APP: Chapter 127

“You mean, Schrodinger’s cat?”

Outside the ward, Yi Hesong heard this word from Xie Yang and suddenly smiled. He looked at Xie Yang in an approving manner. “I didn’t expect you to overturn the previous guesses so quickly.”

Yi Hesong was really surprised by Xie Yang. It must be known that preconceived conjectures were the most difficult to be completely denied by oneself. He had suffered a lot from this but didn’t expect Xie Yang to have a higher level of explanation in less than 10 minutes. In addition, this explanation was most likely correct.

Yi Hesong started to suspect that the organization had underestimated Xie Yang. In fact, Xie Yang’s genes might not be top-notch but the acquired development of a pet couldn’t be ignored. Xie Yang could completely rely on his own efforts to become a top pet.

Xie Yang was overjoyed. He ignored his slightly guilty conscience and smiled. “It is my honor to be able to help you.”

Yi Hesong saw that this person wanted to be close and secretly acknowledged his strength, so Yi Hesong followed the flow and spoke smoothly. “You can follow me. If we cooperate then it will be easier to pass the instance.”

The two sides hit it off.

[Why is it like this? This is obviously Xie Chi’s answer!]

[Isn’t it normal to tell others? Xie Chi said it. Can he stop others from listening to it? You said it yourself, don’t blame others for spreading it. Don’t say anything if you don’t have the ability.]

[Furthermore, can’t Xie Yang figure it out himself when he saw what happened? Funny, does an opinion belong to one person? Apps don’t show what an actor is thinking.]

[Do the above people have brain damage?]

[In addition, Yi Hesong didn’t ask Xie Yang if he thought of it. Xie Yang didn’t lie! He just spoke the conclusion.]

Yi Hesong opened his mouth. “If this is the case, things will be a lot easier. If I encounter my past or future then I just need to call out his name and identify him. Therefore, I have to quickly find my past or future.”

Xie Yang nodded. “It must be easy for you to see the patients of the other actors.”

Xie Yang might be flattering this person but he was really telling the truth. Yi Hesong had his identity and strength. The other actors were counting on him to help them. If Yi Hesong asked then they would never stop him.

If he followed Yi Hesong then obtaining information would obviously be one degree easier. It was a reasonable consideration for him to take refuge with Yi Hesong.

Yi Hesong smiled deeply. “Let’s go. We can also find Zhang Xing’s past or future on the way.”

Just as Xie Yang was about to follow, Yi Hesong paused and frowned. He felt a bit strange.

He had shot many movies including the peak orange movies. If it was so easy to deal with the ghost then it often meant the plot had another mystery. Otherwise, the difficulty wasn’t worthy of the quality.

Of course, there were also cases where the app’s first appraisal rating was too high. Although Yi Hesong wasn’t too diligent in filming and hadn’t stayed in the app for a long time, he had shot almost 20 movies. He had experienced the reduction in the quality of a movie after the shooting.

Before filming, the app’s appraisal of the quality of horror movies was rough and subjective. It was because the measures were cold values and old experiences. For horror movies that hadn’t been shot before, the quality error might be large or small. He couldn’t rule out this situation happening in this movie.

Yi Hesong suppressed the doubts in his heart. In any case, he would pay more attention.

Xie Yang wondered, “What’s the matter?”

Yi Hesong shook his head. He was about to leave when he saw Yuan Ye leaning on a railing in the opposite corner, doing nothing but smoking.

Xie Yang followed Yi Hesong’s gaze. Yuan Ye noticed the eyes of the two people and smiled back. His personality was lazy and even his smile was very slow. Yi Hesong frowned and asked Xie Yang in a deep voice, “Do you think Yuan Ye heard our conversation?”

“It shouldn’t be.”

The distance between them and Yuan Ye was a full 40 to 50 meters. They spoke so low in the previous conversation. How could Yuan Ye hear it?

Yi Hesong’s frown relaxed. “Yes.”

Yuan Ye’s gaze lingered on Xie Yang for a few seconds and smiled playfully. He waved to Yi Hesong before dropping the cigarette butt that was almost finished. Then he turned back to the ward.

Yi Hesong had always been a bit annoyed with Yuan Ye’s uninhibited and casual attitude. The hypocritical smile on his face faded. “Let’s go.”


[I guess Yuan Ye heard it.]

[Huh?? From so far away?!]

[Did you forget that Yuan Ye admitted he can read lips?]

[Oh fu*k, yes.]

[Ahh, Yuan Ye is so handsome! His A is bursting!]


The two of them had just left when Yi Hesong’s phone rang. This time, it wasn’t an app notification but a ringtone that Yi Hesong had never heard before.

Yi Hesong and Xie Yang glanced at each other before Yi Hesong pulled out his phone. It was a phone call and the caller ID was ‘Dear Wife’.

