APP: Chapter 125

[What is this situation? I don’t understand it. Lu Yin died so why did Zhang Xing disappear??]

[+1, confusing plot.]

[I don’t even understand why Lu Yin died. The black ghost that Xie Chi and Ren Ze encountered didn’t kill them after so long. Now this young girl killed Lu Yin the moment she appeared? Isn’t this speed too great?]

[Capitalized dumbfounded.]


At 00:15 in the hospital surveillance room, the actors watched the surveillance video on the computer screen and got chills.

Zhang Xing and Lu Yin hadn’t returned for a long time. The other actors in Yi Hesong’s lounge soon noticed the abnormality. They went out to search and found the already dead Lu Yin in the vending machine, but Zhang Xing had disappeared.

Yi Hesong immediately proposed to go to the surveillance room. They brought up the surveillance video and could clearly see what happened just 10 minutes ago.

Yi Hesong was surrounded by people in the center. Ren Ze was sitting at the most remote machine, playing the video back. Xie Chi placed his hands on the back of the chair, leaned forward and watched carefully.

In the video, Zhang Xing and Lu Yin came out with their lips moving. Due to the age of Ye’an Hospital, the equipment was very old and the surveillance videos didn’t have a microphone. There were only black and white images. Xie Chi could only have Ren Ze download a program to slow down the videos so he could carefully distinguish the shape of the lips and read the lips.

“Stop here,” Xie Chi said.

Ren Ze pressed pause.

“Zhang Xing said that Lu Yin looks like the young girl he was operating on.” Xie Chi observed for a while before whispering.

Ren Ze stared. “Is Zhang Xing’s patient Lu Yin when she was younger?”

“It is possible.” Xie Chi thought for a moment. “Jump to the scene where the face appears on the curtain.”

Ren Ze nodded. He pulled the progress bar forward and quickly found what Xie Chi mentioned. The vague face in the video just flashed by. Zhang Xing might not have been able to see it clearly but Ren Ze paused it and the ghost’s appearance was clear.

It was a curly-haired ghost with a small face and round chin. He could vaguely see the undeveloped facial features. The young girl had an evil smile on her face. In the video, the ghost arms that stretched out from the curtains were very thin. According to the scale of the video, the length was just like a normal teenage girl.

Ren Ze stared at the scene and lowered his voice. “Xie Chi, you said that this young girl might be Zhang Xing’s patient… otherwise, there can’t be such a coincidence. Zhang Xing mentioned that his patient looks just like Lu Yin and she was attacked by a young female ghost.”

Xie Chi told him, “Let’s go and see.”

Ren Ze nodded. They went out and Yuan Ye followed them with a smile. “Do you mind taking me with you?”

He looked back at Yi Hesong who was being flattered. “It’s too hypocritical over there. I’m too uncomfortable to stay.”

Xie Chi answered, “You are free.”

“Then I’ll cheekily follow.”

The three of them walked toward Zhang Xing’s operating room. Yi Hesong came out a bit later, obviously with the same destination as them.

“That person should have a lot of clues.” Yuan Ye said while looking back. “At the very least, he should know about the relationship between the NPCs and actors. Therefore, once Lu Yin died and Zhang Xing disappeared, he will want to check right away if Zhang Xing’s patient is dead or alive.”

Xie Chi nodded. The app was relatively fair. Since Ye Xiaoxiao could find clues due to the similarities between her and Ye Lan, the other actors could naturally obtain clues that were the same or similar to Ye Xiaoxiao through other methods. Yuan Ye’s information obviously wasn’t given to him by Ye Xiaoxiao which just proved this point.

Yuan Ye mused, “If Lu Yin really corresponds to Zhang Xing’s patient and the ghost on the curtain is the young girl, do you have any ideas?”

Xie Chi was taken aback and looked at him. “Can you read lips?”

Yuan Ye obviously understood the silent dialogue between Zhang Xing and Lu Yin.

Yuan Ye smiled. “I understand a little bit.”

He didn’t advertise himself.

Ren Ze was right that there were so many people who were proficient in high level movies.

Xie Chi saw that this person was so honest with himself and replied with moderate honesty. “If it proves to be true then there are two guesses. Zhang Xing accepted a bribe from the young girl’s mother and killed the young girl. Then the young girl turned into a ghost and killed Lu Yin. However, this possibility is minimal.”

“You and I know that Zhang Xing might be an idiot but a timid person like him would know the basic rule that the dead might turn into ghosts. He won’t kill people for illusory money in a horror movie. This is one thing. Secondly, if this girl was really killed by Zhang Xing then she should seek revenge on Zhang Xing. Why should she kill her future—Lu Yin? Under normal circumstances, would you kill your future?”

Yuan Ye answered, “I wouldn’t.”

Ren Ze also nodded.

Xie Chi continued, “Besides, in that situation, Lu Yin and Zhang Xing were so close. Wouldn’t it be easy to kill both of them? Yet she showed an obvious tendency towards Lu Yin. She just wanted to kill Lu Yin. She didn’t plan to care about Zhang Xing at all. Otherwise, she can teleport. Why let Zhang Xing run for so long?”

