APP: Chapter 124

At 12 o’clock in the evening, the actors were led by the more prestigious Yi Hesong and came to the first floor of the hospital.

It was very necessary for actors to get to know each other briefly. If actors met pleasing or complementary abilities then they could form alliances for a short time. Even if they weren’t interested in cooperation, they might get some information when understanding other actors. In the movie 1552 Haunted House, the total number of actors revealed information about the last supper.

Xie Chi arrived a bit later. Ye Xiaoxiao saw him, spoke a few words to the tall man beside her and led him toward Xie Chi.

“He Xiao.” He Xiao took the initiative to introduce himself while looking at XIe Chi secretly. Seeing that this person was humble and polite, not overbearing, he secretly nodded. Xie Chi was very popular among the new generation of actors. It was unexpected that he was so humble.

After a brief understanding, Xie Chi and He Xiao talked happily.

“If you don’t mind, you are around the same age as Ye Xiaoxiao. You can follow us and call me Uncle He.” He Xiao spoke kindly. He always felt he had a duty to take care of the younger generation who were outstanding and had good personalities.

Xie Chi nodded with a smile.

Everyone gathered together. There were a total of 12 people. This was a very normal number.

Ye Xiaoxiao thought about Xie Chi’s short time coming in and privately introduced the others to Xie Chi in a low voice. “That is Yuan Ye. He is a bit arrogant but has a good character. He has many fans and should’ve just been promoted to the second tier…”

“Yi Hesong… I think you should know each other. I won’t talk about it.” Ye Xiaoxiao skipped this part out of fear of touching Xie Chi’s privacy.

She had stayed in the app for a long time, knew many actors and had good interpersonal relationships. She was relatively well-informed and she knew those items were what Yi Hesong gave.

Xie Chi nodded while listening quietly, a bit grateful for her knowledge. However, Ren Ze was surprised that there were so many powerful actors in this movie, including He Xiao and Ye Xiaoxiao who were easy to get along with.

“Then there is Uncle He.” Ye Xiaoxiao smiled and blinked. “He is a famous third-tier actor and specializes in ghost movies. I am also third-tier but I’m weaker than him. It is too embarrassing to say I am almighty…”

He Xiao disagreed. “If you were more diligent then you would be ahead of me.”

Ren Ze sighed silently. There were suddenly third-tier actors everywhere and he was a bit uncomfortable. He stepped from the top of the players in a horror movie to mixing with the bottom actors. Would he be a cannon fodder in the next movie? Ren Ze secretly sighed. This guy Xie Chi ran too fast. His speed was normal.

Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t know the others. She whispered, “In any case, you are better than me. My agent told me in advance that I don’t have to be afraid of those I don’t know.”

“Thank you,” Xie Chi said with a smile.

Xie Chi found that he happened to know all the relatively powerful actors.

He Xiao, Ye Xiaoxiao, Yuan Ye, Yi Hesong and Xie Yang were five. Add him and Ren Ze and it was seven. There were also four grey named cannon fodder and a newcomer trying his luck. Therefore, the cast list of Hospital was very luxurious. There was one first-tier actor, one second-tier, two third-tier and three newcomers.

Seven of them were doctors, He Xiao and Ye Xiaoxiao were enthusiastic passers-by and the remaining three, including Ren Ze, were patients who came to the hospital late at night due to physical problems.

“Let’s leave if there is nothing.” Yi Hesong said.

Everyone had different thoughts. If they didn’t want to waste time then they should explore the plot separately. Xie Chi thought about it and stopped them. “I suggest that we report the number of wounded.”

Several doctors noticeably paused.

“I don’t think it is excessive. It is just the number, not the details.”

Xie Chi took the time to understand the patients but the only one who really let him in was Yuan Ye. Apart from Yuan Ye, he visited three other operating rooms before giving up. He felt it was stupid to exclude others and conceal information at the beginning. Modest cooperation was necessary and could promote the exploration of horror movies as a whole. It wasn’t a bad thing for everyone.

However, he knew how alert others were and didn’t intend to force it. It was just the number. Three weaker actors who were doctors looked at Yi Hesong. So many people were staring at him and it wasn’t an excessive request. Yi Hesong simply gave the others some face and readily said, “I have one.”