Yi Hesong received Xie Yang’s inquiring gaze and his eyes narrowed slightly. “It should be the wife of this role who called.”


At the same time, Xie Chi’s phone also rang. He was taken aback, pulled out his phone and glanced at it. The caller ID was ‘Faded Old Wife’.

[??? Why is the gap between wives so big?]

[Hahahaha, the role of Son Chi is a scumbag?]

Ren Ze stopped and was happy when he saw the character ID. “Your character doesn’t seem to have a good brain. If his wife saw this then it is the prelude to divorce.”

Xie Chi glanced at him and answered the call. “Hey.”

There was a high and sharp female voice on the other end of the phone. “Husband, I sent these two old things to the nursing home.”

Ren Ze’s eyes teased him. Xie Chi glared at him and vaguely responded. “Yes, I see.”

The woman started to complain bitterly. “Do you know? Your parents are still uncultured people. They refused to go and swore at me on the street, saying we aren’t filial. Tell me, you are so busy working night shifts every day and I have to take care of the child. How can we take care of them? The nursing home we picked for them isn’t bad and people are waiting to take care of them. I don’t know why they are dissatisfied. It is really hard to care for them! They humiliated me during the day.”

Xie Chi felt that he didn’t hear anything useful and it was better to ask himself. Therefore, he interrupted. “Calm down.”

The woman paused, obviously happy. “Why are you so gentle today?”

“Aren’t I usually gentle?”

“You usually are impatient after hearing two or three sentences and hang up. Have you forgotten?”

Xie Chi smiled and fumbled over this. He seemed to hesitate before saying, “Say, is it good for me to send them to the nursing home? It will be ugly if I am found out by my colleagues. After all, they gave birth to me and raised me…”

The woman was astonished. “Have you become confused on the night shift? You were adopted by those two old things and you aren’t afraid of anything.”

Xie Chi was surprised. It turned out they were his adopted parents, not biological.

The woman on the phone continued. “Furthermore, they used to beat you, scold you and abuse you. After we got married, they disliked me. They looked down on me and embarrassed me every day. They deserve it. If you have spare time then don’t think about those old things. Why don’t you care about your son? That beast is still playing games! Look at what time it is now? I can’t be bothered to care about him. When I talk to him, he just slams the door in my face. I don’t know who he takes after. He fought with others a few days ago and was severely punished by the school…”

The woman chattered on.

Obviously, Xie’s role should be very negligent in caring for the child. He had a traditional family with a lack of paternal love. The father earned money while the mother cared for the child, but the child was obviously not obedient.

Xie Chi thought about it and spoke seriously. “Have him answer the phone.”

The woman yelled. “Chen Chen, your dad is on the phone!”

“I know! So annoying!” The one who answered was a child in puberty. His voice was extremely impatient.

The woman exclaimed, “How are you talking to your dad?!”

“Who wants you to care about it?”

There was a bang. It seemed Xie Chi’s son had taken the phone and slammed the door, locking it. It seemed that the family relations were very bad. Understanding family relations helped to understand people in all aspects. Xie Chi tried to strictly say, “It’s so late. Listen to your mother and take a break. Stop playing games and go to school tomorrow.”

“Why do you care about me?” The voice on the other side of the phone was obviously suppressed but it was difficult to hide the rage. “Just take care of yourself!”

Ren Ze secretly felt curious. This wasn’t like a father-son relationship at all.

“Xie Chen.” Xie Chi’s voice became cold.

Xie Chen sneered. “Don’t give me a father’s dignity. Are you worthy? Don’t think I don’t know that you and that aunt…”

Xie Chi realized the meaning of these words. His expression froze and he interrupted. “I don’t understand.”

“Hey, don’t pretend. I saw it when I was walking home from school that day.”

Xie Chi glanced at Ren Ze and pretended to be nervous. “Did you tell your mother?”

“I’m afraid that Mother will be sad. I advise you to do it yourself…”

Xie Chen directly hung up the phone and there was a busy tone from the phone. Xie Chi tried to call back but couldn’t get through. It seemed Xie Chen had turned off the phone. So the story ended here. He could no longer get information from the call.

Ren Ze said, “Your family relationships are very complicated.”

Ren Ze now felt that Xie Chi’s role wasn’t much better than himself.

Xie Chi put the phone back in his pocket and stated, “Go.”

“Where to go?”

Xie Chi didn’t answer the question and smiled. “I am Ye Lan’s child.”

Ren Ze was dumbfounded. It was only after dozens of seconds that he let out an extremely long ’ehhhhh’ sound. “You haven’t made a mistake???”

Xie Chi’s thinking jumped too much and Ren Ze couldn’t keep up at all. He didn’t understand. How did Xie Chi conclude that he was Ye Lan’s child from this ordinary phone call?