Yuan Ye stared at Xie Chi with some interest in the depths of his eyes.

“So you don’t think Zhang Xing was killed by the young girl?”

“No, the method of death is different. Zhang Xing disappeared while Lu Yin was teased to death.”

Yuan Ye nodded. “You’re right.”

Generally speaking, in a horror movie, the method of ghost killing was relatively fixed. It was unlikely for a ghost to master two completely different methods of killing at the same time.

Xie Chi had caught a small glimpse of it. He and Ren Ze ran into a ghost in front of Yi Hesong’s operating room. That ghost obviously wasn’t the same as the young girl. Although he couldn’t see the ghost they met clearly, the ghost was at least 1.7 meters tall and definitely wasn’t a young girl.

That ghost also had the ability to create ghost walls and trap people, similar to the young girl. Xie Chi didn’t know exactly how many ghosts there were in this horror movie but he had a rough guess that all the ghosts in this movie had the ability to create ghost walls to trap people.

In this case, Zhang Xing’s inexplicable disappearance was even more intriguing. The young girl trapped him with ghost walls but Zhang Xing’s death wasn’t due to her. Therefore, there must be other clues that particularly affected the life or death of an actor in this movie. They just hadn’t explored it yet.

Xie Chi felt this situation was a bit serious. There were too many doubts at the beginning of this movie.

“You haven’t said your second guess yet,” Yuan Ye reminded.

“My second guess is that the young girl ghost comes from this movie and has grudges with Lu Yin’s role. As for Zhang Xing’s disappearance, I don’t know.”

Xie Chi had his own speculations but he didn’t want to talk about it in such detail. First, it was a waste of effort to move his lips and tongue. Second, this was the first time he and Yuan Ye were meeting. There was no need to take out everything.

Yuan Ye nodded. His views were mostly the same as Xie Chi’s views. The differences were minimal. The common questions were about Zhang Xing’s disappearance and why the young girl killed Lu Yin.

Ren Ze listened to it and secretly felt that in terms of IQ, Xie Chi was no worse than these first and second-tier actors. The only difference was that he came in late and his strength was slightly weaker. Ren Ze thought that such a Xie Chi was his friend and proudly raised his eyebrow.

Xie Chi stopped and stared at the door in front of him. As they walked and talked, they had unknowingly reached their destination. Yi Hesong had also arrived. Yuan Ye mocked Yi Hesong with a few sentences before the four people entered together.

On the hospital bed, the young girl had terrible tubes inserted in her. Red blood oozed from under the gauze and her face was as white as paper due to excessive blood loss. Her slightly curly, dyed blonde hair was unkempt and her eyes were black and blue. Her injuries were very serious but the electrocardiograph to the side showed that the young girl’s various values were stable and her vital signs were normal.

Xie Chi wasn’t at ease. He approached to check the pulse of the young girl and found that she was indeed alive. Zhang Xing really didn’t kill his patient. The young girl did look similar to the face on the curtain in the monitor. The face had flashed by at the time and Zhang Xing hadn’t seen it clearly, so he didn’t recognize it.

Ren Ze made a soft sound and Xie Chi turned his head. The young girl had woken up and was staring at him blankly. It was a false alarm.

Yi Hesong frowned. To his surprise, it seemed that the young girl hadn’t died. He originally thought that the NPC representing Lu Yin had an accident so Lu Yin died. Yet the result turned out to be the opposite. The young NPC girl was fine…

Then the young girl who killed Lu Yin… who was she?

Ren Ze obviously had this thought too and felt a chill in his heart. It was clear that she was still alive. So why was there a ghost who looked very similar to her killing people? It was even killing her future…

This was too complicated.

Xie Yang and the others showed up at the door of the ward a little while later. Xie Chi had obtained the information he wanted and felt there was no need to stay there any longer. He exchanged looks with Ren Ze and the two people went out together.

Yuan Ye seemed to have discovered something and he said in the corridor, “I will go and see my patients.”

Xie Chi nodded. “Yes.”

Xie Chi glanced at Ren Ze. “We will go through the wards to try and find Zhang Xing’s past or future.”

Ren Ze nodded. Perhaps they could find a clue. The two of them walked down the corridor. Ren Ze followed in the rear and glanced back to see Yi Hesong and Xie Yang whispering together. “Xie Yang seems to have gone to Yi Hesong.”

He had a deep impression of this arrogant actor. Xie Chi hummed coldly, obviously not caring.

There, Yi Hesong dispersed the annoying girls and leaned on a railing smoking a cigarette as he asked Xie Yang, “You said that you have a different opinion?”

Xie Yang was staring at the back of the departing Xie Chi and his mind returned. “Yes, you must be thinking that the young girl isn’t dead but…”

Xie Yang raised an eyebrow and smiled proudly. “The young girl might be possessed by a ghost.”