Yi Hesong spoke and everything was simple.

Yuan Ye stated, “I have two.”

Xie Yang also said, “I have two.”

Xie Chi told them, “I have one.”


Adding Xie Chi’s number, there were a total of 11. There were seven doctors and 11 wounded. Each person had one or two patients. Xie Chi had a clearer understanding of the specific situation.

The group dispersed and most of them followed Yi Hesong. Yi Hesong walked halfway when he realized something and stopped, looking back at He Xiao and Ye Xiaoxiao standing beside Xie Chi with deep meaning in his eyes. “What about you?”

He was obviously asking casually but his tone was a bit intimidating, as if to ‘force’ them to express their views. Third-tier and above actors were well-informed and basically knew there was a grudge between him and Xie Chi. He Xiao might not know it but it must be clear to Ye Xiaoxiao.

“Xiaoxiao is so cute, I would love to take care of you.” Yi Hesong said with a smile. “Brother Xiao and I will definitely be friends who will work together sooner or later.”

He Xiao was silent. He didn’t want to get involved with Yi Hesong and Xie Chi’s matter but he obviously couldn’t get used to such a polite hypocrite like Yi Hesong.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked at Xie Chi. “I…”

She was about to express her attitude when Xie Chi smiled at her. “Go ahead.”

Ye Xiaoxiao thought he was angry and anxiously wanted to say she would stay.

Xie Chi shook his head and spoke warmly. “Don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like to be indebted to others. I really don’t have the capital to protect you at the moment so I only want to accept the small amount of goodwill I can return. So if Yi Hesong and I fight to the death, you should not take action and just protect yourself. This is the best help for me. Even if I have an accident, it is enough for one person to die. I don’t want to carry two human lives.”

Xie Chi nodded slightly.

He Xiao’s eyes were full of surprise. He thought that Xie Chi’s politeness was to pull him to help deal with Yi Hesong. He hadn’t expected Xie Chi to really just be polite. This was a weird person, He Xiao thought. Instead of adding to something already perfect, he should provide help in times of need.

Ren Ze was secretly proud. Only he wouldn’t be driven away by Xie Chi.

Ye Xiaoxiao and He Xiao nodded and caught up to Yi Hesong in a complicated mood. Yi Hesong only knew that Ye Xiaoxiao and He Xiao chose him and his smile widened.


At midnight, Xie Chi stood smoking by the window and found that the red moon in the sky suddenly brightened by a degree and the light gradually overwhelmed the white moon. At the junction of the strange red clouds and white clouds, the red color gradually infiltrated the white. The white clouds retreated and in some places, completely turned red.

Xie Chi was keenly aware that things might’ve started.


“Zhang Xing, are you a doctor? Can you tell me what your patient is like?” A man and a woman came out of Yi Hesong’s lounge. The pretty young woman lifted her hair in a very charming manner.

Zhang Xing’s heart was slightly moved. He was originally staying in Yi Hesong’s lounge when Lu Yin came up to him and asked him to drink soda. He thought that the vending machine was only 100 meters away and agreed. Lu Yin was indeed very beautiful and he felt honored.

Moreover, they were both cannon fodder and were punished by the app to enter a slightly higher level horror movie. They had a different type of closeness among the others and it was easy to automatically gather together and play together.

“She is a teenager but she’s very pretty, like a doll. She had a severe concussion.” Zhang Xing spoke warmly. “You know, I was just about to do the operation when her mother called me. She said she would give me millions to say that her daughter died unexpectedly!”

“Huh?” Lu Yin was surprised “What kind of grudges are there? Aren’t they mother and daughter?”

“I don’t know. I only heard from the doctor on the scene that the girl was sitting in a luxury car. It seems that her family is very rich and rich families have a lot of intrigues. No one can say.”

Lu Yin nodded.

The two people walked down the empty corridor. They didn’t know why the window was left open but the corridor was windy and gloomy. The long white curtains fluttered gently and the shadows on the wall swayed.

Lu Yin was a bit afraid and instinctively moved closer to Zhang Xing. “I’m a bit scared. You will protect me right?”

Zhang Xing nodded. He stared at Lu Yin’s beautiful face illuminated by the blood-red moonlight outside the window in a stunned manner.