[??? I’m scared.]

[Meow meow meow? Whose child?]

Xie Chi ordered, “Don’t look for Zhang Xing’s past or future. Go to Ye Lan’s ward.”

“No, are you certain?”

The two of them walked back and Xie Chi explained, “Do you remember what I said before Ye Lan was about to give birth?”

“Which sentence?” Ren Ze tried to recall it.

Xie Chi cleared his throat. “You can give birth and then give him away or take him to an orphanage. I’ll help you contact them.”

Ren Ze was stunned for a few seconds and his expression became slightly stiff. “Are you the child who was sent away for adoption…?”

Xie Chi glanced at him. “Bingo.”

Ren Ze was stunned again. “The butterfly effect? Due to your words, this was what Ye Lan did next? It changed your life? Or determined your life?”

Xie Chi smiled at him. “You aren’t that stupid.”

“……” Ren Ze glared at him before speaking quickly. “So due to your suggestion, Ye Lan gave the child away after giving birth. You were adopted by your current parents, got married and had a son called Xie Chen.”

“The timeline is like this.”

“It is reasonable. The question is why are you so sure that you are Ye Lan’s child? There are obviously so many wounded that we haven’t seen…”

“It is due to the disappearance of Zhang Xing.” Xie Chi interrupted lightly.

“What do you mean?” Ren Ze who had just sorted out his thoughts was confused again.

Xie Chi didn’t explain this and instead said, “I asked the other doctors previously and got the total number of wounded.”

“11 people?”

Xie Chi nodded and spoke calmly. “In fact, I have been thinking that if the actors correspond to the wounded, there should be 12 wounded. However, there is one less.”

“This phone call made me understand that the child in Ye Lan’s belly, or the baby who was just born, is also considered a wounded person. This is enough to meet the 1:1 ratio. So there must be someone whose past self is that baby.”

“I am the one who matches the conditions best. I think this information match is enough to prove I am Ye Lan’s son.”

“In fact, there is one more point. It is the disappearance of Zhang Xing. He disappeared silently, not killed by a ghost. This is very important.”

“There is no longer any need to look for Zhang Xing’s past or future because I know why Zhang Xing disappeared. It just proves that I am Ye Lan’s son.”

“Why?” Ren Ze was in a daze.

Xie Chi smiled. “Who is Ye Lan’s future?”

“…Ye Xiaoxiao?”

“I was born from Ye Lan so Ye Xiaoxiao being dead or alive doesn’t affect me. It is because she is Ye Lan’s future and I came from Ye Lan—in other words, Ye Xiaoxiao’s past. It is the time before Ye Xiaoxiao and this is my advantage. It is as if your mother died after giving birth to you. It won’t affect your life or death because you have been born. Then…”

Xie Chi gave a mysterious smile. “What if the one who died is the mother who hasn’t given birth to you yet?”

Ren Ze’s heart was cold. “W-What do you mean?”

“I’ll give you a reason. Lu Yin was killed by a ghost and Zhang Xing disappeared. These are two things, right?”

Ren Ze nodded.

Xie Chi continued. “I always thought that these two things weren’t related. However, once I connect them, everything will be easily resolved. Lu Yin’s future is Zhang Xing’s mother.”

Ren Ze felt suffocated and stared.

“Lu Yin is still young. In the future, she might marry or have children. Her son will be Zhang Xing when he grows up. This is the timeline of Lu Yin and Zhang Xing, so Zhang Xing must protect Lu Yin. It is because if Lu Yin dies, he will no longer have the right to be born. This is the connection between the two roles of Zhang Xing and Lu Yin in this movie.”

[Oh my god!!!]

[Fu*k!! This movie is too sinister!]

[Wuuuuuu God Chi is too awesome, whimper.]

[Fu*k, what is this weird logic? I’m shocked.]

[This actor is so good. I’m following him.]

Xie Chi added, “I am Ye Lan’s son and Zhang Xing is Lu Yin’s son. These two answers mutually corroborate each other. Me being Ye Lan’s son explains why Zhang Xing disappeared. Zhang Xing disappearing proves that I am Ye Lan’s son.”

“Following this, I bet that all actors participating in this movie have a line of relationship, both explicit and implicit. None of us are isolated and there is a connection between actors. The clues might be exposed through phone calls or through tokens that we haven’t noticed before. I was too naive. I thought this movie was just a struggle between myself and myself. In fact, it is also a struggle to protect your relationships.”

“Protection?” Ren Ze was short of breath.

Xie Chi smiled. “Ye Xiaoxiao is my mother but the one who gave birth to me is Ye Lan. Therefore, I don’t have to protect Ye Xiaoxiao. However, the others… that might not necessarily be the case.”

