Ren Ze also came over and saw that the photo showed a family of three. There was an unknown man and woman holding a four or five year old boy. The boy was beautiful. The viewing angle of the photo showed it should be a sneak shot and some places were blurry.

Ye Xiaoxiao told them, “I scanned it with my eyes before and didn’t think much about it. It is because I haven’t seen the three people in the photo and didn’t understand why my role would have such a photo in her wallet in a hidden location.”

Xie Chi felt it was clear. The unknown man and woman were his adoptive parents and he was the little boy in the photo. Everything was revealed and his guess was confirmed.

Xie Chi looked up and simply answered, “Ye Lan gave birth to me and gave me away. I was adopted and the photo shows my adoptive parents. Later, Ye Lan must’ve gone to peek at me. Maternal love overflowed and she took this photo. She was afraid thinking about it would be uncomfortable so she stuffed it into a corner of her wallet.”

Ye Xiaoxiao was stunned before nodding hard. She was Xie Chi’s girlfriend fan. Later, she learned that he had a boyfriend and turned into a mother fan without any problems. Now she was actually Xie Chi’s mother.

Xie Chi didn’t know what Yi Hesong was thinking. He wanted to find Yi Hesong’s parent so he looked at Ren Ze. “I’m leaving. You stay and talk to her.”


Xie Chi was halfway to the door when he remembered something. He suddenly turned to look at Ye Xiaoxiao. “You were about to say something?”

Ye Xiaoxiao’s senses returned. “It is like this. I checked my body carefully. I should’ve had a child through a normal birth and a child by a Caesarean section.”

Xie Chi paused.

Ye Xiaoxiao continued. “I just received a call from my husband and exchanged a few words with him. My role should’ve grown up after giving birth to a child while underage. She worked hard, was reborn, changed her fate and married a husband who loves her very much.”

“You didn’t ask about the child you had through a Caesarean section?”

“No. I hadn’t checked my body at the time and didn’t know I had another child. I couldn’t call back so I couldn’t ask. Still, it shouldn’t be important right? You are busy so you can go first.”

Ye Xiaoxiao felt that Xie Chi’s attitude made it seem that this trivial clue was very important. It was a bit of a contradiction. Xie Chi knew that she was missing a lot of information and her thoughts were temporarily inconsistent with his. He thought about it and asked, “Do you know your husband’s last name?”

Ye Xiaoxiao immediately replied, “The caller ID was Ren Yuan.”

Xie Chi’s expression became a bit strange and he patted Ren Ze’s shoulder. “Recognize your mother.”

Ren Ze quickly twisted his neck to look between Xie Chi and Ye Xiaoxiao, his face full of disbelief. Ye Xiaoxiao also realized something and she had a slightly weird expression. She looked at Ren Ze before pointing at him, unsure. “…You are also my son?”

Xie Chi told her, “He will be your daughter later.”

Ye Xiaoxiao, “?”

Ren Ze stared at Xie Chi angrily. “…You shut up.”

[??? Hahahahaha a son and daughter are really good cough cough cough.]

[Ye Xiaoxiao is so miserable. She has never been in a relationship only to suddenly become the mother of two children.]

[I volunteer. If there is a son like Son Chi then I want to do it!]

One worry was released in Xie Chi’s heart. Ye Xiaoxiao was Ren Ze’s mother and Ren Ze was born before Ye Xiaoxiao witnessed the car accident. In other words, Ren Ze was also a free man. He didn’t need to protect Ye Xiaoxiao. Ye Xiaoxiao’s death wouldn’t have an impact on Ren Ze.

Xie Chi understood a bit now. Perhaps for actors with relatively low titles, the app would give them a certain degree of tolerance in consideration of their strength and reduce the importance of their roles. Correspondingly, actors with higher titles would have difficult roles and the difficulty of the dungeon would increase slightly. Still, this wasn’t a bad thing. For capable actors, this was an opportunity that the app gave them to gain the audience’s love and harvest some plot exploration to earn points.

Xie Chi left Ren Ze to find clues about Yi Hesong’s parent. He hadn’t seen Yi Hesong’s patient yet. Yi Hesong was too cautious and covered the information too tightly. He had to find a way to know.


Meanwhile, Yi Hesong’s phone rang in his ward. This time, it wasn’t a ringtone but a text message. Yi Hesong glanced at the phone screen. It was an anonymous text message.

Since the actor had a role in the movie, the mobile phone bound to the app didn’t only serve as a medium for the app to publish messages. It also had the most basic phone functions. The actor could get movie-related information through conversations with NPCs.

Yi Hesong thought it was the same as the previous phone call and an NPC had sent him a message. Then his expression sank the moment he opened it and saw the first message.

[Xie Chi has mastered the way to kill you.]

Yi Hesong had always been a cautious person and would rather believe in something credible. He gripped his phone tightly and kept reading.

[There is a relationship chain between actors. Xie Chi can kill you by killing your role’s parents.]

Relationship chain? This was a clue that Yi Hesong didn’t have at all. Who was it that sent him the information? It couldn’t be a person outside the horror movie or an NPC. Then it could only be an actor or a cunning ghost in this movie.

Yi Hesong cherished his life and was full of the fear of death. As long as he was alive then he could do anything. If he was dead then there was really nothing left.

Yi Hesong’s heart beat wildly and he forced himself to maintain his composure as he started typing. His fingers were stiff and he made several mistakes before sending the message. [Why should I believe you? What if you have a purpose for lying to me?]

There was no movement on the other side and Yi Hesong’s anxiety accumulated little by little in the silence. His anger had finally reached a critical point when the phone rang again.

[You are free to do what you like. It isn’t me who will die.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Whoa, did someone betray Xie Chi? Only Ye XiaoXiao and Ren Ze know right now. Or maybe that guy who reads lips. Loving all this intrigue XD

2 years ago

wha???? did someone eavesdrop or betray Xie Chi!!!! i hope someone random just eavesdropped

1 year ago

someone be eavesdropping everywhere. the guy reading lips, i am lookin at u

Olivia Iriciuc
Olivia Iriciuc
1 year ago

Can someone who is watching the movie be able to text the actors? That feels like cheating.

1 year ago

Oiiiiii, lip dude how daaaare yooooou. Was his wish to just be the ultimate troll x.x anyway back to the mother fan stuff lol this author has given Xie Chi more parents than he knows what to do with, and both Su Qing and Xiaoxiao got virgin Mary’d XD I wonder how much fanfiction they’ve written on the side they’ve got that expertise lol

1 year ago

I am sure its Yuan Ye he offered his goodwill way too easily and way too early actors like Lu Wen and Ren Ze aren’t plenty

8 months ago

why do I feel like this is Xie Chi himself…?

5 months ago

The author already made it clear there could be other actors who are part of that pet organisation among those who are taking part in the movie so I’m not surprised someone overheard XC and sent Yi the info. I’m just curious if it’s Yuan Ye or that He Xiao. There’s also only a part of the actors that have been introduced out of the 12 (now 10) taking part in the movie. 🤔

4 months ago

a mother fan has got her wish fulfilled. it even came w an additional son/daughter HAHAHA.