Yi Hesong was startled. This was indeed possible. If it was true then there would be no contradiction between the young girl not dying and the young girl killing Lu Yin after transforming into a ghost. Although it was impossible to explain why the young girl who was the past version of Lu Yin killed Lu Yin but at least it explained why there was a living girl and a ghost girl at the same time.

“I haven’t ruled out this possibility.” Yi Hesong stared at Xie Yang and joked, “I heard… on the grapevine that you are Xie Chi’s little brother.”

They were both pets and there were records in the organization. Since Yi Hesong was a first-tier actor, he had some privileges. He could know the cast before entering the horror movie and he could find out some details with a little check. This was Xie Chi’s younger brother which was kind of interesting.

[Fu*k?? Xie Chi has a younger brother? They don’t even know each other, do they?]

[This is completely the posture of meeting an enemy. How can they be brothers?]

[No wonder why the last name is Xie! What a coincidence!]

[I finally understand why Xie Yang is so angry with Xie Chi! Damn, the little brother hates the older brother. Xie Yang is living in Xie Chi’s shadow?]

[Brothers turning against each other?!]

[Don’t make things up!]

Xie Yang’s expression sank and he spoke coldly, “I have nothing to do with him.”

Yi Hesong nodded but he knew the ins and outs in his heart.

The organization had been paying special attention to Xie Chi recently and checked him out. Xie Chi’s parents seemed to have some friendship with the bigshots in the organization so they became the owners of the first batch of customized pets. Later, Xie Chi had a stiff relationship with his parents for his own reasons. He broke from them and stopped contacting them. However, his parents still cared about their feelings for their pet after looking after him for so many years. Therefore, they let him go without asking the organization to detonate the chip to destroy him.

Later, his parents went abroad and didn’t return home. Perhaps it was because they were old and had no children. They wanted to buy another pet. However, the organization couldn’t find the original source of Xie Chi’s genes so they couldn’t make an identical second or third generation Xie Chi. Finally, his parents had no choice but to choose other people’s genes. The adult pet they made was Xie Yang.

Yi Hesong could guess the reason Xie Yang hated Xie Chi so much. Due to the advantages and disadvantages of the genes, their personalities were different. Xie Chi’s parents probably weren’t satisfied with Xie Yang and often compared the two. Over time, the grievances that Xie Yang felt deepened.

“Is this why you entered the app?” Yi Hesong quipped.

Xie Yang coldly hummed.

“You hate him so much, why don’t you retaliate against him in the real world? Why chase him all the way here?”

There was ice in Xie Yang’s voice. “After returning home, I learned the news of his disappearance.”

“What a coincidence.”

Xie Yang suddenly lowered his voice. “What are you preparing?”

Yi Hesong knew what this person was asking and he got closer, voice almost inaudible. “Don’t get things wrong. My family has a bit of friendship with your ‘family’. My family doesn’t need you for the time being, nor does it plan to use you.”

There was a bit of contempt in Yi Hesong’s eyes.

It was one thing to think about friendship for the sake of the organization. The main thing was that Xie Yang’s strength was inferior and Yi Hesong didn’t intend to use him. Of course, Yi Hesong wouldn’t say this.

As for the permission to enter this horror movie, Pet had been in the app for so long and cultivated many outstanding agents. Senior agents had the privilege of opening horror movies in advance.

“Hmm.” Xie Yang felt the contempt and was a bit angry, but he could only suppress it.

“He will die by the time this movie is over. There is nothing to be angry about.” Yi Hesong patted him on the shoulder. “Let’s go, we should go through the wards and look for Zhang Xing’s past or future.”

Xie Yang nodded.

[What the hell? Yi Hesong and Xie Yang have become familiar so easily??]

[What did they talk about?]

[The interpersonal relationships in this movie are weird.]


Ren Ze walked in front and Xie Chi was smoking behind him. Then Ren Ze’s eyes were suddenly covered. Ren Ze laughed. “Xie Chi, don’t make trouble.”

Xie Chi was stunned. “What did I do?”

Ren Ze suddenly stopped, motionless in front of Xie Chi. Ren Ze felt the distance between Xie Chi and himself based on the voice and sweat flowed down his forehead. Xie Chi was so far away from him. So who was covering his eyes?

“Xie Chi! Ghost!” Ren Ze cried out. Ren Ze grabbed the hands that covered his eyes and they instantly turned from warm and dry to cold and gloomy! Ren Ze grasped the chilly hands and desperately tried to pull them away. However, it was in vain. He was lifted and his feet slightly rose from the ground.

Xie Xinglan quickly gained control of the body and ran over, dragging Ren Ze from the hands of the ghost. Ren Ze fell to one side. There was a sound and the old-fashioned light above his head seemed to burn out. The surrounding area suddenly darkened.

Freed from the hands, Ren Ze quickly got up, pulled out his mobile phone and turned on the flashlight. The moment the dazzling white light of the phone turned on, he saw the long-haired female ghost hanging from the ceiling!

Proofreader: Purichan

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