Xie Chi thought of Yi Hesong and smiled slightly. If there was an actor who played the role of Yi Hesong’s mother or father then he just needed to kill that actor and he could kill Yi Hesong. The difficulty of this was much lower than Yi Hesong killing him.

There was hope. This was his chance.

[This this…]

[Isn’t it too high energy?]

“I will prove my point and accompany you to find your parents or child.” Xie Chi paused and made a weird expression. “No, you are transgender and should have no children. So it must be a parent. I have received a call that reveals key information so other people should’ve received it more or less by now. The app won’t treat anyone preferentially so there must be other people who might figure out this clue at any time. We must act fast.”

It was a race against time. It was very important to understand the relationship chain between actors. All the wounded who represented the actors’ past or future were in the car accident. This meant that every actor would encounter their self who died in the car accident.

Apart from Ren Ze, anyone else might be killed by their ghost. There was a relationship chain between actors which meant that once a ghost killed one person, two or three people may die. The best evidence was the young female ghost killing Lu Yin and Zhang Xing dying. The person who gave birth to him was dead so he naturally disappeared and ceased to exist. This was another worldview in the movie.

It was a race against time to find Yi Hesong’s parent and kill them before Yi Hesong protected them. It wasn’t that Xie Chi had no compassion but compassion was really superfluous in front of his own death. He didn’t want to kill the innocent indiscriminately but he was more reluctant to die.

“Okay.” Ren Ze became urgent. If Xie Chi was here then he always knew what to do.

Xie Chi walked in front and Ren Ze followed behind. As he reached the corner, Xie Chi’s view was blocked and there was the sound of something breaking through air.

“Xie Chi! Be careful!” Ren Ze almost had a heart attack the moment he saw the flying weapon.

Xie Xinglan leaned sideways, narrowly avoiding the danger. However, there was still a scratch and a not-so-shallow blood flow. The blood was surprisingly scarlet against the white skin. It flowed down from the wound and wet half his face.

Xie Xinglan raised his eyes sharply and stared at the glass shards deeply inserted in the white wall. As he avoided the sharp weapon, he had glanced in the direction it was thrown but there was nothing there.

If he had been half a beat slower just now, his eye might’ve been scratched or it might’ve hit an artery. This person wanted him to die, or rather, wanted Xie Chi to die. Fortunately, there was Ren Ze to heal him.

On the glass, the remaining blood dripped due to gravity and the atmosphere was a bit depressed.

“Brother, fortunately I have you.” Xie Chi spoke in his head. To be honest, he was also a bit scared. If Xie Xinglan hadn’t been awake and paying attention to everything around him then he would’ve been seriously injured this time.

Xie Xinglan’s face was gloomy but he calmed down a bit after hearing these words. “I won’t rest anymore.”

He had to watch at all times to rest assured. He didn’t know if a ghost was behind this sudden attack or not. He could only be certain that the other side was extremely strong. Even the female ghost who tried to kill Ren Ze wouldn’t be able to stand it for a while. They actually embedded fragile glass into the wall.

Was this something a human could do?

“Okay,” Xie Chi spoke with peace of mind.

Xie Xinglan pulled out a piece of paper towel from his pocket and gently wiped the blood off his face. Ren Ze had immediately treated him but the wound wasn’t shallow so it wouldn’t go away for a while.

Xie Chi gained control of his body again and pursed his lips as he stared in the direction the glass was thrown. The bigger crisis he mentioned might be coming.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Oh wow, I definitely got lost in the middle of that explanation 「(゚ペ)
I think I get the gist.

2 years ago

Shit so Xie Chi is the son of NPC (person who looks like Xiaoxiao) and because Xie Chi said to give the baby to adoption then Xie Chi was adopted and grew to be a doctor. If Xie Chi agreed to kill the baby then he would have killed himself. Lu Yin and the male actor (forgot his name) both were connected because Lu Yin’s character would have given birth to the male actor but since Lu Yin was killed by her ghost then the male actor disappeared due to his possibility of being born being erased

2 years ago

so the possibility that the male ghost is xie chie’s past or future in another world is high

2 years ago

Say what if the one wanting to kill xiaochi wasn’t xiaochi himself but the son of xiaochi, he seems to hate the father so he might have a reason to kill the father

Olivia Iriciuc
Olivia Iriciuc
1 year ago

I think that ghosts don’t only kill their past or future self. They can also kill someone they hate. So the ghost in the stairwell that the MC met, I have a feeling that is his son and he will try to kill MC.

1 year ago

Wooooow crazy

Xie Chi : I am Ye Lan’s son
My brains : ??? Ye Lan… Pregnant woman. Pregnant woman = baby, baby = adoption, adoption… oooooooh, Xie Chi’s character!
Jaw dropping to the floor