“Lu Yin, look up,” Zhang Xing spoke nervously.

Lu Yin looked up in a confused manner. Seeing the somewhat familiar face, Zhang Xing couldn’t help taking a step to the side, keeping a distance from Lu Yin. Lu Yin wondered, “What’s wrong?”

“No… nothing. I just think you look a bit like the girl I just did surgery on.”

“Are you kidding?” Lu Yin didn’t take it seriously.

The more Zhang Xing looked, the more familiar she became. He took two steps back. Lu Yin was disdainful and inwardly scolded him for being a coward. Zhang Xing also felt that he wasn’t masculine so he covered up by leaning on the vending machine behind him and dropped in some coins to buy soda.

The soft drink didn’t come down for a long time. Zhang Xing guessed that the machine was aging and the response was slow, so he had to wait. As he waited, Zhang Xing casually turned around.

Lu Yin was cursing Zhang Xing for being useless when she saw Zhang Xing pointing behind her like he lost his soul.

“B…Behind you!” Zhang Xing stammered in a trembling voice as he stiffened. On the pale floor, a dark shadow flashed past. There seemed to be a chill from behind her. Lu Yin was frightened and turned around, only to see nothing behind her.

“What the hell are you doing?” She was completely impatient and stopped pretending, her voice becoming louder. “The curtains move around. Isn’t it normal for there to be a dark shadow?”

“No no, I just saw… a face on the curtain.”

Zhang Xing was in a state of shock. He really saw it! Just now, the curtain floated up and he really saw a small, pale face attached to the curtain. It might be vague but it was there! It had curly hair and should be a young girl.

Lu Yin felt creeped out. “Then let’s go back quickly.”

Then had only walked out less than 100 meters. They could run back in half a minute. There was Yi Hesong there and there was no reason to be afraid.

Zhang replied, “…Okay.”

His gaze crossed beyond Lu Yin’s shoulders. He saw the curtains again and stared wide-eyed. “Behind you!”

There was a slender, pale arm stretching out from the curtains, fingers wriggling and about to grab Lu Yin’s long hair. Lu Yin turned back abruptly, saw the horrible scene and took a few steps back in fright, her back slamming into the vending machine.

“Go!” After Zhang Xing finished speaking, he completely ignored Lu Yin and ran toward Yi Hesong’s lounge.

The ghost in front of Lu Yin suddenly disappeared.

She stood upright holding the vending machine. She was about to run back when there was weird slot machine-like music from the vending machine. Neon lights flashed crazily and the two bottles of drinks that Zhang Xing bought previously rolled down.

The transparent flap of the vending machine… automatically opened. A pale arm came out silently from inside and grabbed Lu Yin’s ankle.

Before Lu Yin could react, she was dragged upside down into the vending machine. Her body was squeezed by bottles and jars and gradually became a bloody thing glued to the dirty glass. Her head was at the bottom, her thick hair just blocking the flap of the exit, preventing her from flowing out…


Yi Hesong’s lounge was close but couldn’t be reached at all. The screams of Lu Yin behind him almost made Zhang Xing collapse. He didn’t know what was going on! He was clearly running but in the blink of an eye, the lounge was once again far away from him!

A ghost wall! Yes, it was a ghost wall! Zhang Xing suddenly realized.

“H… Help me! Yi Hesong!”

In the endless corridor, Lu Yin’s screams had stopped and the remaining sound was still echoing.

Then Zhang Xing’s head suddenly hit the door of the lounge. The ghost wall disappeared? Zhang Xing was ecstatic and wanted to go in when his body became a bit transparent. He watched in horror as he disappeared from bottom to top…

How could this be?! How come? The ghost obviously didn’t chase him. Why was he dying…? No, he couldn’t disappear…


The corridor was calm again and the red moon outside the window was more magnificent.

Proofreader: Purichan 

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2 years ago

If the actor of the patient dies, so do you?

2 years ago
Reply to  Blondygal

well obviously since the past self died then the future self would no longer exist so thats why lu yin died

2 years ago

I wonder why they died so differently. Probably has to do with how their doubles died.
Thanks for the translations!

2 years ago

thats so weird what…. he disappeared like how

1 year ago

So confusing, I can’t even think up a solution for this movie plot